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Gary Neville puts the SPORTbible audience's questions to his old boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex reveals the players he would most like to have had the opportunity to manage, who was his most underrated player and the biggest mistake he made in the 2011 Champions League Final against Barcelona.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In is out in cinemas 27th May, and on Amazon Prime Video 29th May

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21 maj 2021



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Kommentarer 4 933   
LADbible TV
LADbible TV 2 månader sedan
Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In is out in cinemas 27th May, and on Amazon Prime Video 29th May
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Månad sedan
Altamash Savkar
Altamash Savkar Månad sedan
The fact that he is still not over it 😂😂😂 means how bad messi made him.
CCFCDANNY85 Månad sedan
I’ve watched it, absoloutely class, I could listen to Ferguson talk about football all day every day. Such a legend
J D 2 månader sedan
Even as a neutral it was an amazing watch
Benedict Samson
Benedict Samson 2 månader sedan
Champs1 League
Champs1 League Timme sedan
Alex Ferguson is a legend without debate. But sometimes I feel as though he’s way too biased for English players. No offence but Mason Greenwood is nowhere near Halaand, Mbappe, Pedri, etc. English players, coaches, and media hype them up way too much
Bonk 7 timmar sedan
Love this
Big Dog
Big Dog 8 timmar sedan
As a Tottenham fan kane and son are so good would love to see them at Man City or bayern etc
Rishin Dharap
Rishin Dharap 14 timmar sedan
Mason greenwood could've cried watching this
Loop In
Loop In Dag sedan
Sir Ferguson is legend
Famil Valiyev
Famil Valiyev Dag sedan
Rooney was most underrated player.
ServerSam Solutions
17 Strikers? RVP Rooney Van Nistelrooy Cole Yorke Sherringham Ole Saha Hughes Cantona Forlan Danny Welbeck Chicharito Ronaldo Tevez McClair Berbatov
Aasem Ahsan
Aasem Ahsan 2 dagar sedan
6:39 "Oh yes, that guy! That idiot guy!" SAF's facial expression makes it even funnier
Eduardo Goncalves
Eduardo Goncalves 2 dagar sedan
Damn, he called us Sporting 'Lisbon'
TDB 2 dagar sedan
Sure Ji Sung Park was a great player, but I’m seeing people saying he could have stopped Messi and that he was Kante level. 🤦‍♂️
Ngnie Mnzaso
Ngnie Mnzaso 3 dagar sedan
W 3 dagar sedan
I live for the Fergie love affair & use of Ji Sung Park. Truly some of the most insane things I've seen Fergie do, I swear Berbatov was CB once when we beat Blackburn 6-0 or something
Kasper From Denmark
Kasper From Denmark 3 dagar sedan
I had to put on subtitles
Rangda Rangda
Rangda Rangda 4 dagar sedan
I would say the most underrated player he's managed is Jonny Evans, back up to Rio/Vidic back when they were in their pomp and he was a young kid, you see the success he's had with Leicester the last couple of seasons. And they signed Smalling and Jones instead and let him go...
Suikoden Dream
Suikoden Dream 18 timmar sedan
Tottatly agree. No idea why they let him go.
Hugo Marques
Hugo Marques 4 dagar sedan
It's Sporting Club of Portugal, not Sporting of Lisbon
Easyy Cars Ltd
Easyy Cars Ltd 5 dagar sedan
No human can mark messi
Arjun vp
Arjun vp 5 dagar sedan
Greenwood 💯
Mark Carrington
Mark Carrington 5 dagar sedan
I knew he’d say van nistleroy
Josh Byron
Josh Byron 6 dagar sedan
Love he’s confidence in he’s own players even when he’s talking about the goat (messi) he still says ji sung park could of stopped him class!!!!
Martin McGuire Acoustic
He should have asked who was the most OVERRATED PLAYER that played under him and forced him to admit that it was his Son Darren Furguson. How could he have the nerve to criticise Beckham or Giggs when his Son was playing in the same side?
