"Customer States" Cmpilation [PART 2]- Mechanical Fails Compilation 2021 

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11 feb 2021



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Michael Amankwaa
Michael Amankwaa 8 dagar sedan
Rolling on the floor😂😂0:26
Jeff Becker
Jeff Becker 8 dagar sedan
Give the guy with the missing timing belt a break. It happened to me thirty some odd years ago right after the fuel pump had gone out on my other car.
Joe 10 dagar sedan
the low RPM's when the ac is on had me dying, *literally pointing at 6 o'clock* "yeah that's low" LMAOOOO
because 12 dagar sedan
What are you doing with your cars over there?
Nicky Borrosino
Nicky Borrosino 16 dagar sedan
Looking at the video thumbnail, for a second, I thought that brake rotor was a ring gear.
R Gunz2021
R Gunz2021 16 dagar sedan
How does a timing belt just vanish?! I'm really bamboozled 😳
Hunter Himes
Hunter Himes 17 dagar sedan
That stratus sounded fine to me. Probably just needed the fuel pump.
James Teiwimate
James Teiwimate 17 dagar sedan
These cunts are evil and dangerous and should have licence taken off them and ban for life 😡
Krasane 18 dagar sedan
This is why mandatory vehicle inspection is a thing in my country. Like with some of the rusted out suspension and brakes I've seen in these kinds of videos could get you and also MORE IMPORTANTLY OTHERS killed.
Mikael Elmblad
Mikael Elmblad 19 dagar sedan
Tiktok 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Korma Reads
Korma Reads 20 dagar sedan
Last one is just a rare case of natural camber
Truman Barney
Truman Barney 21 dag sedan
"customer states, leaking brake fluid from the rear"... Hmmm I think you need a Dr to check that out.
Delmeaux Knows
Delmeaux Knows 23 dagar sedan
'Well there's your problem"
Built Minis
Built Minis 23 dagar sedan
Ohhhhhh so this is why the high school mechanics at the shop or autozone talk to you like your dumb yet there wrong half the time. I understand now. they have to deal with actual stupid people
Andrew Dicker
Andrew Dicker 26 dagar sedan
Nice, the same videos from the first video
MetallicaFan81 27 dagar sedan
1:57 2007 Ford Fuckus 😂
Professor Xangus
Professor Xangus Månad sedan
Some of these could have been easily avoided with common sense.
Goblintom Månad sedan
Sorry for not knowing, but you Americans don't have mandatory yearly inspections on cars?
Philip Dartez
Philip Dartez Månad sedan
Damn mechanics always telling you that you need this or that just to make money off of you 😁 😂😂😂
John Schmidt
John Schmidt Månad sedan
I had a nice, large and full toolbox set that had every tool I needed except for the one to tighten the loose nut behind the steering wheel.
John Schmidt
John Schmidt Månad sedan
Had a customer complain their new semi-metalic brake pads made noise. I showed them a button on the center console that would make the sound go away.... The volume button for the radio. Lord, I really don't miss those days.
McDylanNuggets Månad sedan
Why are some of these repeats form part 1??
katerli84 Månad sedan
Why?!? 🤔😲🥺
david wells
david wells Månad sedan
Ha, you mechanics got it easy. I'm a broadband and TV engineer. Example of my life: Customer states TV not working. After asking on the phone if everything is plugged in, drive 50 miles to the customer to find out it was unplugged.
David Turner
David Turner Månad sedan
This kinda explains everything else wrong with society if you think about it. We just ignore things until they become too broken to fix.
Karl Juice
Karl Juice Månad sedan
Yeap,most are fake,come on guys do you think we’re stupid.
Donathan tuttle
Donathan tuttle Månad sedan
Amazing how people are so stupid 🤣🤣🤣
Accbar Månad sedan
Brb making an appointment for my car
michael brinks
michael brinks Månad sedan
Knew a college kid who's car wouldn't start.It ook him a week to figure out his car was out of gas.
A B Månad sedan
Garth Månad sedan
There is no substititute for stupid.
S. Lucas
S. Lucas Månad sedan
This is the best. I deal with this s*** all the time. People really are so stupid.
mark massy
mark massy Månad sedan
I don't think I have ever seen brake rotors worn that far...
John Mayer
John Mayer Månad sedan
This video sucks. Like ok we get it customers are dumb.
Fishpest Månad sedan
Customer states . ARE YOU KIDDING ME..
Mechanic states he's always broke: *Pans over to All Snap On tools*
Jeff A.P.G.
Jeff A.P.G. Månad sedan
Customer states, why so many duplicates??
