Animators React to Bad & Great ANIME 

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Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst anime in pop culture today.

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8 maj 2021



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anime geek
anime geek Timme sedan
jujutsu keisen and demon slayer best animatiion
Pink Lilium
Pink Lilium Timme sedan
Do Ufotable Studio. Nobody uses CG better than them
Just Another F2P potato gamer
We need this dudes react to Land of Lustrous/Houseki no Kuni. A fully CG anime that set the bar of CG anime
AT0M1CF0X 2 timmar sedan
ok so I've watched 700+ anime in the last decade and in my opinion there are about 3 anime where the animation really stands out form the rest Demon slayer, Garden of words and Fate/Stay Night you may disagree but this is just my personal opinion
Archaeon Z
Archaeon Z 3 timmar sedan
Groundbreaking anime? Personally I'd put the Ghibli stuff to one side and start with the classics like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Slam Dunk, Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Vampire Huinter D, Dragon Ball (not Z), Fist of the North Star, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers), Revolutionary Girl Utena, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tomorrow's Joe (Ashita no Joe), Great Teacher Onizuka, The MElancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc. There are plenty of others that can be classed as groundbreaking aside from those. Personally I'd love to see what you guys think of the following: Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Before Gurren Lagaan there was this) Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit (Balsa is one of the best female leads is anime) Macross Plus Riding Bean Patlabor movies 1 & 2 Gunbuster Fate/Zero Garden of Sinners: Paradox Spiral Land of the Lustrous
Chris 3 timmar sedan
Nikolay Tikhvinskiy
Nikolay Tikhvinskiy 3 timmar sedan
I think Season 4 of AOT looks better actually...
Jarms Moo
Jarms Moo 4 timmar sedan
I think that, given the constraints of short time and budget, Studio MAPPA did a fantastic job blending in CG titans with 2D animation. Also, for the haters, Attack on Titan, as well as any other manga, anime, etc. is a story. Animation is just a way of conveying said story. Although the animation may not be to your liking, the core of what the studio is conveying, is the story.
Whimsically Widdershins
Hoseki no Kuni is really really neat because is this cool mixture of CGI and hand drawn animation and it turned out really well.
Elena 7 timmar sedan
jujutsu kaisen, demon slayer (ep 19), mob psycho 100 and a silent voice maybe?
InhaleAmbition23 7 timmar sedan
Mob Psycho Reason: None needed
The Pro
The Pro 8 timmar sedan
You have to see Fate heaven feel fight scenes
Troanette 14 timmar sedan
Fate heavens feel 2, saber alter vs berserker
Yordan Georgiev
Yordan Georgiev 15 timmar sedan
Western animators to criticize Anime is like monkey criticizing humans
Adwait_R. 16 timmar sedan
Naruto Vs Pain has one of the most interesting animations
varun sekar
varun sekar 16 timmar sedan
U guys should watch kill la kill they blended 2d and 3D very well
Jasuah Salazar
Jasuah Salazar 18 timmar sedan
Metropolis the whole movie is amazing
Jason Shinigami
Jason Shinigami 21 timme sedan
Cringe is watching anime with English dub
Mob Psycho 100: Mob vs Koyama
Evan Lithium
Evan Lithium Dag sedan
They mention how there are a lot of weird shots in anime when people just stand around and talk but thats because they're watching the dub. When anime is dubbed sometimes they have to change the original clip where it showed more of the person to a shot of their backside because they can't always match up a different language with the lip movements. And sometimes dubs have to cut out certain scenes all together just because they are unusable. This is just one of the reasons I prefer subbed anime.
Umbreoxx Dag sedan
Talks about great animation in anime, somehow doesn't talk about anything made by ufotable
SuperMegaLamp Dag sedan
So CG is just a rabbit hole
Life's Better On a Board
With all the new gundam content can you just do a full animators react to gundam (After hathaways flash)
Augusto Cabral
Augusto Cabral Dag sedan
Niko you should listen to the jojos opening
ConstyC Dag sedan
a bit late, but try looking at Land of the Lustruous/Houseki no Kuni for a pretty well made 3dcg anime
MARIN IG2001 Dag sedan
mha is great and aot is trash dumb
grooz Dag sedan
That was the first thing I noticed about season 4 of AOT, it just felt off, the expressions, drawings, animations and I wasn't even paying attention to it like an animator. But it's probably still better than waiting 10 years for the season.
