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Extended Highlights presented by Heineken
Mbappe and PSG power past Messi and Barcelona 4-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Mbappe had one of his best performances of his career notching a hat trick. He opened his day with a goal in the 32’ to tie at one and added two more in the 65’ and 85’. Moise Kean found the back of the net in the 70’ to help solidify the win. Messi opened the scoring in the 27’ by way of the penalty spot but that would be all the Spanish side could muster.
Next up will be the second leg back in Paris, France and Barcelona has an uphill battle in front of them.
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16 feb 2021



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Cameron Mel
Cameron Mel Timme sedan
bro that penalty kick at 2:30 was SOOOO WEAK
NotA Burner
NotA Burner Timme sedan
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Juan Mata
Juan Mata Timme sedan
Barca next leg will be destroyed
Juan Mata
Juan Mata Timme sedan
Barca 6-1 psg in 2017 vs Barca 1-4 psg
Shahida Santiago
Shahida Santiago Timme sedan
kiki palace
kiki palace 2 timmar sedan
Mbappe to Real please!
jaylen detorres
jaylen detorres 2 timmar sedan
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Amaru Sheekuku
Amaru Sheekuku 2 timmar sedan
Barcelona needs to call Ronaldinho back. Mascherano Eto'o Xavi Because, WTF did I just watch?????
Higher Purpose
Higher Purpose 3 timmar sedan
Jesus is coming soon. Wake Up. Get right with God..
Safari-CR7 3 timmar sedan
Dembele and Griezmann are nowhere near Messi previous attacking mates like Eto, Villa, Suarez, etc. Where is the Tiki Taka and La Masia talents? Messi has no drive since CR-7 left spain. No one else to motivate him. This team is a shadow of its old self. On the other hand, Mbappe shooting is really improving. Those goals were Like CR7 type of goals.
Jorge mulgado
Jorge mulgado 3 timmar sedan
Killer Mbappe
BuzzyBeatz 4 timmar sedan
That was a massive Masterclass! 💯
Satyagajen Rajenthiran
Satyagajen Rajenthiran 4 timmar sedan
You just know no matter what happens Messi doesn't have the balls to leave Bracelona
WienerTheWinner 4 timmar sedan
No one and absolutely no one be surprised when this PSG is eliminated, they didn't beat the best team, we all knew this Barcelona had a chance to flop even against Atalanta. PSG played incredible but I'm afraid they won't be able to beat Juve or Man city if this two pass, if they face Liverpool or Atletico they have a chance, if they face Dormut for sure they pass. If they play bayern, this psg will not pass remember this!!!!
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 5 timmar sedan
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Bernard TheOfficial Drummer
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 timmar sedan
Mbappe next Ballón de oro, hopefully the PSG learn from it's past and destroys the Barcelona in the next match
Ilya Zagorodnikov
Ilya Zagorodnikov 5 timmar sedan
5:29 you can read his lips saying “ah puta” lmfao hahahahahah
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 timmar sedan
It’s not penalties
Bootyboo Manman
Bootyboo Manman 5 timmar sedan
Dakota 6 timmar sedan
@1:56 That's not a penalty.. He clipped his own leg with his foot and dove?
Ms. Loving
Ms. Loving 6 timmar sedan
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The Messenger
The Messenger 6 timmar sedan
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g4meboy13 7 timmar sedan
Barcelona always getting penalties that don't exist
Lady Mindkoff
Lady Mindkoff 8 timmar sedan
💮💗🎋🎄✨♒✨🎋🎄🌙🌠 *परमेश्वरले हामीलाई उहाँको पुत्र येशू ख्रीष्ट, जो मर्नुभयो र मृत्युबाट बौरी उठेर हामीलाई अनन्त जीवन दिन पठाउनुभयो, त्यसप्रति उहाँको प्रेमको प्रदर्शन गर्नुभयो।* *उसले तपाईंको शरीरलाई निको पार्ने प्रतिज्ञा पनि गर्‍यो।* *(आकाशमा हेर्नुहोस् र उहाँलाई सोध्नुहोस्)*
Zeron 5
Zeron 5 8 timmar sedan
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Andrew Costa
Andrew Costa 9 timmar sedan
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DAVID FERNANDEZ 9 timmar sedan
Barza has no blood, but PSG is going to be put on its place soon by Bayer or Liveepool, this is an ilusion, winning agaist a half way dead team.
