Making transparent wood 

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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video: svdown.info/post/video/rmOBXpZmZJxwmJ4.html
Procedure that I followed: bit.ly/3b0YXuX
Procedure that went viral recently: bit.ly/33fhyPP
CBC article on it: bit.ly/3b0YZ63
Nile talks about lab safety: svdown.info/post/video/nKZ6dLZ5e258v6c.html
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30 apr 2021



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NileRed 11 dagar sedan
Sorry about all the ads. SVdown automatically adds a million and I forgot to manually take them out. Refresh the page and you should get fewer ads!
Zachary Frankow
Zachary Frankow 3 dagar sedan
Rn I'm playing with water soap and oil
elijahjajah 5 dagar sedan
dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen 7 dagar sedan
Cool mate
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 9 dagar sedan
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 9 dagar sedan
yekta ağra
yekta ağra 11 minuter sedan
20:27 *insert Eren Jäger here*
Shrawin Sisodia
Shrawin Sisodia 13 minuter sedan
Ngl but i was worried that you smacking the owen door might have to do something with the failures.
Paczilla 30 minuter sedan
why tho ?
Flash Tech
Flash Tech 45 minuter sedan
You should sand the wood first to mirror finish
hen ko
hen ko 12 minuter sedan
does this transparent wood still burn?
Tomasz 5559
Tomasz 5559 59 minuter sedan
Make transperent metal =)
Little Angel
Little Angel Timme sedan
Good job bro! Really appreciate your hard work! Simply great!!!
ben ben
ben ben Timme sedan
Actually my real name is Nile. Hahahah
Nacho Sanchez-Zaragoza
can you make nitroglycerin???
VictorV Timme sedan
Jaw dropped when you put the wood on the book! Amazing work!
Thmstb1 2 timmar sedan
I wonder what would happen conducting this experiment in space without gravity possibly causing the topside to be different from the bottom. Be funny to go all the way to space to conduct this experiment only to find out it wasn't gravity at all but the mixing time and heating/cooling steps lol
Devashish Gojagekar
Devashish Gojagekar 2 timmar sedan
34:42 dude you could have flipped it half way in the oven. This might have solved the problem.
VGucciBoy95 2 timmar sedan
Esto es tan interesante!!! Química se ve divertido en práctica 😩 pero la teoría-
Vishesh 2 timmar sedan
Suggestion - try cutting pieces of wood in another orientation like in the previous transparent wood one
Chilly Boi
Chilly Boi 2 timmar sedan
Bruh this bettwr than school
NOSOULGINGER116 2 timmar sedan
Its good for frosted glass 🙃
VulpesUrsae 2 timmar sedan
i know that shirt. you watch bobbydukearts dont you 👀
ikhmal mohd
ikhmal mohd 2 timmar sedan
What in the hell i watch this video till the end. Even i dont understand everything
Jeremy Hess
Jeremy Hess 2 timmar sedan
Bro I absolutely love your Bobby Duke Arts shirt
Lynx of Finland
Lynx of Finland 3 timmar sedan
does this transparent wood still burn?
Ivan Zhou
Ivan Zhou 3 timmar sedan
The upside down leveler bothered me more than it should have but then again this is a science channel lol
_blue_Tokyo _
_blue_Tokyo _ 3 timmar sedan
The fact that its 2 am and I'm finding this really really interesting
S e n p a i
S e n p a i 4 timmar sedan
Did you bleach the wood?
leedle120 Banning
leedle120 Banning 4 timmar sedan
I watch your videos while playing Minecraft. still epic
7s7s 4 timmar sedan
make gold next time please i want to be rich
Caitlin Beasley
Caitlin Beasley 4 timmar sedan
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zane flores
zane flores 4 timmar sedan
Weeb's Gaming
Weeb's Gaming 4 timmar sedan
29:40 Congratulations, you learned how to cook.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 5 timmar sedan
Can you teach us how to make C10H15N
myke g
myke g 5 timmar sedan
So this is a bit random, but I am absolutely mesmerized by cold bluing steel. I just found your channel recently and I feel like you’re the person to ask how and why the raw steel turns black. I was hoping maybe you could do a short video on what is taking place and how it helps prevent rusting.
greay lwayd
greay lwayd 5 timmar sedan
the only word i understood in this video was, "stir"
Rob Stuart
Rob Stuart 5 timmar sedan
It's a shame there isn't a Nobel prize for patient, persistent perfectionism, because I know who would be awarded it.
John Earl E
John Earl E 5 timmar sedan
Why does his Voice sounds like a therapeutic ASMR.
ITS ME TREVI 5 timmar sedan
How much money you spend for this experiment?
michael hart
michael hart 6 timmar sedan
Alternatively, just omit the wood entirely and make a transparent piece of polymethacrylate plastic.....
