Khloe Kardashian Photo Drama & Pizza Eating Contest - Frenemies # 31 

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13 apr 2021



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J R Timme sedan
WTF she do 2 her face??
Kelsey Johnson
Kelsey Johnson 5 timmar sedan
Please make a behind the scenes
Jesse J.B.
Jesse J.B. 8 timmar sedan
This is my favorite episode so far.
lewis thomas
lewis thomas 12 timmar sedan
E: “if I get a bomb..” T:”a bump... of coke?”
JenniferJ 12 timmar sedan
Ethan... You can look at her pizza box and tell she ate more than you! She destroyed her pizza faster. We can tell. 😉 Personally I hate cold pizza... Most female's do. Fresh food is better to do eating contest with!💁‍♀️
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez 18 timmar sedan
ethan foot soldiers unite 🤠🦶🏼🦶🏼💂🏽
Kaitlyn Carrington
Kaitlyn Carrington 18 timmar sedan
Love you guys. But not everyone on the right fits the stereotype of "hating gays" or whatever else. Just like not all the left fit the stereotype of what people think about them. There's really no sides when it comes down to it. Just good against evil. Some people are just bad/ hateful people, and some try to learn and grow everyday to become better people.
Chloe Massie
Chloe Massie Dag sedan
Please make a crime podcast
Minerva M
Minerva M Dag sedan
“You don’t have any discernible characteristics that make you stand out.” Lol 36:33
nobody Dag sedan
I would want to see both
Red Red
Red Red Dag sedan
ethan apologises, changes his stance and double checks trisha is okay when he offends her but when trisha offends ethan she says 'omg its just a joke' and i dont like that at all
Vivian Dag sedan
Please bring Antphrodite on the show! I’d love to see him do a reading for Trisha and Ethan
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey Dag sedan
josee hill
josee hill Dag sedan
Anyone know this app ? 😂
josee hill
josee hill Dag sedan
My only thing w the kardashians is they obviously have body image issues of their own other wise they wouldn’t have gone this far
josee hill
josee hill Dag sedan
Cold pizza sucks lol
Madeleine Johnson
the end is my favorite, an open conversation about educating themselves ♥️ so cute
Lauren nfsk
Lauren nfsk Dag sedan
Okokok, I love this podcast I love you guys ! But please what is this?? like mental health and mental illness is so important ... except when it's Khloe Kardashian?. Yeah she does owe it to her audience to be transparent of course because it helps to change this rediculous idea that women should look a certain way in order to be pretty but it's clear so clear and you guys said it too that she has body problems self esteem problems and some deep rooted problems with her body image and how she looks. So you can't just be like shut up nothing bad happened to you. Like no! a picture she felt insecure about, didn't ask for got put infront of the eyes of millions . Come on now that is traumatizing. You can say own it ! But if she has deep rooted issues with how she looks she can't just flip a switch and own it , it takes therapy it takes time. Take a photo you really hate of yourself and put it in front of millions to be judged without your consent. All mental health matters except khloes? all mental health matters for everyone period.
kelly morgan
kelly morgan 2 dagar sedan
The fact that Ethan thinks republicans don’t care about trans rights..... just made him seem extremely stupid.
tianyiilan !
tianyiilan ! 2 dagar sedan
help why did trisha just start rapping out of nowhere
2 dagar sedan
El Diablo
2 dagar sedan
Pick up your trash
CooliosCooling 2 dagar sedan
cleeerskiis 3 dagar sedan
Yo i got those cups
Itz Rosii
Itz Rosii 3 dagar sedan
Is it SA when a guy your family knows well comes over to pick us up and I went into his truck first and he told me to give him a “little cute kiss on his cheek” and the little innocent child I was I did? I Remember it was spiky and smelled like redbull.....
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 3 dagar sedan
we all need to remember that trisha is ignorant but not intentionally. she simply is not educated. But once she has been educated, she does try to understand and learn. However, her downfall is that sometimes she gets offended and tries to turn it around and divert the attention from her. She needs to work on her self. she also needs to work on educating her self before she speaks on things instead of simply relying on stereotypes or things she’s heard from non experts. She needs to learn that if she has not researched something before, ANYTHING, she can’t speak on it!
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 3 dagar sedan
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 4 dagar sedan
you can really tell when trisha is in a bad mood and it really makes me upset. she sometimes gets so upset about things that are really petty and really hurtful. there’s no reason for her to be so dramatic, i don’t think she realizes how hurtful it can be to people close to her. Also, men are allowed to say no too. Getting mad at people for not wanting to touch or be touched is a form of coercion. She needs to recognize that.
