GUESS HER AGE FOR A KISS 💋 ( Gone Wrong 😳 )  

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25 apr 2021



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N3M0 Timme sedan
PittyGurl 4 timmar sedan
Yea, there’s no way she’s 14
gray 5 timmar sedan
she’s not 14
Nani Gaming
Nani Gaming 5 timmar sedan
Nono.... she's just bored
kumail Zaidi
kumail Zaidi 5 timmar sedan
Hate these SVdownrs
#Army흫Sonyeo 7 timmar sedan
Champagnimike: 22 👧 Girl: minus (-) 8 Me: Calculating................ Calculatar (means my hands): 15 Meanwhile me: 15!!!!!!!!! 🤪😱 *She looks like* 22/23🙄
William Felix
William Felix 7 timmar sedan
14😯? Run🏃bruhh Run🏃ASAP...
Augustina Victor
Augustina Victor 7 timmar sedan
Ren's World
Ren's World 8 timmar sedan
POV: after she said “minus 8” every one did the math 22-8=14 but she doesn’t look 14-
Tamanna 9 timmar sedan
Tatti 💩 is better than this . 😂😂😂😀
Bleart Aruqi
Bleart Aruqi 10 timmar sedan
22-8=14 Him:So you're 15....
irfan Khan
irfan Khan 10 timmar sedan
"I'm worried that youtube shorts are turning into degenerate tiktok cringe, please spread the word" -Alba
karp 28 minuter sedan
only cringe is copy and pasting this everywhere
Jack Walton
Jack Walton 5 timmar sedan
U copied a comment word for word why?
P A 14 timmar sedan
He was asking for it 🤣👏
Leonard Rodriguez
Leonard Rodriguez 15 timmar sedan
Where are all the white woman??
Shahmeer Khan Malghani
Shahmeer Khan Malghani 16 timmar sedan
_ 8 years holy shit 14 ???
I React🎧🎬🎙️📺
Why she walked like that though 😂😂😂😂
Perfect Anxiety
Perfect Anxiety 18 timmar sedan
That’s gross SVdown promotes videoed of young girls spinning in circles for grown men. That’s gross. But America been trying to normalize pedophilia smfh
WatermelonXsiilk 19 timmar sedan
She’s not 14 or 15
Wanderson GB
Wanderson GB 19 timmar sedan
Ryan Lei
Ryan Lei 20 timmar sedan
This man is for sure gonna catch a case one day
Seth Dohm
Seth Dohm 20 timmar sedan
Mans really said "so your fifteen"
Twoone 21
Twoone 21 22 timmar sedan
Cue the cop sirens
Burbu VS
Burbu VS Dag sedan
This guy is super creepy EWWW
But I just seen her on the hub
pramod kumar
pramod kumar Dag sedan
There's no way that dumb dude calculated 22-8 in a sec
Loki Tate
Loki Tate Dag sedan
Why are you holding her like that, do you even know her?
INDIAN Powerlifters
Doesn't mean she was virgin
Azpects Dag sedan
Every day humanity makes me this thanos was a good guy
PaTpAt Dag sedan
Da hell
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson Dag sedan
Jeet Sarkar
Jeet Sarkar Dag sedan
This is what Abraham Lincoln was dreaming . One great America. Such a bright nation. Such inspirations. Salute to you sir.
gothips Dag sedan
So shes 30
Iba S
Iba S Dag sedan
14 eyyy FBI ooen up
Angel Villa
Angel Villa Dag sedan
I guess it right
thenerd math
thenerd math Dag sedan
Wait so shes 14?
PRORyZeツ Dag sedan
He said 15 She be 14 22- 8
Micah Fletcher
Micah Fletcher Dag sedan
Bruh she is not 14
Rachel Shaw
Rachel Shaw Dag sedan
Girlnyounslqppped him hard
Something's Here
This girl is savage 🤪🤪....
Toast Too Turnt
Toast Too Turnt Dag sedan
What did he saaaaaay!
Fatma Gokce
Fatma Gokce Dag sedan
She is 14... 0_0
Otaku-Sama Dag sedan
If she's 15 then I would suggest her to visit a doctor...because she looks like 2p to 25 to me...
SMASH BROS Dag sedan
Guys 22-8= 14
Farid Zeynalzade
Man really said !5
Mary Anne
Mary Anne Dag sedan
Yeah you deserve it
the joe
the joe Dag sedan
Ladies and gentleman, we got him.
Isha Loke
Isha Loke Dag sedan
The way she walked away 😂😆
Kaif Anwar
Kaif Anwar Dag sedan
That's harassment 🤡. Arrest that joker and beat him up. 👊🏾
Stella A
Stella A Dag sedan
Everyone thinking she’s 14 Me:- qUicK MaThs
👹 Dag sedan
So this girl be fourteen 💀
Viva Dag sedan
"I'm worried that youtube shorts are turning into degenerate TikTok cringe, please spread the word." - Some wise man on SVdown
LovelyBella Dag sedan
ajay yadav
ajay yadav Dag sedan
22-8=15. 👍
FruitLoopZzz Dag sedan
"Imma say you at-least 22" "Yeah minus 8 years" "So you're fiftee-" 22-8 is 14 smh
Paul Kirwan
Paul Kirwan Dag sedan
The future of America. Right there.
