Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Fight HIGHLIGHTS 

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On Sunday, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hit the ring at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The fight went 8 rounds and ended without a knockout.

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7 jun 2021



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Kevinzhw Zhang wang
Kevinzhw Zhang wang 30 minuter sedan
Guy looses against a way smaller guy:” i did the impossible guys”
Nikolaos Mihalakis
Nikolaos Mihalakis 14 timmar sedan
I dont know how you people see things but i have a huge respect for this guy. Not for his boxing skills , but because he had the skill set , to become the center of attention. He was a nobody and he managed to get a fight with Mayweather earning millions. From a business and invest kind of view this is very impressive....
Fight with kahib .
Yash Salve
Yash Salve Dag sedan
Floyd for a second went out of the script and knocked him out but didn't let him fall as soon as he realised and kept the show going. Lol. What an embarrassment, maybe Floyd needed some money, that's fine. This fight was win for both in terms of publicity and money. We, the audience just wasted our time.
Aniimey Dag sedan
stop hug 😂
Tephlon Dandada
Tephlon Dandada Dag sedan
Logan ‘I fought a 44 year old retired boxer that weighs 30lbs less and has less reach than me and I lost’, Paul.
Cathlaine Nova Araula
Mayweather is not the greatest. Come on lady 😂
Ethan Harrison
Ethan Harrison 2 dagar sedan
I don’t like the Paul brothers, but you have to give him credit for this. This was the second fight he ever did, wasn’t it?
The Truth
The Truth 2 dagar sedan
Dude got knocked out. This shit was a joke . floyd is the smartest showman of all time. Easy money
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds 2 dagar sedan
I get that the Paul brothers are in the money making business, but fight a pro IN YOUR WEIGHT CLASS for once.
Lucky Cyril
Lucky Cyril 3 dagar sedan
We want to see paul vs ali 🤣🤣🤣 these where some fun 10sec.
Billybong Thornton
Billybong Thornton 3 dagar sedan
Tyson will kill him
Joshua Hanner
Joshua Hanner 3 dagar sedan
Logan can’t box for shit
Stretch Lindsay
Stretch Lindsay 3 dagar sedan
What a joke, exhibition means Floyd Mayweather just relaxes. Give it a title and we see that fool Paul GET KO and that would be the BEST EVER!!
John Chen
John Chen 4 dagar sedan
Logan Paul vs brock lesnar
Valentinos Arts
Valentinos Arts 4 dagar sedan
SJ21 4 dagar sedan
Floyd is like 50yrs old
3093kpo Love
3093kpo Love 5 dagar sedan
Paul still lost the fight Mayweather out scored him
Apø11ö~ 5 dagar sedan
Goddamn, I still remember Mayweather fighting Manny Pacquiao. That fight was legendary.
a_black_cat_chilling 5 dagar sedan
Ipon max pro duos minis
Fight buakaw and manny paquiao u sucker
M c rider
M c rider 6 dagar sedan
Floyd Mayweather 44 🙄🙄🙄 so disadvantages 🙄🙄🙄
kusa llsa
kusa llsa 6 dagar sedan
Arian Amini
Arian Amini 6 dagar sedan
Floyd:❤❤❤ Logan:🖕🖕🏽🖕🏿fuck
Jacob Kim
Jacob Kim 7 dagar sedan
I can tell Floyd was mostly going easy the whole game
Your Fabulous Happy Mann
Fixed fight...Mayweather could have knocked that fool's head off.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 7 dagar sedan
Logan Paul vs Micheal Bisping
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 7 dagar sedan
Logan Paul vs Micheal Bisping
A Phemz
A Phemz 7 dagar sedan
I'm new youtuber I've never had a boxing fight and I'm calling out paul logan I will not give up until he accepts.
