How Ruben Neves Would Fit at Arsenal 

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Ruben Neves has been heavily linked with a transfer to Arsenal recently so I’ve taken a look at how the Portugal international could fit into Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal and what it could mean for the likes of Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka.


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Ruben Neves would be an excellent signing for Arsenal. Not only is he technically excellent: a rangy passer, extremely composed on the ball and solid defensively, but he’s also comfortable playing in various formations. During his time in the Premier League with Wolves, we saw how he was equally as comfortable at playing in all variations of a back 3, as well as playing in a back 4 like he did this season. This flexibility suggests he could slot into Arteta’s most used systems, the 3-4-3 from last season and the 4-2-3-1 from this season. Neves is a very active defender and he’s very tidy in possession but what sets him apart from other defensive midfielders, isn’t just his ability to score from distance, but his long range passing. The former Porto man ranks in the very top percentiles for long passes and his 4.19 switches per 90 ranks him in the top 4% of midfielders across Europe’s Top 5 Leagues. This type of pass could help get the most out of Kieran Tierney’s overlapping runs. Ruben Neves is exactly the kind of controlling midfielder that would improve Arsenal under Arteta, complimenting Thomas Partey’s shorter style of passing whilst offering Arteta the chance to switch to a 4-3-3.



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Statman Dave Clips
Statman Dave Clips Månad sedan
I'm live on Twitch at 11am BST throughout Euro 2020! *WATCH HERE: **bit.ly/SMDTwitch*
Shadreck Nkoya Jr
Shadreck Nkoya Jr 12 dagar sedan
If Pogba is leaving, Neves should be that one midfielder Manchester United bring in. He would be the lone 6 and offer creativity from deep and United can make use of McTominay, Fred or Donny as box to box or shutler midfielders with Bruno offering creativity further forward as the advanced playmaker of this midfield 3
collins mungomba
collins mungomba 15 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Great Analysis on Neves now i see is better than Bissouma in progression and quicker than Xhaka...even if I was a Bissouma merchant now I get an understanding Neves,Koopmeiners or Locatelli needs to come and compliment partey in the midfield while Lokonga is young can do the Bissouma job of a DM period 🤔
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan Månad sedan
would leno stay if we sort out or defense?
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan Månad sedan
with ben white and aarons, our defence would be superb
Imi Khan
Imi Khan Månad sedan
Spinazola saliba matviyenko Tierney Sabitser partey M.diaby saka pepe Isak
pat charles
pat charles Månad sedan
Neves and Bissouma and Rahrez lingard would be perfect
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson Månad sedan
Neves going Everton for 24mil already had medical
Adam Geiger Jr
Adam Geiger Jr Månad sedan
now what about Marcelo Brozović?
D S Månad sedan
Arsenal have to replace both Xhaka and Ceballos. Neves and Bissouma would be perfect!
Andre Månad sedan
the fact this don just said Neves would be better for Arsenal than Bissouma should prove exactly why this mug is a fraud
Statman Dave Clips
Statman Dave Clips Månad sedan
Play nice Andre
Smiling Rat
Smiling Rat Månad sedan
Where does joe willock fit in
Burak Handan
Burak Handan Månad sedan
Neves, Ben White, Grealish and Onana and we are finally ready to compete top 4.
Burak Handan
Burak Handan Månad sedan
@Red Timez It is not realistic i know that but everybody has a price. Kroenke won't pay that price though.
Red Timez
Red Timez Månad sedan
Grealish would rather stay at AV than go to Arsenal
R2Lavish Månad sedan
Thought Werner retired and took up SVdown
Mark Gerges
Mark Gerges Månad sedan
We are replacing Xhaka before replacing Viera. Arsenal is a circus.
Jerome Hainsly
Jerome Hainsly Månad sedan
One man that knows what he’s talking about 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 well done mate
Kristien Rodda
Kristien Rodda Månad sedan
How would neves fit in your team. Easy in the away changing room when wolves come to the play you and beat you next season.
Arsenide Music
Arsenide Music Månad sedan
Suspiciously looks like AJ3's cabinet(behind dave)
lina chester
lina chester Månad sedan
How about how Arsenal will cope without playing European football??
