Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts 

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Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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22 apr 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
たけたけ Minut sedan
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye 4 minuter sedan
Everything and everyone has a special reason to be here
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye 5 minuter sedan
This is exactly why I stay away from the ocean 🌊
redneck maineac
redneck maineac 11 minuter sedan
Why do you want fleas
Adri Waww
Adri Waww 13 minuter sedan
Wht is this?
esmokebaby 13 minuter sedan
Anyone else seeing the rise of many sand flea videos for no reason or is it me? Who said hay iama eat a sand flea
silentwhisper742 16 minuter sedan
I am ..never... going... to ... the... beachh... ever
JBBrickman 18 minuter sedan
Ewwwwww wtf are sand fleas?!?!?!,
startingover ERS
startingover ERS 19 minuter sedan
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler 24 minuter sedan
I remember swimming abroad in the 90s, my friend was saying nothing to be scared of. Next day we was in a local fish market! The teeth on some of them!!! No more swimming for me.
35hz bass
35hz bass 27 minuter sedan
So wait what do they eat ? Blood?
Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday 33 minuter sedan
Good thing I’m from Kansas 😖🥴
Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday 32 minuter sedan
Didn’t even know there was such things in the ocean ON THE SHORE!! 😧 &nd that was only ONE Scoop!!!! 😲😵
Water Shed
Water Shed Timme sedan
I hate those little bastards. They eat all my bait, eat my catch and then all we do is haul pot after pot with no fish in it. F those little frs.
999. チュリコ_Churico
山口登 Timme sedan
(貝採るやつだ!) (貝出てくるんやろなぁ) 「ヒッ」
AIDIL GAMING Timme sedan
So cute
Luan Filipe Morandi
I'm stuck on this video
sam #stancoci 2020
sam #stancoci 2020 2 timmar sedan
iZen-_-EU 2 timmar sedan
He‘s the kind of guy
Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell 2 timmar sedan
I wish I were as easily thrilled as this guy. Must be nice.
WattMild 2 timmar sedan
Always called them sand crabs
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 2 timmar sedan
I saw the fleas and I quickly said can you eat those
Stevanny Ferliana
Stevanny Ferliana 2 timmar sedan
Jaakko 2 timmar sedan
They lowkey cute
แคลน ONE PIECE 3 timmar sedan
Иван Иваныч
Иван Иваныч 3 timmar sedan
Интересно,это съедобно? На необитаемом острове можно выжить...
Aden Kindy .K
Aden Kindy .K 3 timmar sedan
ixtasis 3 timmar sedan
What are you going to do with those? Weirdo
Poshikibari 3 timmar sedan
Arda Sari
Arda Sari 3 timmar sedan
Christina Whelehan
Christina Whelehan 3 timmar sedan
I never in my life knew there was such a thing as sand fleas, never heard off them and first ever time seeing them
Atlas 4 timmar sedan
Thoes aren't sand fleas. Thems crabs
オッキのネ申 4 timmar sedan
we re
we re 4 timmar sedan
My trust issues in beach sand 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Raghav Sinha
Raghav Sinha 4 timmar sedan
Thought those were just mini crabs
Roberto Ramirez
Roberto Ramirez 4 timmar sedan
Tried them once,taste similar to shrimp
Vincent Ridolfi
Vincent Ridolfi 5 timmar sedan
I remember when I would put my hands in the sand as the waves would retreat, and I would pull out a few of these, then put them in a bucket for a while
Rebecca Maxwell
Rebecca Maxwell 5 timmar sedan
Look like small beach crabs to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
lindsey Smith
lindsey Smith 5 timmar sedan
What??? Sand fleas? They’re called sand crabs?? Where do you live lol. I’m in jersey on Long Beach island. I’ve never heard someone say sand fleas. Just dig once it gets warmer and you’ll find nests and thousands of babies. And people FYI, they don’t just chill swimming around. They’re burrowed in sand
Mally Tarot
Mally Tarot 5 timmar sedan
Leave them allone ! Or i ll curse you 👊
Zildjian Ahmad
Zildjian Ahmad 5 timmar sedan
nice to eat making a soup..sweet memories 1996.. you must try to eat mr. plankton spongebob square pantz secret craby patties
devo1977s 5 timmar sedan
Thats a Florida snow shovel
Wilson Zamora Llanos
Wilson Zamora Llanos 5 timmar sedan
En Perú esos animalitos se llaman Muy Muy
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 6 timmar sedan
Boil them in a Budweiser best thing u will ever do
Braden Keenan
Braden Keenan 6 timmar sedan
Now I know why people alway try to outrun the water on the beach
Kadimus Baratheon
Kadimus Baratheon 6 timmar sedan
In Rio de Janeiro we usually have to dig a little bit for these. It's not as easy to catch them here. 😅
Alex Shades
Alex Shades 7 timmar sedan
Sand crabs 😒👀👏
Chris Sellner
Chris Sellner 7 timmar sedan
How they taste?
Dan G
Dan G 7 timmar sedan
We call them sand crabs on Long Island
Wade Brashear
Wade Brashear 7 timmar sedan
Don't know about the jumbo version, but the tiny ones hurt!
