I Drove to Japan's Most Extreme North | Hokkaido Road Trip 

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Cape Soya is 1,000km from Tokyo at Japan's most northern point. In the height of winter we drive across a snowy Hokkaido to discover what's up there.
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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 10 dagar sedan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: To miss the Natsuki cameo in this video would be a crime! Well folks, you can't beat a good road trip and this was easily one of the most fun videos I've produced in 9 years. A HUGE thanks to my best American friend PETE for coming along for the ride (even if his motives were questionable). You can find him over on Twitch where he streams most nights (🌟www.twitch.tv/premiertwo ) and I look forward to stopping by and doing some shows with him in a few weeks to celebrate surviving our journey.
Joselynne C
Joselynne C 21 timme sedan
Not sure if you talked about this on one of you videos but would you mind talking about hanko? I saw this woman on tiktok talk about it. I asked her questions like can foreighners have them? What if you have a similar name? Can others ask to copy your hanko and commit identity fraud? Etc but she hasnt replied to my questions. I tried to do research. Either im doing it wrong or its no where in the internet because i cant find answers
Dominik Damian
Dominik Damian 3 dagar sedan
@Benedict Sylas Yea, have been using flixzone for years myself :D
Benedict Sylas
Benedict Sylas 3 dagar sedan
a tip: watch movies at Flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies these days.
Peter Milne
Peter Milne 4 dagar sedan
Chris I'm a week late to this vid (sorry) but can I just say that the two of you channeled the spirits of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau perfectly. Or hell, even Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. I have just watched a 21st century remake of The Odd Couple. Thanks mate.
Lor Neng Thunderfist
Lor Neng Thunderfist 5 dagar sedan
Crows may be seen flying past, crying "aho! aho!"
LunaPhotography 6 timmar sedan
4:00 LOL That's a light dusting of snow for a Canadian from the East Coast. :P We've had snow high enough to fully cover 2-3 story houses here in the Maritimes. :)
Maximilian Wimmer
Maximilian Wimmer 7 timmar sedan
Maybe that's how the town got its name, similar to the story with the name for Kanguru? Russian traders come in and ask japanese locals "What is name of town?" Japanese locals reply "This one? I don't know, mate"
XXVOSSWATERXX 7 timmar sedan
pete is the most american american I've seen
Gary D
Gary D 8 timmar sedan
Pete, the only American on Cool Japan that didn't make me think, "Where the hell did you find this awful representation of an American"
pvkat1982 9 timmar sedan
I just got really excited hearing Kansas mentioned and seeing a Royals hat.
jadon joshua
jadon joshua 9 timmar sedan
After all these fake Englands in Japan, Natsuki really needs to see your real hometown
ZoSoArt 10 timmar sedan
Sorry Pete, nothing is better than food
Li li
Li li 11 timmar sedan
Didn't know I needed your friend in these trips, lovely friend
Dacian Grada
Dacian Grada 13 timmar sedan
now this was a journey! loved it
mytimetravellingdog 13 timmar sedan
Copying Ryotoro's video's now Chris? What has it come to?
Val Lopez
Val Lopez 15 timmar sedan
I don't get why China and Japan have to have recreations of other parts of the world hahaha
JAM 4242564
JAM 4242564 15 timmar sedan
Umm ... I've seen that "hello bear " mug in daiso btw it has a polar bear
David Eisenhart
David Eisenhart 15 timmar sedan
Pete is a straight up mood, I love him!
Evan Grey
Evan Grey 17 timmar sedan
Those night time shots were awesome. Only making me want to visit Japan more and more. Damn you chris
Mastersoniczachm 17 timmar sedan
I L o ve this video.
Caliber Cross
Caliber Cross 19 timmar sedan
Literally can't tell of the twist was scripted or legit xD Either way, what a joy this video was
Jaywye 21 timme sedan
Cem Altıner
Cem Altıner 23 timmar sedan
wakkanai forever???? ba dum tss
Pratik Ravate
Pratik Ravate 23 timmar sedan
Fav one so far
Stefan Schleps
Stefan Schleps 23 timmar sedan
I want to live in Hoakkaido. Because blizzards are cool. Snow is life. Thanks mate.
RobBroderick44 23 timmar sedan
4:40 Kansas band : am I a joke to you ?!
ザム「Zam」 Dag sedan
What the hell are you doing at the northern most part of Japan? Wakkanai (It sounds like "wakanai" which in Japanese means "I don't know")
Toopz ‘
Toopz ‘ Dag sedan
woah im the 70.000th like, pretty cool
ᚴᚱᛁᚴᛅᚱᛅᚾ ᛅᚢ ᚾᚬᚱᛏᛅᚾ
Bah! Looks like southern Sweden.
