FBI-encrypted app leads to 800 arrests and seizure of weapons, drugs | DW News 

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Operation Trojan Shield, also known as Task Force Greenlight and Operation Ironside in Australia, was one of the largest global operations against encrypted criminal activity to date. The operation was built around the ANOM messaging platform, which was being secretly run by the FBI. Some 16 countries, along with Europol, were involved in the global operation.

Over 18 months, they had access to more than 27 million messages sent over the ANOM app. As a result of the cooperative efforts, police were able to make more than 800 arrests and search 700 locations.

The FBI and Australian Federal Police designed the ANOM platform to specifically suit the needs of organized crime gangs after noticing huge demand for encrypted communications and only volatile offerings.

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8 jun 2021



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Kommentarer 365   
Samdog7300 FAHK_U_MEAN
Samdog7300 FAHK_U_MEAN 10 dagar sedan
The fuckn government is the biggest GANG ON THE PLANET 🌎 THEY JUST KILL ANY1 who try to bring them to the light 💡
Tipp 16 dagar sedan
less competition for the government now lol
Final8oss Månad sedan
Colombia produce 70% of cocaine but Cuba is the one with the embargo.
Final8oss Månad sedan
Timothy Spencer
Timothy Spencer Månad sedan
people are talking this year.
Stephen Stern
Stephen Stern Månad sedan
Hey bro heck out this song white rabbit by Jefferson airplane
Jojo Bab
Jojo Bab Månad sedan
A ping off a satellite is a ping ...no matter h how encrypted...even if the gangs are illegally using defence force satellite remote Wi-Fi .. dynamic to them and static to the person bring hacked n laundered ... hmmm doesn't Bill gates have a tech and aviation hold lol ..
Tyler Jefferson
Tyler Jefferson Månad sedan
Well this should have some interesting implications on privacy and entrapment. I wonder if the user agreement told people that what they say there can and will be used against them in a court of law. How is this legal and what does it mean when they no longer just use such tech against drug dealers?
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
Yeah this shouldn't be legal if anything other then the fbi did this they would be in trouble but you know what they say rules for thee but not for me
Dariusz Dudka
Dariusz Dudka Månad sedan
Sanel Sistek
Sanel Sistek Månad sedan
Why now, because the criminals dont want to pay fbi 🤣
Put Drug Dealers In Prison For Life
*Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love it! Put them away for **_LIFE!_** and all the rest of the poisoners who try to replace them.* *Protect Your City, Protect Your County... **_Turn Them In EVERY TIME You Hear About Someone Selling Drugs._*
Put Drug Dealers In Prison For Life
*Drug dealers = LOSERS!👎*
Mick H
Mick H Månad sedan
They didn't catch me
Loke Chan Mun
Loke Chan Mun Månad sedan
So FBI already able to do this without Huawei's equipment !!
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
A Spirt, A God, A Face, A Name
Work of an art .. criminals will remain dumb with all that money ..
Neil Månad sedan
Only 800 arrests?
Basuki Sugito
Basuki Sugito Månad sedan
And now the encrypted apps is in all peoples phones. Means !?
DP2495567 Månad sedan
Well glow in the victory cause the magic trick was exposed. What now?? Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Apps are a dime a dozen. Their IT guys might pull the same trick.
Ray N
Ray N Månad sedan
Criminals will now be developing their own app 🥴
finding solutions
finding solutions 16 dagar sedan
Sorry but that was already the news
Hersir Nordic
Hersir Nordic Månad sedan
im very happy for australians.... that country is getting invaded by gangs and mafia likely europe...but ur on time to stop it still, i hope you will accomplish it, for we in europe is late.. :(
Hanscum yeah
Hanscum yeah Månad sedan
Damnn, start deleting your loli pictures guys, they are coming !