Joseph Marquez
Joseph Marquez 6 dagar sedan
He sold his son
James Lalduhkima
James Lalduhkima 6 dagar sedan
I understand nothing
Matthew Crotts
Matthew Crotts 7 dagar sedan
The callous canadian generically ask because ukrainian anteriorly attract about a smelly select. nonchalant, astonishing drop
Dino Paolella
Dino Paolella 7 dagar sedan
Italia make best players and you need a different strategy my mate
Matthew Crotts
Matthew Crotts 7 dagar sedan
The flashy wrench particularly prevent because coach neurologically grin throughout a nimble radar. amusing, mean seat
rwakijuma seth
rwakijuma seth 8 dagar sedan
you did cause some embarrassing moments hahaha
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow 8 dagar sedan
Gazza under ferguson would have been world beating.
Keystone 8 dagar sedan
He mumbles like babies. Thats cute.
James waterhouse
Is that a piss take?
Alison Brown
Alison Brown 8 dagar sedan
Gary and SAF are both brilliant and have same Labour values. Fairness and equality. 🌹
SKB Ahmad Fathy
SKB Ahmad Fathy 8 dagar sedan
I miss all those times, when you were the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex
Shah Saiful
Shah Saiful 8 dagar sedan
Im a liverpool fan, but have to admit that SAF was the best Manager all of time...
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 7 dagar sedan
United fan, but have to admit the sky is blue
Matthew Crotts
Matthew Crotts 9 dagar sedan
The thin servant predominantly curve because disadvantage isely hand minus a truculent side. rural, picayune sponge
thatfeel 9 dagar sedan
Man SVdown's closed captioning needs a lot of work. "Cheese poop and park" "lesbian supporter" and many more!
TheCrusaderBG 9 dagar sedan
He has been retired for almost 10 years and is still called boss by his ex players. That's what respect is
Edgar Lorenzo
Edgar Lorenzo 10 dagar sedan
i turn on cc and jisung park became jesus park
YAKO 10 dagar sedan
Football generation nowadays would say "Son is the best Korean football player". Don't get me wrong. I love Son and he's a fantastic player. But people who completely ignored or doesn't know Ji Sung Park don't know anything about football. I know they play in a different position, but to say that "Son" is the best Korean player is dumb. The achievements and trophies that Ji Sung Park won under Sir Alex can't be compared to Son's entirely career. Respect the legend and credits where its due.
Keith Robertson
Keith Robertson 10 dagar sedan
The Greatest manager of all time...there will never be another like him....and I'm a Newcastle fan
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 10 dagar sedan
Sir Alex the best manager ever
Ay Caramba
Ay Caramba 10 dagar sedan
LOOOOL does SAF really think putting Ji Sung Park on Messi would contain Messi? 🤣🤣
Funsyy 01
Funsyy 01 10 dagar sedan
Mate the language hear is making me repeat sentences again n again
Mark butler fox
Mark butler fox 10 dagar sedan
Pep would be better if he got rid of that ego
Cameron Stevenson
Cameron Stevenson 10 dagar sedan
Loved this just done my first ever visit at old trafford my team is glasgow rangers but have a soft spot for united always watched them growing up
Email Satu
Email Satu 10 dagar sedan
"Ronaldo's got something like 25 million" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Email Satu
Email Satu 10 dagar sedan
I fucking love manchester united
Macho Bax
Macho Bax 10 dagar sedan
Fletcher ji sung were unbelievable in that 2-3years
Tarim Ulhaq
Tarim Ulhaq 11 dagar sedan
Ravel Morrison.. who remembers him?
Todd Hellyar
Todd Hellyar 12 dagar sedan
In summary "I had the best players, the biggest budget, and people think I am great". You're welcome
Chris Silvester
Chris Silvester 12 dagar sedan
When ex players still call SAF boss it tells u all that u need to know how highly they still regard him. Even rival managers have called SAF the pope of football says it all. By far the best manager of all time. As for Park Ji Sung what a truly underrated player he was. Just never stopped running that lad & had SAF played Park in that final against Barcelona the outcome would've been different imo
Robert Ayres
Robert Ayres 12 dagar sedan
Who gives a sh-t
Glasgowstales 12 dagar sedan
That idiot perfect Comment
Gareth Lastname
Gareth Lastname 12 dagar sedan
Ferguson saying Gazza gave me chills. Gazza at the 1990 World Cup is one of my first core memories.