Chum Bucket
Chum Bucket Dag sedan
fricken LOVELY editing, cozy ass atmosphere, dudes thumbs UPPPPP!!!!!
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood Dag sedan
I think that the real bear mug is the friendships forged along the way.
Wapamup Dag sedan
wabush01 Dag sedan
Thanks to Pete for making a fellow Kanasian proud!
John Wolf2
John Wolf2 Dag sedan
You didn't name the Inn at Otaru! Damnit....
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag sedan
I never knew the north of Japan looked like that. Some of those places and towns are absolutely beautiful.
xintoki Dag sedan
Wow i loved this
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Dag sedan
Hello fellow Kansan!
Kenneth Roy Beduya
chris, this might be selfish of me, but please do another journey across japan series cause that what made me visit your channel everyday, also its quite fun seeing weird stores, creepy statues, and your hard working british body haha, anyways please do another series.
Ken Murillo
Ken Murillo Dag sedan
great video guys!
Hugh M.
Hugh M. Dag sedan
Dova Cake
Dova Cake Dag sedan
I love this video
Brian Vrsalovich
I fell for a MacGuffin!
Alain Pierre Alcantara
Better buy two mugs, just in case...
brandiipanda Dag sedan
It's like watching Bojack Horseman and Mr. Peanutbutter
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd Dag sedan
epic vid
KalowJager Dag sedan
I really love the story telling in these videos, makes it really fun to watch
En be
En be Dag sedan
Your American Friend is a really cool guy. No pun intended. Great Vid. Keep up the great work.
ui ye
ui ye Dag sedan
your best American friend is one cool guy
tkash Dag sedan
😂😂😂 I was hoping that you'd take advantage of 'I don't know town' and use it in a sentence. Perfect Natsuki!!!
Nathan Krogfoss
Nathan Krogfoss Dag sedan
Please, if you haven't already, tell Natsuki he looks like Cornelius. Compliment success guaranteed.
L N Dag sedan
I never knew the north of Japan looked like that. Some of those places and towns are absolutely beautiful.
bart mcdougall
bart mcdougall Dag sedan
Hey congrats on getting there bit sad now lol but looking forward to see whats next. Enjoying the Channel as always 😀 Hi five from Scotland.
Christian Carter
I’m from Kansas. :)
thetafour Dag sedan
Hands down your best video! Pete... The phone call.... The story behind it all... Loved it. Very very good producing and editing!
Shinkirou Dag sedan
all that for a pun christ? lol
Eric Anthony
Eric Anthony Dag sedan
Why is Pete exactly like the guy who is always high from the movie "The Cabin in the Woods"?
Koko Ni
Koko Ni Dag sedan
PLEASE do a "southern most point" video! You haven't done Okinawa in years!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
If there is someone from Kansas involved in anything The Wizard of Oz will always come up, we're legally required to mention it at least 3 times a day.
michael white
michael white Dag sedan
Love this guy's enthusiasm and excitement next to Chris and his extra dry style Which i also love More of you two please
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
The most successful SVdownr in Japan. 🇯🇵🇬🇧✨
va7entijn Dag sedan
Amazing video guys, I laughed a lot! 👏👏
Sarah Alexander
Sarah Alexander Dag sedan
I loved this guy!! Please have him more on your channel 😁 You two are like Ying and Yang. ❄
Tony Dag sedan
The road trip to Furano looks like a picture perfect winter wonderland delight
Eve Petersen
Eve Petersen Dag sedan
You came so close to staying at the Guest House I work with in Otaru! If you come back, lemme know, I know loads of Hokkaido stuff~
Art3mis1990 2 dagar sedan
I loved that the music playing at Stonehenge was the same as the music playing when Natsuki visited Stonehenge in the UK. And yes, I've watched your videos so many times, I remember when my favourite tracks were used.
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 2 dagar sedan
Maikurusan 2 dagar sedan
i love that editing ending with the nice birds eye view scene with the banter arguments as the background noise and good music to pair with it.
Life’s Choice
Life’s Choice 2 dagar sedan
Ghost of Tsushima Shrine lol
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan 2 dagar sedan
Wakkanai 4 eva
D G 2 dagar sedan
Pete shows off the guide to London, but no mention of the baby Dalek he's sitting next to?
D G 2 dagar sedan
Pete = Typical American Dave from Seattle = Not having it
lloyd patton
lloyd patton 2 dagar sedan
What car is he driving in this video ? Anyone know?
