ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal 

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Rise, Tarnished.
comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.

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10 jun 2021



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Kommentarer 17 814   
Gromek999 Månad sedan
it looks just as beautiful as I imagined
Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage
@Oxycontin. 💪
Desmond 1977
Desmond 1977 2 dagar sedan
@Oxycontin. Imagine playing a soulborne game and all you think about is the Graphics lolz. Btw you should probably play a PS2 game before posting such comment because you sounds like an uneducated fool, Lowly tarnished.
TFV 3 dagar sedan
@DifferentStuff It doesn't, and I don't care, they still look beautiful, that's what matters.
Mr. M
Mr. M 3 dagar sedan
DifferentStuff 3 dagar sedan
@TFV sekiro has better graphics. DS3 is beautiful, but technically those graphics was outdated even when DS3 was released.
КΛԼΛϺΞΞТ 24 minuter sedan
Let's be honest. This is Sekiro and Dark Souls mixed together. And it looks amazing.
Marcelo Castro
Marcelo Castro 39 minuter sedan
Mal consigo esperar pra jogar essa obra prima
William Schwarz
William Schwarz Timme sedan
Teal and orange teal and orange teal and orange teal and orange teal and orange
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 4 timmar sedan
Паша Панасоников
This is So Dark Souls like trailer, you will DIE over and over AGAIN
Diavolo El Revolucionario
miyazaki, my god.
This game is similar to bloodborne can't wait to buy it
Romain Danzé
Romain Danzé 10 timmar sedan
Damned... I'm glad I wasn't wearing a pant!
wolfie 10 timmar sedan
yuck. wish it was more skyrim than souls shit
Gallow 6 timmar sedan
check out enderal if you like skyrim
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
That would be an evolution to the souls genre, but backwards. So no thanks
Bill Overbeck
Bill Overbeck 8 timmar sedan
If it was like skyrim you would see the tarnished t-posing while jumping , that boss glitching underground when he smashes the floor and the horse having his feets backwards
Saadmaan Saakib
Saadmaan Saakib 13 timmar sedan
Please be optimized like Dark Souls 2
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
And broken mechanics like ADP pls 🤗
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 10 timmar sedan
Yes, be optimized like the one that has the half durability bug, please.
G230 14 timmar sedan
AND THEY GOT GEORGE R.R MARTIN ON THIS this game is gonna be amazing design and lore wise you can just tell
Vladimir Abramovich
Vladimir Abramovich 16 timmar sedan
Anyone else getting the Shadow of the Colossus vibe? If this game was a 50/50 blend of Dark Souls and shadow of the colossus i would buy this game even if it was 200$.... but not more...
Bertee510 18 timmar sedan
Souls like games are the new battle royale. Too many of them
Cato Gordo
Cato Gordo 21 timme sedan
This seems to be game of the century material, as long as it gets released until the end of the century
The Ronyx Beatz
The Ronyx Beatz 21 timme sedan
Brandon 23 timmar sedan
I appreciate the different games we've been getting from From Software and I'm definitely copping this game but just where tf is Bloodbourne 2 😑
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 20 timmar sedan
Go ask Sony. Bamco has nothing to do with BB and From doesn't own any rights to decide and make a sequel on their own.
Misael Guevara
Misael Guevara 23 timmar sedan
1:40 you cannot tell me that isn’t guts berserker armor reference
violator Dag sedan
Класс!!! Вот это настоящий Миядзаки а не то что было сразу после Дарк соулс 3.
Chance Dag sedan
Starting to think Miyazaki uses "the cycle" and an "unending curse" as a metaphor for recycled narrative ideas and the fact that I can't help myself from buying these games from him.
Chance 7 timmar sedan
@Mameng Galuh Abso-fucking-lutely.
