Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment 

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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9 jun 2021



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Liquid Miracle
Liquid Miracle 2 timmar sedan
Di indo udh msuk penjara itu :v
Forever 999
Forever 999 2 timmar sedan
imagine stubbing your toe here
Razgriz Belka
Razgriz Belka 2 timmar sedan
My god... This is really hard work even with power tools
Great Starblaze
Great Starblaze 2 timmar sedan
Is that legal??
Dimi 2 timmar sedan
Hats off
K돌쇠 2 timmar sedan
에휴 습기는 어쩌려구
Nailah Tajir
Nailah Tajir 2 timmar sedan
Kpoo0kooppoo0ppppppppppooo ko ko lip
Nicky Bizzle
Nicky Bizzle 2 timmar sedan
What a guy that must of taken a long long time years maybe but he probably could of bought a gaff with money he spent on blades and diamond tip cutters and kango bits haha
To Ny Nguyễn
To Ny Nguyễn 2 timmar sedan
Will it safe?
Marjorie Ren
Marjorie Ren 2 timmar sedan
parhauma nabidang
parhauma nabidang 2 timmar sedan
Ünzile Toksöz
Ünzile Toksöz 2 timmar sedan
Süpersin tam benim hayalim güle güle kullan inşallah 👏👏
Лилия Лилия
Лилия Лилия 2 timmar sedan
Выражение '' пещерный человек '' приобрело иной смысл
O Garoto do Blog
O Garoto do Blog 2 timmar sedan
Quando chover, vai dar infiltração. É uma montanha...
constantlyinlove 2 timmar sedan
Is there any chance that could cave in? I hope it doesn't
Ünzile Toksöz
Ünzile Toksöz 2 timmar sedan
D Momcilovic
D Momcilovic 2 timmar sedan
Most solid house in China, this one wail not fall apart
Serious Person
Serious Person 2 timmar sedan
I love this. I think in Armenia and Turkey they have cave structures that are really really complex too. An Armenian took about 20 something years to build his own. All i can say is i respect everyone doing things like this.
chaidaro 2 timmar sedan
At least, wear closed toe shoes! I was nervous watching this. Lol
Shaolin master
Shaolin master 2 timmar sedan
Honestly his work ethic is the most impressive thing here but any construction worker could do this me included and before some one goes on a rant me and 3 guys dug roughly 100ft to 120ft of trench in 3 1/2 days so 20 hour's but this guy I would work him over a lot of people I've worked with in the past
Akhillez 2 timmar sedan
Well done, very beautiful work. Definitely a very sweet place to live!
Jason Thomason
Jason Thomason 2 timmar sedan
Landlords HATE him for discovering this one weird trick!!!
밤톨복면 2 timmar sedan
한땀! 한땀! 흘려서 만든집! 나도 살고 싶다!!
White Dove
White Dove 2 timmar sedan
Now the apartment is ready and only the bride is missing. You are really a professional Handyman and you are good at all kinds of crafts from building, electricity, plumber, gardening, carpenter Well done .👍🌹
Love Simplicity, Live Simply
My gosh this man is insanely talented🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😍
SANJAY PAREEEK 2 timmar sedan
He made it alone!!
Human 2 timmar sedan
Flow state.
The Cool Salacious Crumb
Real life minecraft
Swayy 2 timmar sedan
Андрей Ильин
дом в куче глины
Sava Ileana
Sava Ileana 3 timmar sedan
Bravo lor băieți destepti
hamilton harper
hamilton harper 3 timmar sedan
I'm more impressed with how he made that curve with the circular saw
Брат мужа сестры
Прикольно, у нас адвокат Егоров любит такой хуйней страдать.
Kai Sheng
Kai Sheng 3 timmar sedan
He was not breaking the stone but clays
cody cove
cody cove 3 timmar sedan
My first night in minecraft
Yohan Co
Yohan Co 3 timmar sedan
this can be a resort or something…
Mr. Devil
Mr. Devil 3 timmar sedan
it's very risky to live in this type of house. it might collapse if there's a rainy season. i won't recommend this to someone. it's like playing with life just for getting popular by making videos
adinath shirsath
adinath shirsath 3 timmar sedan
May be after 1000 years this would be world heritage… and people will come across the world to see, how this was made…
serg_cat serg_cat
serg_cat serg_cat 3 timmar sedan
ydok400 3 timmar sedan
Ngl this background music a bop 🎵🎶
melchor mendoza
melchor mendoza 3 timmar sedan
Андрей Кича
Андрей Кича 3 timmar sedan
Плати налоги сука
sajid 03
sajid 03 3 timmar sedan
Is this legal? 🤔
3bdo My Name
3bdo My Name 3 timmar sedan
Travis M.