Bernie Ho
Bernie Ho 2 dagar sedan
Pete’s vibe is like pimento from Brooklyn99
Adi Kamath
Adi Kamath 2 dagar sedan
Intercontinental Buddha Missile. I'm dead
Brent Kooi
Brent Kooi 2 dagar sedan
Wearing SHOES in the Otaru hotel?! Naughty, naughty!
rs izm
rs izm 2 dagar sedan
The most successful SVdownr in Japan. 🇯🇵🇬🇧✨
Bob Rod
Bob Rod 2 dagar sedan
I love the snow you can make snowman and throw snowballs and maybe play a video game outside🙂
woof bark
woof bark 2 dagar sedan
This trip seems eerily similar to your trip with cris okano to the lavender field's in the winter.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 dagar sedan
Pete is the golden retriever puppy to Chris's grumpy old terrier.
Honey Kree
Honey Kree 2 dagar sedan
I am at the 3:30 mark and I have two predictions: That mug is from Daiso ( the dollar store in Japan) Also Natsuki actually said he bought it from wakani which means I don't know in Japanese
Honey Kree
Honey Kree 2 dagar sedan
23:30 I KNEW IT
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 dagar sedan
Yuru camp around Fuji san?
Spark The Kirin
Spark The Kirin 2 dagar sedan
I think we all know 2:15ish is a fib because when have we known Chris to carry his cards
Alburito 2 dagar sedan
You still have that awkward way of eating noodles lol.
Classical31 2 dagar sedan
Impeccable quality as always. Great job on the video, I can tell a lot of effort went into it and it didn't disappoint!
Laurent B.
Laurent B. 2 dagar sedan
C'mon Chris, stop talking about yourself or the amount of subscribers you have and go back to the subject why we watching this. Japan.
Jonathan Waters
Jonathan Waters 2 dagar sedan
@6:05 reminds me of Hopewell Rocks. Poor yank needed to bring some real winter wear; cold hands that crack in he winter sucks. Haha thats another way of getting mugged.
Laniakea2203 2 dagar sedan
We like Pete, he can stay
Bones12x2 2 dagar sedan
How does Natsuki make literally every thing he says sound funny. He could be like... "I just sorted my garbage..." and I would chuckle.
varun 2 dagar sedan
why do you look so annoyed mate
Ebrahim Al Theeb
Ebrahim Al Theeb 2 dagar sedan
is that a Dalek from Dr who in the apartment ?
Tarmo Tanilsoo
Tarmo Tanilsoo 2 dagar sedan
22:50 onwards totally had me in stitches. Great video!
Father Freddie
Father Freddie 2 dagar sedan
Well done guys 🤗 🤗
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 2 dagar sedan
Neither of my wife nor I could watch. I love this channel but that new guy is like a watching a cheezy game show host of an epic level.
Robot Unicorn
Robot Unicorn 2 dagar sedan
Pete: 🌞 Chris: 🧊 Pete smiling: 🌞 intensifies Chris: 🧊 *melts slowly*
C.J Armstrong
C.J Armstrong 2 dagar sedan
What months was this filmed?
MagicallyMusical 2 dagar sedan
Chris how do you keep attracting people with the opposite personality from you as close friends lol.
Stefan Lucian
Stefan Lucian 2 dagar sedan
Yuru camp around Fuji san?
Fred Jones
Fred Jones 3 dagar sedan
I think its something about the name 'Pete' that makes Petes act cringy
Heidi Stinton
Heidi Stinton 3 dagar sedan
thankyou for fab videos.love seeing with my one eye sight beautiful japan.this 60 yrs on sick since 1 st haemorrgh ect quality of life got better because of yube tube seeing all the fab videos.thankyou.x
jerry pranata
jerry pranata 3 dagar sedan
chris you chubby
The Collector
The Collector 3 dagar sedan
If Pete ever loses his job as presenter, he could star in any musical on Broadway.
Pamela Francis
Pamela Francis 3 dagar sedan
I loved this because you are always authentic. Have you thought of doing an ambient video, so we can fall asleep in this wonderful country!
ash by
ash by 3 dagar sedan
loved the video❣️
George Allen
George Allen 3 dagar sedan
On this episode of sinicle British man meets loud american...
Quincy 3 dagar sedan
"Pirates are cool... innit?" lmao
shut up bitch
shut up bitch 3 dagar sedan
Pete lost 2k followers after this video? :(
Hunter Hotch
Hunter Hotch 3 dagar sedan
If u notice, my man says the word “albeit” alot... a little “eerie”
Den som skrattar förlorar #64