Karan Chaba
Karan Chaba Månad sedan
Other signings ? I'd get Ruben Neves after watching this video, if we can't get him then we should go for Bissouma, one of them two should be Xhaka replacement. To replace Ceballos I'll get Houssem Aouar, if not then I'll keep Willock. Then coming to CAM position, Rodrigo De Paul is the player we should go all in for, or we should go for Piotr Zielinkski, or Ødegaard on loan again. Ben white/ Odillion Kossonou to replace David Luiz with Saliba coming back in.
Karan Chaba
Karan Chaba Månad sedan
You earned yourself another subscriber mate, even though you're a spurs fan. Great video ! 👏
Mohd A.
Mohd A. Månad sedan
I thought he was a United fan?
Joe Allysons
Joe Allysons Månad sedan
I think you just chose to say what arsenal fans were looking to hear. 1. The only reason Tierney is able to attack like that is because Xhaka is tasked with covering him and sticking to that LB position as he goes forward. 2. Xhaka was one of the most progressive passers in Europe last season. Top 10 I think. Even you had to cover it by referring to the brain farts. 3. Talking brain farts, Xhaka has had so few over the past two seasons that the only way to keep the argument relevant is to call back all the way from 2016 Reuben is actually a good player, but not for the reasons you pointed out. I think Marcel Szabitzer though would be a better upgrade to Xhaka
Tom R
Tom R Månad sedan
I agree. I think he would be a great signing...we would have been falling over ourselves for this signing 2 years ago. He’s definitely a great fit for what Arteta seems to want and an upgrade on Xhaka. Let’s hope we don’t fumble the transfer now! Thanks for the video.
Adrian Hartanto
Adrian Hartanto Månad sedan
Ruben Neves, Alexander Isak, and Leon Bailey.. Next season arsenal top 4 !
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
Bossouma not ruben neves.
Anthony Pollock
Anthony Pollock Månad sedan
Solid analysis, subbed
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron Månad sedan
Dave can you do a video - How Ole would fit in at Palace!😂
Amber Teo
Amber Teo Månad sedan
Great video mate! Those who said he is just another Granit Xhaka doesn’t know anything. I hope Arsenal gets this deal done!
Digjay Das
Digjay Das Månad sedan
Let’s be serious here any semi decent player would fit at arsenal
Sean Duggan
Sean Duggan Månad sedan
| | | Backwards and sideways that's how he will fit in xhaka mark 2
Michael James
Michael James Månad sedan
Nice video !!very engage from beginning to end . Nevertheless business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the oval office.
Hre Cane
Hre Cane Månad sedan
Believe me he's the best when it comes to crypto currency trading, you profit is assured.
Jones Mosh
Jones Mosh Månad sedan
I am happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr Stewart Wesley for people to talk this good about him.
Joe Maryie
Joe Maryie Månad sedan
Yes I can believe that,I got victory with him, I was so sad after receiving the first payment knowing I invested so low with fear😓😓
Heryi Johnson
Heryi Johnson Månad sedan
Really y'all know him? I even thought I am the only one he has helped through the fears and fall of trading crypto currency.
Kevin Mantis
Kevin Mantis Månad sedan
Seeing alot of successstories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him
Westmaaan Månad sedan
You look like Pedro Gonçalves
Akib Choudhury
Akib Choudhury Månad sedan
Bissouma is amazing but I feel his skillsets overlap too much with Partey. We need a partner to compliment Partey's game which I feel Neves does. Bissouma and Partey are too similar, they have their strengths but neither has the passing range or vision to make transitions from defence to attack seamless.
Yasser Ben • 28 years ago
Completely disagree. Partey does very well at creating chances from deep positions and his tight dribbling allows him to open up angles other players cannot
Jamie Cheek
Jamie Cheek Månad sedan
Great insight, Would love to see Neves at Arsenal. By my days take a sip of water man !!
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser Månad sedan
Dave, your analysis is spot on as always. Really loving the Clips channel.
Reza Armeynaldo
Reza Armeynaldo Månad sedan
Why suddenly every internet football analyst mentions this 'percentile' thing to gauge a player performance..?
Statman Dave Clips
Statman Dave Clips Månad sedan
It’s a based on the total population of players. E.g. the 99th percentile means the player is in the top 1% of players in that statistic. 100% total population the 99th part.