Shamy Zero
Shamy Zero Månad sedan
Was 6:00 a rivet? Low quality can’t tell at 144poh das a stripped screw i think, or is that a square?
Pete Roeland
Pete Roeland Månad sedan
Do it for 35 years and wonder why you hurt all the time.
Count2Potato Månad sedan
Some of the stuff is because people are fucking broke. They cant afford $500 brakes and $800 tires.
Zoya Was Here
Zoya Was Here Månad sedan
"My tire flat buddy, you fix?" k ... "bro... thats boom, not flat." *sigh
matthew kühl
matthew kühl Månad sedan
And these people are out there on the road with you
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan Månad sedan
Im to dumb to know enough about cars to get some of these
Carguys Hub
Carguys Hub Månad sedan
no one is dumb for not knowing about cars people just have to do the regular maintenance for the sake of safety
Drunkn Månad sedan
Dude theese are the exact same clips as part 3 lamo
Electric Spider
Electric Spider Månad sedan
I dont understand like half of this. Here's a list of the timestamps 0:00 brakes 0:30 ac idle (why is the needle pointed down?) 0:49 honda. im guess it's a joke so maybe i get it. 2:27 brakes grinding 3:07 im guess oil is bad. But what knocking mean? 4:06 another brakes. 6:02 driver door wont open. I see a dent and a scratch, but why wont it open? (maybe it's dented where the latch is and locked up idk). 6:19 gear thingy.
Electric Spider
Electric Spider Månad sedan
Customer states: strange noises when cranking car. Turns key Rick roll plays
Timo Klap
Timo Klap Månad sedan
so many cars with big brake and other failureson the road of USA, do you guys do not have every years car inspections? without them you can not drive your car atleast in europe... new car has its 1st after 3 year, after that every 2nd year till the car is 10y old and after that every year... i have not seen any so bad failures on Finlands roads.
Thrifty Garage
Thrifty Garage Månad sedan
JaredOnAir Månad sedan
"My honda sounds like a lawnmower" I woulda been crying laughin straight in their face man
Detlev 83
Detlev 83 Månad sedan
And that's one of the few times I'm glad that I'm in Germany....
spencer 124
spencer 124 Månad sedan
Sorry to say this, but its fact most car owners don't listen to mechanics and have no idea about safety.. To non car enthusiasts cars are just like an appliance, but in most ways yes... When I tell a customer the car NEEDS rear brakes, they instead say no and pile 2 kids with baby car seats in the back and leave.. Literally metal on metal :D Well I guess the backing plate of the brake pad seems to act like a second brake pad in these people's minds... A lot of times, when tires are showing steel belts, or are bald as can be, or have the fantastic sidewall bubble (slipped belts) Same deal "Ain't nobody got time for that" Oh and gotta love the classic, I'm checking tire pressures, and 3/4 are the perfect pressure and one is low, I investigate just for giggles and there is a nail in that tire that is leaking, customer thinks I put the nail in that tire and precedes to just go haywire for 30mins and make a gigantic stink, and continues to question all the work I did on his car "Oh this is my first time here and last time here, you guys suck!!" What I get for trying to look out for people... :D :D
SJL8006 Månad sedan
SJL8006 Månad sedan
The head shake off exasperation is my favorite
This YouTubers Neighbor
Just imagine how stressed a single mother or father might be when their child leaves a squueky toy in their car and they think their car is dying. Take a deep breath and check the toys lol 97 bucks for a toy car. I hope you didn't really charge the customer.
GAMEPRO223223 Månad sedan
The toy car one for the whisling omg
SPICYBOI52 Månad sedan
Customer states: Car won't start. Me: Opens the hood... Me: "It... It seems your missing the engine there bud!😂
Wolf's Den
Wolf's Den Månad sedan
How hard is it to come in for planed check ups. Holy shit some people be murdering there cars. This is why I check oil and oil history in used cars...
Spelling error in the title, just thought Id point out "Cmpilation"
ThiccBrz YT
ThiccBrz YT Månad sedan
How do you let your car get that damn bad 😣
Paradox Shift
Paradox Shift Månad sedan
6:00 is fucking brilliant. Most dummies wouldn't notice that (as shown.)
LegitScoper Månad sedan
Mechanican states: _Customer to dumb to understand how physics work and how to drive a car without destroying it_
Giorgio Di Domenico
Giorgio Di Domenico Månad sedan
Man quality in americans cars has left the fucking chat
Charles Pratt
Charles Pratt Månad sedan
That's under warranty right?
