Game Night Stereotypes (Bloopers & Deleted Scenes) 

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25 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 2 968   
SmashMan05 Dag sedan
I'm disappointed they didn't do a "Ouija" stereotype, but still a great video!
Lucas Blanton
Lucas Blanton 2 dagar sedan
2:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pasta 5 dagar sedan
poor chad
TJ 5 dagar sedan
Key tips: always know the rules before you buy a game so you don’t waste money if it’s not appealing 2. The creative quitter can’t be allowed to any of the games involving your unique and expensive games, they are long, require commitment, and hard as hell to come by 50% of the time, if they ruin the game they owe you a decent bit of money 3. There are a select few games people will describe as must plays, same thing with select good companies, only problem, if you don’t like the game, then 1 you are not a collector but the creative quitter or the distracted person, or 2 if 1 does not apply then the game is probably not publicly supported as a “must play”. An example of a must play is Dead Of Winter, I haven’t seen any bad reviews on it from any board game SVdownr yet. If you see this comment then reply with your favorite board game, or if you want any good suggestions on games then feel free to comment with your interest of board games, or any questions really concerning board games. I for one am a collector but I am but a beginner, I got all the classics and a closet full of unique ones but it’s not a massive closet, it’s not like collectors with multiple bookshelves full of games. But I can say I know of good games and not that bad at them myself.
Koopa Boy
Koopa Boy 6 dagar sedan
the amount of broken stuff tho
Xiaoplayz GasEmUp
Xiaoplayz GasEmUp 6 dagar sedan
AK - 07ZZ 956786 Royal Orchard MS
0:02 LOL LOL
OffCharted 7 dagar sedan
Bruh they only had one shot with the millennium falcon
zebado1 10 dagar sedan
Why did ty and Cody swap a ring when picking the snakes out the popcorn?
陈妍妍 12 dagar sedan
Adirohan Barua
Adirohan Barua 14 dagar sedan
I feel bad for Chad.
Jonathan Ho
Jonathan Ho 17 dagar sedan
i feel bad for chadddddddd...loooool]
hgtBeam 18 dagar sedan
We have the potions IN THE DRAGONS LIAR. Ready to seek vengeance on our COMRADES
Zach Goldfarb
Zach Goldfarb 21 dag sedan
I love playing catan and clue but I suck at both
L. Sch
L. Sch 22 dagar sedan
Do you have scripts for what to say/do for these videos?
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno 24 dagar sedan
0:00 that's gonna be me
GOKU. Master ultra instinct
You are crzay ty
jean-rafael hasty
jean-rafael hasty 27 dagar sedan
Ty: your dead... Garett: oh?
Dako 27 dagar sedan
I remember my class at school once made a game just called "the game" and the whole point of it is if you think about it you lose
Lucas Mario
Lucas Mario 29 dagar sedan
7:27 among us
David_10 Månad sedan
I didn’t watch everything because I skipped all the parts
DumplingsOn60FPS Månad sedan
poor chad
Gustavo Dominguez
Gustavo Dominguez Månad sedan
Birthday stereotypes 1. Jealous of birthday kid
em'ly Månad sedan
I feel so bad for Chad's kitchen...
Unicorn 2.0
Unicorn 2.0 Månad sedan
why does garret have more hair when he is old then now
Neo Dong
Neo Dong Månad sedan
garret with a suit on looks like bruce willis
Silas Leonard
Silas Leonard Månad sedan
Nice boat
Sid Reynders
Sid Reynders Månad sedan
Sadly we didnt see the lasagna part
COOP6989 Månad sedan
All the time at the end when you say pound it nogen or whatever and then see ya I thought you said ceaser or whatever I have had a rough day hard to spell
Stephen Brooker
Stephen Brooker Månad sedan
Those poor snakes
Kaira Mehta
Kaira Mehta Månad sedan
yo that kangaroo part is the most funniest thing ever on dude perfect
Kristen Klein
Kristen Klein Månad sedan
John Månad sedan
“Who else wants to see me get peed on by a monkey”
Pongkhun Meerat
Pongkhun Meerat Månad sedan
That so crazy!
Lets be beast 2019
Lets be beast 2019 Månad sedan
"Oh my good lord Gary"
Bicker Productions
Bicker Productions Månad sedan
i want school stereotypes!
David Roeshot
David Roeshot Månad sedan
Sleepover stereotypes
Jadon Gough
Jadon Gough Månad sedan
0:56 how did you do that ‘what’ Cody?!?
Jaxon Brown
Jaxon Brown Månad sedan
Poor Chad.....
Pinkylee72 Månad sedan
It's not June 25th it's June 23
clxtch Månad sedan
Gary got older and grew hair back
hi im daniel
hi im daniel Månad sedan
i feel bad for chad
dragon boi
dragon boi Månad sedan
Why didnt they put the Twister guy In the real vid
Dr Hockey
Dr Hockey Månad sedan
They should make a game called “Secret Trinkets” so Ty can destroy everyone in it
Dennisdailycom1 Månad sedan
0:40 the LEGO set
Fury the Wolf
Fury the Wolf Månad sedan
The monkey pee I thought that would happen in the real vid becuse the game was bad
Jiong Wang
Jiong Wang Månad sedan
ty said sus AAH game night confusion is supposed the be AMOG US
Jiong Wang
Jiong Wang Månad sedan
also sparky was holding baseball HE IS IMPOSTER
AustinPower Productions
0:39 They put Panda as a LEGO Minifigure
sadiq Månad sedan
HA! Peed on by a monkey 🐒
I am german and play sidler
Henrik Klubert
Henrik Klubert Månad sedan
D and d is epic
Ione The reptile lover
gamingjeremyYT Månad sedan
6:28 Derek eating cheerios in front of his TV at night 😂😂😂
Nebula Månad sedan
How are we watching them if they are deleted scenes?
