Gordon Finds PLASTIC In His Food | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE 

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"I have no idea where that plastic came from"
Camera operator: I'm about to end this whole man's career

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7 maj 2021



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Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares Månad sedan
Walter Andy
Walter Andy 27 dagar sedan
@King Camdyn Definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone} for since december myself :D
King Camdyn
King Camdyn 27 dagar sedan
Pro trick: you can watch movies at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.
T-max Månad sedan
love your video
Dascorpio36 41 minut sedan
I often wonder where does Gordon Ramsey storm off to after he’s tasted a bad meal? McDonald’s maybe🤣 🤔
Utter Queer Nightmare
Utter Queer Nightmare 4 timmar sedan
Episode name is PJ's Steakhouse. Episode number is S3:E3.
Lewis Barrah
Lewis Barrah 11 timmar sedan
The owner said if it was me id be down here with a toothbrush. It is you, your the owner!
Your Daily Dose
Your Daily Dose 17 timmar sedan
When Gordon touches all the mouldy food……he is built different
Robbie Steel
Robbie Steel 18 timmar sedan
How and Why is this Channel owner keeping up with the memes! Its Amazing!
Jeire B Maaño
Jeire B Maaño 18 timmar sedan
Joe? Joemama
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien 22 timmar sedan
I actually feel bad for Gordan when he puts all that effort into helping a restaurant. They have a great night thanks to Gord's leadership. Him and his crew leave and the restaurant closes down a month later. Sure his companies have been paid by the TV networks and advertisers for the shows. But damn he must go home and feel so thankless when these businesses close down after all that effort.
Lady Pool
Lady Pool Dag sedan
'' I'm a great cook! '' says the chef who's serving RAW FOOD to his customers. I doubt this guy took cooking classes or he would know that you NEVER served raw food to people, it could make them super sick and they will tell it to their friends; you'll loose a lot of customers and money. Either he's an idiot or really careless.
Lady Pool
Lady Pool Dag sedan
Geez Madalyn is so rude with the customers. It's ok if she doesn't like it when they complains BUT there's a reason why they are unhappy and she should be patient; understanding. Instead, she almost insults them. That's really cruel and not profesional at all :S Madalyn need to change her atitude!
JeroenKlio Dag sedan
wait, who's joe?
Parvindar Kaur
Parvindar Kaur Dag sedan
Chef - I don't even have plastic in my kitchen Camera man and editor - *proceeds to show 10 clips of him using plastic*
ahmed sharneez
ahmed sharneez Dag sedan
Gordon: when did u finish school Vic: yesterday
Barry Stevens
Barry Stevens Dag sedan
I am a head chef. And two things.. One.. the women owner is rude. What's with the "you can't take your coat in"? Say that to me, and I'll turn around and leave. Two and most importantly that "chef" is a arrogant asshole and wouldn't be good for even a McDonald's. He has no idea about chefing, organisation and cooking.
justIn_ Dag sedan
" chef Ramsay called an emergency meeting " me: it cant be...
Macquaanew Viarah
The hateful pair demographically prevent because south africa recently cover during a steadfast vacuum. wiggly, serious jeff
Zorua Dag sedan
literally every overwtch game. just throwing the blame on one another.
Fearless Dag sedan
30:13 The Van is so happy they closed down
Fearless Dag sedan
How to start a restaurant business *1. Invite Gordon First*
Karen Ballesteros
The chef is too lazy to recognize that he is stupid! 🤣🤣🤣
Karen Ballesteros
What a lousy, lazy chef Eric and lazy owners.. Busted!
PrettyLitch Dag sedan
From the first 60 seconds I can tell you the problem is the drunk chef. Case closed.
Donald Dank
Donald Dank Dag sedan
After all that they fuxking close it lmfao
Ultimate Kars
Ultimate Kars Dag sedan
So, that ending. Is it a good one or a bad one? In talking about the aftermath of when Gordon left after the good dinnerservice
Grace Roselle Benigno
Grace Roselle Benigno 2 dagar sedan
I watched this and I stopped eating steak..
Unspeakable Peeps
Unspeakable Peeps 2 dagar sedan
Colin. Of course, a classic Black guy's name. Not being racist, I like that name, not gonna lie.
Miguel Andrade
Miguel Andrade 2 dagar sedan
Damm… the owner Looks like the Comic Book Store guy from big bang theory
Viggevigg E
Viggevigg E 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone know if this restaurant closed down?