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
In short, he's a genius 🤗
0din God Of Aesir
Bring back ptde to pc
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
@Don Lobo finally, been waiting for the remastered to go on sale
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Dag sedan
​@0din God Of Aesir My point isn't that it wasn't From who did the Remastered version. It was still done under order of Bamco, so you're barking at the right tree. My point is that it's financially a terrible decision to have 2 versions of the same game, one old and broken enough to stay heavily discounted, and another perfectly working one. People will get confused and pissed, Bamco would get tons of costumer complains from people that can't be bother to read what they're buying, etc. And as far as your point goes, some things look way better, some look definitely worse, but the largest majority just looks different. I understand wanting to play the OG and thinking overall it looks better, but it's just not happening. Either get the Remastered on PC, pirate PTDE and never play online, get the console version and play it on console, or rip it (or find a pirated copy of it) and emulate that version on a PC that can handle RPCS3 or Xenia, and hope Dark Souls runs fine. Those are your options. PTDE is never coming back unfortunately.
0din God Of Aesir
@Don Lobo Yea i know it wasn't From Software but i mean what about the people like my self who still wanna play the original Dark Souls from it's original time and it looks better then remake lel
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Dag sedan
They explicitly released the remastered to get rid of the broken mess (without DSFix that is) that was PTDE. There's no way they would back out on that and suddenly put out the broken version back up. If it serves as any consolation, they are removing the discount for owners of PTDE when buying Remastered. This means Steam will be offering regular discounts on Remasters from now on. Something they couldn't do due to the nature of the selective discount they had.
cacadi namica
cacadi namica Dag sedan
Jwulhen ya se que es la décima vez que estas aqui
Hoàng Trần
Hoàng Trần Dag sedan
Im watching this to try to forget Silksong's release date in pain :(
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa Dag sedan
Марко Ракић
i need a new graphics card and 40-60 dollars for the game
felipe valenzuela
dark soul eres tu?
Brett DeDual
Brett DeDual Dag sedan
Fingers crossed we get Refined Claymore +10
Patrick Morgan
Patrick Morgan Dag sedan
watching this over and over, I'm fairly convinced male narrator 1 is Charles Dance, and the 3rd male narrator is Geoffrey Rush, the 2nd male narrator only has one line so it's hard to tell so no idea on who that is.
Transexual attentionseeking unicorn wgewgw
Jason Cuellar
Jason Cuellar 6 timmar sedan
@Mameng Galuh you should fix that, good games shine regardless of platform, ask Nintendo for more info in the matter
Jason Cuellar
Jason Cuellar 6 timmar sedan
@Transexual attentionseeking unicorn wgewgw well then you have two options, wait years for PC to start emulating PS4/PS5 games or, spend 600$+ to experience the game you want NOW. Everything has a price and with most material things is either money or time, you decide which you give in
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
Now that you mentioned it i feel like i'm living in disability now, haven't played Bloodborne yet
Transexual attentionseeking unicorn wgewgw
@Jason Cuellar Do you think I asked for PC because I like the newest consoles? Also why the fuck would I buy a console like the typical nintendo consoooomer just for 1 single game? nah bruh, PC.
Jason Cuellar
Jason Cuellar Dag sedan
For Blood Borne id be happy with a remaster/remake on ps5 on the same engine as Demon's Souls. If you can afford PC gaming at anything above 1440p you can afford a ps5 even if the only way to get it is through scalpers
Mr Дичь
Mr Дичь Dag sedan
Пиздатая хуйня, нужно будет поиграть т.к очень на DS похоже
Navigator Rock
Navigator Rock Dag sedan
Hey Seath has legs now!
Luke H
Luke H Dag sedan
The note at 2:52 sounds identical to the first note in Gwyn Lord of Cinder
887Bingo Dag sedan
This is Dark Souls + monster energy! I can't wait!
Kratos Gamer
Kratos Gamer Dag sedan
Ok now give us gow Ragnarok trailer
Mameng Galuh
Mameng Galuh 7 timmar sedan
Didn't know that Gears of War gonna have another sequel
Kratos Gamer
Kratos Gamer 18 timmar sedan
@Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης loll I forgot for a moment I'm a big fan gow
Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
You say to a totally unrelated company
Al Pac ino
Al Pac ino Dag sedan
elden Ring's world map is too gloomy and dark. Not so nice to play thru out the world game like this. Ought to make game to have some nice sunny day scenery like Crimson Desert game.