Toan Vu
Toan Vu Dag sedan
The interview guy the way he talk just like he is POS
Kiki Williamson
Kiki Williamson Dag sedan
I would had slapped you just for saying she got Back😂😂
TMF HITMAN Dag sedan
They be lien about they age gotta be
reham233 Dag sedan
Sheeee She is a lier 💥 how she can calculate the difference so fast !!!!!
Zoe’s and Ana’s hype house
She not 14 ~Ana
S U M 2 dagar sedan
Cheez,no she is not 14 🙄
chimichangas 2 dagar sedan
Yes like I will believe a 14 year old is as tall as a grown male...
chimichangas 2 dagar sedan
@Jrz333 I was born in the U.S
Jrz333 2 dagar sedan
I guess you're new to the u.s lmao. Youngins here males and females be looking grown af
chimichangas 2 dagar sedan
If she was 14 that guy would be in jail
Ana Machado
Ana Machado 2 dagar sedan
it was obvious she was under 18 lol
Peppa pig
Peppa pig 2 dagar sedan
She's 14???
yapyapyapyapyap 2 dagar sedan
It shuts up. It does this whenever it's told.
keith lapointe
keith lapointe 2 dagar sedan
I think i am losing brain cells
Jadonis_pro 2 dagar sedan
So uh... she’s 14 years old?
Chris Neely
Chris Neely 2 dagar sedan
Was he about to say 15??
Ms. Foxy
Ms. Foxy 2 dagar sedan
She 14 lamo
Chess Basics
Chess Basics 2 dagar sedan
Next video Woman “How old you think i am” Him “um I’ll say around 32” Woman “No I’m 7”
Mason Pasley
Mason Pasley 9 timmar sedan
There is one IMPOSTER Among Us.
Amelia Chesworth
Amelia Chesworth 2 dagar sedan
Rawan Moalla
Rawan Moalla 2 dagar sedan
22-8=14 He really said 15
saki maajid
saki maajid 2 dagar sedan
She don't want to kiss him that's why she said am 8 year old🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kez fishing Uk
Kez fishing Uk 2 dagar sedan
So your telling me she's 12
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 2 dagar sedan
She’s saying she’s 14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Megan Jorden
Megan Jorden 2 dagar sedan
Sushant Kafle
Sushant Kafle 2 dagar sedan
trumpfan 2020 fucdadems
That champagne line is the dumbest shit ever
Victor G
Victor G 2 dagar sedan
I don’t get why the youth is in such a rush to be grown up now days . Be a kid enjoy being young
Tushar Mishra
Tushar Mishra Dag sedan
That's definitely scripted....man she just said minus 8 in air.....she isn't 14 hell no
El Rubio
El Rubio 2 dagar sedan
she isn’t 14 lol
Patrick Simington
Patrick Simington 2 dagar sedan
She probably 30
wheillebhertt-jan montalbeu
Do that to Asians, and you'll see Son Gokou in Snake road
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God 2 dagar sedan
If she is 14, her dad must be proud.
JANNAH 2 dagar sedan
She is 14
isn't it funny????
isn't it funny???? 2 dagar sedan
She isnt 14 bro she can't be.. Lying
Ken Kinman
Ken Kinman 2 dagar sedan
She slapped the math into him
Mateusz Kurjanski
Mateusz Kurjanski 2 dagar sedan
Hes breaking hearths xd
Wavy Sapphire
Wavy Sapphire 2 dagar sedan
That was bout to be a case
Arig 3 dagar sedan
It’s the walk😂😭
Mimeyobusiness 21
Mimeyobusiness 21 3 dagar sedan
Why he talkin into his phone tho??? 😂
Raluca Maria
Raluca Maria 3 dagar sedan
Hold on a sec...this is Emily Brobowsky😭😳
YESHUA’s ALIVE 3 dagar sedan
I would guess 25 Why does she look so mature
Hashmi Gazala
Hashmi Gazala 3 dagar sedan
The Rorschach Imperative
So she’s 30
nobody likesme
nobody likesme 3 dagar sedan
She’s not 14
Maria Noah
Maria Noah 3 dagar sedan
She isnt 14 lol…if she was to tell me shes plus 8, I’d believe..🤷🏻‍♀️
Bow Nhur
Bow Nhur 3 dagar sedan
Those are the most unflattering glasses she could’ve possibly picked ... but yet wears that outfit? Ok
Stephanie Phillips
Stephanie Phillips 3 dagar sedan
She is 14
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