Gordon Ramsay Served Pizza With Ranch Dressing | Kitchen Nightmares 

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Happy Friday! Here's a full episode of the iconic moment Gordon gets priests to bless his food.
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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5 mar 2021



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Ash J
Ash J 4 timmar sedan
After saving the father from the meal. LOOOOOL.
Potchy Agoja Zapata
Potchy Agoja Zapata 6 timmar sedan
When the girl leaves(ya know the one who goes to the kitchen) in a minute everything goes good
Martin 8 timmar sedan
Why have so many seats if u can't keep up?
RD The Pog
RD The Pog 9 timmar sedan
*"After saving the priest from an ungodly meal"* Damn this narrator is a legend
asdf 11 timmar sedan
That whole church scene was so weird...
asdf 11 timmar sedan
Wait what, the couple who owns this restaurant also owns another restaurant that's going under? And they still blame EVERYTHING on John?
The Shepherd
The Shepherd 11 timmar sedan
Did the manager do ONE thing in the whole episode ?
LPShawnRiddick 13 timmar sedan
My Burger has no real bun, i have to cry and wanna die so bad .... #Life of a Karen
Adam Parra
Adam Parra 15 timmar sedan
As the saying goes don’t knock it till you try it unless Gordon disses the food
Meme Burgers
Meme Burgers 16 timmar sedan
24:46 Bruh🤣
scofab 18 timmar sedan
John... MOVE YOUR AZZ TO THE STORE and grab some meat. What a clueless turd.
Zoron 18 timmar sedan
apparently john after closing started trying to sell gordons bbq sauce as his own online
darrell staples
darrell staples 20 timmar sedan
So it says March 2021 and I was was scammed, this episode is 10 years old 😂🤣
darrell staples
darrell staples 20 timmar sedan
So this is not very recent 2020 - 2021 10years ago
Greg 21 timme sedan
The Girl CRYING over her burger omg such a fuckin karen
Matt Bray
Matt Bray 22 timmar sedan
Why do servers never tell anyone what the issue is? "What was wrong with it?" "She didnt like it". Yes, but WHY?! She said it was full of fat
Vesna Susel Rozman
I do work as a cook in a restaurant, we do prepare everything fresh 5 hours before kitchen is open. But when we rich the point when we ren out off prepares and people has to wait an hour we tell them how long they will wait and what we ren out of. They can stay if they like or eat in a restaurant near by. Lots of times a lot of employies work in servent and bar and 3 people in the kitchen. Its easy to fill the fridge and open a bottle but cooking needs lots of more prepare and time. Good food and clean toilets is first. In the season we are working 360 hours per month and we never have such dirty frezzers or kitchen as sometimes I see in those Gordon videos. Never in my 40 years of cooking I put something on a plate I wont eat it.
slimanity Dag sedan
Restraint serving a toast bread instead of the bun on hamburger Costumer: so I took that personally
Gojo sensei
Gojo sensei 10 timmar sedan
Hahah gud one 🐼
J-rod 97
J-rod 97 Dag sedan
I took the nastiest shit while watching this.
SneakA Peak
SneakA Peak Dag sedan
The lady crying over a burger, shes a sad excuse for a human being, there are people starving and she cant handle a little wait, specially fully knowing what kind of TV show is being recorded. Entitlement at its finest, can already see her kid growing up like her.
madeleine m
madeleine m 26 minuter sedan
Couldn't agree more.. that was over dramatic
Ann L
Ann L 22 timmar sedan
she hangry lol
Left LCG
Left LCG Dag sedan
I don't know anyone who buys a burger and dissects it immediately
Robert 20 timmar sedan
after watching enough episodes of this we might wanna start doing it aswell.. you get scared to eat outside
Gennaro Boccia
Gennaro Boccia Dag sedan
How nobody noticed the rat in the ground beef box ? 24.19
Ann L
Ann L 22 timmar sedan
ewwwwwwww 😫
coder49 2 dagar sedan
14:50 you could say he's being Rickdiculous
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 dagar sedan
Too many ads.
pumpkin1escobar 2 dagar sedan
I understand that you rely on your general manage but I have to think what the owners are doing when they're losing money hand of fist. Do they not take more effort after learning this or just further rely on the guy?
Roberto N.
Roberto N. 2 dagar sedan
The town was made famous by Pete Buttigieg, who one day will be POTUS. Just like Goldie Wilson.
ya knoww
ya knoww 2 dagar sedan
Haaris Waqas
Haaris Waqas 2 dagar sedan
Wtf.. That lady went into the kitchen?? What a Karen.
Ari 2 dagar sedan
plase the title even says gordOn ramsAy please if i see one more "goRdAn" or "rAmSeY" i swear to god
NA0 2 dagar sedan
even if that Karen was right she cant just walk in a kitchen like she owns the place.
Tahir Alam
Tahir Alam 2 dagar sedan
I must look at the time besides the thumbnail 😩
Rain Delay
Rain Delay 2 dagar sedan
One of the saddest episodes...
anqxla _
anqxla _ 2 dagar sedan
7:30 "forgive me father, but they have sinned" 💀✋🏻
Marissa Boisvert
Marissa Boisvert 2 dagar sedan
The title is enough to make me gag so hard I thought I was gonna hack up all my internal organs' and I find that banana and pineapple make good pizza toppings.