Greeen Apple The 3thd
Greeen Apple The 3thd 2 dagar sedan
Why is it my business that the food is rotten Hmm I don't know maybe cause you OWN THE PLACE
Markus Alfredsson
Markus Alfredsson 2 dagar sedan
Gordon: sees Crabcake Gordon: Orders
Marzz 2 dagar sedan
Food: *rotten* Gordon: *touchy touchy*
LilliCherry 2 dagar sedan
Did that guy just took a sip out of the ladle which they use to serve the sauce?
Neutralpointz 2 dagar sedan
"Time for a 360" Math is not his strong side is it?
Shubham Pahilwani
Shubham Pahilwani 2 dagar sedan
someone my battery's at 2% timestamp plsss
dave denham
dave denham 3 dagar sedan
And fire the grill slob, not a chef
dave denham
dave denham 3 dagar sedan
I can’t believe this, that slob sits at the bar all the time drinking non-stop and then tried to blame it on the chef what a moron
Infedius 3 dagar sedan
I've never been more proud of being the owner of PJ's grill... which is why i decided to sell it.
: Jan4apes :
: Jan4apes : 3 dagar sedan
Doctor : you have 40 minutes and 35 seconds to live Me :
Xafah Podraza
Xafah Podraza 3 dagar sedan
shes ridiculous goes to show that just cuz ppl own a business for years doesn't mean they know wtf there doing
Orcone 3 dagar sedan
28:01 sus
7 minute Cooking
7 minute Cooking 3 dagar sedan
NoOoOooO... dOn'T YoU dARe ShUT tHe DoOr Of ThAT bEAutIfuL kITcHEn..!!!!! Pwease :>
OldSchool Football FPLفانتازى
To Chef Gordon : Flagyl500mg(Metronidazole) is an anaerobic antibiotic that can be used as prophylaxis and treatment of wide range stomach bugs against (samonella....etc) .. keep it in your pocket as we dont want you to die lol
Victoria Cox
Victoria Cox 3 dagar sedan
I am coming to the conclusion that Gordon Ramsey is a liar and his modus operandi is to slag off the food and make himself look good at the end. Every episode is the same. Come on Gordon they cant all be thar bad!
samurai X
samurai X 3 dagar sedan
Camera operator: I'm about to end this whole man's career nice line : )
That One Bard
That One Bard 3 dagar sedan
"Ramsey calls an emergency meeting" Eric sus
Chloe karen Tahisihaka
In every episodes there is always that one person in the restaurant that thinks nothing is wrong with everything they do... And the restaurant is at its worst... Noticing any pattern????
linus baker
linus baker 4 dagar sedan
Eric seems like the guy who acts like he could ko Mike tyson but actually cries and begs for help when someone threatens to punch his teeth into the back of his skull
Nicci Iaizzo
Nicci Iaizzo 4 dagar sedan
I actually feel like I haven’t seen this episode (a million times) before
Venus 4 dagar sedan
the guy working in the bar is literally living his total peace lol
Damon Byrne
Damon Byrne 4 dagar sedan
That chef sounded like me when i'm making a ham and cheese toastie while pissed....'I'm the best chef in the fffuuckin worrld!!' 😂
History Z
History Z 4 dagar sedan
Poor ducking woman. I feel so much for her
History Z
History Z 4 dagar sedan
Dude sounds like an a alcoholic i’m an alcoholic and that’s the first sing for trouble for me.
Pran Lamichhane
Pran Lamichhane 4 dagar sedan
Man does things nobody does in the food industry! Love from the philippines 🇵🇭❤️
Shazad Plays YT
Shazad Plays YT 4 dagar sedan
Gordon ramsay:*gives them a new chef with his owm money*. Owners:yay business is booming. Gordon ramsay:well i will be going on have a good one. Owners after one month:we shall return to construction. Me:bruhhhhh
Rim Black
Rim Black 4 dagar sedan
“I’m the owner, why the fuck should I care about this?”
Alexis Pink
Alexis Pink 4 dagar sedan
A disgusting food, bad service, owner who doesn't know about her restaurant's menu and is rude, and other owner who acts like a costumer and doesn't care plus the rotten ingredients. Wow. They have it all.
Lawn mower
Lawn mower 4 dagar sedan
i found plastic in my fish 🤢 i found plastic in my pizza 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢
Minksay 4 dagar sedan
35:37 It's always refreshing to see a chef challenge Gordon with logic and proper reasoning. Gordon's reaction was great too: "I love that flexibility. Music to my f*ckin ears"
Monkey D Uchiha
Monkey D Uchiha 4 dagar sedan
The camera man is savage when the chef says that he didn't have any plastic in his kitchen and here boom the camera man show all the plastic he use in his kitchen😂😂
MAXWHIZ gaming
MAXWHIZ gaming 4 dagar sedan
The wife looks like a Karen but isn’t. she is really sus
Wupper 4 dagar sedan
That chef has the biggest ego
AstraVex 5 dagar sedan
- *shows them a blackened burnt steak and black oozing lettuce* "LOOK AT THAAAAT!" - "It's not that bad."