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin
I am a United fan but surely Arsenal fans wont be to happy about this as in my opinion Neves really has not lived up to the hype last couple of years. Does not create much as Moutinho is much more creative of the pair and passing ability not comparable. Does not need to be reliad upon defensivly as his team plays with lower block and 3 at the back. I would say better go for more interesting options in other European leagues.
Veteran Frostlander
Veteran Frostlander Månad sedan
How did it take me so long to realize you have a new channel? I'm so late to the party.
Ron Catton
Ron Catton Månad sedan
Why dont you all stop going on about 'Rumours' and wait till its almost certain?
Ben Miova
Ben Miova Månad sedan
He ain’t a better signing than Bossuma sorry but Arsenal needs a worrier in the midfield someone who can actually defend. Not too sure if neves is that guy especially for 40 mil
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner Månad sedan
Yeah but mate we have to get him first 🤔
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux Månad sedan
Clueless about Arsenal. At least know that Pepe has been playing on the right and Saka on the left
Archie Moore
Archie Moore Månad sedan
Sara's best position is rw?😂
Aari Vinayagasothy
Aari Vinayagasothy Månad sedan
Tbf there was a period in the season where saka was on the right and pepe was on the left, only for like 3-4 games though
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra Månad sedan
40 M is too much for Neves. Better get Fabian Ruiz Pena, Eduardo Camavinga, Carles Alena or Teun Koopmeiners
Archie Moore
Archie Moore Månad sedan
@miles stiddard trust😂😂
miles stiddard
miles stiddard Månad sedan
This ain’t fifa career mode lad
Omar Khanday
Omar Khanday Månad sedan
Where u at bro. Long time no video! All well at your end?
Alice Månad sedan
I say Neves is underrated given how much hype is around far less talented players like Declan Rice,Fred and Henderson etc.
Brian Kimathi
Brian Kimathi Månad sedan
I think Doyle and J.hernderson are quite similar from style to leadership
Brian Kimathi
Brian Kimathi Månad sedan
The way Henderson is underrated speaks for itself why tommy Doyle from city is not amongst the talked abt youngstars to make the breakthrough next season
Maleeha Rayisoon
Maleeha Rayisoon Månad sedan
You're an Arsenal fan, man it screams you're delusional, calling Declan Rice less talented.
Billy Feraldy
Billy Feraldy Månad sedan
I never understand why people thinks Neves is just another Xhaka.
Harsh G15
Harsh G15 Månad sedan
just because they play the similar role of deep lying playmaker and both have that good passing range but neves is technically far more superior to xhaka...like xhakas good passing range is just useless becoz he takes like 15 min to control and release the ball
Tbf I came into this thinking Neves was not good enough and not the player we need. Come to think of it after watching this video, I’ve changed my mind a little bit on Neves. Depending on the price, I would not be against it now after watching this
Name Månad sedan
in essence, innocents in assents, in a sense
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Månad sedan
As a United Fan I think Neves would be a great addition to arsenal, he will improve their creativity and speed of getting the ball to the attackers. He does have an excellent long shot on him as well. Neves, Aarons, Raphina, and Ben White would be a great summer for Arsenal
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson Månad sedan
@Hasan Ramzan yeah. 80 mil Pepe to be paid off sometime by 2024 or something. Willian for free, Odegaard on loan, etc. Partey was the last player Arsenal bought that was a good transfer. But judging by arsenal squad, any new players should know they are joining a mid table club that is on way DOWN and has no ambition to fight for trophies. I suspect unless something drastic changes, Arsenal to lose its status as a "top club" if that hasnt happened yet.
Hasan Ramzan
Hasan Ramzan Månad sedan
@Ivan Donson it’s a myth that Arsenal don’t spend. The problem is how they spend.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Månad sedan
@Ivan Donson I know we all like to joke that Arsenal doesn’t have money which is true but the Kronkes do and they have to make it up to their fan base. They are losing a lot of players this summer gonna need to invest a little bit
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson Månad sedan
For what money? The credit fee club is broke and can't really attract the best players. If any of those players get a choice between arsenal and other top clubs, they are going to other clubs
ARNAV PATEL Månad sedan
Can he switch play to the left? Arsenal's right backs don't push high but left backs do, pepe isn't great at controlling long balls but martinelli is. Xhaka'a left footedness is a great asset in current scenario but from what I've seen neves' switches are mostly towards the right side to Traore and semedo. Not ideal for Arsenal's system, Partey can switch play to right if we sign a left footer to replace xhaka it would be ideal, if not we can sign someone who can play progressive line breaking through balls like Locatelli, i dont think line breaking passes/progressive passes are neves' forte. Neves would be decent but not the perfect guy to replace Xhaka's contribution to Arsenal's buildup, can you recommend someone who is comfortable of switching play to left wing or both wings?