Hydrō Månad sedan
Gibbs Adventures
Gibbs Adventures Månad sedan
C O R E L Studios on YouTube
Dude Perfect Stereotypes Idea: School Stereotypes
4:03 wwe
Abel Rise
Abel Rise Månad sedan
Why does gar have more hair when he’s old
Jacobdontplay Månad sedan
Where did you get the kangaroo
Kevin Donaghey
Kevin Donaghey Månad sedan
Ghost of Christmas tree ornament a few days ago a good idea to use the following link to my new email address and phone 📱📱 a great day today and tomorrow I am not a good day today and will have the following file I sent it back to you as a great day today and I love you as soon
Bloody bladers
Bloody bladers Månad sedan
Ew pee
julie smith
julie smith 2 månader sedan
I like when he gets slammed on his back gari is on his phone
PASSMORE FILMS 2 månader sedan
How come old Garret has more hair then younger garret ?
Grayson McKenna
Grayson McKenna 2 månader sedan
Poor Chad!
brian zhao
brian zhao 2 månader sedan
hotel sterotypes the room service guy the way too many suitcases the ideal hotel vs most hotels rage monster the ross gheller from friends and the hotel with no hot water, no tv and attiutude
Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald 2 månader sedan
among us
robert irvine
robert irvine 2 månader sedan
3zssssssssssx3 and 3 are u on the list for the rest of the value
Aimee Wilson
Aimee Wilson 2 månader sedan
Im jealous I love snakes I wish I could be there right now to have all the different kinds
Epic Gaming Time
Epic Gaming Time 2 månader sedan
Ahh yes papi
FrostyBoi 2 månader sedan
Pee monkee
Subramanian V
Subramanian V 2 månader sedan
You all guys have to do a among us game play it would be fun man just try it
Robby 2 månader sedan
Qyion 2 månader sedan
Watching rhis I realized they missed "The guy who can't count spaces"
Mileth Bueno
Mileth Bueno 2 månader sedan
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez 2 månader sedan
The juvenile grease dolly taste because spark mechanically appear athwart a flat softdrink. lethal, material equipment
Claire Sinclair
Claire Sinclair 2 månader sedan
The disillusioned fang exclusively imagine because watchmaker effectively shade throughout a poised keyboard. curvy, tranquil division
Hehe_shadow 2 månader sedan
On the popcorn one if they were venoms that would me worse
Gina Scott Realtor
Gina Scott Realtor 2 månader sedan
Where you guys talking about among us when you did the Shot with the dead body sick
Markitos 05
Markitos 05 2 månader sedan
Ty's favourite film is ELF. Coby while filming Dungeons and Dragons scene: *chuckles*
Lisa Leininger
Lisa Leininger 2 månader sedan
4:43 to 4:55 where were they
Üllar Tamm
Üllar Tamm 2 månader sedan
So funny
Barton Barbee
Barton Barbee 2 månader sedan
The future futuristic grill preauricularly describe because policeman immediately spare apud a thin scissors. windy, slow flag
Hamburger senpai
Hamburger senpai 2 månader sedan
Garrett:guess we will never know who won😂😂
Orange Blaze
Orange Blaze 2 månader sedan
Hasta luego
Lisa Leininger
Lisa Leininger 2 månader sedan
4:27 why did everybody start laghing
Matthew Borgen
Matthew Borgen 2 månader sedan
How about tennis stereotypes?
CookieToonXD 2 månader sedan
The Monkey Pee Peed On You U Should Have Put Friendly Pee On
David Bologna
David Bologna 2 månader sedan
*Get’s a notification from DP* *Me* “Well time to cure my boredom”
Laine Perks
Laine Perks 2 månader sedan
Ty broke the chandelier 0:45
Laine Perks
Laine Perks 2 månader sedan
Ty broke the chandelier 1 10
Logan Bradd
Logan Bradd 2 månader sedan
AVYAN BHAGAT 2 månader sedan
Make Sleeping Stereotypes
MicahDude 2 månader sedan
Just realized Gary grew hair
McKenna Cangemi
McKenna Cangemi 2 månader sedan
I love watching grown men freak out over snakes and I’m just chillin with my ball python...
raymond jiang
raymond jiang 2 månader sedan
Anyone know what the outro music is called?
Daxa Shah
Daxa Shah 2 månader sedan
Why does old Gar has hair...???
T_revTheDino 2 månader sedan
I sentence chads kitchen to death by rage monster
Ishu Boi
Ishu Boi 2 månader sedan
Ty: the monke attractor Monke: straight up pees on him
EllieElf 2 månader sedan
Someday I want to come to your office
He Loves Pepper Spray!
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Game Night Stereotypes
He Loves Pepper Spray!
visningar 2,8mn
Ska jag sluta med youtube?