A Crime Against Childhood 

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## Bonnie Bees

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey Månad sedan
SAVE SNOW DAYS: twitter.com/share?text=Some%20schools%20are%20trying%20to%20get%20rid%20of%20snow%20days%20and%20replace%20them%20with%20distance%20learning.%20%20It%27s%20a%20crime%20against%20childhood!%20%20We%20cannot%20let%20this%20stand!&url=svdown.info/post/video/Y3h7qL2opoKsst0.html&hashtags=SaveSnowDays
かたわれ時 10 dagar sedan
This is a pretty insane link length
clayton G
clayton G 11 dagar sedan
VB - 03GV 958791 Arnott Charlton PS
No more school
VB - 03GV 958791 Arnott Charlton PS
No more school
VB - 03GV 958791 Arnott Charlton PS
Noooo more school
RopeDope20 3 timmar sedan
Grey: “Schools are cancelling snow days!!!” Me who lives in Florida: i guess that’s fair..
Sebastian Orlander
Sebastian Orlander 15 timmar sedan
and here I thought CGP Grey was the prime advocate for efficiency maximization in (just about) everything
shadowing freddy
shadowing freddy 23 timmar sedan
I live in Florida and have never had a snow day
Jacob Lumpkins
Jacob Lumpkins Dag sedan
Meanwhile, in Tennessee: "What's snow?"
Marcus K
Marcus K Dag sedan
I’m a Canadian, so everyone is so used to the cold that there’s no snow days - but my district does at least end Thursdays at noon.
Forf1t Dag sedan
Canada never got snow days
YellowerBanana Dag sedan
No. Stop this School, stop.
Annic Dag sedan
Grey: “Having school on snow days ruins a part of a children’s childhood!” Me, who is homeschooled: 👁👄👁
hsun79 Dag sedan
American schooling is a breeze. Go to school in East Asia and come talk to me later.
beyjay100 Dag sedan
Waking up on Christmas is better than a snow day
YouTuber Dag sedan
Global warming after seeing this video: i guess i dont exist anymore
Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein
Schools are designed to break the spirits of White children and serve as babysitting facilities for black children.
hairy_jelly123 Dag sedan
1:11 bee
Ignacy Krawczyk
Ignacy Krawczyk Dag sedan
Schools are crimes against childhood
zane_onoob Dag sedan
American kids : nooo not school at winter! Indian kids : You have few months of vacation we have one month and a few days and our vacation is at summer
aceofspades 2707
*ris en nations tropicales*
N P Dag sedan
Why wasn’t this recommended to me I only found this gem of a video after telling my family about Jury nullification
Karamjeet Kaur
Karamjeet Kaur Dag sedan
mr. grey: there is no greater joy then waking up to a winter wonderland that with its magic also cancelled school me a Californian: whats snow?
Isaac Buckley
Isaac Buckley 2 dagar sedan
I wholeheartedly agree: Save snow days! ... I say as a homeschool graduate, who never technically had a day off because of the weather (or had school out for the summer).
S4DG 2 dagar sedan
im homeschooled and i take offence with you
Scondoro 2 dagar sedan
Laughs in Florida
Marcus Managbanag
Marcus Managbanag 2 dagar sedan
unfortunately, snow days don't exist in the tropics
Monika 2 dagar sedan
In my Youth, they got rid of heat-days where i Live. Basically, if the temperature raises above 35°C (Or something around that) School is cancelled because you can't force kids to learn in sucha heat. I think that was 2002? The very next Summer was a truly hot one, unlike any i have seen before (at that point, now it's kinda starting to become normal? Scary) and all kids were soo mad that they had to go to school despite the heat. And that in schools without AC's!
goodfilmful 2 dagar sedan
You know what, no. The vast majority of the world's school children don't live in areas that snow enough for a snow day. So no, let's make it fair again
ant 2 dagar sedan
In late february, texas had a massive snow storm that shut off power, oil froze, and the only power source was the car. We had zoom. How am i supposed to go onto zoom with no power? no internet? They said hotspot.