Gravel 21 timme sedan
On fromsofts website there is some screenshots of the game. Some of those are a bit more colourful, I'd recommend checking them out
Al Pac ino
Al Pac ino Dag sedan
@Don Lobo just commenting what's on my mind
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Dag sedan
You've seen 3 minutes of out of context footage. What are you on about?
AnriRyz 2 dagar sedan
I think I just saw viable bow pvp build
heckychanwn :7
heckychanwn :7 2 dagar sedan
Is it coming out for the Nintendo Switch guys? ;-;
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 2 dagar sedan
Not right now at least. If it does come out, it'll likely be for cloud gaming only though. It's very unlikely that the Switch will be able to render this natively.
Carter Folley
Carter Folley 2 dagar sedan
I really hope I get to play this and I don't die from now till release, as long as I can play Elden Ring Ill die in peace.
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 2 dagar sedan
ViiO Hoak
ViiO Hoak 2 dagar sedan
dlc for dark souls ?
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 dagar sedan
Meme boy
Meme boy 2 dagar sedan
Hope fully this game has horse balls
Jean Christian
Jean Christian 2 dagar sedan
I was said when heard Dark Souls would end, but when saw this video I just cried, simply perfect!!
Rafael Mota
Rafael Mota 2 dagar sedan
aw, no...
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 2 dagar sedan
Others trailer: Showing how cool stuff your character can do FromSoftware's trailer: Showing the boss beat the sh!t out of your character
BudKing96 2 dagar sedan
too many games copying demon souls/dark souls lately, Nioh, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima
SAMR 12 minuter sedan
Demon souls, dark souls and sekiro were made by the same people
Both sekiro and elden ring are made by the creators of dark souls
Stannis Baratheon
Is this a joke? It's made by the same guys as Dark souls lmao
Tōsu 2 dagar sedan
I swear if they put an easy mode I will actually never play a from soft game again
Stannis Baratheon
@Tōsu Agreed, the whole joy of their games was always the difficulty for me and the satisfaction its bring me afterwards, he specifically stated it will be closest in difficulty to Dark Souls 3 with different ways to approach bosses depending on how you want to play.
Tōsu Dag sedan
@Stannis Baratheon thank god
Stannis Baratheon
Confirmed no easy mode by Miyazaki himself.
Lynsassin 2 dagar sedan
I've been watching this every night ever since it was uploaded
Yaz 2 dagar sedan
Vili Evans
Vili Evans 2 dagar sedan
I haven't watched the trailer at all, I just let it run in the background and listen to the sound. I enjoy going into games like these (to all games tbh) as blindly as possible. I don't want to have any boss designs and such in my mind when I begin my adventure.
Insert_text_here 22 timmar sedan
@Alpha Yeah, I do that sometimes as well. I just regret using a walkthrough because I used one for the entire game, even areas I wasn't stuck on.
Alpha 22 timmar sedan
@Insert_text_here I only look things up if I really don't know where to go. Otherwise I would still be stuck in the catacombs. (Managed to get out on the same character, so everything was fine in the end.)
Insert_text_here 23 timmar sedan
I'm right there with you. One of the biggest mistakes I've ever did in gaming was using a walkthrough to beat Dark Souls 1, so I try to play games like this as blind as possible now.
Vili Evans
Vili Evans 2 dagar sedan
@Alpha That's great to hear!!
Alpha 2 dagar sedan
In that case I'll just tell you: if like usual for From Software the gameplay trailer is a decent reflection of the final product this is going to be even more amazing than usual. From Software is really just flexing with this trailer, it looks great!
Solaris. 2 dagar sedan
It's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined...
NUXAM -XVI- 2 dagar sedan
I don't know if this is a mandela effect, but i though that it was going to be released in October, like, at the end of the trailer it said 12 october 2021 the first time aiwatched it when it was released a mont ago
Ozymandias 2 dagar sedan
Stannis Baratheon
Yes it is?