M.Sheriff 12 dagar sedan
Unbelievable man. Wish I could understand him.
AtrolinK 13 dagar sedan
What a beautiful interview, and what interesting questions.
ben stewart
ben stewart 13 dagar sedan
As a utd fan I struggle to put into words how much I love Sir Alex Ferguson. Not just because of the success he had at utd but because of his adoration and knowledge of the game and the honest and unbiased opinions he held. He believed he could beat any opposition on the day but had respect for them regardless. Although he didnt say it in these words but i bet his arse was sweating buckets everytime he played liverpool because he knew they had the class to beat us. Absolute exceptional team at times and I really do respect them. some utd fans will hate me for saying this but I prefer pool over city😬😬. There I've said it. I hate both clubs but respect one of them. Blood money and oil can change alot..
Mark Halliday
Mark Halliday 13 dagar sedan
Brian McClair was his first signing at Man Utd from Celtic. Great player 🍀
Andrew Booth
Andrew Booth 13 dagar sedan
never mentions Keane...... liar liar..... his best captain ! Joke.
energy power
energy power 13 dagar sedan
i download dark reader for youtube black screen then they interview behind white screen ,i cba
Toni Georg
Toni Georg 14 dagar sedan
Imagine everywhere you go people to call you sir or boss
joyonto dasgupto
joyonto dasgupto 14 dagar sedan
When he said Anfield!!! Man it is one of the respectful moments as a Liverpool fan. Respect Saf 🙏
kagiso segami
kagiso segami 14 dagar sedan
Park stamina should be scientifically study 📚 incredible talent
Wolffpak 4lyf
Wolffpak 4lyf 15 dagar sedan
Ji sung park on messi LOOL.
ankit Mishra
ankit Mishra 15 dagar sedan
Boss doing boss things 5:56 🤣🤣
Jiwan Singh
Jiwan Singh 16 dagar sedan
Ronaldo coming to united was not a leap of faith, it was a mastermind plan by the master tactician.
Hayden Moolman
Hayden Moolman 16 dagar sedan
Mason Greenwood
sanderson 16 dagar sedan
As an Aberdeen fan I hated when he left us. Best manager of all time. I also support Arsenal so mixed emotions on Fergie, but regardless absolute 🐐
Norman Sevilla
Norman Sevilla 16 dagar sedan
Neville over rated af and Fergie knighted by a tiny village, no real knight ship
jd81 16 dagar sedan
Would of loved gazza in a united shirt
This Life
This Life 16 dagar sedan
Perhaps the greatest football manager of all time but to say that Man Utd would have beaten Barca in either of those finals is ridiculous. United weren’t in either game; their goals were totally against the run of play. No shame in it but Barca dominated them. Levels above Man Utd.
T C 17 dagar sedan
As a Chelsea fan, I have not a single bad thing to say about SAF. The guy was the very best of the best, creme de la creme. KTBFFH
Maria Moyles
Maria Moyles 17 dagar sedan
No mention of Roy Keane. Don't bother here
bodhid 17 dagar sedan
I don't think JS Park could have man-marked Messi. Messi was simply to clever with movement and close control, he'd have still influened the game. Utd lost the midfield, it wasn't only Messi doing that. SAF, legend that he is, had no answer to that Barca side.
Brian Cohen the PFJ massive.
King Eric was the most underrated player he should have been emporer or pope if he chose.
Kenny Codrington
Kenny Codrington 18 dagar sedan
av slope
av slope 18 dagar sedan
Sir Alex, genius right there. Up the Villa
John Spencer
John Spencer 18 dagar sedan
As a lpool fan i shoukd despise Ferguson but i dont and its for many reasons. He was a born winner, and as much a she fuelled the fure between manchester and lpool he was always respectful towards us and recognised lfc as his major rivals. During Hillsborough the man went out of his way for king kenny. Aas frsutartibg as he was being a lpool fan whikehe was manager of man u i have nothing but resoect and admiration for him. Respect to a football leg end
The Coverists
The Coverists 18 dagar sedan
If sir Alex was coaching son he’d be so much better
Jj 18 dagar sedan
I don’t understand why even though Gascogne never actually fulfilled his potential, he’s still considered one of the best players England has ever had. I think potentially he probably was but surely he can’t be considered the best without actually having done it consistently.
