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In this episode of ‘Minutes With’, we sat down with Aimen Dean, a former member of Al-Qaeda who turned his back on terrorism and joined the British Secret Service.

Aimen tells us how he ended up joining Al-Qaeda, how he met Osama Bin Laden and what made him turn his back on the organisation. His journey from terrorist to spy is an incredible one that led to Aimen being involved in the thwarting of a number of terror attacks.

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14 feb 2021



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Kommentarer 2 693   
Levanter 2 timmar sedan
This guy suits Gangsta Paradise song
Ceez B
Ceez B 5 timmar sedan
This guy is a former bomb expert for a terrorist organization saying “as soon as the first atrocity happened I left…” meaning, as a bomb maker/expert what did he think his job would lead to? His job was to create the devices that led to devastation… what else did he expect to happen?
Ceez B
Ceez B 5 timmar sedan
So this guy is a terrorist turned snitch? How can you trust anything he says? Not because he’s a snitch but rather because he was (is?) a terrorist… by this I mean, how can you ever get to a point where you want to see innocent people killed? Shameful.
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh 8 timmar sedan
More or less ,
Amy Patel
Amy Patel 16 timmar sedan
Omg glad SVdown somehow brought this video to my feed, I was glued n listening to him so intensely, found it quite interesting. Just subscribed your channel, hope to get some more content like this. 👍
POKE INDEX 17 timmar sedan
Sounds like a weasel !!
ALL IN ONE HUB 19 timmar sedan
He'll be proud of all the experts in comment section
geCCCo Dag sedan
*americans sitting in their designated headquater* "If they are hiding amongst civilians we have the right to kill everyone around them" hhuuu... that line, out of an Al-Queda mouth... this is hard to watch
Arjalineck Dag sedan
Lol tryna say they were behind 9/11..nah still not buying it
Alcreate.pl Dag sedan
So what i can tell, more or less, this guy is a fucking savage
Mkm Khan
Mkm Khan Dag sedan
Terrorist is Bush ..Blair n Israel.
Mkm Khan
Mkm Khan Dag sedan
9 . 11 master mind is USA
vipul pandey
vipul pandey Dag sedan
" one mistake.....a head shorter and 6 feet under" 🤖
Alekelaj Dag sedan
Thank you!
SLE 297
SLE 297 Dag sedan
Im glad this guy came to his senses. And it's also very good he backdoored BIN😂
Muthoni Dag sedan
My father was the last man to leave the Nairobi building that they bombed. He was on the 21st floor in the next building and had to go down the stairs as a disabled man. He is still traumatized 20+ years later
Kam Chor Bhai
Kam Chor Bhai 2 dagar sedan
Sorry to say this but I am literally thinking about Admiral General Aladdin's thoughts on Bin Laden's terror in his toilet.
Mr. Lahey
Mr. Lahey 2 dagar sedan
Uhhhh uhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh
Milk Tea
Milk Tea 2 dagar sedan
feel like hes too smart that he could fool al-qaeda and british secret service at the same times
Bambang Sutrisna
Bambang Sutrisna 2 dagar sedan
if its true? why he didnt try to prevent 9/11
MJ 2 dagar sedan
The whole thing about "redefining what a civilian is" is veeeery informative on how these things work.
We say no to pay to win
9:03 this is exactly what the IDF said about it's bombing in the westbank. He's right it's is chilling.
Aaron Butler
Aaron Butler 2 dagar sedan
So he was willing to kill 1000s of innocent people but now he’s prepared to tell us a few secrets so he’s fine the guy is still a fucking TERRORIST
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez 2 dagar sedan
Can someone give this guy a freaking glass of water! I can’t stand his dry mouth.
Andrew Kimani
Andrew Kimani 3 dagar sedan
My mom was 2 blocks away from the Embassy in 1998. She had left the building about 3 hours before the blast. I'm glad she left (unknowingly) before it happened.
The Satisfied Customer
The Satisfied Customer 5 timmar sedan
Viva! Viva!
NAVEEN KAPOOR 3 dagar sedan
Brave man, facing camera and admitting.
ARTOROBOTO {TV} 3 dagar sedan
Such an amazing insight into what makes someone commit mass atrocities.
ma he
ma he 3 dagar sedan
great actor and a cool story....
Drewpac 3 dagar sedan
Wow, politics aside, my dad was on a c-130 crew in bosnia and saudi arabia. Crazy to think this guy or some of his friends may have taken pop shots at him during that time. Massive respect to this guy and his story
thebingthing 3 dagar sedan
This man is a hero of the highest caliber
thelionsam 3 dagar sedan
What an engaging man.