SnobbyLion 4 dagar sedan
10:45 "Yea I'm getting naaaw-cious but I wanna hear the storymmmph"
Jeremiah Mescudi
Jeremiah Mescudi 4 dagar sedan
I wish they had time stamps of when they start talking about certain subjects.....
elio perlman
elio perlman 5 dagar sedan
“you’re gonna get caught if you keep doing this shit and-“ “me?” “.....yeah you’re gonna get caught if you keep doing this bullshit. “what? what are you talking about?!” “i’m talking about the people doing bomb threats!”
Ryan Paez
Ryan Paez 5 dagar sedan
It’s the only thing that makes sense anymore
Caroline Piazza
Caroline Piazza 5 dagar sedan
not them acting like the FBI coming to their house is normal
Sarah Is Unrelatable
Sarah Is Unrelatable 5 dagar sedan
I wish Ethan was more open to tarot cards but I know it’s not for everyone
Melinda 5 dagar sedan
16:25 needs to be a sound byte
Valerie Kohoutová
Valerie Kohoutová 5 dagar sedan
1:27:00 we staaaaan ♥
Sharon López
Sharon López 5 dagar sedan
You can still spread the virus with the vaccine. Get informed before blindly believing the news. All it does is lower your symptoms if you catch covid. So you can still catch it and spread it while being vaccinated.
CooliosCooling 2 dagar sedan
Bryanna Graves
Bryanna Graves 5 dagar sedan
i love seeing a pizza hut ad before the podcast started
GailGhoul 5 dagar sedan
can someone tell me what they were talking about while they were eating?? i had to fast forward i was gonna throw up lmao
Luz Torres
Luz Torres 5 dagar sedan
Why does that pizza look so gross lol and I love dominos pizza 😭
Chris G
Chris G 6 dagar sedan
I wish you gave ant more a chance. He literally doesn't do any of that psychic medium stuff or profit over any dead person. You were unnecessarily cruel to him without watching his video. Kinda fucked up ethan. Im a skeptic myself but even i can put that aside and just enjoy content for fun whether you believe it or not. Hes just fun to watch.
Lily Litwinko
Lily Litwinko 6 dagar sedan
I hate when yall argue :'(
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Jocelyn Gonzalez 6 dagar sedan
I get nervous when they argue because of Trisha. I feel like it will eventually change her point of view she has of Ethan
frozyn summer
frozyn summer 6 dagar sedan
Trisha, what if I have no beliefs 🤣😂
frozyn summer
frozyn summer 6 dagar sedan
Totally agree ethan should continue sharing his opinions. Feel like he has so much common sense and compassion for people, which is so needed in this world ♥️♥️
CooliosCooling 2 dagar sedan
Aqsa 6 dagar sedan
Ethan taking filter selfies is me
Taylor Silzer
Taylor Silzer 7 dagar sedan
I don’t follow god but after a conversation I had with my ex boyfriend’s mother. I am convinced something about it is real. Psychic maybe but. On to the story: I was going to do something really dumb, really really bad. To a point that I had what it was planned and I was ready with a group. She came up to me, (made sure she drove her son instead of him driving himself to school so she could sit and have a conversation.) She had a really horrible dream/voice telling her that I was going to do something that could potentially ruin my life. She told me evaluate what I am doing and putting my time into. She wasn’t aware of what. But it was scary enough for her to make the means to contact me. She just kept saying “a voice in my head is telling me you need guidance and stability, you’re going to do something stupid and she plead that I didn’t act on my plan. I didn’t even talk to her son about the plan. I didn’t tell anyone but my small group. I was scared silly. Fast forward a year later I’m in college for legal work. Someone give me a rational explanation.
yasmine 7 dagar sedan
Trisha just wants to be held in the same regard as hila that's why she wants ethan to touch her she wants to be as desirable as hila
yasmine 7 dagar sedan
Just my theory after watching
alyssa major
alyssa major 7 dagar sedan
I personally love how Ethan speaks up about important topics. I agree that he should continue to do so because it’s important that somebody cares enough to do that nowadays instead of just letting it be buried and unheard of.