Andrés Feliciano
Andrés Feliciano Månad sedan
Yall need to mute the anchor’s high-powered lav mic when the guest is talking. Don’t need to hear bro’s lapel, moustache, and breathing. It makes it hard to hear the guest ❤️🙏🏼
Andrés Feliciano
Andrés Feliciano Månad sedan
@John Wick lovely
John Wick
John Wick Månad sedan
Boo hoo 😭stfupppp
Marcia Wood
Marcia Wood Månad sedan
In America they are about 95% liberal democrats so they are easy to find.Epstein Island was a front for intellectual property piracy and money laundering from stolen intellectual property.
Marcia Wood
Marcia Wood Månad sedan
The American pop music industry and science frauds that have stolen billions of dollars worth of my intellectual property to fund their nepharious activities including a coup are most likely involved. Katy Perry is a fraud.She was in Australia probably trafficking drugs or guns.
WillWhiskey Månad sedan
Yeeeeaaah got get them government, get those drug dealers! That's definitely going to stop cartels from producing and selling more of it
Black Sand
Black Sand Månad sedan
There goes the neighborhood.
Frank M
Frank M Månad sedan
The largest organized crime is in White House.
Will Berry
Will Berry Månad sedan
Why would they announce how they did it? Seems like you really burned the bridge then
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Månad sedan
Dumb, crims - nothing is safe in the Cyber, world encrypted or not - it doesn't take a rocket science to work that out. Dumb, & Dumber.
Andrejus Solovjovas
Andrejus Solovjovas Månad sedan
I guess app’s name is Wickrme
Charles Gilley
Charles Gilley Månad sedan
I just wonder if they used a paid informant to rob houses and use others firearms so they can justify their abuse of power violations against the constitution infringement of rights
Charles Gilley
Charles Gilley Månad sedan
@Valerie Snyder well you just enlighten me on something because I didn’t know that either
Valerie Snyder
Valerie Snyder Månad sedan
I didn’t know that 18 different countries shared the same constitution? Learn something new every day.
Ivaylo1985 Månad sedan
I think some crypto currency is made by some ageni and use for the same reason...
OnTheSpot Månad sedan
They catching up on the net there won't be a place to hide for those criminals, the dark web will be next and finally catch all pedophiles in the world and terminate them once and for all
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
A terrible world with everyone and everything they do being seen by the government
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Månad sedan
Yaks!! Their goes the Governments
Walden Smith
Walden Smith Månad sedan
I applaud the FBI and Interpol etc for the great job in fighting crimes as reported.
RomanceR • 19 years •
omg fbi saw all those nudes i sent to Biden
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch Månad sedan
and these specialists made it public how they did it? very smart!
SilverHawkScape Månad sedan
Because they were done using it. Criminals likely caught on.
Vladimir Olegovich
Vladimir Olegovich Månad sedan
Next: FBI-encrypted cryptocurrency leads to ...
Germany Kurrodu
Germany Kurrodu Månad sedan
Colin looks high
John H
John H Månad sedan
So back to coded messages on snail mail.🤣🤣🤣
Giorg189 Månad sedan
Did they catch Putin?
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Månad sedan
Ha!! Probably the head king - pin world wide CEO: you'll never catch him. To Powerful.
Fabienne Haichour
Fabienne Haichour Månad sedan
Wait... is Canadian money worth something ? Looks like 10, 000 ( ten thousand bucks) to me!
Cj Bh
Cj Bh Månad sedan
They just dont't want competition.
Cj Bh
Cj Bh Månad sedan
Yeah...the police are the real drugdealers..everyone knows...
Debbie Lizotte
Debbie Lizotte Månad sedan
Great news. Cabal falling down.👹💀
What was the point of this Colin guy thingie again?
Skankhunt42 Månad sedan
He’s almost like the KC underboss in the movie casino
DeathlessCity Månad sedan
They've known about the network for years but only make a move now. Hmmm, either these drug pushers didn't give the FBI their fair share or someone in the FBI got ambitious. Encrypted app you can bet your life one, dumb drug mules.
rocky072659 Månad sedan
Cop killers are heroes
Birger Jarl
Birger Jarl Månad sedan
Now where will i get my cocaine :(
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Månad sedan
This is the beginning of finally hitting the underworld of crime hard.
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Månad sedan
But: cut the head off one snake 🐍another will arise.