Sharjeel Ali
Sharjeel Ali 3 dagar sedan
if i had my way, id tape their eyes open and make them read quran and then off them. so they KNOW full well, their going to hell before i off them. real muslims fight like men
Leyla Hakimova
Leyla Hakimova 3 dagar sedan
This man has unbelievably strong personality
Mr Geek
Mr Geek 4 dagar sedan
Escaping : Hey Osama il be right back going to the dentist and grabbing a Tim Hortons you need anything? Double Double.
RoundenBrown 4 dagar sedan
0:01 - Megadeth fan!
Jacob Diller
Jacob Diller 4 dagar sedan
Debasmita Saha
Debasmita Saha 4 dagar sedan
A good person should be shrewd enough to prevent the shrewds from exploiting them
Vickey Khanna
Vickey Khanna 4 dagar sedan
Americans be very thankful to him n people like him. How much
Vickey Khanna
Vickey Khanna 4 dagar sedan
U know how he got exposed to the terra, the Amercian journilist connected to the White House, made him to come out
Vickey Khanna
Vickey Khanna 4 dagar sedan
Were u working with the British M 15
Vickey Khanna
Vickey Khanna 4 dagar sedan
I read ur book..IED man ,great
Ragingcamper 4 dagar sedan
Plot twist : He was actually very pissed at Bin Laden for rejecting him as a commander and wanted revenge
SaxonOrion 4 dagar sedan
You definitely do not just "slip unconsciously" into becoming a terrorist. You already harbour a serious and all-consuming hatred within your heart to decide to kill others over a belief.
Talbot Pule
Talbot Pule 4 dagar sedan
This guy could pass as a Caucasian
Karen DeGenerous
Karen DeGenerous 5 dagar sedan
Most serial killers are softly spoken in fact. It's also a big part of narcissism, the sweet soft-spoken predominantly male who will fool so many into thinking 'what a nice person they are. The majority being captured - but their eyes tell a different story.
That Guy
That Guy 5 dagar sedan
This guy is a professional liar (Building 7)
Pi C95
Pi C95 5 dagar sedan
India was shouting about these terrorist activities and jihadi and unfortunately nobody at that time listened and now look at every country becoming target of such terrorist groups and today few idiots west countries trying to save Pakistan which is a safe heaven for terrorist groups and they vl realise their mistake soon and India on other hand will stay firm about its stance against terrorism in any form .....karma catches everyone who tries to defend terrorism as I have zero sympathy for all west nations who are today victims of jihadi mindset ppl and terrorist organisation as these same ppl shamed India government to call out terrorist activities and use army and defense forces to tackle them ...we indian will not back down nor we will let these jihadi be successful in our country.....
kickback lsrp
kickback lsrp 6 dagar sedan
He reminds me of Nuclear Nadal from the Dictator 😂😂
Vignesh G
Vignesh G 6 dagar sedan
He is 🔥
george xmas
george xmas 6 dagar sedan
holy fuck
Riley Garraway
Riley Garraway 6 dagar sedan
This is prove that everyone has good and evil in them and that you have the power to making your own choices
T Y S H A N 6 dagar sedan
jus lik a contract killer workin wit an intelligence agency
ihsan oeddin
ihsan oeddin 6 dagar sedan
so is this guy some kind of rat? like they always said on tv
Noone 6 dagar sedan
"You just slip into these things"
TIME TRAVELLER 6 dagar sedan
Why 831 dislikes?
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 6 dagar sedan
As soon as he mentioned 911 I knew hes a paid actor
Mke Obs
Mke Obs 6 dagar sedan
"Bunch of Africans...who cares ?" and here in my country, u have Boko Haram wetting their pants to be recognized/co-signed by their AQ and IS daddies. :). hahaha, I can't laugh any harder !
Ismet Suljakovic
Ismet Suljakovic 7 dagar sedan
I’m from Bosnia. Shout out to this guy. Some wild shit bro.
Mark 7 dagar sedan
What a great interview
troy blink
troy blink 7 dagar sedan
Bin laden is a saudi national the leader of the taliban the spy are also a saudi national what happen to the world....
Evans Amuk
Evans Amuk 7 dagar sedan
They should make a movie or a TV series of this guy... Oh, and as an African, from Uganda, I am proud of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
AK 87
AK 87 7 dagar sedan
He wouldn't have been a good plane hijacker, the plane wouldn't be able to handle the weight of his balls.
Frost Ak
Frost Ak 7 dagar sedan
Some commentators sound like they were balls of Osama bin Laden
Rocky Malone
Rocky Malone 7 dagar sedan
Had to turn off after he said he met the mastermind of 9/11. Please research Dr judy wood where did the towers go 👌
John Doe
John Doe 8 dagar sedan
We need more TRAITORS like him to save lives.
K. T
K. T 8 dagar sedan
I have heart burn
Jeremiah Dotson
Jeremiah Dotson 8 dagar sedan
I think it safe to say that this guy is "more or less" one of the bravest people alive. 😅
Peter Geramin
Peter Geramin 8 dagar sedan
0:49 I completely relate
G 8 dagar sedan
I think we owe this man more then we know.