Anshu Slomka
Anshu Slomka 8 timmar sedan
liverpool is struggling a lil, and bayern already beat psg 1-0
Diego 9 timmar sedan
Draxler 🔥
Cyndy Hummel
Cyndy Hummel 9 timmar sedan
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Golden a b1tch
Golden a b1tch 9 timmar sedan
bandejamontañera 9 timmar sedan
psg and mbappe ha learned a lot from neymar
Bennyboom boom
Bennyboom boom 9 timmar sedan
It’s not penalties
AncientStock 10 timmar sedan
Mbappe next Ballón de oro, hopefully the PSG learn from it's past and destroys the Barcelona in the next match
DarkKnight1379 10 timmar sedan
Barca’s defend line are pathetic!!! Barca need new guards! Applause for Barca’s goal keeper!! He is the only reason PSG not score more!!
EL CLIPS 10 timmar sedan
Barcelona is still better
Daniel Alvarenga
Daniel Alvarenga 10 timmar sedan
Not the fake penald could help the Barcelona and Neymar did not even played and Dimaria too? Mbape was the dagger with those 3 goals?? That's insane..
APalmersvids 10 timmar sedan
goodboys_star 10 timmar sedan
Dena A
Dena A 11 timmar sedan
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YAHDOE1NOFFICIAL 11 timmar sedan
This was forced into my recommendation and i can't report to not recommend this👀
I_Dawg123 11 timmar sedan
Barca turning into Argentina where there is a lot of talent on the field but no good results.
Eden Is Infinite
Eden Is Infinite 11 timmar sedan
Difference between Barca and psg is that PSG can finish. Griezmann & Dembele squandered the goals that would have flipped this match into something totally different. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Didn't watch the game, but damn. This is so frustrating as a Barça fan.
Anshu Slomka
Anshu Slomka 8 timmar sedan
and what about the 50 other psg chances watch the speed, and wings and the midfield espeically the defense. thats what psg outclasses barca in
Hitesh Gaur
Hitesh Gaur 11 timmar sedan
Ousmane Dembélé is a liability for Barcelona.
Des Peoples
Des Peoples 11 timmar sedan
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Subbidang TU & PIP
Subbidang TU & PIP 12 timmar sedan
w lliat permainan pique kaya dseting maennya
DyliosG 12 timmar sedan
Man this Barca team is just breaking down over and over again , I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this team has no fire , no passion ever since Iniesta left it’s been down hill Look at the names that have been through this club of this dreadful drought Suarez Rakitic Neymar Vidal Coutinho Arthur Ansu fati Greizmann Semedo Rafinha Pjanic Lenglet De jong These names are all talented in their own way But there’s too much ego , pride , selfishness in this team right now it’s sick . I can’t wait for Messi to leave as I know he wants out badly
DRAKE X 12 timmar sedan
Still love messi no matter what ❤️
Noe Rodriguez
Noe Rodriguez 12 timmar sedan
El 99% de los penales que ha convertido El extraterrestre son penales regalados,más los que ha fallado.
JZslays 12 timmar sedan
That’s what happens when u get rid of a striker like Suarez. Barca went from messi neymar Suarez to just messi. Smh.
Soulful B
Soulful B 12 timmar sedan
Damn some of yalls in the comments a good example of shitty straight up bad fans bruh, respect both teams regardless of whose your favorite.
marioni bruno
marioni bruno 12 timmar sedan
Pique needs to leave. All that defense needs remodeling
LightningBoy 103
LightningBoy 103 12 timmar sedan
Is it appropriate to speak of the game in America?
Jay Flores
Jay Flores 12 timmar sedan
Dembele fucking sucks at finishing.
Thomas 13 timmar sedan
Griezmann should have passed
Death Ears
Death Ears 13 timmar sedan
Lmao he really forced a penalty with that lie man Barcelona is just garbage at this point.