A Phemz
A Phemz 7 dagar sedan
Hey guy
Jeruld Ablang
Jeruld Ablang 7 dagar sedan
why im i watching kid fight logan paul
Sammy Swizin
Sammy Swizin 7 dagar sedan
Y'all guys need to give to the Paul brothers a break samtyms
samuel mafua
samuel mafua 8 dagar sedan
Simple put him in his own weight division good night paul
Travis Lavallee
Travis Lavallee 9 dagar sedan
Logan paul is garbage hahah that flurry of punches looked terrible. Please quit ruining the sport of boxing paul brother and stick to you tube. No one wants to see your shitty fights.
come honour face
come honour face 9 dagar sedan
Its hilarious how he thinks he done the impossible 😂 mate your twice his size and half his age! The paul brothers are so incredibly stupid. When you think about it the boxing world are just taking advantage of there popularity and making them look dumb at the same time 🤣especially jake! That kid is a joke, fighting retired mma fighters 40 plus years old yeah ok your a real " boxer " but hasn't yet fought a boxer 🤔 and has the audacity to call out canelo... canelo don't need you, you claim to want him but know he won't because he would be wasting his time. Everyone has a plan untill they get punched in the face 👊
Face SMASHER 9 dagar sedan
what a PUKE
Budoshi 9 dagar sedan
A rich bored guy that want to be special. That's it. That dude bores me.
Razuri Zeev
Razuri Zeev 9 dagar sedan
Ez. pay up Mayweather with set of rules. Probably one of it was 1. No KOs 2. Don't hurt badly Logan . . . Mayweather got money more. Boxing now is full of shit not exciting at it was.
fortnite beast
fortnite beast 10 dagar sedan
Got yah Hat lmfao
CanalShotTeam 10 dagar sedan
Logan... Ridículous
Seth 11 dagar sedan
Logan Paul : 100 Million dollars Mayweather : I lost .
abhinav singh
abhinav singh 11 dagar sedan
Hello 911 : I have this comment section where people are confessing about watching the fight illegally.
Big Grundo
Big Grundo 11 dagar sedan
Can't believe there are people that think the eight rounds were legitimate.
Coach 11 dagar sedan
Logan paul hugs mayweather: wins Maidana breaks mayweather face: lose
Woj ak
Woj ak 7 dagar sedan
Money talks 😂
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein 11 dagar sedan
These both are a disgrace to the sport.
Vincent Jackson
Vincent Jackson 12 dagar sedan
What about iron mike
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 12 dagar sedan
The guy faught a smaller, lighter, retired, 44 years old defensive fighter in a totally random exhibition and thinks that he did the " impossible " by lasting only 8 rounds with him.
P00nk L00nk
P00nk L00nk 12 dagar sedan
Jake paul: I am with the strongest boxer in the World Mike tyson: am i a joke to you
FFXML 12 dagar sedan
Kalau Botak Licin bakal kalah tuh PAUL😏
Maru 12 dagar sedan
Why do you talk through the video no one cares just show the damn highlights
Uday Som
Uday Som 12 dagar sedan
I say that it's impossible for him to beat a Grand Master
Ianchiam 12 dagar sedan
Isit me or is logan doing a budget christopher walken impression
Denis Bershadsky
Denis Bershadsky 12 dagar sedan
If i go to fight with rocky and i will be standing after the fight it will be a win for me!!!!
Lemuel Zayin Castillo
Lemuel Zayin Castillo 12 dagar sedan
He should've faught pacquio
M Y 12 dagar sedan
Mayweather is a sell out. Only boxes for money
Jaylow Savage
Jaylow Savage 13 dagar sedan
Nah these two guys are bussiness buddies
𝒞𝑜𝓏𝓂𝑜 Ϟ
Who else loves Logan more that that spoiled brat jake
Nithin Sai
Nithin Sai 13 dagar sedan
Why are people calling this a fight? Floyd was just playing and bullying a kid
why parceti
why parceti 13 dagar sedan
He does know Floyd wasn’t even giving it his all right. This shit was like goku sparring with piccalo way after goku could go multiple levels of supersaiyen
son of OBEDIENCE 13 dagar sedan
i thought it was boxing highlights in the fight, not in her hair... eh😒
Don Bateman
Don Bateman 13 dagar sedan
He needs to fight someone with skill
Jeremy143 13 dagar sedan
stfu show the fight
Soul River
Soul River 14 dagar sedan
Who said Mayweather is good at infighting? He sucked.
PBAC 14 dagar sedan
the real winners are the friends you make along the way
Azmi Hassan
Azmi Hassan 14 dagar sedan
Logan Paul if ur a real man call out Mike Tyson and i'm sure u will be smash to pieces!
