Arrests made in "Operation Trojan Shield" 

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Numerous arrests were made around the world as part of a global law enforcement operation targeting organized crime.

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8 jun 2021



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TL. L 7 dagar sedan
Thank you for your service
Hampus Lieberg
Hampus Lieberg Månad sedan
Why feds in my country and fucking? stay in San diego and fuck
Jehovah Hohenzollern
*U.S. ROYALTY: These FBI Agents are from Steam Games who got older and is a Prank.*
De Drone46
De Drone46 Månad sedan
sooooooooooooooo instead of keeping it covert they wanted to generate hyper attention. so now they won't be able to keep criminals under their radar because the next encryption software is going to be met with suspiciousness from the international criminal community. lmao.
Trever Schamber
Trever Schamber Månad sedan
So over 2 years this happens and say only 21 lives saved from murder, how many overdoses, murders,suffering, and crimes where let to happen by all theses agency's while building the case?!? To know and continue letting this happen should come with high penalties too! In all countries and officials involved. Js
Gregory larsen
Gregory larsen Månad sedan
Lmao 🤣🤣
Jehovah Hohenzollern
*U.S. ROYALTY: The scary part is the lie and fake news. Under no circumstances to lie about law enforcement.*
Wes Fortney
Wes Fortney Månad sedan
I am not inclined to cheer very loudly about this. The U.S.A. narcotics-market is +$300 Mil a day - this bust seized $53 Mil = 17% of one day The U.S.A. n-m has millions of criminals engaging in daily drug slaving = +1,200 arrests The operation was set up during the populist Constitutionalist surge in American political life, half a decade ago. For over five years the direct distribution of narcotics has been enjoying more and more success, even TODAY the ability to distribute drugs in America is improving. It comes across as more of a bid for legitimacy than a display of well administered resources; the lack of Rule of Law in America during 2020, and on, while this operation was active suggests that the agencies were not passing relevant intel to domestic administrators (whom had a vested public interest in being informed and actively engaging in Rule of Law operations) and were instead allowing and indeed facilitating criminal activity for the duration of 2020 events. I am inclined to speculate that this system, ANOM, was rather a tool crafted to ensure anti-American elements, in conspiracy, could securely communicate. While engaging in active treason against the U.S.A. This operation has been half a decade enabling the subterfuge of the Rule of Law and has resulted in a celebration of obviously incompetent administrative agents.
Johno Månad sedan
The AFP created the app by the way. Stop crediting FBI with everything.
Peg Leg Maurice (Mahogany Mo)
actually it was created by a criminal in San Diego, before it was finished he was arrested and agreed to hand it over to the FBI when it was ready to go live in exchange for a reduced sentence, the FBI then worked with the AFP to decrypt it because Australian law allows the police to intercept and decrypt encoded messages if they suspect it relates to a crime.
Function at the Junction
What is "AFP"?
Steven Sharks
Steven Sharks Månad sedan
Well done FBI agents 007 😎
Reggie Månad sedan
You have no privacy
Function at the Junction
Guess you better not be a criminal then, huh?
Sue Howie
Sue Howie Månad sedan
They chose to use the app..
Robert Linscott
Robert Linscott Månad sedan
But they are not watching us? Yeah, right
Sue Howie
Sue Howie Månad sedan
The crims chose to use the app..
potatoe zombie
potatoe zombie Månad sedan
here we go again the san diego connection everything that happened in the world has a san diego connection
ACE LP Månad sedan
Luxury Fred
Luxury Fred Månad sedan
Lazy editing. Replayed the same international arrest footage four times!
Archangel Andrew Dale Factor
All has 🐝 n fixed
Mike Paschalydis
Mike Paschalydis Månad sedan
"Beware of GREEKS bearing gifts"
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visningar 166tn
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