Raynman Plays
Raynman Plays 2 dagar sedan
Honestly, Gordon Ramsay is so good at teaching us how to spot when a restaurant is failing, and recognizing that it's usually failing for good reasons.
DB HM 2 dagar sedan
Ranch is spiced mayonnaise and I will never stand for it
Faith Goga
Faith Goga 2 dagar sedan
Eh😨 spiced mayonnaise?
C Kathol
C Kathol 2 dagar sedan
If Gordon ever walks into a restaurant I'm at, I'm only ordering bottles of beer
Haaris Waqas
Haaris Waqas 3 dagar sedan
24:55..wtf do you have to cry about?? Just pissed me off tbh.
LPShawnRiddick 13 timmar sedan
my same thought
Karna Anand
Karna Anand 3 dagar sedan
Really nice to know they won that thing for the bbq sauce ❤️
Karna Anand
Karna Anand 3 dagar sedan
This is the most stupidest episode , with the priests and the church were unnecessary cringe especially with Rick being one sad sad man all the time
GAMER 4 LIFE 3 dagar sedan
Why tf she cried over a burger and fries 😂
Faith Goga
Faith Goga 2 dagar sedan
She was overwhelmed, sometimes especially when I'm hungry and I've been waiting for a while, once I hear disappointing news related to the food I was expecting, I do cry.
Bounce Destroyer Of Worlds
Gordon - *Takes food from priests that they paid for and walks off* Priest - :)
Sl1pp1 3 dagar sedan
I always have to skip the chrch scene...way too cheesy xD
VaQMNRG 3 dagar sedan
The priests scene fucking killed it.
seojunn 3 dagar sedan
Plot twist : Tilly Ramsey is running this account
Anika Singh
Anika Singh 3 dagar sedan
It's kind of unsettling looking at that much food getting thrown away. I know some of it is rotten and disgusting, but wasting that much food! Many people in the world don't get basic meals per day leave out the fast food. Indeed it was correct to throw away the inedible food but at the same time I'm shocked by the people's morals. They say that they don't have money, stock up the food at once, let it rot in a corner for days............. Isn't that kind of counterproductive? Won't it be better to get the fresh food daily or least weekly? It would cost a little more money but still would be better than wasting all of it!!! It's just shocking that how people take the word 'food' for granted.
LPShawnRiddick 13 timmar sedan
The thing is had they have to throw everything away? Most Kitchens have some incredience prepared and frozen. For some things there is no other way...you can not have everything fresh every day. And there is nothing wrong with frozen vegtables its how they keep there vitamins and get shipped anyway.
Apoorva Dash
Apoorva Dash 3 dagar sedan
I honestly think the husband-wife duo is not very invested b/c of the other restaurant. They just want John to do everything for them. The waitress who called them out for that is a queen.
Ayu Yeang
Ayu Yeang 3 dagar sedan
1:09 sadako voice
Evan Krawczyk
Evan Krawczyk 3 dagar sedan
22:51 “It’S oVeR cOoKeD”
slasher 3 dagar sedan
no-one: narrator: noter dame
Laila Aytan
Laila Aytan 3 dagar sedan
Such a lovely team. Pleasure to watch. I hope they all do well
Geoffbuzz Whocares
Geoffbuzz Whocares 3 dagar sedan
This is gotta be the worst ever! who the fuck eats there?!?!?
Geoffbuzz Whocares
Geoffbuzz Whocares 3 dagar sedan
OMG she wants a child and the restaurant is stopping her!?!? nobody should take that away from any woman! nobody!!!
Michael Clarke-Whittet
You can tell Gordon's get his head screwed on because he is always extra nice to the waiters
JagERhore 4 dagar sedan
She startet fucking cry ;)
HQ 4 dagar sedan
This is one very old film...
kavinh10 4 dagar sedan
if american restaurateurs weren't so incompetent world hunger would've been stopped.
janine torres
janine torres 4 dagar sedan
Not the fuckin Karen crying over a burger😒 it’s not that serious
FriendlyAssassinVids 4 dagar sedan
Mr. Ramsay shoves objective truth in the face of these people until they awaken.
jason brilliant
jason brilliant 4 dagar sedan
is gordon a priest now?
S E 4 dagar sedan
Nope! Had to turn it off at the confession bit. That’s just pure cringe bollocks 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Christine Brianna Dionio
.............. . . . . . . . . . .... .. . 🌭🍟🌮🥪🍕
The Viewer
The Viewer 4 dagar sedan
I want to go to america just to go to these restaurants
guguigugu 4 dagar sedan
its not just the owners, some customers will eat basically anything too
Priide 5 dagar sedan
32:36 shes cute
Game Vids
Game Vids 5 dagar sedan
The University of "Noter Dame"? Jeez. Some attempt at correct pronunciation would be welcome.