M H 15 dagar sedan
He should try his own weight class
Trïs Tan
Trïs Tan 15 dagar sedan
Floyd: I wont knock you out Logan: Cuz you cant
Jim Reily
Jim Reily 15 dagar sedan
Boxing is pretty much like WWE at this point. Damn. Shameful, shameful stuff.
Jim Reily
Jim Reily 15 dagar sedan
Man. Floyd Mayweather must be HARD UP for cash. WTF ?
Abhishek Midha
Abhishek Midha 15 dagar sedan
dad is dad
Aqua Grizzlord
Aqua Grizzlord 15 dagar sedan
Ohhh yeaaah, a real big man big boy there Logan. No wonder only you and the Faze Clan has the balls to run a crypto scam. Impressive stuff.
The Timbs
The Timbs 16 dagar sedan
If he went against Tyson or Pacquiao, he’s getting dropped. I’ll give him 3 rounds at most.
EvolvingFetus 16 dagar sedan
People are so gullible to support fake fights. I mean, people still think WWE is real.
TT OzzY 16 dagar sedan
If it was Many Pacquiao instead of Floyd he would knock the shit out of some wannabe show off like Logan..i always thought something was off when Floyd won against Many.
Pavel Vasilache
Pavel Vasilache 16 dagar sedan
I would give a kidney to see a fight between this paul guy and mike tyson in his prime
BLOOD GANG (BG) 17 dagar sedan
Awesome Logan is the best
x iDropKillz x
x iDropKillz x 17 dagar sedan
My guy IS substantially bigger than mayweather lol.
LiT 17 dagar sedan
KingJ_137MC 17 dagar sedan
God have mercy on u through Christ
Erik Ayala
Erik Ayala 18 dagar sedan
Logan when will you fight a boxer your own height and weight bro ???
Dark Unknown
Dark Unknown 18 dagar sedan
What a shit show 🤣🤣🤣
mr. Dew
mr. Dew 18 dagar sedan
i don't count may weather as greatest!😊
Midnight_47 19 dagar sedan
logan and jake both shouldve endede their careers 4 years ago during hte fall of vine, they shouldnt have done anything else, disgusting.
Darren Walshe
Darren Walshe 19 dagar sedan
Wat has humanity come to!!!!! These shit heads fooling people into partin wit their money n idiots falling for it! Technology is seriously making people stupid 🙄😒😑
Joseph Aulisio
Joseph Aulisio 19 dagar sedan
I would challenge Logan bare knuckle any day . He’s never fought in the street I guarantee it-
Sanatkumar B
Sanatkumar B 19 dagar sedan
Who won it
Pinoy Kamao Boxing Sports
The qualification now to fight Mayweather, atleast 20M subscribers 😂😂😂
T2Fuego 20 dagar sedan
Mayweather must have it in his retirement clause to make white boys seem more important than they are. I shit on this commentary
M MF 20 dagar sedan
want to see Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson please
If logan was the least bit mature I would say he actually looks like a decent man
John Randolph
John Randolph 21 dag sedan
i just want to read the comments .. hehe
Wungchipei Marchang
Wungchipei Marchang 21 dag sedan
Floyd wanted to punish paul n make him tired........ But most importantly floyd accepted for money
Hotdog? 21 dag sedan
Floyd let u go bro lmao
Khan Sharief
Khan Sharief 22 dagar sedan
Don't do to others what you don't want to do to your self. #Hugging in the ring
Vanessa Marangit
Vanessa Marangit 22 dagar sedan
Too much hugging.maybe they love each other🤣🤣
word 2
word 2 22 dagar sedan
my guy can’t handle any more traumatic brain injuries
Alvin Jr Damolo
Alvin Jr Damolo 22 dagar sedan
No you are not strong puncher like many paqiao
Punjibob 23 dagar sedan
logan gets bit my a fly also logan: hugs fly
Antonio Dues
Antonio Dues 23 dagar sedan
Bro..y'all see how he looks at the camera like damn was he on something after that 😂😂😂
Dave Joshua
Dave Joshua 23 dagar sedan
One of the goat? Lmao🤣
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