Manuel Ka
Manuel Ka 7 timmar sedan
Kimithy Woolson
Kimithy Woolson 8 timmar sedan
What a sand flea
Amethyst Samurai
Amethyst Samurai 8 timmar sedan
That honestly look like fun
Matt Glass
Matt Glass 8 timmar sedan
I've already got crabs, don't really need fleas..
Azxr 8 timmar sedan
Nc now I won’t be going to the beach anymore
Chris Vlogs
Chris Vlogs 8 timmar sedan
I call them sand crabs
Bensdoinathing 8 timmar sedan
Out of all the food in the world you eat these nasty ass sea bugs basically disgusting
RichBaby EDA
RichBaby EDA 9 timmar sedan
bro how can you touch em
NEX-GEN Muzic Vevo
NEX-GEN Muzic Vevo 9 timmar sedan
So many? Or u meant so much
MariaRChiJones 9 timmar sedan
Are they like shrimp?.. Never heard of them😬🤔
Ms. Me
Ms. Me 9 timmar sedan
moriah Tamang
moriah Tamang 9 timmar sedan
Are they edible?
Nicholas Diehl
Nicholas Diehl 9 timmar sedan
So cute
COLDBLUESTEEL! 10 timmar sedan
I actually never knew these things existed!
محمد 10 timmar sedan
سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه
Joseph Felice
Joseph Felice 10 timmar sedan
Those are sand crabs around my region(NC) The fleas are actual insects that bite.
Keng Yang
Keng Yang 10 timmar sedan
Can you even eat those?
Rylan Green
Rylan Green 10 timmar sedan
Here in the N.WT Canada. We call them in our native language, "Buddyuqsuns" Bud-ee-ook-sunes
the finessing faction
the finessing faction 11 timmar sedan
It looks like a cheese grader
Tisha Parrillo
Tisha Parrillo 11 timmar sedan
I lived on indialantic beachfront and loved going out fishing early in the morning or late day with my daughter when she was little and use them as bait....gawd I miss it sooo very much....
Carlos Alberto Teixeira
Carlos Alberto Teixeira 11 timmar sedan
Here in Brazil a sand flea is called tatuí, pronounced tah-too-EE.
Ernest Tawiah Jr.
Ernest Tawiah Jr. 11 timmar sedan
Thanks for ruining my time at the beach
Johnny Falk
Johnny Falk 11 timmar sedan
I think those are actually mole crabs.
Vernon Zimmerman
Vernon Zimmerman 11 timmar sedan
Those are sand crabs dude my dad would eat those things raw , og Venice boys back in the 70" ,
DTrain 11 timmar sedan
We call those sand crabs on the west coast
Official Rat Gaming
Official Rat Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Purple rain purple rain
Gavin Matejcek
Gavin Matejcek 11 timmar sedan
Those are not jumbo bud
Chesney Migl
Chesney Migl 12 timmar sedan
So... what do you do with them?
el juaco
el juaco 12 timmar sedan
Can you eat those? For the cuantity i would say in a day you got a pretty good meal tight there
Дмитрий Грицай
Это что за жуки?
xavier skonseng
xavier skonseng 12 timmar sedan
We call em sand crabs
GodLikeSho 12 timmar sedan
I was rooting for the ones running away.
Toasterman 12 timmar sedan
I love catching these things!
Yousif Naji
Yousif Naji 12 timmar sedan
حلو المكان
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 12 timmar sedan
Sand crabs.... Who TF calls them sea fleas
Jack 13 timmar sedan
Makes me happy seeing that.
BraddLadd 13 timmar sedan
What the....
Greg B
Greg B 13 timmar sedan
Never have I heard of those things...
Jeffrey Hopkins
Jeffrey Hopkins 13 timmar sedan
Why would people catch these things?
Brian Stanfield
Brian Stanfield 13 timmar sedan
When I worked on the pro-suveyor11 we would bring up crab pots were the sand fleas got in the bait bags and grew dio fast they couldn't get back outta the mess bag. That's where the stories of deckhands putting little ones in "unruly" deckhands ears and they gorge over a couple hours and the man, wel you can imagine what that man or men went through.
whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole
What's the point of catching them
Ayden Cavanaugh
Ayden Cavanaugh 14 timmar sedan
Wait where is this
Heather Taylor
Heather Taylor 14 timmar sedan
For bait?
The Whisper
The Whisper 14 timmar sedan
👀😨I need to get over my yuck factor of bugs. How can he hold that much bugs🤢. 🤮
John Karnaghon
John Karnaghon 14 timmar sedan
I've never seen anybody catch that many sand fleas at one time
DropHammer77 15 timmar sedan
When I hear the word "Fleas" My first thought is terror °Damn Dog's brought Fleas inside the house again!°
Preston Omaleki
Preston Omaleki 15 timmar sedan
But....why tho? Why is this man catching sand fleas? I mean, I’ll buy you a sandwich if you’re that hungry, bro.
BROWNandSLEEPY 15 timmar sedan
I unsubscribed as soon as i saw you wearing crocs, they weren’t okay 5 years ago and they never have been
Mango Elephant
Mango Elephant 15 timmar sedan
Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2
KSI vs Tobi Rap Battle
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