gambo hassan
gambo hassan Månad sedan
Florian neuhaus reuben nevers and right back
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead Månad sedan
Neves better than Bissouma ???? Could they both fit in the team?
Its Simba
Its Simba 27 dagar sedan
Different players we need a neves profile more
Talismanian Devil
Talismanian Devil Månad sedan
Leno Holding-saliba-Gabriel-kolasinac Neves Bellerin Tierney Partey Willock Saka Options,uhhhhn.🧐 You kno, I went back and forth on wether or not to explain my selection. To be honest, I’m still waved, so I will. If we were to procure a man of the quality of Rubin neves. It would behove us to build the team around him. The flat back four of solid, technical defenders. With full backs that treat going forward like a holiday with your parents.(sneak out for a bit when they’ve gone to bed, nothing to mad, we’re back before the maid). In the pirlo role The best passer in the prem if he comes to arsenal, the aforementioned Ruben neves. The shuttlers and the engine team. Need to be, fast players that don’t need to asked to get up and down the pitch. Also good in 1v1’s. So fullbacks. Partey will be the best pressing ten in the league. The wide forwards have to put in 5 crosses from within the box each, per game.
Ngoni Muvengwa
Ngoni Muvengwa Månad sedan
Thank you Statman Dave. So many people are already being naive about whether or not he is an upgrade to Granit Xhaka especially that Ltarsenal twitter page.🤦🏾‍♂️
Micah01 Månad sedan
Exactly man
Nyasha Zitsanza
Nyasha Zitsanza Månad sedan
Vaudze kuti Neves anogona🇿🇼🇿🇼
Ian Darby
Ian Darby Månad sedan
45 mill we wont
FatalChrxme Månad sedan
What is the website that he uses for stats?
Charlie D
Charlie D Månad sedan
Excellent content. Fair play.
ian Saliheen
ian Saliheen Månad sedan
You look like a baby
Static Månad sedan
Anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Werner? Subbed regardless lol.
Vaisakh Sarai
Vaisakh Sarai Månad sedan
Dave would be a better striker than him tbf
Matt Pdrt
Matt Pdrt Månad sedan
God, now it will be awful when we don't get him
Ryan G
Ryan G Månad sedan
Good upload. I like neves
Dhijer Chakma
Dhijer Chakma Månad sedan
Never knew Timo Werner had a SVdown channel😂
matc21 Månad sedan
@MstChaos7 you're blind, looks just like him
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez Månad sedan
​@MstChaos7 ur wrong, they look identical
Dhijer Chakma
Dhijer Chakma Månad sedan
@MstChaos7 ok
MstChaos7 Månad sedan
He looks nothing like Werner
mcranoxp Månad sedan
Aaron Hewitt
Aaron Hewitt Månad sedan
My volume is on max and I can barely hear Dave while on the bus
John Wayne -
John Wayne - Månad sedan
Love your work Dave. Along with Neves, Arsenal need a solid mature RB to secure and/or offer the overlap option to Pepe, another 2 squad CM's who are going to accept not starting every week (Lokonga/Joan Jordan/Berge) type players. A left back whom if young, is still good enough to be thrown in for minimum 5-8 games. For a CB, Joachim Anderson is a good shout since Lyon are broke and my dream signing is Pedro Goncalves but we all know what happens when you dream at Arsenal.