Jonh Tomato
Jonh Tomato 2 dagar sedan
In Brazil, we have the equivalent of snowday without strike days. It was so awesome wake up with the news report saying that all teachers were on strike for salary and etc. It was a complicated situations, and sad to, but it was awesome for me at least
Edward fan 97
Edward fan 97 2 dagar sedan
But Indra don't cancel snow day 😎😎😎😎😎 🇲🇽
Dawn Shimmer
Dawn Shimmer 3 dagar sedan
Or just use stuff like snow days and other aspects of everyday life to get people actually interested in learning so that you can allow them to experience it while simultaneously having a student engrossed in what you're teaching so they learn more efficiently and effectively.
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind 3 dagar sedan
Teenagers: Adults when it suits us Kids when it's in our best interest.
David Fisher
David Fisher 3 dagar sedan
It's the 2.5k dislikes after 1 month that frighten me.
Lapis Loaf
Lapis Loaf 3 dagar sedan
As a Canadian, a snow day is such a foreign concept. There's snow on the ground for more than half the school year.
foxboy666 3 dagar sedan
I live in the middle east and we have like 1 snow day every year. No schools aren't canceled on that day it's just the one day in the year that kind of has snow. And you might expect them to cancel school on extreme heat days but that doesn't happen either.
AM GAMMER 999 2 dagar sedan
What snow? Dude I am in north africa in algeria even in the north it marely snows were it does snow in the middle east on top of a mountain
JonathanShorp 3 dagar sedan
or ya know, a "snow day" could count as just ice on the roads bc thats all youll ever have, or you get so much snow it shuts down not only school but the whole state powergrid :T *cries in texan*
Focus Studios
Focus Studios 3 dagar sedan
Although I am homeschooled and never actually had snow days, I wholeheartedly agree. The balance that snow days bring to a stressful and seemingly arbitrary student existence far outweighs whatever potential “harm” could be done by missing a few stinkin’ days of school
Jacob Code
Jacob Code 4 dagar sedan
Canada doesn't have snow days even at -50c
Halo Vail
Halo Vail 4 dagar sedan
Just restart humanity, better yet just cancel humanity.
Marcell Gere
Marcell Gere 4 dagar sedan
In Hungary we dont even have Snowdays. We didn't have one ever. So yeah. Hope in some countries are having fun in the snow for the remaning time.
simba567 4 dagar sedan
I don't care what school says. If I have children I will let them play on snow days.
Scott 4 dagar sedan
I have thought about this, with two children, one in kindergarten and one in second grade. Simple solution: When my child's schools cancels and goes remote because of snow, I will call out my child. Done. Period. Enjoy the snow day kid, back off school. Soon they will get the picture.
Vingança por Pedro II
winter is coming in 3 days!!
apple bros
apple bros 5 dagar sedan
Wait you guys have snow days
Yan Martins
Yan Martins 5 dagar sedan
There isn’t snow in my country :(
Dababy Official
Dababy Official 3 dagar sedan
The Bookworm
The Bookworm 5 dagar sedan
If I end up living in a place with heavy snow, I will never force my kids to attend school on a snow day. Full stop.
Jordan 5 dagar sedan
you just reminded me of the indescribable joy i used to feel on snow days, it would be a crime to take that away from future generations
Ali Hesham
Ali Hesham 5 dagar sedan
Schools: we are canceling snow days now no more fun me hearing the word “no more fun” while living in a contury too hot for snow days: i dont have such weaknesses
Ali Hesham
Ali Hesham 2 dagar sedan
@Ido Shmuel exactly
Ido Shmuel
Ido Shmuel 2 dagar sedan
_"If you don't have anything, you don't have anything to lose."_
Lumi 5 dagar sedan
idk I never got a snow day and I went to school over 20 years ago, long before internet was common in households. I'm glad you have fond memories of them! But they've never been necessary. That's what school holidays are for. Lets make more of those instead.