Xing Honey
Xing Honey Månad sedan
That's very less cash seized with the size of the operation. Something is really wrong.
Andy. Dutta
Andy. Dutta Månad sedan
So lets get some perspective on this - 800 arrests, 17 countries, 3 years, 32 tons of drugs, US$148 million, 300 gangs, 100 nationalities. And FBI at the center of it. Let's compare it Pablo Escobar in his prime in the 1980s. Below is from Wikipedia "During the height of its operations, the Medellín Cartel brought in more than US$70 million per day (~$149.5 million in 2021 money). This level of income is roughly $26 billion per annum ($55.5 billion in 2021 money). Smuggling 15 tons of cocaine per day (worth more than half a billion dollars) into the United States, the cartel spent over US$1,000 per week purchasing rubber bands to wrap the stacks of cash they received"
Rooster Cake
Rooster Cake Månad sedan
You can tell the officer that gave the interview to the press really cares about people. Good job guys
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson Månad sedan
will this stop cartels in central,south america?
Mr. Bison
Mr. Bison Månad sedan
As long as people want to get high, governments will never win the drug war. What exactly is the point of arresting drug dealers if there’s always someone to take their spot?
christian Månad sedan
And my ex girlfriends call me controlling!!!🙄
Fuck Communist
Fuck Communist Månad sedan
This app was made a Aussie
Friderich Wiśniewski
2:29 but in this case not Heisenberg but the police knocked the door :D
Fabienne Haichour
Fabienne Haichour Månad sedan
“Say my name! “ 🤪
asoom Månad sedan
price of drugs going skyrocket in aus and nz prob
Reemus4 Månad sedan
funfact; all messaging apps are controlled by the FBI. just a joke btw.
ur  cheap simp
ur cheap simp Månad sedan
It is lol nice try lier
Yui W
Yui W Månad sedan
SVdown is controlled by the FBI. Not joking ;)
Dawa Jailani
Dawa Jailani Månad sedan
Korro Månad sedan
Looking forward to that Netflix Movie on this
john kennedy
john kennedy Månad sedan
The government hates competition.
mr petrock
mr petrock Månad sedan
Should of stuck with smoke signals duh
JerJer B
JerJer B Månad sedan
Pecker Dúnling San Patricio Space Dolphin Brigada
They just made coke in Austrialia even more expensive
John Wick
John Wick Månad sedan
Send me some
leonard smith
leonard smith Månad sedan
Your reporter is wrong, an Australian cop and an American cop came up with the ANOM platform idea over a beer years ago.
Masaru kun
Masaru kun Månad sedan
who cares, the intelligence agencies & police have been mass-surveilling for over a decade. And infiltrating clubs and groups across society for decades before that. It's not an original idea and certainly nothing to be proud of.
Jake G
Jake G Månad sedan
Now why did you spill the beans? It’s working
Daniel Plainview
Daniel Plainview Månad sedan
I remember reading about unsuspecting criminals who were selling stolen goods to a dishonest pawn shop. Word quickly spread about the shop. Problem is, the shop was run by the police. Funny instead of chasing them, the crooks came to them. Some thieves screamed entrapment, but they were convicted anyway. Smart policing!
ui_wizard Månad sedan
@Orionide What? A dishonest pawn shop does not incentivize crime. Criminals incentivize themselves to do crime.
Orionide Månad sedan
Or created an incentive to steal when building up reputation for being dishonest pawn shop. If everyone knew its been there for some time i would assume they spend a lot of tax paying money to these criminals.
pingumy Månad sedan
News brought to you by Apple! 🙃
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
Gracie Hernandez
Gracie Hernandez Månad sedan
The coolest bust. Yes
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
The coolest bust seems like the stupidest one
TJ Marx
TJ Marx Månad sedan
False. The app was not controlled by the FBI and no one was tricked. The app was a legitimate messaging app used by all sorts of people around the world long before law enforcement got involved. Due to security laws in Australia, the AFP was able to order a backdoor into the app and view messages between criminals. The FBI worked with the AFP but were not in control of the investigation. All the vision you are showing is of the arrests in Australia by the AFP. Multiple agencies from different countries were involved so they can take down the criminals at their end as well. Please report facts, not made up nonsense. Edit: This is operation Ironside not Trojan Shield. The FBI are talking nonsense.