PsychicVoid Dag sedan
"Jujutsu kaisen (2018)" 20 what now
SimontheDigger Dag sedan
Saber alter vs rider
Danial Dustin
Danial Dustin Dag sedan
Jjba the way that they animate the characters and background it different
Yannick Dag sedan
Literally anything ufotable produced is an absolute masterpiece
Y • 100 years ago
You guys should react to fate zero or unlimited blade works Because: yes
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Dag sedan
Anime sometimes tends to get inconsistent.
World. Dag sedan
AOT reaction* :// so many other good anime drawing examples, but more episodes?
GOLDEN profile
GOLDEN profile Dag sedan
Every demon slayer fight scene
shayanlad Dag sedan
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW AND REACT TO THE DEMON SLAYER MOVIE : MUGEN TRAIN I really love the animation style and techniques they use. They use CGI and Hand drawn both but they really went all out with this movie which became the highest grossing anime movie of all time which is incredible. The fighting animations are absolutely beautiful and full of energy and so impactful. The animations they use to visualise elements is a great blend of cartoony but also pertain to what we know the elements look and feel like and it is truly awesome!!!!
Yash Jamkar
Yash Jamkar Dag sedan
Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel 3 Rider vs Saber
Ava carter
Ava carter Dag sedan
totally demon slayer!
Matrix Editz
Matrix Editz Dag sedan
Demon slayer... Zenitsu vs Spider demon...
MIlos Paspalj
MIlos Paspalj Dag sedan
Evangelion 2.22 you can (not advance)
Levi Hackerman
Levi Hackerman Dag sedan
If you dislike Levi's fight, then you have a death wish.
LEVI PLAYS Dag sedan
demon slayer bangggg
Garden of words ...
A_Sneeky_B0i Dag sedan
One piece killer vs Zoro in wano arc, and luffy vs kaido in act 1 of wano. The zoro vs killer scene really honed In On that feeling of energy. And the luffy vs kaido scene if I remember correctly had some nice transformations and the fight was just epic.
vinod virdhe
vinod virdhe 2 dagar sedan
Please please react on Naruto shippuden and Demon slayer.
Il shadowhisky1374 Il
Il shadowhisky1374 Il 2 dagar sedan
Fate series and demon slayer are masterpieces of animation
EndlessAbyss 2 dagar sedan
Pretty much any fight scene from Fire Force.
RipLip 1
RipLip 1 2 dagar sedan
akame ga kill
soutrik pal
soutrik pal 2 dagar sedan
They should have reacted to the levi vs beast titan fight!!... Ahhh!!... Btw... WIT studio took 4 months to animate it 😅
Andrés 2 dagar sedan
0:14 him: “so why would they have decided to switch to cg titans?”. Me: because of the amount of time they had to animate 16 episodes 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️!!
AndrewTheGuy 2 dagar sedan
It’s crazy to think this video has lead me to something that really means a lot to me. When they were speaking about anime’s that got them to love anime I seen ninja scrolls. For some reason that anime looked so familiar, I go to find out my pops who passed away when I was 14 had three vhs tapes of this. He never let me watch them when I was younger and I never ended up watching them. I never knew he knew about anime in general and I love anime. Man oh man.
Hsou 2 dagar sedan
Ight here me out… react to A Bugs Life 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
afiff licous
afiff licous 2 dagar sedan
Iron blooded orphans gundam: barbatos last stand Its the best moments cuz the gundam barbatos used full power and its shows that a soldier cant fight a lot of enemy
Recommended 2 dagar sedan
they should have stuck to hand drawn and cg based for attack of titan season 4 i didn't like it felt watching janky and lagging animation in this era with the amount of money they made is embarrassing
Recommended 2 dagar sedan
dubbed and generic anime you think is good you guys are so stereotypical white people watching anime watch some real anime
Liam Durney
Liam Durney 2 dagar sedan
Perfect Blue has some incredibly amazing visuals that I’d love to see you guys react to
Jo Caesar
Jo Caesar 2 dagar sedan
Great point 12:27
Monstermasher YT
Monstermasher YT 2 dagar sedan
you got Jujutsu Kaisen wrong i really dont think that it came out in 2018
Vinayak Mishra
Vinayak Mishra 2 dagar sedan
I am waiting for your next part of anime reacts
Rishabh K
Rishabh K 2 dagar sedan
The chips scene in death note.
Nafizal Siam
Nafizal Siam 2 dagar sedan
Ufotable has the best animation of all time
Nafizal Siam
Nafizal Siam 2 dagar sedan
Bruh best animation was demon slayer mugen train
Énio Pimentel
Énio Pimentel 2 dagar sedan
Wasnt eren 4 meters tall?