Gee713_ 13 timmar sedan
barcelona is trash. Wtf are these subs and the defence and midfield. Only good ones in those positions are busquets, pique and Pjanić but pique and busquest might be out of their prime and pjanic doesnt get as much play time. The attacking is good with messi, griezzmann but dembele is horrible at shooting. Only thing he has in speed but is not useful if you can't make plays or shoot. The newbies marking is horrible.
nogooglenwww.o 13 timmar sedan
Fabian Ortiz
Fabian Ortiz 13 timmar sedan
i was looking 4 this 1
many Toledo
many Toledo 13 timmar sedan
Stop stop stop please att.pique
Imeh Okon
Imeh Okon 13 timmar sedan
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Imeh Okon
Imeh Okon 13 timmar sedan
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Trico Lores
Trico Lores 14 timmar sedan
Suárez fault 🤷🏼‍♂️
Joe _lion
Joe _lion 14 timmar sedan
Lets go Barcelona!!
Elina75 Alice53
Elina75 Alice53 14 timmar sedan
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luke yaz
luke yaz 14 timmar sedan
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Arken Zlan
Arken Zlan 14 timmar sedan
Money on the remondata
Ultra instincts超本能
Ultra instincts超本能 14 timmar sedan
im sorry but why are psg players up in the refs face what happened to 6 feet away rule?
SNX 2nd
SNX 2nd 14 timmar sedan
Henry 15 timmar sedan
Barca’s penalty wasn’t even a penalty
Bryan Campos
Bryan Campos 15 timmar sedan
Idrissa Gay
Suneetha Karnati
Suneetha Karnati 15 timmar sedan
Like the second video it’s so so good and so
the boss Gaming channel
the boss Gaming channel 15 timmar sedan
Barca drinks bathwater
Flash803 SQBZ
Flash803 SQBZ 15 timmar sedan
Messi 💩
Anthony Saab
Anthony Saab 15 timmar sedan
Barca down bad
Onepiece Forever
Onepiece Forever 15 timmar sedan
Bayern winning again
Richhe773 312
Richhe773 312 15 timmar sedan
This is deff not the same Barça from the one that face Chelsea years ago. Now its a shell
J Dong
J Dong 15 timmar sedan
Wow Barcelona is playing like a regular team now.
isoplayer 15 timmar sedan
2:14 lol
Hala Madrid TV English
Hala Madrid TV English 16 timmar sedan
Bernard Mbata
Bernard Mbata 16 timmar sedan
Dembele 3:14 what a miss sell this guy pls
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 16 timmar sedan
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Valeria Chavez
Valeria Chavez 16 timmar sedan
2:14 the player tripped on his legs not a foul
Manuel Roldan
Manuel Roldan 16 timmar sedan
Im a Barca fan and can admit Paris played a good game
David Lizarraga
David Lizarraga 16 timmar sedan
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Cody Li
Cody Li 16 timmar sedan
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collin8915 17 timmar sedan
That was an incredibly soft pen
Harold 17 timmar sedan
Messi needs a better club. Or Barca need a new defense all together.
jackson schmitt
jackson schmitt 17 timmar sedan
Swiby FN
Swiby FN 18 timmar sedan
no way dah was a penalti like hello
toby. 18 timmar sedan
The defence cannot do shit, the midfield cannot hold the ball. This team is in shambles, they need to rebuild otherwise they can't pull a 2017 this time.
sleepwell 18 timmar sedan
Barca PK was such bs. What a bogus foul.
Edrees Sekandari
Edrees Sekandari 18 timmar sedan
This is why Mbappe is best for this gen
A Google User
A Google User 18 timmar sedan
Jijijiji jajajajajijijijajaja
Roy Rauda
Roy Rauda 18 timmar sedan
Barca’s last president really fucked this team up, they’re falling off now lol
RmNaNtCbScRrN 18 timmar sedan
5:01 bro dembele left Verratti behind damn! Not saying verratti is the fastest lol but wow
So2Stormz 18 timmar sedan
Imagine if neymar beat mbappe
Bryan Sorto-Guzman
Bryan Sorto-Guzman 18 timmar sedan
Arguing Parents
Arguing Parents 18 timmar sedan
Elvis Rodriguez
Elvis Rodriguez 18 timmar sedan
Such shambolic defending from Barca this game, I genuinely hope they get knocked out at this point. I can’t keep defending them and their shit tactics anymore
Aiden Wang
Aiden Wang 19 timmar sedan
revenge . . .
e b
e b 19 timmar sedan
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