Phillip Mulligan
Phillip Mulligan Månad sedan
How will these investigators circumvent the entrapment clause in their respective constitutions. All this work could be for nothing as it will all end up being inadmissible evidence. The investigators must have used other tools to make any of this stand up in court.
annoyed aussie
annoyed aussie Månad sedan
Entrapment is only if the police or other authorities encourage a crime to occur, providing an app to communicate with is in no way encouraging criminal activity, it's just offering a way to communicate. It's possible that police somewhere in the world did entrapment on this communication app but that if it happened would be extremely rare.
James Junghanns
James Junghanns Månad sedan
I really want to know what app this is, now.
john kennedy
john kennedy Månad sedan
David White
David White Månad sedan
800 = a drop in the ocean.
1 Månad sedan
Sam Duffin
Sam Duffin Månad sedan
じゃみっと Månad sedan
Great news!!! Criminal thugs think they can live off the hard work of everyone else!
Vlican Månad sedan
good job, keep up the great work
Andy Yong Yew Kuan
Andy Yong Yew Kuan Månad sedan
Gosh, doesn't this amounts to SPYING!? 😂😂😂 The US Government and the naive people of UNITED STATES is so full of contradiction 😂😂😂 HUAWEI HUAWEI HUAWEI 😄😁😂🤭
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
@Pablo Navarra ok and your still viewing peoples private messages and how do they know everyone on there is a criminal it should say that there reading there messages in the eula
Pablo Navarra
Pablo Navarra Månad sedan
How is this spying? They set a trap for criminals. The messaging app was used exclusively by criminals. Come on, use your brain
Orionide Månad sedan
Taiwan is what China could be.
Anishnaabe History Podcast
The app was called “superdupersecretbadguychat”
rebecca delbridge
rebecca delbridge Månad sedan
Eduard Medrea
Eduard Medrea Månad sedan
:)) something along those lines. It's s actually called 'Anom', short from 'anomynous', I guess... :)))
Oliver McLeod
Oliver McLeod Månad sedan
They'll be people to fill their places tomorrow. It's a pointless endeavour.
Brotendo420 Månad sedan
Really great app
Bizness Crew
Bizness Crew Månad sedan
An Australian here. A lot of misinformation in this news piece. Firstly, there was a 3 year window which was provided to law enforcement that allowed them to, essentially, spy on civilians. This 3 year window had expired today, so today was "D DAY". After today the application had to expire. Numerous police interventions had occurred prior to today in cases where lives were at risk. A recent example was just last week when one ex-bikie was kidnapped and taken to an industrial area of Sydney (Revesby) and was beaten (tortured) by 11 others. The police knew about this, so to prevent harm they raided the premises and saved the kidnapped guy. In instances when there were no threat to lives the police simply ran this operation for as long as possible, and this is until today. For this reason the end of the show occurred today and the mass global raids occurred today. PS. The actual concept of the program was developed by an Australian Federal Policeman (IT guy) in Canberra, at the pub after work with some police colleagues. Some of those colleagues were from the FBI. It was decided to get the FBI to actualy create the program. However, and I stress, this was an Australian concept and Australian idea.
Karl Ashdown
Karl Ashdown Månad sedan
Not ideal having a speaking journalist with an impediment of speech?
Karl Ashdown
Karl Ashdown Månad sedan
@Joseph Stephenson Also the Australian accent is only an impediment when the young Australians try to Rap its bloody hilarious to listen to almost as funny as the NZ monotone Rappers who plague online platforms
Karl Ashdown
Karl Ashdown Månad sedan
@Joseph Stephenson The guy in Aus clearly has a speech impediment/Lisp as for his accent it is similar to mine being from NZ but his had a touch of a British accent however the fact is i wouldn't want to stand near the guy if he was speaking without a raincoat as the impediment in his speech also known as a lisp seems to make him spray his words & i expect a lot of saliva when he speaks.