Vik Viki
Vik Viki 2 dagar sedan
What about fate series
Butts 2 dagar sedan
If you're going to have a conversation about 3D animation looking 2D, you HAVE to look at what arc systems is doing in the fighting game genre. You can see their work most notably in Dragon Ball Fighterz and the last two guilty gear games. They are able to get a 24 fps look in a 60 fps game!!!!! I have a lot of respect for that studio :)
Priyanshu Sharma
Priyanshu Sharma 2 dagar sedan
silent voice😄
ReAlism 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see you guys review the Broly fight between goku and vegeta ✌😅
jarred dearwester
huge W
Moon서영 3 dagar sedan
Great stuff! Not really a specific animation thing, but I know that ghost in the shell's fish-eye perspectives really stood out to me👍 (mostly to credit of mamoru oshii)
SpongeBuff 3 dagar sedan
Ghost in the Shell has some ahead of its time kind of animation that can always impress animators
Rehi Marshall
Rehi Marshall 3 dagar sedan
Tittains:attack Humans:send levie Levie:here I come Titain s:runnnnnnnnnn [they all get baybladed ]
Taeyeonni 3 dagar sedan
Anything by Ufotable. Cg + 2d. Great work.
Not Anyone Ever
Not Anyone Ever 3 dagar sedan
Redline has some of the most impressive frame by frame animation that exists in anime. Only took 7 years to make.
Andrew 3 dagar sedan
Demon slayer tanjirou vs rui
zenostiel 3 dagar sedan
why do you guys in the comments act like you are professionals lol just some random dudes writing comments as if they are pro animation critics. Just enjoy the shows damn idiot weebs.
Simon Oidi
Simon Oidi 3 dagar sedan
They should react to demon slayer EP 19
Divyansai Kesavarthanan
Bobiboy the movie 2
Ghost face
Ghost face 3 dagar sedan
Naruto and Sasuke vs momoshiki that shit was lit I assure Yall won't be disappointed
Joshibala Mutum
Joshibala Mutum 3 dagar sedan
S4part 2 be like just wait u guys!
nathaniel delossantos
nathaniel delossantos 3 dagar sedan
u should try reacting to zoros purgatory onigiri,that episode is firee
Dorian Mead
Dorian Mead 3 dagar sedan
You should react to love death robots, the animation is some of the best animations I have seen in my life
Minouzz 4 dagar sedan
demonslayer has neat animation
Max 4 dagar sedan
Please react to: Tailing Missions from the NPC's Perspective by Joel Haver
frozensoda 4 dagar sedan
ACEsenpai OFFICIAL 4 dagar sedan
Please please react on One Piece Luffy vs Katakuri
kasenboi 4 dagar sedan
Akira the movie you can feel life everywhere
hinoshin art
hinoshin art 4 dagar sedan
My faivorate animations are Dbz Jujutsu kaisen Attack on titan including s4 Naruto ( only sasuke vs naruto )
erens founding titan when he sees a human: *oh a ant *stomps* *
MS Dawnga
MS Dawnga 4 dagar sedan
One piece....! One piece One piece One piece
cool guy
cool guy 4 dagar sedan
one punch man
Brian Suheru
Brian Suheru 4 dagar sedan
Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) is probably the anime that utilises 2D and 3D so well back in the old days
Nayzubirie 4 dagar sedan
Demon Slayer!
Racer 2031
Racer 2031 4 dagar sedan
Rengoku's 9th form!
Rengoku Kyojuro
Rengoku Kyojuro 4 dagar sedan
You guys should have added 'Demon Slayer'.
Thoticcus Prime
Thoticcus Prime 4 dagar sedan
the cgi titans look like trash,dont care what anyone thinks about it. Its like looking at 160p vs 720p
Dzairi 4 dagar sedan
They need to react to Naruto and Sasuke vs momoshiki
PlayerofRavens 4 dagar sedan
I think they should look into Obsolete anime series, which also has 3d-looking animation..
Prince Ocean
Prince Ocean 4 dagar sedan
Deku100% vs the mask vilian guy fight scene was whow
Omkar Gosavi
Omkar Gosavi 4 dagar sedan
Man u should react to "fate stay heavens fury" one of the best animated series, it's just superb in quality
please review Junji Ito art. manga and anime.
sheogorath deadric Prince of madness
Tokyo ghoul I don't have a specific clip but it has a beautiful style and the way it shows the unique anatomy of anime and the art is wonderful if it's already been done then kimetsu no yaiba aka demon slayer for its wonderful art style it's so beautiful again no specific clip in mind so many are running through my head
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Reacting To My Boxing Fight