Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts 

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1 apr 2021



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INVISIBLE GAMEING 5 timmar sedan
They dent bro not that you have f out the car
King Awesome3452
King Awesome3452 5 timmar sedan
Well wait for it to dry first
Little Ricer
Little Ricer 6 timmar sedan
It not cap the car you are using is a much older model which at that time they were 100% Metal bodypart.The car he used is about 60% metal some the parts are made out of hard plastic that why it able to tick,
SODO_KUN 6 timmar sedan
Let it dry
Tech360 11 timmar sedan
SkullCrusher 6025
SkullCrusher 6025 12 timmar sedan
Well tbh the guy did tug on it quickly rather than just trying to pull it.
Alex_ Moonrose
Alex_ Moonrose 14 timmar sedan
He's The type of guy that would go to an store and buy nothing
Jase Ward
Jase Ward 14 timmar sedan
Gota let the glue dry before you pull it
ALLISON CONTRERAS 15 timmar sedan
Let. It. Dry
Dainis Ribačuks
Dainis Ribačuks 15 timmar sedan
You have to use boiling water then use a plunger to fix the car damage
Khalil Manayan
Khalil Manayan 16 timmar sedan
Let it dry first bruh
Valliantson Ricardo tjung
Why dont just put hot water then use plunger insted a glue stick?
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel 17 timmar sedan
Take a ketal and hot water and a plunger and put the hot water on the dint and put the plundger on and pull
J.B.M 19 timmar sedan
RIP at the car
Riley Gouws
Riley Gouws 19 timmar sedan
You should use a toilet puncher
BragCrayfish 22 timmar sedan
It's 5 minute crafts, what else did you expect?
Ythan King
Ythan King 22 timmar sedan
You did not let the glue sticks dry. DUH💩
Birdie Buddies
Birdie Buddies 22 timmar sedan
Didn’t work ☹️
Layan -
Layan - 22 timmar sedan
You have to wait till it dries and then you’re gonna take it off
MasterJet YT
MasterJet YT Dag sedan
You need to take it stick within 30sec or less
InLoveWithThat Panda
It's hot water and plunger
Tanveer Akhtar
Tanveer Akhtar Dag sedan
Ur doing it wrong let the glue dry at least duh 🙄
GNX _logical
GNX _logical Dag sedan
Use a hair dryer
Rameses Ray Rivera
It didnt dryed yet
jjmcwill Dag sedan
I just tried this A month A ago and had the same results. Does not work.
ManD Productions
Bro... melt the glue sticks together, right by qhere your pulling the dent.... also let it dry
LlamaYT Dag sedan
Dude you need to try to put boiling water on the car then pull the dents out with a toilet plunger
kiwi luv
kiwi luv Dag sedan
Try a plunger put it on the dent the yank it
Alyssa Lozada
Alyssa Lozada Dag sedan
try boiling water and a plunger 🪠
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Dag sedan
You need to let it dry on the car i think
Loganiclogan's Dag sedan
Because you doing so fast you didn't even let him dry in 2-3 minutes with the car and gule sticks
Crack Head
Crack Head Dag sedan
Pretty sure you gotta let it dry
Meris Hajdarevic
Leaw it to get coald
viplav nagpal
viplav nagpal Dag sedan
Albaedo Dag sedan
Trusting 5 minute crafts would be the greatest mistake of your life.
Soda Lover
Soda Lover Dag sedan
5 minute caps
Melody Salas
Melody Salas 2 dagar sedan
He did it wrong... He had to wait for it to dry
Olive oil
Olive oil 2 dagar sedan
U should try hot water and a plunger
SARGE 2 dagar sedan
Toilet plunger would've been better probably.....
ZiyadRobloxGamer 2 dagar sedan
Don't ever trust 5 minutes craft.