Press X to Start
Press X to Start 5 dagar sedan
I think everybody just got their burgers mixed up with another persons burger everything woukd have gone so well otherwise
hm 5 dagar sedan
"we're serving an untrimmed rib, man" "well what does he want trimmed off of it?" "/the fat!/" "all ribs have fat on em" honestly one of the best owner exchanges in the whole series
Maija O
Maija O 5 dagar sedan
"What do you want it trimmed of?" "The FÆæÆæT"
Pikkabuu 5 dagar sedan
"We are cooking the food fresh into order." Isn't that what a restaurant is supposed to do?!
Vaibhav Shete
Vaibhav Shete 5 dagar sedan
I am sad for the chicken and fish that were thrown due to idiot humans
Aqeel Mohammed
Aqeel Mohammed 5 dagar sedan
The complaining customer had appeared in his another show again at 22:50... This is not real at all cause this is set up an act to get rating in his show.... This woman complaints everytime in most of his shows... I'm fan of Gordon Ramsay now... I feel shame to watch this act.... 🥵🥵🥵
s p
s p 5 dagar sedan
So much over acting here. 😒😒
Yaj Lumakin
Yaj Lumakin 5 dagar sedan
I like how calm john is. Despite taking all the blame. Poor john
Fogboy Enterprise
Fogboy Enterprise 5 dagar sedan
"We're gonna get free desserts right?" "Yeah, my leathery balls" - is what I'd say if I was that weird looking man
Faith Goga
Faith Goga 2 dagar sedan
Fatima 001
Fatima 001 5 dagar sedan
Rick.... GETS ON MY NERVES! What a fucking crybaby!
Zari Abedi
Zari Abedi 5 dagar sedan
Gordon- Chef, celebrity, therapist, relationship counsellor And priest?
Ruben 6 dagar sedan
I like how after he had his pizza be blessed, he didn't swear at all while tasting it
maiastraa 6 dagar sedan
Father Gordon in this series 😂😂
Deshlock Desh
Deshlock Desh 6 dagar sedan
The Priest must of gotten drunk, they switched from beer to water.
Reuben Jackson
Reuben Jackson 6 dagar sedan
Gordon told Willy to take a seat in his own restaurant
xydoit 6 dagar sedan
And then Corona killed the restaurant?
Olumide Ogunseye
Olumide Ogunseye 6 dagar sedan
I cried watching this 😩
BONKED Gian 6 dagar sedan
Gordon:Damn you messed up we gotta go closed
Greg Kral
Greg Kral 6 dagar sedan
seriously, how can anyone fuck up a burger? It's the easiest thing to cook, and of course you gotta make it from scratch, but come on...... donkeys. I hope this works out eventually...
Greg Kral
Greg Kral 6 dagar sedan
those poor folks..... I understand how difficult it is to start any business, but a restaurant should be able to do a recipe right, especially if it hasn't ever changed, fire the dude in the kitchen, or at least he needs to learn how to do it right... not pig slop, the worst cooks at home can do better.
luca francis
luca francis 6 dagar sedan
Just thought I would say that shortly after this episode aired the restaurant went bust and closed down. A coffee shop opened in its place and that also went bust and shut down. The building was then demolished in 2015
劉翔熙 6 dagar sedan
Matthew Takeuchi
Matthew Takeuchi 6 dagar sedan
I understand where the owners are coming from but all they do is divert the blame to other people. They take no responsibility for what’s wrong with the place and all they do is complain but don’t do anything about it
herbalsummer 7 dagar sedan
'I live 3 and a half miles away..*sniff'....my guy, that really isn't that far, I used to bike that as a kid, I've walked ten miles just for a booty call, come on now, that's like 10-15 minutes by car
herbalsummer 6 dagar sedan
@Rohan adil Fair play, i thought he said miles
Rohan adil
Rohan adil 6 dagar sedan
They live 3 and a half HOURS away bot 3 and a half MILES
Murad 7 dagar sedan
To anyone who's watching this: Head Over to 5:16 and read the sign. "Those attending are asked not to cuss, brawl or throw chairs." It's so funny😂
Mick B
Mick B 7 dagar sedan
The fella who owns this place sadly passed from cancer RIP.
Alma Tuker
Alma Tuker 7 dagar sedan
Me liking ranch on pizza:😁😟😔😖
Maxi 7 dagar sedan
that church thing was a little too much
Tulyank __
Tulyank __ 7 dagar sedan
9:39 this broke me..hope they are happy and doing fine
Mathew Tennouji
Mathew Tennouji 7 dagar sedan
Is that Scott as in Hell's Kitchen Scott?! Holy shit! How come I never noticed that!
Don Lope de Aguirre
Don Lope de Aguirre 7 dagar sedan
There's more food sent back than being sent out." Lol 🤣 13:00
Jonathan Jayden
Jonathan Jayden 7 dagar sedan
Gordon makes every restaurant success. #gordonbestchef
Thia Mi
Thia Mi 7 dagar sedan
if i go to a foreign restaurant i usually prefer pictures as i have no clue what i am ordering XD
Lesale Deathbringer
Lesale Deathbringer 7 dagar sedan
So Gordon's a priest now?
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