Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!! 

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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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16 feb 2021



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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie 17 dagar sedan
Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!
ALEX EATS Dag sedan
Lol I got Chimchar my first pack
Sayf Rahman
Sayf Rahman 16 dagar sedan
The Truth
The Truth 17 dagar sedan
Mackinley J. Rattey
Mackinley J. Rattey 17 dagar sedan
Elizeth Mendez
Elizeth Mendez 17 dagar sedan
jacko1623 15 minuter sedan
Go back and do challenges you couldn't complete. Make them smaller portions and easier if you have to.
Sandra Davila
Sandra Davila 36 minuter sedan
I love pokemon cards
xYAMZx G4MER Timme sedan
CouraL X GameR
CouraL X GameR Timme sedan
alpha hawk
alpha hawk Timme sedan
hey matt make a video of you eating with finesse and enjoying the food taking you time to finish the food ONCE PLEEEEEAASSE !!! fan request
Ramakrishna Venkata
Ramakrishna Venkata 2 timmar sedan
Shakwalay Onalay
Shakwalay Onalay 2 timmar sedan
I feel like his roommates trap him in their basement and only let him out to do videos and that's why he can eat so much yet is so skinny
Tarliah HINDS
Tarliah HINDS 3 timmar sedan
Turtle rare
daniel tische
daniel tische 3 timmar sedan
that music was intense!
SKCLightningRider98 3 timmar sedan
His girlfriends voice is so soothing
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 3 timmar sedan
You Eat So Fast! 5:30
CaliGirlxo 4 timmar sedan
I wonder how he eats on the first date 🤔
Sora Rivers
Sora Rivers 4 timmar sedan
I always wonder if these people barf after the video. I never get why they torture themselves with eating a sickening amount of food XD
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 5 timmar sedan
The jumbled wednesday prenatally knit because stepmother joly suspend athwart a stimulating date. jumpy, gaudy detail
Lim Lester Yu Jun
Lim Lester Yu Jun 5 timmar sedan
in view that it’s Oreo’s 109th anniversary today... an Oreo challenge is recommended 👍
maxim yakovlev
maxim yakovlev 5 timmar sedan
2026: breaking news Matt stonie was found dead in his apartment..cause of death: diabetes
L. No
L. No 5 timmar sedan
Hey has he done the Matilda chocolate cake challenge?
Firelover #1
Firelover #1 6 timmar sedan
He took card away from kids that wanted them
Poke Master
Poke Master 6 timmar sedan
NINJA. WIDAGUN 6 timmar sedan
All these grown ass man buying all Pokémon cards from stores and happy meals and making it hard for kids to get any gotta stop smh.
I Hate COVID 7 timmar sedan
My fav pokemon is Lucario
Abby Gail
Abby Gail 7 timmar sedan
His metabolism really said thank you next
Arjenis Canela
Arjenis Canela 7 timmar sedan
King_ SHADOWS 7 timmar sedan
he must be very full... this aint EVEN C A P
tommy turtle
tommy turtle 7 timmar sedan
Animal crossing is my favourite pokemon game
Sarah L
Sarah L 8 timmar sedan
Stop Taking all the Pokémon McDonald’s what kids have some but if you don’t I’m gonna have your fans dislike you
Main Account
Main Account 9 timmar sedan
The redundant ray biologically moor because match taxonomically repair athwart a valuable asia. nice, aback stepdaughter
Pierce Duhe
Pierce Duhe 9 timmar sedan
Matt do a 50 Fluffernutters Challenge
George 10 timmar sedan
Do the Culver’s Lenten meal
Tob M
Tob M 10 timmar sedan
Childish fool
Alice Rendon
Alice Rendon 10 timmar sedan
My fav is charmander
YJ 10 timmar sedan
Alternate Title: Scalper buys hundreds of Pokémon’ Happy Meals for clout.
Amru Z
Amru Z 10 timmar sedan
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata 11 timmar sedan
As I watched this video, I was eating like, 2 mrbeast burgers and some cookies.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee 11 timmar sedan
Chad Gregory
Chad Gregory 11 timmar sedan
its picuchu
doll city
doll city 11 timmar sedan
My favourite Pokemon is Pikachu
Brandon Herrera
Brandon Herrera 11 timmar sedan
ETHAN Dank meme
ETHAN Dank meme 12 timmar sedan
Matt goes to Home Depot Matt: hi Dave Dave: hi Matt back for another toilet Matt: yes Dave: remember your 10000th toilet is free Matt: thanks Dave
Christian and Rebecca
Christian and Rebecca 12 timmar sedan
Good work. 4 pounds
Khaled Azzam
Khaled Azzam 13 timmar sedan
Can you eat as many pieces of American cheese as possible
AndrewE Michaud
AndrewE Michaud 13 timmar sedan
luis iscool
luis iscool 13 timmar sedan
bro I bet my man hibernates when he finishes these challenges. 😂
Jerm 13 timmar sedan
Can you eat 12 Subway footlong subs?