MsMangoChan 6 timmar sedan
It's so beautiful, I'm so happy you've been able to do it!!!
Pugnacious Productions
Pugnacious Productions 6 timmar sedan
I think it would be good for shower doors
Breezy_Vaulter 6 timmar sedan
Alejandro Manu
Alejandro Manu 6 timmar sedan
Suggestion to make water from semen
Kosei The Google Plus User
Coasters from Amazon: we are ready to hold cold drinks Nile Red: I spray you with hold release for the transparent wood I'm going to bake in the oven
Matthew Exline
Matthew Exline 6 timmar sedan
I wonder if there's any laws that would prohibit having a wooden windshield on your car.
Jesse Dover
Jesse Dover 6 timmar sedan
DUDE........, Uuuhhhhh....., nevermind.
William Sampson
William Sampson 6 timmar sedan
Definetely one of the most impressive youtubers ive ever seen incredibly smart guy. This guy needs to be a proffessor
Shanti Abdumumin
Shanti Abdumumin 6 timmar sedan
I feel he's conflating "transparent" and "translucent"🤔
FishTheStick 6 timmar sedan
hey nile, you should do a video on frozen gasoline, and lighting it on fire, then explain *why* it lights on fire, even though its frozen, i think it would be really *cool* (see what i did there lol)
Alternative Universe
Alternative Universe 6 timmar sedan
love the bobby duke arts shirt
Shanti Abdumumin
Shanti Abdumumin 7 timmar sedan
So, it took eight minutes to find out that transparent "wood" is infused with PLASTIC.
夜夜 7 timmar sedan
Is that how science people call a tolwel?
Ksiyas 7 timmar sedan
This channel is definitely in the top 5 coolest channels list. Where exactly, idk.
Shanti Abdumumin
Shanti Abdumumin 7 timmar sedan
We definitely are already drinking diluted bleach here in the U.S., since our tap water is treated with chlorine.
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 7 timmar sedan
I have an idea for a video. How about extracting the fluoride out of toothpaste or mouthwash? Then perhaps doing something with the fluoride like turning it back into fluorine?
tmyaawoa 7 timmar sedan
there's something about the calculated pauses every few words that makes this so difficult to watch.
Electronics by Julie
Electronics by Julie 7 timmar sedan
"It's still not perfect..." 39:44 now to drop it onto a book. *wood disappears*
Dima Gass
Dima Gass 7 timmar sedan
$26 shipping 🙃 that's a no for me
Blu Jay
Blu Jay 7 timmar sedan
Bobby duke arts cameo
Ice Skator
Ice Skator 7 timmar sedan
18:43 "I carefully hit it with a hammer," HOW DO YOU CAREFULLY HIT SOMETHING WITH A HAMMER-
Spring Girl
Spring Girl 7 timmar sedan
**prOceEDS tO TaP iT gENtlY**
Harrison George
Harrison George 8 timmar sedan
Can you do a recreation if nurdrage’s video of “smash glow crystals” and go further into it and perhaps make a massive crystal. He does an awesome job explaining it but your videos are also amazing!
nunchuckking872 8 timmar sedan
This man could make salt from a slug
Rachael Elkins
Rachael Elkins 8 timmar sedan
"carefully smashed it to pieces" me: [audible confusion]
ABOUT32NIXONS 8 timmar sedan
One of the major components of the wood, called Ligma
TheSeeker18161 8 timmar sedan
I am not sure why i kept watching!! I hated chemistry in school
Cory Shannon
Cory Shannon 9 timmar sedan
That was some amazing dedication! Maybe the mma would settle better if you flipped it while in the oven?
Chad Lee
Chad Lee 9 timmar sedan
I like your voice. I don't hear any accents.
MinecraftSteve 9 timmar sedan
Michael T
Michael T 9 timmar sedan
At 26:39/43:55 you talk about the rougher top. Would it have worked to use micro mesh polishing pads? @peterbrown uses them when he is polishing up his resin and they get things crystal clear. Maybe that could be another test you do?
Eveemations 9 timmar sedan
11:30 why do i see a paper clip at the bottom of the flask
Tinmania 9 timmar sedan
It turned out in my opinion as great as you could have hoped for. I really think you achieved the clarity you were looking for early on when the finishes were rough. Any car guy watching would have said, stop right there, sand and polish to increase the clarity 👍👍 I think you should go after a piece about 6 millimeters. So have you tested it for strength?
