Liseberg - All Coasters Onride HD! 

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Liseberg is an amazing themepark in the heart of Gothenburg, with amazing rides like Helix, Valkyria and Balder! A must visit for every coaster enthousiast!

Sidenote: all footage was taken by me, I was not able to make a video of the other two coasters ‘Rabalder’ and ‘Stampbanan’. These coasters are also children coasters, so not really as spectaculair as the rest! As a bonus this video contains POV’s of Loke and AtmosFear!

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21 mar 2020



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Kommentarer 77   
Space Boi🪐
Space Boi🪐 Timme sedan
Did they remove Rabalder or why did you not go on that one?
TOP 5 9 timmar sedan
Helix is the best one by far
Gaby & Justin
Gaby & Justin 23 dagar sedan
Waar is dit park!?
Thegamercat Dag sedan
GoudLoodje 9 dagar sedan
**vraagt waar een van de bekendste pretparken in europa is** Geen haat btw xd
Omagaga 13 dagar sedan
Gothenburg, Sweden
Ludz0 23 dagar sedan
Gothenburg Sweden :)
Andréa Swedenborg
Andréa Swedenborg Månad sedan
Sweden gang here
Swedish meat-ball
Swedish meat-ball Månad sedan
Nice musik, tell more about the musik?
Life with Astrid
Life with Astrid Månad sedan
How the fekk did u get ur phone on teh liseberg rollercoasters? Don’t they always say leave phones aside or sumthin’? Lol
Life with Astrid
Life with Astrid Månad sedan
@HessTag ohhhh okay :)
HessTag Månad sedan
This was filmed with a Go Pro attachted to my body and with suppervision of the park :)
Nzo_Lama_fia Månad sedan
Europa park theme in the intro X)
Adam mrio
Adam mrio Månad sedan
This is for you
Axel Geijer
Axel Geijer Månad sedan
Great video!
Jennie Sandberg
Jennie Sandberg Månad sedan
the train coaster is my fav
Thegamercat Dag sedan
My fav is valkyria
Blackdiamond944 Månad sedan
It’s good but my fav is helix
Warmobile4 Månad sedan
Ludz 21 dag sedan
Haha that shit is for 3 teams olds lol 😂
Doktor Mumsmums
Doktor Mumsmums Månad sedan
Nordic mytologi: Loke, balder and valkyria
Poofesure’s Biggest Fan
@Sebbe 1 Thats not nordic mythologi
Sebbe 1
Sebbe 1 Dag sedan
they have mechanica too
Poofesure’s Biggest Fan
It looks like Loke is crashing in to Balder and that have something to do with the mythology to
Doktor Mumsmums
Doktor Mumsmums 22 dagar sedan
@Warmobile4 amen ät
Warmobile4 22 dagar sedan
Kimmsi Månad sedan
Im from Sweden and only been on Balder when it was new and some old shit when they still were there, but all of this new once HELL NO!!!!! To old for this shit (36) hahaha
Inuyasha Månad sedan
no, definitely they are not attractions for me, they make me too scared
Thegamercat Dag sedan
Your true goudloodje
GoudLoodje 9 dagar sedan
Why are they so scary? They’re 100% safe (in fact safer than plane flights) and if you build up from not-that-intense to pretty-intense they can be really fun I would try a rollercoaster when you’re at a theme park and I promise you will like it ;)
yo mama ded
yo mama ded Månad sedan
Music totally ruined the video
Ikgamer3804 Månad sedan
waar haal je deze muziek vandaan
Res Månad sedan
Jag har varit där 4 gånger
Pott Atis
Pott Atis 27 dagar sedan
jag har vart där aldrig
athixe Månad sedan
@Kimmsi jag har varit där en kvadriljon gånger
Anonymous !
Anonymous ! Månad sedan
Jag har varit där en biljard gånger
gaming4days 78
gaming4days 78 Månad sedan
You forgot mechanica
NightKingGAD 2 månader sedan
Mooie video hessel
NTE _D4rkne1x
NTE _D4rkne1x 2 månader sedan
För ett år sedan ?? Stop the cap 🧢 det va stängt förra året 🧢 🧢
Manan Memes
Manan Memes 2 månader sedan
Det stängdes i typ mars dom säger 1 år till mindre än 18 månader
dan travis valderrama