Ozymandias 2 dagar sedan
Thy thou shoust
Ace Xvon
Ace Xvon 2 dagar sedan
so excited!!!
Utkarsh Pawar
Utkarsh Pawar 2 dagar sedan
1:40 Guts!
Gabran 2 dagar sedan
والله كل شوي اعيد التريلر والله حماس قوي
ToxicViper 3 dagar sedan
so is Elden ring connected to dark souls? or no
Alpha 2 dagar sedan
@Don Lobo Exactly, even Patches wouldn't be a good indication. The Moonlight Greatsword indees goes back even further, to King's Field.
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 2 dagar sedan
@Zinogre Winner Nope. The Moonlight Greatsword has been there even before Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. It's in no way indicative of being part of the same universe whatsoever.
Zinogre Winner
Zinogre Winner 2 dagar sedan
Depends on if it has the moonlight greatsword
SAMR 2 dagar sedan
Metal mike
Metal mike 3 dagar sedan
I got more of a dark souls/blood borne vibe from the trailer.
Enny 3 dagar sedan
PHANTASMA 3 dagar sedan
Beware of Masterpiece!
Marcos Emmanuel Miño
Marcos Emmanuel Miño 3 dagar sedan
Dark Souls with Sekiro graphics?
ApoAD 3 dagar sedan
I want the PC logo to be bigger 🥲
zEE Kh
zEE Kh 3 dagar sedan
pls dont be cyberpunk
AnInbredChicken 3 dagar sedan
Did Martin actually finish something?
StavroZ 3 dagar sedan
re sovareftite re bgalte kati allo ektos apo dark souls
Mpampis Vovos
Mpampis Vovos 2 dagar sedan
Αν δεν σου αρέσει μην ασχολείσαι δεν υπάρχει λόγος να παραπονιέσαι
Dr. Hax
Dr. Hax 3 dagar sedan
2:32 the painting is a little different in the image from the site
DANIEL3351 3 dagar sedan
F*ck*ng epic, gave me goosebumpers😬
Celestial Being
Celestial Being 3 dagar sedan
Can't wait to die twice in one minute 😝
Lorenzo Maffezzoli
Lorenzo Maffezzoli 3 dagar sedan
1:39 Guts
_useless _
_useless _ 3 dagar sedan
This never gets old
Noodle Lad _
Noodle Lad _ 3 dagar sedan
is this gonna be like dark souls it kinda looked like it to me but im not sure
mv 3 dagar sedan
yes, it's spiritual successor of dark souls series.
FastGGlivelife 3 dagar sedan
16+ или 18+ ???
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 3 dagar sedan
lille barro
lille barro 3 dagar sedan
Hidetaka miyazaki doesn't know how to make bad game
Buttery-croissant- draws
Stannis Baratheon
Zygma 3 dagar sedan
Give it to me!!!
Zigfrid Dragon
Zigfrid Dragon 4 dagar sedan
ps3 graphics!!
Insert_text_here 23 timmar sedan
Do graphics really matter that much to you? A game doesn't have to look great to be great, you know
wowucthat 3 dagar sedan
it's a joke guys chill
COH09 766O4F Soham Sengupta
Exactly the kind of statement I'd expect from a person like you subbed to bunch of thots Look at your channel
Gravel 3 dagar sedan
Legendary art style
Muhammedlee 3 dagar sedan
Ps4 graphics actually
Jamieson Franklin
Jamieson Franklin 4 dagar sedan
I almost gave up hope. This just made my day!
Aaron Ring
Aaron Ring 4 dagar sedan
Awesome after being so disappointed with Bloodbourne this is a welcome trailer of a promising game.
Devil's Bossa
Devil's Bossa 6 timmar sedan
@Aaron Ring I get you, DS1 definitely is their prime. I like Bloodborne but imo the atmosphere, lore and characters of Dark Souls are on another level. Elden Ring gives me those vibes especially DS1 vibes which i'm very happy about.
Stannis Baratheon
@Alpha Same here, played through all the Fromsoft games and BB was my favourite.