Rafif Abdul aziz
Rafif Abdul aziz Månad sedan
i think for rb we need the one who can defend too, my choice is zeki celik or mukiele, i dont really think aarons or lamptey is good choice for us bcs in arteta system, rb doesnt overlap much. 2 cm for squad depth lokonga and ricci/matheus martinelli are good choice, young and cheap between 10-15m. for left back back up could be josh doig from hibernian, only 19yo and was scottish young player of the year this season, his playing style is similiar to tierney and report said that we could get him for 5m only. i dont really think we need new cb bcs we had mavropanos and saliba coming back this season, and even if we need new one, we should sign someone who is two level at least than our current cb like skriniar, romero, kounde or romagnoli. imo andersen is about same level with holding and gabriel, he wont really boost our defence. last one i super agree with you about pedro goncalves, he is my dream signing as well, but yeah he might only a dream if we support arsenal:)
Stephen Foot
Stephen Foot Månad sedan
Arsenal threw a red herring to the itks making them believe he was who they wanted so they can forward their attainment of their main target as they said bissouma was their no2 target but didn't divulge the no1 target, let's wait n see and maybe an ozil type surprise signing could happen
CamoKing Månad sedan
Yeah i agree. Same thing with the CAM targets. didnt really think buendia was our no.1 target because apparently arteta really likes odegaard so i think we will chase him. And i think aouar, neves and bissouma would be dream midfield signings
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan Månad sedan
He is a deep lying playmaker and Arsenal don't play a deep lying playmaker in their build up play system.It's gonna be another Xhaka mistake.
smith549371 Månad sedan
Manchester united should have got Neves 2 seasons ago and not had to put up with Fred
Ian Frater
Ian Frater Månad sedan
Nice work bro 👍🏾
Pedro Gusmão
Pedro Gusmão Månad sedan
Which app Statman David used in this video?
Jared Arrindell
Jared Arrindell Månad sedan
Neves for sure. I really think he will suit our style of football. Him and Partey will be a dream combo. He is Xhaka built, but quicker. For RB, i was watching Dumfries from PSV, but I dont think he will leave. LB, the youngster from Hibernian and this is a left field shout, but Todd Cantwell from Norwich. He is quality on the ball and he is really good friends with Emile so adapting wont be a problem. Also, he can play anywhere along the front 4. What do you think?
CamoKing Månad sedan
@David Alaba celik wont match our style of play. Max aarons is a better fit
Alice Månad sedan
We have much better players coming up through the academy than all these players we have been linked with so far.Azeez and Charlie Patino look fabulous prospects and far more exciting to watch.
Ethan Addo
Ethan Addo Månad sedan
@David Alaba Doig price tag rumoured around £5M which was reported today.
David Alaba
David Alaba Månad sedan
great but at rb i would be looking at celik from lille, amazing season and just won the league, can go forward, a tierney like player. Lb is a bit dodgy bc hibernian wont let him go for cheap which is a problem for us
Peter Woulfe
Peter Woulfe Månad sedan
Arsenal need lamptey
Abhishek Munde
Abhishek Munde Månad sedan
Statman Dave looks like Timo Werner
Liddo Miguelitoo
Liddo Miguelitoo Månad sedan
Klo Pp
Klo Pp Månad sedan
Plot twist :He is Werner, again missing, but the club.
Scotxh Bonnick
Scotxh Bonnick Månad sedan
Adrian Hartanto
Adrian Hartanto Månad sedan
Mathew Cashman
Mathew Cashman Månad sedan
In a sense
Fetene Abraham
Fetene Abraham Månad sedan
The preseter looks like Andre shevisheniko
V.S Månad sedan
you just said Ruben neves is a better option than Yves Bissouma. why do think that? i just want to know maybe Arsenal is right to go after neves afterall
sivesh nithilan
sivesh nithilan Månad sedan
What app is being used??
Ziluzila Keviyasi Gunner
Can't wait to just comment on this channel. This z perfect 👌
Devendra Kadam
Devendra Kadam Månad sedan
Guys, Anyone know what software he uses to show the analysis?
R Akoto
R Akoto Månad sedan
I think it’s SofaScore I use it on my phone and it’s pretty good
Ted Månad sedan
Dave in
Henry Kwidini
Henry Kwidini Månad sedan
Neves great player. Does he tackle enough to be a good CDM?
Rafif Abdul aziz
Rafif Abdul aziz Månad sedan
this season he had 6th most tackles and 3rd most intercept in the league
Kehon Romeo
Kehon Romeo Månad sedan
@Callum your fucking deluded
Callum Månad sedan
He is a great tackler, that’s his best trait check the stats. He’s not the CM to dominate a game though, very sloppy passer of the ball and can lack control
Mr Master
Mr Master Månad sedan
Kazi Månad sedan
Neves is overstated. Good but not as good as some people claim he is.