Ezzxe22 18 dagar sedan
Love Sir Alex Ferguson to my heart but still can't understand a thing he says...
Thomas Han
Thomas Han 19 dagar sedan
I'm an Arsenal fan. I love and thank Sir Alex for what he's done for football. Greatest manager ever.
hushed 420
hushed 420 19 dagar sedan
Two best managers apart from Klopp and Guardiola… Bournemouth’s ex manager and Bournemouth’s new manager. UTCIAD! 🍒🍒🍒
Utopia 19 dagar sedan
As a korean, I've always wondered to myself like "Do Manchester Utd 'local' fans regard Ji-Sung Park as one of legends ? Plz answer this question whoever Man fans living in Manchester area ever happen to read this
Utopia 16 dagar sedan
​@Ali Raza thx for letting me confirm that. Now I can be fully self confident in saying he's a legend of Man Utd whenever somebody questions that
Ali Raza
Ali Raza 16 dagar sedan
I'm from Manchester and Man Utd fan since early 90s, Ji-Sung Park was a major legend around the city
Richard McConnachie
Richard McConnachie 16 dagar sedan
No MU fans live IN Manchester
Ninoy Taheer
Ninoy Taheer 17 dagar sedan
Tell the whole korean, south and north. Ji is a legend in every manchester united fans heart
Aqeel Asif
Aqeel Asif 18 dagar sedan
@Zakkyy yes he is. he is a man u legend without a doubt.
vandiesel300 19 dagar sedan
What player did he say he thought was going to be a great player 'dewally'
billie haoneo haokip
billie haoneo haokip 20 dagar sedan
I can't understand half of what he's saying. What accent is it?
Tabee Corr
Tabee Corr 20 dagar sedan
Gary Neville did a pact with the Red Devil 😈
smooth_e21 21 dag sedan
As much as I respect Sir Alex, Ji Sung Park would not be enough to stop Messi
Peter Stephen Trinh
Peter Stephen Trinh 21 dag sedan
Could've put me on. It would be showtime
Blind Spot
Blind Spot 21 dag sedan
wow! i never thought that Sir Alex valued Ji Sung Park that high.
FireWalkWithMe25 21 dag sedan
"if I'd have put park on Messi, we'd have bet them" And people take Fergie seriously????😂😂👍👍
kevin 20 dagar sedan
I would take someone with 38 trophies, including 13 premier league title seriously, i don't know about u tho
Fawad CFC
Fawad CFC 21 dag sedan
PARK ON MESSI ??? Absolutely bonkers 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😅
vajarr27 21 dag sedan
He still call him boss 😂😂
Agus Santoso
Agus Santoso 21 dag sedan
Why does Gary Neville (GN) laugh exactly like Graham Norton (GN)?
XXK3RD 19 22 dagar sedan
Ji Sung Park needs a gold card on UT
A Be
A Be 22 dagar sedan
Living legend Sir Alex Ferguson 🙏🏼
Paul Mcguirk
Paul Mcguirk 22 dagar sedan
Cantona Hughes McClair van Persie van nistelrooy forlan rooney Hernandez owen Yorke cole sheringham solskjaer saha.. 15 of 19
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 22 dagar sedan
He can remember a game from 1993 like it's yesterday, amazing!
Kratos Yes
Kratos Yes 22 dagar sedan
messi would bully ji sung park
flurry mcflurr
flurry mcflurr 22 dagar sedan
I could listen to Sir Alex all day long xx
Mark butler fox
Mark butler fox 22 dagar sedan
Oh we need his winning mentality within our squad
Kevin Cox
Kevin Cox 23 dagar sedan
Just heart warming, love it !!!
F M 23 dagar sedan
I had to turn the subtitle on
"What does this say?"
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"What does this say?"
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Ska jag sluta med youtube?
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