amaya brantley
amaya brantley 7 dagar sedan
When trish was talking about sexual assault and how we ignore it or we talk about it so calmly really does stem from trauma and it messes you up later in life. I was sexually assaulted when I was 5 and I just shrugged it off, again when I was 14, and multiple times throughout the year of me being 17-18, I dealt with it at my job from managers, so many coworkers and a lot of customers (I worked at Walmart) and I just endured it and shrugged it off until I started getting agitated by it and eventually snapped, I snapped and went off, I put in my two weeks and filed over 20 sexual assault statements for the people I worked with, what’s crazy is nothing happened to them, not at all. Before I even reported it, I had customers who would really bother me, they would constantly harass me, they followed me around the store, I even had some come up to my car...and I reported it and they said that they would do something and they never did. Being sexually assaulted at ages 5 and 14, i did shrug it off but it messed me up because I just became so sexually actively between that time frame, from age 11 to 17 it really fucked me up and I didn’t even know it. I never even considered myself a victim until the me 2 movement, and even then it never fully processed until I snapped at my job. The funny thing is, when I filed all those reports some of my managers had the nerve to say “it’s because of how you dressed when you started working here”...excuse me? Me wearing a flannel and and tank top is asking for it? Me wearing a hoodie and leggings is asking for it? Really? This is the shit I wore to school! I didn’t know that my school attire would get me assaulted. But what really makes it funny, even if you want to blame it on that...what about when I graduated or when we were doing online and I didn’t have to get dressed for school, what’s the excuse when I would wear sweatpants and an oversized shirt? I was just asking for it then too, huh? It’s amazing how much people defend the assaulters and blame the victim, when I was 5 would you say I asked for it? When I was 14 and assaulted after school against a locker by a guy, who was bigger and stronger then me and I couldn’t fight back, I just had to wait until he was done? When all I did prior was do a marching band rehearsal, was I asking for it then? It’s astonishing how much hate, we the victims get but never the assaulters, there are always people defending them. I’m so happy Ethan and Trisha talk about this because it’s really important, no matter if your female, male, non-binary, no one deserves that and our voices deserve to be heard. So thank you guys for spreading awareness and talking about these issues
Luz Torres
Luz Torres 5 dagar sedan
I'm so sorry you had to go through that pain and trauma. I've also been sa'd and it's hard because I have all this anger and sadness inside. But I really do hope you get the justice you deserve. Karma eventually comes around so don't give up!
Paranormal Busters
Paranormal Busters 7 dagar sedan
Paranormal Busters
Paranormal Busters 7 dagar sedan
Jay_said 7 dagar sedan
Asellus 8 dagar sedan
When Ethan accused Trisha of gas lighting him, and for a sec she looks so offended then she's just like "I'm sorreh" I can't stop laughing
Oscar Vences
Oscar Vences 8 dagar sedan
i love thissssshow trish I know you look through the comments so can you heart this :)
Kaitlyn Daniels
Kaitlyn Daniels 8 dagar sedan
When she randomly started saying lyrics from look at me know took me out
MsFancypants 8 dagar sedan
I am really glad that Ethan and Trisha are talking about assault. I was sexually assaulted earlier this year by someone I trusted, a guy I thought I was dating, he choked me to unconsciousness during sex and forced me during oral so much so that I vomited on him.. this was after I regained consciousness. I initiated sex w him again the next morning. It took me a while to understand that I was sexually assaulted, we kept talking and I hoped against hope that we could keep “dating”. He showed me little respect and care, and I couldn’t even see that. The point is, women who are sexually assaulted by their partner continue to indulge romantic feelings etc and will do mental acrobatics to make excuses for their partner’s shit behaviour.
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson 8 dagar sedan
I think Trisha wasn’t considering that Ethan not wanting to wrestle has little to do with her body and more to do with someone touching HIS body
Bailey Brooke
Bailey Brooke 8 dagar sedan
the selfies hahhahahahah
Michelle Brun
Michelle Brun 8 dagar sedan
I love the YouToo idea, lol.
molly bradbury
molly bradbury 8 dagar sedan
BRUHHH when i saw that video greg Paul and jake did when it was the whos the better kisser YEARSSS ago, i remember literally pausing to question if it was real..like what the fuck thats weird
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 8 dagar sedan
25:54 ❤️😭
Victoria Logiudice
Victoria Logiudice 8 dagar sedan
First time watching this show and can say I'm officially a fan! love the honesty and the real convos as well as the funny. Nice to see Trisha in this light being real and her and Ethan have great podcast chemistry xx
Allison Owens
Allison Owens 8 dagar sedan
Ethan: I’ll go slice on slice. *takes bite* Trisha: Now you’re flexingmmmm 😂
LaratheXplorer 8 dagar sedan
Honestly this is so unhealthy 🍕🍕😳😂😂
Ashlea McKeown
Ashlea McKeown 9 dagar sedan
Ethan foot soldiers unite 😂😂
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 9 dagar sedan
Ahahaha Trisha your so stupid just because you apologize doesn’t take back your anti Semitism, the nazis did the same thing basically when they said they were just following orders
Sadder Days
Sadder Days 9 dagar sedan
I just watched Trisha and Ethan house pizzas.. idk what I’m doing here
Hannah Fox
Hannah Fox 9 dagar sedan
yall should talk about jenna marbles i miss her and u should try and get her back
FLEX LUTHOR 9 dagar sedan
Trisha be gastrolighting
Tirzah Joy
Tirzah Joy 9 dagar sedan
The only capitalists I watch
Still Dre
Still Dre 9 dagar sedan
Why does Trisha think you need surgery to lose weight
Crystal Sveinson
Crystal Sveinson 10 dagar sedan
Can you do more eat offs!!!! Its so fun to watch. Like have to do donuts , tacos , pancakes hahaha keep it up!!