dan travis valderrama 2 månader sedan
3:30 sounds like rise of the valkyries music
RuffIesOfficial Månad sedan
@Nina Vinterová its called valkyria stupid
RuffIesOfficial Månad sedan
@Nina Vinterová ok lmao
Nina Vinterová
Nina Vinterová Månad sedan
@Hello_Im_Pedro thank you very much for your addition to the conversation, I will print your response out, pin it on my wall and look at it everyday until it makes me learn how to not make typos. Can you also write your address down, I would love to send you some flowers and a thank you basket! We must cherish people like you in our society, have you ever considered doing a TED talk?
Hello_Im_Pedro Månad sedan
@Nina Vinterová valkyria*
Nina Vinterová
Nina Vinterová 2 månader sedan
The coaster is called the Valkyrie
Public Simulator
Public Simulator 2 månader sedan
The 2 last attractions wasen't coasters. It was a drop tower and some kind of roundabout. But all the roller coasters are great and specially Lisebergbanan where you literally can stay on as long as you want without beeing dizzy or nauseous.
Omagaga Dag sedan
@Thegamercat yes?
Thegamercat Dag sedan
All rolercosters ar in sweden
Omagaga 9 dagar sedan
the last one was a Intamin gyro swing
GoudLoodje 9 dagar sedan
This guy himselves is a coaster enthusiast himself, so I think he knows they’re not rollercoasters. I think he put the POV’s in anyways because he made them for a Dutch youtube channel called DavincstyleGames with 70k subs, which is a channel about theme parks (mostly theme park games and reviews/vlogs) and uh yea
megarobin123 Månad sedan
i live in sweden and lisebergbannan is HELL for me, i got stretched on the side of the train and i got hurt and when it goes down the hills it feels like your getting squeezed
Coaster General
Coaster General 4 månader sedan
AtmosFear is an Intamin Gyro Drop Tower not freefall. But i mean i know you freefall but the model is a gyro drop tower! :)
PizzaPuntThomas 5 månader sedan
Lligt het aan mij, of mist de rabalder. Misschien is die erbij gekomen nadat jullie er waren?
PizzaPuntThomas 5 månader sedan
ik vind het grappig dat je vincent de statistieken hoort opnoemen
Toon Desle
Toon Desle År sedan
weeral een geweldie video
Jappies_coaster_fun 2 månader sedan
Op de achtergrond XD
Yavor Todorov
Yavor Todorov År sedan
I am 13 but i have been on all of the coasters in Liseberg...It was amazing!!
Strawberryxfield Månad sedan
Lisaberg lol
Thill Fan
Thill Fan 7 månader sedan
@Yavor Todorov I think, I will once a day.
Yavor Todorov
Yavor Todorov 7 månader sedan
@Thill Fan do it, it was a lot of fun
Thill Fan
Thill Fan 7 månader sedan
Brave person. I was 2016 with 13 in Liseberg and the half of this attractions did not exist.I think I must go to Liseberg once a day again
TT Rides
TT Rides År sedan
Why flex with your age tho? 13 isn't young for riding coasters
Antonie Neijenhuis
Dat park heeft alles man! Ik wil daar zo graag een keer heen. Alleen is geld een dingetje....
JE6A 2 månader sedan
@Philip carneskog bergwall I can only speak English and German but I think he wanted so say something like: "This park has got everything, man! I would really like to go there. The only issue is money...
Antonie Neijenhuis
Antonie Neijenhuis 2 månader sedan
@Philip carneskog bergwall the park is in sweden
Antonie Neijenhuis
Antonie Neijenhuis 2 månader sedan
@Philip carneskog bergwall no it is dutch
Philip carneskog bergwall
Philip carneskog bergwall 2 månader sedan
That is a swedish chanel, you can write swedish and english comments 👍😎
Steeeef År sedan
K wil hier echt nog een keer heen!
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emre kardas Månad sedan
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