And people say I need a life
You gotta let them get cold again before you start pulling
And people say I need a life
You gotta let them get cold again before you start pulling
king joe neal
king joe neal 2 dagar sedan
ur getting killed😬😬😬😬😬
iiKandi Apples
iiKandi Apples 2 dagar sedan
I think you have to keep it on longer and you don't have the right brand
Sara Sutter
Sara Sutter 2 dagar sedan
Get boiling water and pour on the dance of the car and then get a plunger and and like pull out the dance
JUAN CARLOS 2 dagar sedan
😀😀😀😀 you
bebo crusader
bebo crusader 2 dagar sedan
Tiinty 2 dagar sedan
Bro didnt even give it time
Jax Lamorie
Jax Lamorie 2 dagar sedan
What iq do you have LSU the glue dry
jaydenVLOGS 2 dagar sedan
Use a plunger
Garr_tt 99
Garr_tt 99 2 dagar sedan
let it dry
Kompfejs 2 dagar sedan
Use a plunger
b1gg3r sp1nn3r
b1gg3r sp1nn3r 2 dagar sedan
You gotta let it harden first
SelinaBxrry 2 dagar sedan
Of the comments 99% Hes the type of guy 1% Absolutely random stuff
I'm a fan Bro
I'm a fan Bro 2 dagar sedan
This is the that looks up and down when he is crossing the streets
BIG_BACKDAVID 2 dagar sedan
Bro u need to let it froze
Amitabha Sharma
Amitabha Sharma 2 dagar sedan
Pathetic video
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 2 dagar sedan
Don't trust 5 minute crafts 😂
Georgi Vatev
Georgi Vatev 3 dagar sedan
What did this guy do to y'all, he was just wondering if it's real or cap
Okay 3 dagar sedan
That means your car is high quality 🤣
Kafi Wafa
Kafi Wafa 3 dagar sedan
Kuranggareng cengoh
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson 3 dagar sedan
Carson Stanley
Carson Stanley 3 dagar sedan
Wait longer
Sam Galaxy
Sam Galaxy 3 dagar sedan
Wait untill it sticks.
Kaona Shala
Kaona Shala 3 dagar sedan
I think u should wait till glue dry and may be it will work
Julio Torres
Julio Torres 3 dagar sedan
You should try bolt water and a plunder
Pauline Layacan
Pauline Layacan 3 dagar sedan
Maybe it didnt work because u didnt make the hot glue dry enough
vBlackoutMC 3 dagar sedan
Dont trust 5 minute craft
PUTRA IS 3 dagar sedan
Faith Goble
Faith Goble 3 dagar sedan
I think you were supposed to let the glue sticks dry and glue on to the car, then pull away I might be wrong tho
some random duck on the internet
guys it was requested so stop making fun of him you warm toilet seats
Idk What to write
Idk What to write 3 dagar sedan
Stop the 🧢 No way that happen bro ima watch tho 👁👅👁
Jimmy Jet
Jimmy Jet 3 dagar sedan
That wus a fel
Gachagirl Robloxlife
Gachagirl Robloxlife 3 dagar sedan
Try the plunger hack
Ashley Milam
Ashley Milam 3 dagar sedan
Ok doke
ScottLynn Torres
ScottLynn Torres 3 dagar sedan
You have to let it sit for a bit and then pull it
htjfjgjgbcgcgtusryd rajono xfywrtxtfxfywfyxetxrywg
5 minutes craft is fake
Ken 3 dagar sedan
This is the type of guy to sleep with a ruler to see how long he slept.
Camden Smith
Camden Smith 2 dagar sedan
Carmi Harkleroad
Carmi Harkleroad 3 dagar sedan
Your suppose to let it dry
Hayla Parker-Fields
Hayla Parker-Fields 4 dagar sedan
Use a Bathroom plunger
Miguel Gramillo
Miguel Gramillo 4 dagar sedan
just get a plunger
supergamergirlYT playz
Comment section rn: 50% this/he is the type of guy... 40% he is the reason why... 10% other...
Voidzy 4 dagar sedan
if you really want to fix dents 1. don’t let them happen and be careful with your care 2. if you got a dent while being careful ( accidents happen ) use hot/boiling water and a plunger
John Ferreras
John Ferreras 4 dagar sedan
Just let it dry
Rochelle Emerson
Rochelle Emerson 4 dagar sedan
don't trust 5 minute crafts!!!
cayden 4 dagar sedan
Wouldnt a plunger make more sense
Tim Schilder
Tim Schilder 4 dagar sedan
Next time u have to wait when it is hard try it than
Marcin Ozimek
Marcin Ozimek 4 dagar sedan
Let the glue dry
Ethan Spagnola
Ethan Spagnola 4 dagar sedan
Should try the pluger and hot water thing
gopnik in MINECRAFT
gopnik in MINECRAFT 4 dagar sedan
I'm telling ya those 5 minute craft are in to something
ahmed alnaqbi
ahmed alnaqbi 4 dagar sedan
The glue type isn't too strong
Glass Glass
Glass Glass 5 dagar sedan
Dry it on the dent for 30mins and boom
JuJo Rosado
JuJo Rosado 5 dagar sedan
That's your first mistake actually thinking that something from 5 minute crafts would actually work
Sebass Lucas
Sebass Lucas 5 dagar sedan
Let the glue dry!!! Omfg
Denisse Escalante
Denisse Escalante 5 dagar sedan
I think you have to let it dry?
TheKizilg1 5 dagar sedan
Maybe let it fully dry. Idk, just a thought based around common sense.
El escuadron de amigos
U broke the car for nothing : 😶😐🙂☺️😊😃😆😂🤣
Drew Aquino
Drew Aquino 5 dagar sedan
Making transparent wood
Why I got Fired
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