TheRealFluffy88 10 timmar sedan
“and hopefully the last attempt” *me looking nervously at 20 minutes left in the video
Van Stoizie
Van Stoizie 10 timmar sedan
yo girl been lignin deez nuts lol
Meredith Cronan
Meredith Cronan 10 timmar sedan
love the vids keep em going
Brandon John
Brandon John 10 timmar sedan
I love how this guy gets all his stuff from amazon
Jay Dasher
Jay Dasher 10 timmar sedan
Can you make napalm pleas that would be amazing and try making it with polystyrene and gasoline
Jonny Rowe
Jonny Rowe 10 timmar sedan
I'd just leave it in water for a year
Lukman Nul Haqim
Lukman Nul Haqim 10 timmar sedan
Next video: making transparent stone
kenny symes
kenny symes 10 timmar sedan
why would anyone dislike this video? haters gonna hate, keep it up!!!
Eric 11 timmar sedan
with all the comments sure someone has suggested this but on the final bake maybe add a o-ring slightly thicker than the wood giving 3cm clearance off the corners and use way less weight jut a thought very cool video nice to see someone tackle really tough problems thanks
Tom Hutchinson
Tom Hutchinson 11 timmar sedan
I don't understand the appeal of making plexiglass. Plastic sucks.
morten oppelstrup
morten oppelstrup 11 timmar sedan
😳GD dude.. If u hadn't 2,88 mio sub, living of making content u like on YT. I'd say u had too much f* spare time 😂🙌🏻
Tom Hutchinson
Tom Hutchinson 11 timmar sedan
Phil Selwonk
Phil Selwonk 11 timmar sedan
Got to admire your perseverance
Quacksworth Smashington
Quacksworth Smashington 11 timmar sedan
Ah yes CUBES!
Caro Ingram
Caro Ingram 11 timmar sedan
Loved this video, and love NileRed. But have to confess I'm confused as to the practical application of wood as glass alternative when litterrally a) we already have glass...so why is using wood an improvement? And b) the plastic you use to coat the wood is 100% transparent....why not just use the plastic? What's the purpose of the wood at all??? If its just structural... refer to point a).
It Won't Hurt for Long
It Won't Hurt for Long 11 timmar sedan
37:57 polishing his wood
Szilveszter Sáfár
Szilveszter Sáfár 11 timmar sedan
Take a piece of wood, glue it to a sheet of glass cut off the wood voila! transparent... glass? ;)
S R 12 timmar sedan
Try Bass wood and sand it lightly very fine grit first.
It Won't Hurt for Long
It Won't Hurt for Long 12 timmar sedan
You need a belt grinder. Preferably 2" x 72".
canunac 12 timmar sedan
i wanna bite it
Joeyzoom 12 timmar sedan
I saw the title and assumed this was a reupload of the last attempt. Misleading but I'm glad I clicked on it out of curiosity! Good luck with the new lab!
savoi elvis
savoi elvis 12 timmar sedan
The more i liked in this video...is that you never give up.....i watch til the end ....and it was worth it....nice video.....thx man!!!
bailey massey
bailey massey 12 timmar sedan
Can you do a video on perfluorobutane? Its heavier than Sulphur Hexafluoride.
Emma Burns
Emma Burns 12 timmar sedan
can you try to make stomach acid?
Panda’s World
Panda’s World 12 timmar sedan
I wonder is he afraid of the things he make. I know that sounds weird but what I’m trying to say is that is he ever scared of the things you make or do they ever get out of hand
Shawn Riley
Shawn Riley 13 timmar sedan
As a woodworker, I know that surface finishes look their best when the wood is smooth BEFORE applying the finish. I couldn't help but wonder if your results would have come out better if you had sanded the balsa down to a very fine grit abrasive prior to other or the other steps (or maybe after removing the lignin, so that you would be leveling out the grain that was likely swollen by the process).
Johann Ribert
Johann Ribert 13 timmar sedan
On the one hand it is an interesting project, on the other hand it is not really making transparent wood. It's more like making plexi glas with a wood structure.
The Hedgy
The Hedgy 13 timmar sedan
Extract cyanide from apricot kernels
Spinach Sheik
Spinach Sheik 14 timmar sedan
He sounds like he's perpetually on the edge of saying, "however..." I'm constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. There's so much tension.
evie marie
evie marie 14 timmar sedan
evan and kaitlyn did it first :3 love your videos tho-
jamie eggebrecht
jamie eggebrecht 14 timmar sedan
Would it be possible to make your own kind of glue by using the extracted lignin?
Mark 14 timmar sedan
Try sanding the wood first to super smooth with at least 3000 grit
Doug Sholly
Doug Sholly 14 timmar sedan
The science and your presentation of it is fascinating, however, I am failing to see the point here. If you are infusing the wood with acrylic (or any plastic), what is the purpose of the wood? Strength?
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