Travis M. 3 timmar sedan
Omg I'm so #proud of your hard work on this🤔🤔🤔
あじぽん 3 timmar sedan
David Sholian
David Sholian 3 timmar sedan
crazy guy not using any ppe.
Fabian Lawstudies
Fabian Lawstudies 3 timmar sedan
Avni Mishra
Avni Mishra 3 timmar sedan
but how he was allowed to do this?.. like did he buy the mountain?😐
merin samuel
merin samuel 3 timmar sedan
'Bob the builder' is that you
Legendz 3 timmar sedan
He must hear nothing but power tools in his sleep.... must be part of the Home Improvement PTSD
Эмануэль Переперкин
Jason D
Jason D 3 timmar sedan
PIKI GAMING 3 timmar sedan
judulnya bhasa indo,isi koment nya inggris semua anjir
VIKS 3 timmar sedan
1 day he wont wake up. 98726273 cubic meter sand & rocks on him.
احمد بنی طرفی
احمد بنی طرفی
Kenny Ingo
Kenny Ingo 3 timmar sedan
No wonder People like you are the economy of china. Talented dedicated hardworking and determine.
Thái Nguyễn Văn
Thái Nguyễn Văn 3 timmar sedan
đàn ông thực thụ
VMS The Best
VMS The Best 3 timmar sedan
Iupiter Bong
Iupiter Bong 3 timmar sedan
Non ci deve essere nemmeno un po' d'umido.....polmonite chenn' hai?
YouChwb 3 timmar sedan
Wait till someone introduces him to the Benny Hill music.
Prasad 3 timmar sedan
ever heard about Ellora Caves?
Ulysses 3 timmar sedan
This is what some minecraft players be like
Andrew Hsieh
Andrew Hsieh 3 timmar sedan
youtube cave man has gone from stone age to industrial age
SniperLyfe Parry
SniperLyfe Parry 3 timmar sedan
Reminds me of “Lord of the Ring”
Ruby Shuya
Ruby Shuya 3 timmar sedan
After watching Primitive Tools and Primitive Building in youtube this man cant impress me
ᴡ ᴅᴇɴᴏᴋ
ᴡ ᴅᴇɴᴏᴋ 4 timmar sedan
Btw tools nya udah netherit ya teman teman
miamimagicians magician miami
Is this even legal
RiderTV 4 timmar sedan
If it's private land, sure. If it's public land or national park - hell no! lol. At least not in Australia. (Although people do all sorts of stuff out in the bush that no one knows about).
Bruce Constuble
Bruce Constuble 4 timmar sedan
Very cool
Sachin AGARWAL 4 timmar sedan
real thalua
Jimmy Hernandez
Jimmy Hernandez 4 timmar sedan
Cool video my Chinese friend
Gaggi Singh
Gaggi Singh 4 timmar sedan
Very nice 👍
The New Collector
The New Collector 4 timmar sedan
I would buy this home off him if I lived over there .
김중사TV 4 timmar sedan
아프리카 정글러들은 칼한자루가지고 하던뎅
Eduardo Milla
Eduardo Milla 4 timmar sedan
con que así funcionan las caries xd
Montana Mary Palmer
Montana Mary Palmer 4 timmar sedan
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley 4 timmar sedan
I bet you $1000 the government is gonna wait for him to finish and the day he cuts the ribbon they seize the property
Larz 4 timmar sedan
Proof no matter what comes man will find a way.We are resilient beings. They took man's natural way of survival and tricked us out of our cabins,huts, caves and the like for a MORTGAGE,
xander cage
xander cage 4 timmar sedan
He could've dug out a closet for all those buckets though. Just sayin'
Soleil Artcraft
Soleil Artcraft 4 timmar sedan
Really amazing...👍👍👍
Johnnyboyizhere Hopkins
Me on the first night of Minecraft survival
AmberFur 4 timmar sedan
Omg my house in Aosta Valley is made of stones and when we renovated it (it was built in 1700) it was such a hard work because of the hardness of the stones! I can’t imagine the tiredness at night! 👏
simperialwalker 4 timmar sedan
this is what I imagine my colonists doing when I’m building a mountain base on Rimworld.
Mia Utami Putri
Mia Utami Putri 4 timmar sedan
Is it damaging the environment?
KB 82
KB 82 4 timmar sedan
문영민 4 timmar sedan
암반이 무르니까 가능한 일인거같다 한국같이 화강암지대에서는 힘들듯
Aaron J
Aaron J 4 timmar sedan
Dude I tried this and it’s actually possible!
Rogelio Barraza
Rogelio Barraza 4 timmar sedan
Even this home would cost 2.5 million in California
송영호 4 timmar sedan
여러분이 찾는 한국인 여기 있습니다 🇰🇷
Elen Surmeli
Elen Surmeli 4 timmar sedan
Daire derken şekil olan daireyi sanmam jsjsjsjs