Elaine Bailey
Elaine Bailey 10 dagar sedan
Idea: muckbang Goldilocks (Trisha) daddy bear (ethan) teddy fresh merch
lulu f u lemon
lulu f u lemon 10 dagar sedan
16:40 - 17:00 such a funny, genuine moment.
Leah’s pink kingdom
Leah’s pink kingdom 10 dagar sedan
I have this feeling Trish is still crazy. I'mm trying not to think that Trish but like, please.
Snndnx Mdmmdmfmc
Snndnx Mdmmdmfmc 10 dagar sedan
Damn they was fucking that pizza up 😭😭
Claudia Lusquinos
Claudia Lusquinos 10 dagar sedan
I like Trish but she was so annoying in the beginning. Complaining non stop. Ethan has so much patience lol
I need frenemies merch And I need it to say peace and love ✌️
Kiddo Breezy
Kiddo Breezy 10 dagar sedan
he’s anti fashist but want mandatory vaccines??? 😂😂😂😂
shawna shartzer
shawna shartzer 11 dagar sedan
ok what filter is that
A Roma
A Roma 11 dagar sedan
Listen.. no conservative is interested in what you say.. this virus will be gone in another year.. anyway...
molly bradbury
molly bradbury 8 dagar sedan
no..the virus will affect the world for years to come and change the way we do things. dont be so gullible
Still Dre
Still Dre 11 dagar sedan
Lol Ethan gave up on arguing
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 11 dagar sedan
Its odd Ethan needs her Approval or her to give him props, on something as small as being able to eat an Obese level amount of pizza which just Negates all the work he's put in working out lol.
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 11 dagar sedan
She is so delusional, my uncle is obese he weighs 400lbs an he can only 2 large pizzas.. if you can't eat more than that then you're a cow, that needs help. Just listen to them eat, its Disturbing listening to them graze. I love it lol.
Savannah Summers
Savannah Summers 11 dagar sedan
Ethan hit the nail on the head. The kardashians literally put out unrealistic beauty standards. It's just wrong like be honest about the work you've had done. Don't say it's natural when it's not.
Rachel Dunne
Rachel Dunne 11 dagar sedan
Instead of you too what about 'me toob'
julie weaver
julie weaver 12 dagar sedan
Liar! I'm conservative but I believe in gay and trans rights. Unless it includes biological males fighting/competing against biological females. Ooh I'm the boogie man.
Vanessa Huoge
Vanessa Huoge 12 dagar sedan
29:18 the face shake LMFAOO
Gabriella Castro
Gabriella Castro 12 dagar sedan
sage green looks SO GOOD on Trisha
Tyla Terrell
Tyla Terrell 12 dagar sedan
Was watching this and my mum said “she’s gorgeous” hehe ❤️
Kelani 12 dagar sedan
omg as if i couldn't think jesse waters was a bigger piece of shit...
alicia murch
alicia murch 12 dagar sedan
i mean considering ethan is ND he might not be comfortable cause its sensory overload etc
Sara Savage
Sara Savage 12 dagar sedan
Ethan you were really unkind to antphrodite :( he’s a big fan of the podcast and I feel that was uncalled for
casenumber001 12 dagar sedan
SA news! Full coverage!!!
JanatheBananaMama 12 dagar sedan
Can we talk about how Ethan doesn't believe in Tarot or astrology but all I can think about is he's SUCH a Cancer
Emmett Downey
Emmett Downey 12 dagar sedan
Ethans eyebrows half the time: _---_---_---__
Ima Pota
Ima Pota 12 dagar sedan
there are plenty of conservatives that aren't anti gay or anti trans
DanneTDuck 12 dagar sedan
”Nothing works!”, the fatto says while stuffing his face full with pizza
גיל שני
גיל שני 12 dagar sedan
as a woman that went through an SA I feel obligated to point out that men get SAed too but they are usually keep quit
Savannah Summers
Savannah Summers 12 dagar sedan
I love Trisha's Kermit impression 😂❤️
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