Joseph Stephenson
Joseph Stephenson Månad sedan
😂 It’s called an “accent”, not an impediment
Heuckepeucke Borserian
They just raised the price for ..candy again.. thanks for that...... great job guys....
Adarsh P
Adarsh P Månad sedan
Xx4hadxX Månad sedan
The way they tricked people to use it was giving by convincing an informant who was a criminal influencer to promote it to his friends in the criminal underworld. They showed his face that boy is on a death list 💀
Larrypint Månad sedan
There is so much more imported organized crime now in Europe.
Kavi Jackson
Kavi Jackson Månad sedan
So the elites chose to get some competitors who were not apart of their organized crimes and $#¡+F#€K€RY! BRAVO!!! Don't pat yourselves on the backs to hard Australia along with the rest of the world is still suffering under corruption we all know they are just going to utilize these individuals drugs money and arms then they are going to redistribute and recycle all while not fixing the real problems and not punishing the real criminals and organized crimes that are doing the most! If they really did global stings on everybody who really deserved it we would have a different video every hour on the hour mostly about big corporations governments militaries and companies as well as officials & celebrities ecetera ecetera ecetera!!!
John Orosz
John Orosz Månad sedan
Win one for the GOOD GUYS! Get em!!!!
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming Månad sedan
Since when is the government good?
Peyton Brandon
Peyton Brandon Månad sedan
You think the government are “good guys”??? Lol
D Månad sedan
Can't have money anymore?
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz Månad sedan
They need to do the same thing with wildlife traffickers.
John Wick
John Wick Månad sedan
@Daniel McAninch that’s why the fbi stopped because of big names probably came up
Crimson Orion
Crimson Orion Månad sedan
@Daniel McAninch i believe it will go a long way. This is a good start bec human trafficking and drug business are often perpetuated by the same groups/individuals
Daniel McAninch
Daniel McAninch Månad sedan
And sex traffickers.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Månad sedan
😄...organized crime What Criminals are bigger than most governments
feminist liberation
feminist liberation Månad sedan
They only wanted the weapons/drugs all for themselves
Cory Drybrough
Cory Drybrough Månad sedan
They all will be out in a year, they just wanted to defund organized crime by 80% leaving them just enough to start from scratch.
Zedrhyx Månad sedan
800 arrest pretty sure it didn't disrupt more than 10% of organize crime maybe they only catch middle to low ranking criminal organization like mexico alone is controlled by the narcos
Cory Drybrough
Cory Drybrough Månad sedan
This is something they could have done at any time for years they need crime in order to keep the funding. With no crime there will be no need for law enforcement
jpsr20det Månad sedan
Imagine this type of investigation on politics and corrupts companies.......( banks for example....)
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Månad sedan
True: competition sucks.
Orionide Månad sedan
@Robby Dey Bureaucracy is just a terrible system. It can never produce anything of good quality. So there is no such thing as bad laws. The federal government is just a bad idea totally.
Orionide Månad sedan
just the federal government please. I take no money from the banks and i don't buy cheap trash. Government is the only thing that steals from me not corrupt companies.
Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson Månad sedan
they are the law . you cannot call them corrupt . corruption has been made legal by law by politicians.
Paige Wright
Paige Wright Månad sedan
Check out Three Felonies A Day. They do. Got a swiss bank a while back.
Uncle Roger
Uncle Roger Månad sedan
Unless you have a warrant all of it gets thrown out
annoyed aussie
annoyed aussie Månad sedan
@Uncle Roger They would have for certain individuals and build it up from that. They wouldn't have made legal mistakes as a whole, probably a few cases thrown out somewhere because of mistakes which would be normal.
Uncle Roger
Uncle Roger Månad sedan
@annoyed aussie you have to have warrant to just listen in. This act in it's self is criminal
annoyed aussie
annoyed aussie Månad sedan
They would have had hundreds of warrants.
Lybrel L
Lybrel L Månad sedan
Did they use emojis? 🤔🤔🤔
Zombies of Nairobi
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