Jesus Chris
Jesus Chris 5 dagar sedan
How it said that each and every day matter makes me mad as my schoold said that every second matterd and every lesson mattered and when they started saying that guess what they have an assembly just to tell us the thing that they told us a billion times and when we had the assembly it happened when the lesson i was ment to have i only had once a week
Sho 5 dagar sedan
Me, a mexican who has never seen snow: Ahh yes! Big problem
Logan E
Logan E 6 dagar sedan
Distance learning doesn’t work though?
Electric Linen
Electric Linen 6 dagar sedan
So basically those of us who live in areas where it doesn’t snow never had a childhood
Bebedor_de_café 6 dagar sedan
As a person from Brazil, I never had snow days 😥
Mengyu Chen
Mengyu Chen 6 dagar sedan
Never happened to me :( I live in San Diego where it won't snow.
Meh animationZ
Meh animationZ 6 dagar sedan
Hey I’m Jake
Hey I’m Jake 6 dagar sedan
I live in a place where it never snows, sooooo... cant relate
lilmanjoshplayz 6 dagar sedan
Weeeeell, you cooould just say that the internet is down because of the snow...
Landons Adventures1234
Chalz Magdato
Chalz Magdato 6 dagar sedan
I don't have snow but i still don't do school in december 25th
Bradley O'Neal
Bradley O'Neal 6 dagar sedan
I'm Floridian so we can hurricane days
Lane 6 dagar sedan
Even years before coronavirus, my school never allowed snowdays :( just log in on your computer and do the work at home day
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Floof
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Floof 7 dagar sedan
I lived in Michigan and while going to a school there we didn't have snow days instead we would bring our sleds to school and sled down this huge hill on campus. I live in the South now and people are afraid of sheet and don't change there tires.
Owen Merce
Owen Merce 7 dagar sedan
A mad lad appears
Random People
Random People 7 dagar sedan
We don't have snow days in our country ;-;
Matthew Bergeron
Matthew Bergeron 7 dagar sedan
this isn't just a crime against childhood. Snow cancels a great deal of things, even far into adulthood, things that can be huge reliefs to ones mental health. Making them void is kind of like making events or federal holidays, like Christmas no longer a holiday. Taking away a day of rest and relaxation is contradictory to ones personal growth, and allowing an occational relaxation day provided by the world, is a fantastic excuse for both teachers and students to enjoy it to it's fullest. Days off can affect a student's learning, but a single day here or there will only serve to boost accuracy throughout the year
Personal Account #1
Personal Account #1 7 dagar sedan
As a Californian, I dont get this.
porotos 7 dagar sedan
Who are you and why are you so positive
richard tanadi
richard tanadi 7 dagar sedan
I have never had a snow day in my entire life and shall supply this rightfull cause with weapons of mass destruction
slavarabian gamer
slavarabian gamer 7 dagar sedan
well in Africa there is no snow at all
MoonQuartz 7 dagar sedan
Never had a snow day, all we got was heat waves that made the day shorter or straight up canceled school until it was gone Most of the time it was a wildfire burning somewhere
nour ahmed
nour ahmed 7 dagar sedan
As an Egyptian I didn't experience snow
MrBulletGuy 7 dagar sedan
As someone who grew up in the Gulf South... I can't relate.
Lucas Zoom
Lucas Zoom 8 dagar sedan
I’m all about learning everything I can but this is a crime! We need snow days!
epicgamingwigga420 8 dagar sedan
Where i live unless you cant even open your front door you gotta go to school
aaron johns
aaron johns 8 dagar sedan
98 percent of what you learn in school is a waste. I do I need to know the height of mount Everest. Exactly.
I need no channel youtube!