Daishi 14 timmar sedan
Yeah of course all about Pokémon... Like everyone else suddenly... 😐
Marco Canibano
Marco Canibano 15 timmar sedan
Go,to heart attack gril and eat the 8 patty burger
Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell 15 timmar sedan
Char sard
Jimena Molina
Jimena Molina 15 timmar sedan
Send me one 😩 Plesa
Sem Bleeker
Sem Bleeker 15 timmar sedan
König Hamstaaa
König Hamstaaa 15 timmar sedan
Thats bullshit! Kids wants to buy this because thats a normal Portion for them + there are Toys to Play..
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 15 timmar sedan
Happy meals---->Sad meals
chairy 15 timmar sedan
alernative title: I get diabetes
Keri Jackson
Keri Jackson 16 timmar sedan
did not :( well thats sad
naitik 16 timmar sedan
Emilio's World
Emilio's World 17 timmar sedan
My favorite pokemon is frokie
Alex Waring
Alex Waring 17 timmar sedan
He doesn't gain weight cuz he's stone disguised as a human
Larissa Jerrome
Larissa Jerrome 17 timmar sedan
Geehon Edmund
Geehon Edmund 17 timmar sedan
I don't really know a lot about Pokemon but I know a lot about duel monsters
Tristan Headrick
Tristan Headrick 17 timmar sedan
Can u beat 27 pieces of pizza, thats my record lol
Epic Channel
Epic Channel 18 timmar sedan
Divyansh Nikko
Divyansh Nikko 18 timmar sedan
mariam abdhullah
mariam abdhullah 18 timmar sedan
I like charmander
chesse cake panda
chesse cake panda 19 timmar sedan
Gacha with your stomach have damage a lot than your heart...
Kevin O'KANE
Kevin O'KANE 19 timmar sedan
Cane you do a challenge that get 60mc nuggets plz I well be happy because my grandad was het bye a car as he cat walk normally
Florencia Hans
Florencia Hans 20 timmar sedan
change the title from eating happy meals to eating sad meals
Thundermaster2937 20 timmar sedan
Jonathan Lawrence
Jonathan Lawrence 21 timme sedan
blackgaymidgetjew 21 timme sedan
I feel bad for the children. Apparently a bunch of 20 yr olds are going through the drive-thru's ordering all the happy meals just for the cards
TheGeckosSecret 22 timmar sedan
I want to see him eat 3 containers of peanut butter
Mohammed taha
Mohammed taha 22 timmar sedan
pi ka chu pls
Thomas McCarthy
Thomas McCarthy 23 timmar sedan
My favourite Pokémon is grnijnia
Dian Mustika
Dian Mustika 23 timmar sedan
Indonesia sini kumpul
Dena Brown
Dena Brown Dag sedan
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 23 timmar sedan
did u donate all the food to homeless?
Christina Langford
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 23 timmar sedan
The black Charizard
Layall Singh
Layall Singh Dag sedan
Ravindra Jadhao
Ravindra Jadhao Dag sedan
Gian Endozo
Gian Endozo Dag sedan
15 packs Fire Noodles Again
Meena Deo
Meena Deo Dag sedan
Hey bud...when is your next video coming 😍😍...I'm eager to see...and what is the challenge 😎
Christian TheAwesome
Matt: **looks at serving size** Also Matt: *So you have chosen death*
B̷o̷l̵d̵ ̵e̸a̶g̵l̷e̵
Matt stonie doesn’t need lunch time, lunch time needs Matt stonie.
Harry Cheema
Harry Cheema Dag sedan
Try to eat mcdonalds ghost pepper mcchicken as much as you can
Donald Montero
Donald Montero Dag sedan
my favorite is between machamp and lucardio
Grace Colgate
Grace Colgate Dag sedan
Shay & Crys Wiser Wiser
mitochondria is power house of the cell
Bruh I LOVE cyndaquil
Mukbang World
Mukbang World Dag sedan
hey Matt i dare you to eat one whole 1 kg family pack of frosties cereal.
Jacey Jones
Jacey Jones Dag sedan
Lacey Scott
Lacey Scott Dag sedan
The black Charizard
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang Dag sedan
did u donate all the food to homeless?
Martin cervantes
I don’t really give a crap about Pokémon but I watch the vid cus of the suffering from eating all them happy meals
TonicMerchs059 Dag sedan
I feel bad for this man’s toilet...
Sharon DolanStyles
Me: I'm hungry My stomach: Well what are you gonna do about it? Me: Stay awake all night and watch food that I cannot have on SVdown. My stomach: *You little piece of-*
Darius YT
Darius YT Dag sedan
Im from romania and i love yur vids🇷🇴🇷🇴
speedkills08 Dag sedan
Me when breathing air: Gains a pound Matt eating so much goddamn happy meals: doesn’t gain a pound. Me again: WHaT THe FUcK
Brandon Montgomery
Do Charizard
Diane Gallupe
Diane Gallupe Dag sedan
You should do unboxing a hundred Pokemon packs
Limon Chupon
Limon Chupon Dag sedan
Emily Ank
Emily Ank Dag sedan
Dude, not being a Debbie downer but my kids love you. 5 and 3... could you tone down the cussing a little bit? Haha
Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider Dag sedan
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