Manday Ashraf
Manday Ashraf Månad sedan
Bissuoma or sambi auoar in an arsenal jersey
Kachi Månad sedan
what do you think of Diego lainez to Arsenal? Although there hasn’t been any interest shown I believe it would be the perfect signing for Arsenal
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
@Kachi I don't think he'd fit imo
Kachi Månad sedan
@Sikandar Shah he can play cam as well lol
N W Månad sedan
If arsebal sell two of Willian, Nelson or Laccazette then that is a shout
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
we don't need another winger
Tshiamo Tati
Tshiamo Tati Månad sedan
What other signings? On top of Neves... Bissouma/ Sambi Lokonga
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs Månad sedan
Thank you stat man you are helping me cope with Arsenal
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob Månad sedan
Haha I swear, same here
Mike x
Mike x Månad sedan
i rather xhaka man
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
Zeki Celik as Bellerin replacement also Aouar's price tag is reportedly around 30 million now if so then its a bargain.
Cxzym L
Cxzym L Månad sedan
@Veerendra Varma Only in the first half of the season did we play with an inverted right back. The second half of the season, Odegaard drops into that position and the right back overlaps.
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
@SP Libin Dubois yes good shout but Baku lacks defensively and is young compared to Celik. I'm saying Zeki Celik bcuz we're linked with him, yes I know there are better players than him but I'm being realistic
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
@RaZeyLWindBladE Aouar is rated very highly bcuz of his ball carrying ability for Lyon and he can score some good amount aswell. Also he's a great passer and technically better than any centre mid we got
SP Libin
SP Libin Månad sedan
Baku and Dubois is fr better players than Zeki celik
RaZeyLWindBladE Månad sedan
@Sikandar Shah ah ok. Don't rate aouar really. Think there are better choices out there. Even if it means it's an unknown figure.
Beth Sparks
Beth Sparks Månad sedan
Amazing! come, let's talk
kbs vashist
kbs vashist Månad sedan
Great video dave
Tony tone
Tony tone Månad sedan
Are u going to do how halland Fit chelsea
Jack Butler
Jack Butler Månad sedan
Partey needs a CM partnership
@Kalela Party has no history with injuries it's arsenals that are poor in player management
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Månad sedan
@ABUBAKARI ABDUL-WASIR true but we do also have matip and keita but they are always injured anyway
Kalela Månad sedan
Partey also needs to stay healthy. I don't he will which is why getting Bissouma would be nice.
@YNWA 212 they'll lose only two players but arsenal will lose about four or five that is if bissouma is signed
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 Månad sedan
@ABUBAKARI ABDUL-WASIR im scared when the africa cup of nations come along liverpools 2 best wingers play in it ffs
Izzy Månad sedan
Good analysis tho, Dave
Izzy Månad sedan
Bad signing. I swear Arsenal have the worst recruitment and DoF in football. Edu is a clown. Signing Neves for £35mil while selling Xhaka for £20mil is pathetic.
Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah Månad sedan
Xhaka is nearing 30, Neves in his mid 20s also look at their value on transfermarkt.
Dandre Ehlers
Dandre Ehlers Månad sedan
I think he will be very good signing...but can we afford it...i would go for neves and aouar as mid signings...a rb&lb plus maybe an attacking player that can play all over the front 3
Parker MC7
Parker MC7 Månad sedan
Think we should go for Aouar + someone like a Bissouma
Caden Turner
Caden Turner Månad sedan
In our dreams..... chambers has done enough to claim a inverted right back spot. A young cheap left back would be nice maybe Robinson from Fulham. And one 8 is the best outcome we could get this summer.. Neves would be a steal at 40 mill but might have to look cheaper
_ YaBoiiAlex
_ YaBoiiAlex Månad sedan
Dave, you get my hopes up every season but then it's just ends up being a mid-table shambles. Please stop 😂😂
U N Månad sedan
Ikr 😭😭😭
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury Månad sedan
Statman Dave with two videos in a day, Awsome 🤩
Ryan Bar
Ryan Bar Månad sedan
Statman Dave Clips
Statman Dave Clips Månad sedan
Let’s gooooo
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