There has never once been a day in my elementary education where school was cancelled for external circumstances. I suppose one cannot miss something they never had to begin with.
Meme_demon569 8 dagar sedan
Yeah well it doesn't snow much where I come from (like once or twice a year) and when it does school is out anyway, because it would happen in janurary. I honestly couldn't care less. Wish I did.
Peenwald 8 dagar sedan
and then this video got reccommended to nobody (rip)
MAYOR PLAYZ 8 dagar sedan
those dislikes are are from teachers :)
Hayden Y
Hayden Y 8 dagar sedan
I love how he argues with himself as a voice actor.
Devonn Hardy
Devonn Hardy 8 dagar sedan
I live in Florida so I never had a snow day so you will feel our pain mah ha ha.
Katerina Kezemides
Katerina Kezemides 9 dagar sedan
we dont have snow days down here in florida :(
Kamil B.
Kamil B. 9 dagar sedan
I live in Poland. For not a single day of my life as a kid, the school was cancelled because of snow. Ok, some of my friends' schools were closed, but it was such kind of snowstorm and freeze wave that damaged power grid for two weeks.
Ryan Zorn
Ryan Zorn 9 dagar sedan
The high school I went to had distanced learning for snow days since 2016 so this was probably going to happen everywhere whether covid happen or not.
NoBody 9 dagar sedan
In Poland there is no snowdays and they are fine
Pandamonim 9 dagar sedan
Yeah imagine not having snow days?!! *stares in australian*
Caster 9 dagar sedan
Wait. Snow and sick days may be gone, but not ice days! So what if you both have snow and ice?
Aurelien Cayetanot
Aurelien Cayetanot 10 dagar sedan
California: Snow, what do you mean?
Last airbender
Last airbender 10 dagar sedan
HA, i will just miss those day
Canonator176 tech
Canonator176 tech 10 dagar sedan
Ha... Meanwhile us Floridians have H U R R I C A N E Days,which knock out electrecity. Screw online learning.
IOA21 10 dagar sedan
As someone who grew up in the desert, I have never experienced a snow day in my entire life.
Mustache 10 dagar sedan
I live in Scandinavia. Never canceled school due to too much snow. Fun, right?
Ido Shmuel
Ido Shmuel 2 dagar sedan
Kids after experiencing a snow day: I wish every day were a snow day. Scandinavian countries: I tried wishing for that. It didn't work...
CMe 9 dagar sedan
Here in philippines we cancel school since its raining
Tibble s
Tibble s 10 dagar sedan
I’m a freshman, and my school didn’t have a single snow day this year. Instead of snow days we would remote online until 12, then the day was ours. To be honest I love this system because it means we get out earlier in the summer and only have to do half a day of school. I got out on June 8th this year and basically have a full 3 months of summer to do whatever. I’m willing to give up snow days and only do a half day of school on them for the ability to have 3 full months of school off.
Rat Fat dog
Rat Fat dog 10 dagar sedan
I live in Canada, I don’t get snow days, even with 6+ inches of snow
Bow 10 dagar sedan
I live near the equator :p
Lucy Vasquez
Lucy Vasquez 10 dagar sedan
As living in Utah I have not experienced a snow day we'll technically I did but my mom let me stay home because it was so snowy but the school didn't cancel
hi's IQ if you remove the negative side
Okay I got foolproof and how to solve this problem similar to most problems in life all you need to do to fix it is release a pack of hungry wolves
SuperGamingBros 11 dagar sedan
1:07 CGP Grey says "epic"
Staruang 58
Staruang 58 11 dagar sedan
Me who lives in a warm climate:laughs in depression
Gnaeus Romanus
Gnaeus Romanus 11 dagar sedan
In a sane world, you could take the money you're paying elsewhere (yes, the dollars you pay go directly to your school) and not be threatened by literal jail for disagreeing with the bureaucrats. Instead we plead with the worst tyrants, those who thing they have our best interests at heart.