H S 8 dagar sedan
Funny! Spy coming on a YT channel. Bsss.
Been Tray
Been Tray 8 dagar sedan
"I jumped shit after the first atrocity took place" Yet you watched your friends saw off heads with serrated blades in Bosnia...
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 8 dagar sedan
This might just be the most interesting SVdown vid I have ever fucking seen. What a bloke
Danny 8 dagar sedan
Former terrorist and non-citizen hired as a spy? (Talk about passing a background investigation.)
Raghav 8 dagar sedan
822 Jihadis Can’t google track these 822 people ? Or they might already have.
114 Nagendra L Prasad
114 Nagendra L Prasad 8 dagar sedan
Are u guys insane... U ppl should have blurred his face to protect his identity
Adam P
Adam P 8 dagar sedan
I could listen to this guy all day
A. 187
A. 187 8 dagar sedan
cupid stunt
cupid stunt 9 dagar sedan
Rubbed shoulders and had chats with ksm,obl and co after getting recruited as a spy in 1998 but had no knowledge or couldnt prevent 9/11? or maybe he didn't want to.Or is it a dave courtneyesque used to hang about with the krays comment.
Secular Institute Headquarters and Guild
Thank you for exposing the world wide Aryan Wahhabi Brotherhood.
Drittz78 9 dagar sedan
I hope this guy is looked after and protected well. Brave man.
syed raza
syed raza 2 dagar sedan
Yeah but bro what if the attacks on his were staged and he's still a spy for al Qaeda? He did kinda scare me when he said "we have to redefine what a citizen is" Lol.
rinki nandy
rinki nandy 9 dagar sedan
Laden had the face n smile of a messiah.
french mount anal
french mount anal 9 dagar sedan
Yeah, terrorist Turner spy on SVdown with millions views loool
manish sinha
manish sinha 9 dagar sedan
810 jihads disliked the video
baits 9 dagar sedan
Not a commander but a great spy .
cupid stunt
cupid stunt 9 dagar sedan
Mmmm was recruited as a spy in 1998 , rubbed shoulders and had chats with obl ksm and co and couldnt or didnt want to prevent 9/11/
Adam Carty
Adam Carty 10 dagar sedan
Rocking the Cartier glasses 😎
G S 10 dagar sedan
Absolutely loving this series!!!!!!!!!!!
Kernow BTC
Kernow BTC 10 dagar sedan
why does he need to lie at the start? "defending civilians"......... No, no, just like when western fighters joined the kurdish its to defend an idea. You have every right to feel a need to defend your faith from attack even if that means people under that faith from attack. To claim his motivation was about human life exclusively is quite frankly bullshit, i would find it hard to believe his motivations were much different than many fighters from many different ideologies and theres absolutely nothing wrong with it. Hes scared he would be labeled an extremist on those behaviours i feel.
buttieboy666 10 dagar sedan
Diviciacos 10 dagar sedan
Danny Elfman, with the "I forgot" snag. Now I wonder fi you could still take that if it were false? I believe in you.
heron' 10 dagar sedan
just goes to show whoever you are, youll do anything for your cause, untill you change ur mind that is
shashwat 10 dagar sedan
His spectacles are giving me OCD
Maximillian Phoenix
Maximillian Phoenix 10 dagar sedan
This is a war the west can’t win because the liberal governments of the west hate white people and I can’t put it more simply then that so keep on voting for democrats or socialist or conservative and see if I’m not wrong 🇬🇧
thara lalnun
thara lalnun 10 dagar sedan
In simple terms = snitch
IRISH JAY IRISH JAY 10 dagar sedan
So Larry Nassar wasn't just a gymnast teacher... he was part of Al - Qaeda too 🤔🤔
Ruth KIFOTO 11 dagar sedan
“They are a bunch of africains who cares” wooooow can’t wait for the time Africains will be ruling the world.
Joogullae 10 dagar sedan
Never gonna happen.
karun Joseph
karun Joseph 11 dagar sedan
Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell 11 dagar sedan
This would be the same Saudi Arabia which supported BinLiner?The same Saudi Arabia which gave us the World Trade Center bombings by supplying the actual terrorists. The same Saudi Arabia who slaughtered and chopped up that American Journalist? The same Saudi Arabia who are best friends with Trump and guaranteed his finances long enough to give to the Russians any information available to the CIA and NSA and FBI and every political appointment. Argh, yes, I can see why the Americans bombed Iraq and invaded Afghanistan but chum-buddy up with Saudi Arabia, oil money, arms sales, secret prisons and possibly and most importantly, the firm friendship between perverse entities.
Bubba Q
Bubba Q 11 dagar sedan
Who owns ladbible?
cizia69 11 dagar sedan
Jihad got talent...