Alpha 2 dagar sedan
@Aaron Ring Dude, you need to give Bloodborne a second chance. Bloodborne is my favorite From Software game to date, and I've played Ds1-3, Sekiro and Bloodborne. Especially the DLC was just on another level.
SAMR 2 dagar sedan
@Aaron Ring but BB world setting is the best or For me atleast
Aaron Ring
Aaron Ring 3 dagar sedan
@Don Lobo Well after playing Dark Souls 1 to 3, I really liked the gameplay and lore and settings. I just feel like they tried to use the Souls settings but lacked the substance.
Gilberto Garcia
Gilberto Garcia 4 dagar sedan
Gives Dark Souls Vibes!!
Muhammedlee 3 dagar sedan
Because it's from the same devs. From software made darks souls, demon souls, sekiro, bloodborne and now elden ring
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan 4 dagar sedan
I command thee, KNEEL!! Love that part.
Romadhon Syahputra
Romadhon Syahputra 4 dagar sedan
Andres Madrid
Andres Madrid 4 dagar sedan
Andres Madrid
Andres Madrid 3 dagar sedan
@Don Lobo correctisimo, créeme que le tengo fe a la arquitectura RDNA 2, y espero que from pueda optimizar lo mejor posible sea en SteamOS o en PC, esperemos a ver que tal porque estoy entre comprarme una laptop gaming que probablemente me tome más tiempo para ahorrar o una steam deck que podré usar como consola y PC al mismo tiempo y llevarla a la U. Créeme que la steam deck va a tener un gran mercado y esperemos que from lo tome en consideración. Saludos bro.
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 3 dagar sedan
@Andres Madrid Conozco el problema del que hablas. Me ocurre algunas veces con DS3 y con Sekiro. Si espero que los desarrolladores lo tomen en consideración, pero también hay juego por parte de los drivers. Hay algunos de estos problemillas que se me han ido y han vuelto conforme a actualizaciones automáticas. Sea cual sea la razón, comprendo por donde va tu punto y estoy de acuerdo. Ojala el Steam Deck lo corra bonito y fluido. Con lo que respecta a que tanto requira del hardware, creo que cuando la gente tenga la oportunidad de mostrarnos como corre el Sekiro en el Steam Deck nos daremos una idea. Si bien al ser un open world require un poco más de potencia que Sekiro, sigue siendo el mismo Havoc Engine y Elden Ring debe correr aúnque sea a 30 fps estable en PS4 y Xbox One S. Esperemos la parte de optimización como tal, no nos deje a los de PC y ahora a los del Deck de lado.
Andres Madrid
Andres Madrid 4 dagar sedan
@Don Lobo ya que tenes don lobo pues lo escribiré en español, Los juegos de from soft tienen ese problema de que son mal optimizados para PC, yo tenía un R5 3400G vega 11 overclokeado a 2000mhz, pero tenía el problema que aún corriendo el juego a 720p tenía downdrops a 30fps aveces a 25 y pasaba lo mismo con sekiro aveces a 45fps pero era menos seguido, y es por el problema de las optimizaciones. Me gustaría que lo programaran compatible para steam deck porque recuerda que ese aspecto depende de los desarolladores, pero espero que aún con Windows sea más estable y fluido, y tienen que hacerlo porque este será un open world y se nota que gráficamente será un poco más pesado.
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 4 dagar sedan
What does that even mean? The Steam Deck runs everything Steam runs. If you don't like Steam OS you can simply install Windows and run it from that. There's nothing in its hardware or software that would prevent anything that already works on Steam to work on the Deck. And we already have footage of Death Stranding running at 720p and stable 60 fps. If it can do that, there's no way it won't be able to run Elden Ring as well. So rest easy, the Steam Deck will 100% run this game, at least at 720p, just fine.
7 Ponta
7 Ponta 4 dagar sedan
This looks like a merge between Dark souls and my favorite rpg game Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, i just love it!🤩
LewTV 4 dagar sedan
Epic !!!!
P. Schastok
P. Schastok 4 dagar sedan
Dark Souls 4 We will die a lot... We're loving it.
Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon 22 timmar sedan
@Insert_text_here Trua haha
Insert_text_here 23 timmar sedan
@Stannis Baratheon People calling this Dark Souls 4 have never played Demon's Souls or Bloodborne lmao.
Stannis Baratheon
@P. Schastok completley new world, completley new story, completley new lore, completely new characters, differently adapted combat which includes jumping and crouching, spirits which can be summoned as NPC's to help in your fight, completely new bosses, yet it's dark souls 4 because of recycled models, I just don't agree with that, alot more here to see that is new.
P. Schastok
P. Schastok Dag sedan
@Stannis Baratheon Yes, a lot of recyceld stuff from Souls Games + a big name on it and then you can call ist Elden Ring, okay. For me: Dark Souls IV
Stannis Baratheon
@P. Schastok But how? Just because the combat is similar? I love all Fromsoft games but this just looks to be more then Dark Souls in my opinion.
Tom Dubois
Tom Dubois 4 dagar sedan
My girlfriend is starting to look real single right now
BeHindi420 4 dagar sedan
Das Spiel werde ich mir im Herbst 2022 holen zusammen mit Horizon Forbidden West und Final Fantasy 16🤗
BeHindi420 14 timmar sedan
@Juwe Dann sei Dir vergeben :D
Juwe 14 timmar sedan
@BeHindi420 dann tut es mir leid Gott, so strapazierfähig ist meine Geduld leider nicht 😂
BeHindi420 15 timmar sedan
@Juwe Gott ist mit den Geduldigen 🤗
Juwe 16 timmar sedan
Herbst 2022? Wie hältst du das so lange aus??
Dab_It_Bobby 4 dagar sedan
2:36 Astoria knight armor 🤔🤔
Dab_It_Bobby 2 dagar sedan
Could it be the same but new look
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 4 dagar sedan
Similar, but no quite. The helmet looks fairly different, its missing the grooves and instead it has like a sort of crest going through the center. This one also features a golden shoulder guard that extends to both sides and a golden belt. Otherwise it's very similar. It even seems to have a leather glove on the right, and we can't really see it but it might also have a metal gaunlet on the left, just like the Elite Knight set.
Arxemek 4 dagar sedan
Miyazaki is a Legend
Tom Tříska
Tom Tříska 4 dagar sedan
Holy fucking shit
Aleksander Mortensen
Aleksander Mortensen 4 dagar sedan
Seems like phoenix from ubisoft in a fromsoftware suit. Cant wait :-)
Crimson 4 dagar sedan
Dark soul 1 Dark Soul 2 Dark soul 3 which is the king?
Devil's Bossa
Devil's Bossa 6 timmar sedan
@Muhammedlee Who the hell is steve jobs?
Muhammedlee 3 dagar sedan
ETHAN JACOBS MUM 4 dagar sedan
Yo momma
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 4 dagar sedan
A E 4 dagar sedan
Looks awesome.....now give us a Bloodborne sequel
Muhammedlee 3 dagar sedan
That's up to Sony, nor from software
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 4 dagar sedan
Not their intellectual property, nor their decision to make at all. Go beg Sony. Only they can make that happen.
Slumpy 4 dagar sedan
1:39 Guts?
slvmped 5 dagar sedan
this looks insane i just got into ds nd put hours in already loved it from the beginning bc i was a fan of berserk
exsisto 5 dagar sedan
Elden Ring Discord server is here : discord.gg/PWCTWS8Tgd Praise the Sun.
Ferhat Aydın
Ferhat Aydın 5 dagar sedan
looks like anime f....k
Muhammedlee 3 dagar sedan
Bill Overbeck
Bill Overbeck 4 dagar sedan
Idk where you see the anime thing lol
eric ferreira
eric ferreira 5 dagar sedan
Why do I come back here every day to watch this trailer again?
eric ferreira
eric ferreira 3 dagar sedan
@Sahara Of course to restore my humanity
Sahara 3 dagar sedan
To keep from going hollow of course.
EmmanuelEsc 5 dagar sedan
“And they will die” Oh yea, we know...
THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)