Charles Pratt
Charles Pratt Månad sedan
And it all started after you changed the oil.
Manuel calderon
Manuel calderon Månad sedan
r/Justrolledintotheshop is that where you get some of your content?
Arne Pielhoff
Arne Pielhoff Månad sedan
That's why we have the TÜV in Germany... 😂😂
Jack N
Jack N Månad sedan
I always get worried at the money imma lose blowing up car engines tryna go slightly faster. Then I remember these ppl exist.
Devonte Murray-Butcher
saskjoe1968 Månad sedan
I used to work in a garage and I used the term “mom taxi” when this 78 aspen wagon came in. Any door you’d care to open resulted in kiddy paraphernalia falling out all over the place. She drove with progressively worse brakes until the caliper pistons caught on the disc brake fins and got spun around sideways. We started ordering parts but then saw the spindles had been overheated and turned blue.
Caleb Fall
Caleb Fall Månad sedan
Damn, mechanics can't spell for shit...
Victor Serkiavic
Victor Serkiavic Månad sedan
They also go home get drunk and beat their wives
numba1baysidefan Månad sedan
Last one was the best
Super 64
Super 64 Månad sedan
I’d love to see the customers response to the shop who replaced that transmission with a 2wd and deleted the transfer case lmao
Eric DeGelder
Eric DeGelder Månad sedan
My car sags in the back, starboard side. What do you mean my back right wheel is missing?
trvshboi Månad sedan
Tis why you check your car in and out every week or two
John Ingersoll
John Ingersoll Månad sedan
Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a vehicle. it is a wonder more people aren't killed every year.
Kai Månad sedan
This is why the UK has MOT’s
v0rt3x86 Månad sedan
"Vehicle inspections are just a way for States to make money - you don't need them."
NSFW Månad sedan
Jesus people are stupid now.
Old-RC PLANE-Dude Månad sedan
The most horrific thing from a mechanic's pov: ppl like this drive & can legally vote! 🤯
SovetskiDuck Månad sedan
Ah yes vertical video, pure cancer
Bwitched Månad sedan
Okay brakes are really fucking weird. I didn’t hear any noises until 3 days ago and before I could get it into the shop I hear a pop. just the right rear passenger was completely worn down.
Bwitched Månad sedan
@Victor Serkiavic Yup! Right on the nose haha.
Victor Serkiavic
Victor Serkiavic Månad sedan
Sounds like you have a bad caliper
BixbyConsequence Månad sedan
Customer states AC smells like Polynesia.
badfish5447link Månad sedan
I agree some of these are common sense but when the issue is underneath the car most people don’t have access to check if there is a big hole somewhere
bryan allen
bryan allen Månad sedan
the crank but wont start is excusable, timing belt would be little over most peoples head. but these brakes and toys and sauce like how fucking dumb are you?
Donald Mosley
Donald Mosley Månad sedan
Polynesian sauce ftw
Je G
Je G Månad sedan
I'm not a mechanic but I do turn some wrenches. I'm dumb, ok? More explanation please. I did understand the one about not being able to "do this today".
Alcides Martinez
Alcides Martinez Månad sedan
Would like to see video in full screen, not the split screen.
Juan Vega
Juan Vega Månad sedan
This customers i need
James Smith
James Smith Månad sedan
I just stumbled across this video. Wow, you guys made my day.
Rab G
Rab G Månad sedan
How do your vehicles get to that stage do you not need to do yearly safety checks like an MOT?
Derek Pospisil
Derek Pospisil Månad sedan
Third to last one, the driver door. Did someone drill in and glue it? What am I seeing here.
Lee Nader
Lee Nader Månad sedan
Beard dude is my hero.
John Verne
John Verne Månad sedan
6:10 an angry Canadian.
Asap Dizzy
Asap Dizzy Månad sedan
How the fuck are these people allowed to drive cars with that amount of stupidity?
Shane Warne
Shane Warne Månad sedan
I just love this format, short and concise. I feel your pain, guys.
Denison UK
Denison UK Månad sedan
I have to ask is there a yearly testing system in the US like there is in the UK? We have to get our cars checked once a year to keep them on the road which I think would catch a lot of these brake problems etc
Jr Junior
Jr Junior Månad sedan
Yo dude.. this is the funniest shit I’ve seen all wek
All Honesty
All Honesty Månad sedan
I can relate to every single one of these
DeadKoby Månad sedan
I've had parts wear out on my car too.....but I try and inspect things regularly so it doesn't EVER get to this level.
David Luther
David Luther Månad sedan
„I can‘t do this today....“ You, Sir, have all my sympathy.