S6brapoiss_Tupsu 5 dagar sedan
30:34 As a graphic designer i sadly have to say its one one the worst logos i have seen. Even with microsoft paint you can make "all right" logos but this is just burning my eyes. Everything with a basic construction of logo is so wrong. Wtf are these people all hyped about? And who the hell was the designer?
Aponina Apů
Aponina Apů 5 dagar sedan
Eric look like nasty drunk
Samantha Alexander
Samantha Alexander 5 dagar sedan
Gordon: there was plastic in my food. Chef: fuck him.
Christoffer Österma
Christoffer Österma 5 dagar sedan
more like camera operator? more like editor :/
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan 5 dagar sedan
not trying to be rude but Gordan can not pronounce some food
Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson 5 dagar sedan
Fan så bajs!
Svt_ 17
Svt_ 17 5 dagar sedan
هذا وش فيه كريه مايعجبه شي ويلعب بالنعمة وقليل ادب
Homeless Cat
Homeless Cat 5 dagar sedan
Costumer: where is my food Gordon:where is the lamb sauce
iop 5 dagar sedan
Wait how do you fuck up a sausage its a sausage
jeni hernandez
jeni hernandez 5 dagar sedan
hey Kitchen Nightmares SVdown account owner hope ur doing well :)
Labeeba Musa
Labeeba Musa 5 dagar sedan
Well sadly PJs grill was closed anyway after all that chef Ramsey efforts to make it work … check the last 10 seconds of the video
Infedius 6 dagar sedan
If you're wondering what happened to Eric, he committed suicide.... so everything turned out to be great in the end!
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint 6 dagar sedan
Wow um....
i am a shoe
i am a shoe 6 dagar sedan
“Alright, listen. Let’s go over it. Not a waitress, not a hostess, I only own it“ wow how arrogant and rude can you be.
Infedius 2 dagar sedan
@Andrewo Mennah 🐉 yeah my bad :D
Andrewo Mennah 🐉
Andrewo Mennah 🐉 3 dagar sedan
@Infedius you mean american italian
Infedius 3 dagar sedan
She's not arrogant, just Italian.
icedem0n326 6 dagar sedan
14:00 jesus
Sandesh P
Sandesh P 6 dagar sedan
I must say these were the most genuine and humble owners I saw on this show ever...
wing it
wing it 6 dagar sedan
the guy smokes. I wonder if that fried his tastebuds
*R*A*F*F*A*E*L* 6 dagar sedan
eric makes me extremaly angry-
Green Sutton
Green Sutton 6 dagar sedan
28:02 among us reference
ItsmeAiman 6 dagar sedan
I wish my coming soon restaurant will go aokay
Jenell Michael
Jenell Michael 6 dagar sedan
I love how the chef said he don't have plastic in his kitchen and the cameraman shows all the plastic he got
An2 nY
An2 nY 6 dagar sedan
Don't mind me I'm here for Gordon's signature word "You fxcking donut"🤣
Rory Smith
Rory Smith 6 dagar sedan
Seems the chef has a seat at the bar next to the owner come closing time🍷
PeterGriffin Vaiphei
PeterGriffin Vaiphei 6 dagar sedan
Why are people always using the 'dead relative story' in TV shows? 'My brother long ago and that is why I'm doing this' or 'my mother died last night that is why I'm doing this, she supported me and believed in me'.
Doctor_Dart 7 dagar sedan
“That’s it I’m going drinking” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a shitshow
Spöklik Smol
Spöklik Smol 7 dagar sedan
After all that, they gave up. Wow. That woman just could not handle being front of house. She was terrible with the customers even with help. What a waste of time.
Kary San
Kary San 7 dagar sedan
Why the fuck did the shut down the fucking resturant at the end? U gave him a perfect waiter/chef! This is fucking bullshit! PLZ MAKE IT COME BAAACKKK!!!
EZrix 7 dagar sedan
I just found that I feel as same as Gordon who is tasting the food first time when im drunk.
Wah Wah
Wah Wah 7 dagar sedan
I love how Gordon made them watch how ppl actually think about the restaurant in the THEATRE. SAVAGE.
Stone G.
Stone G. 7 dagar sedan
I can't believe eric cant cook a sausage I'm a teenager and I can cook a sausage I'm disgusted easlily by this restaurant.
Ruthie 7 dagar sedan
Why didn't Chef Ramsay ever wear gloves when going into the food storage areas? You don't simply touch rotten veggies with your bare hands 🤷🏽‍♀️
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