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18 jun 2021



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Dead Meat
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@Blue pp
Gacha has ruined my life
Was the just dance it will be okay a reference to the song at 22:02
Thomas- Connor Rogers- Peck
i was scared to watch it but the way its presented made me like it
Kuri 21 dag sedan
I love this movie because the director was also suffering from a horrible break up and he made the move not just for money but to cope with the loss.
Death Watcher
Death Watcher 22 dagar sedan
@Calem Dab see
Luthien Silverlance
Luthien Silverlance 43 minuter sedan
25:10 Actually no. I never felt bad for Christian. I hated his character so much I was happy when he was killed finally.
Kat Bishop
Kat Bishop Timme sedan
"a deconstructed poke bowl is placed in the ground" I'm choking, I literally can't stop laughing
Zach Cameron
Zach Cameron 2 timmar sedan
What I love most about Dani seeing Christian mating with Maja is that it's framed like the last act Final Girl-figures-out-what's-going-on scene. She looks through the keyhole and sees Christian finally breaking her heart for good instead of seeing the Bloody Killer/Monster. And it's Christian who has the Final Girl-discovers-the-bodies scene that's been prominent in Slashers, ala Halloween where Laurie Strode seeing all the bodies The Shape set up in Lindsey Wallace's home or any other typical slasher fare. It subverts everything and recontextualizes it without being overtly winky and meta about it.
handsomesquidward 12 timmar sedan
It’s honestly disturbing how many people I see defending the cultists when Christian was drugged and raped, yeah he was a mentally abusive boyfriend and a douchebag but even the worst of people don’t deserve being raped.
vincent byas
vincent byas 14 timmar sedan
Always appreciate the They Might Be Giants references!
Zubair Sadiq
Zubair Sadiq 14 timmar sedan
It is one of my most hated movies.....
Liam Jarvis
Liam Jarvis Dag sedan
Do hatchet
Urp John
Urp John Dag sedan
Rip Kenny. He still never got paid
Urp John
Urp John Dag sedan
Krys Field
Krys Field Dag sedan
Bad trips suck balls
Lee Hobkirk
Lee Hobkirk Dag sedan
Worst bag off shit ever,up there with mother that's how bad it was.
aubrey doodles
aubrey doodles Dag sedan
While I know horror movies have garbage sequals I wouldn’t mind see an interpretation of it,sure Dani is smiling in the end now but imagine if she finally comes to her senses and learned her dead ex boyfriend was actually drugged and most definitely didn’t consent to anything (idc what you have to say about him,the guy was drugged and and that is that,your free to say he’s a crappy person but for the love of god it least have enough common sense to know he definitely wasn’t fully their during the “mating ritual”) and other innocent people were murdered by these cultist that basically took advantage of her,it’s honestly scary how realistic these cultist acted and how they manipulated the group from the very beginning,going after the member of the group that was most vulnerable and even mirroring her actions and such Sure she’s “home” now but imagine what would happen if she “woke up”
CaliGrown Visuals
I just realized Dani will have the same fate as her sister.
Darth Y'all
Darth Y'all Dag sedan
hol. hold on. is that bear ur using for censoring the bear from that one.... post.... about the bear and the... cop or something.............
Winyplains 2066
Winyplains 2066 Dag sedan
Who’s here after Black Widow?
Black Hat Studios
Ur content is great keep up the amazing work
Lichita Center
Lichita Center Dag sedan
Pls hatchet kill conut
ZigZagSparkz Dag sedan
Respect to James for giving Billy a flower crown
H恵美子 2 dagar sedan
There's horror movies that rely on jumpscares and ugly monsters to scare you, but this movie is definitely incredibly disturbing.
H恵美子 2 dagar sedan
Well, I've heard of this movie before and was curious about it but I think I won't watch it because of the graphic parts hahah. Like head bashing would make me a little uncomfortable.
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel 2 dagar sedan
“Not even a fairytale romance like that could pass SVdown’s standards” I laughed way too hard at this joke
SheebyWeeby 12
SheebyWeeby 12 2 dagar sedan
Just watched this like an hour ago and I loved it, super creepy. I loved how unsettling it was.
chloe 2 dagar sedan
that movie gave me the most unsettling feeling i’ve ever felt in my entire life. the ending where he was in the bear suit getting burned alive especially.
Gay AF!!
Gay AF!! 2 dagar sedan
Damla Deniz
Damla Deniz 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for this video, i didnt wanted to see the film, it was just too much depression and nudity and cults... but stil i couldn't get the movie out of my mind, like what happened who died who lived, is she the queen of them now etc... so it was helpfull getting movie out of my mind thankssss :))
Hartland Studios
Hartland Studios 2 dagar sedan
I LOVED this movie and I didn’t think it was that scary 😬
Jessie C.
Jessie C. 3 dagar sedan
this is 10000x more of a read than it is a kill count😂
Ghost Doom
Ghost Doom 3 dagar sedan
Wow, I came here to say that the murder suicide scene genuinely is disturbing in a sad way.
regina jude agbon
regina jude agbon 3 dagar sedan
i never watched this movie (bc i mentally can't handle it) but it's my fave horror film.
Ben Carroll
Ben Carroll 3 dagar sedan
Anyone here after Florence Pugh in black widow
FloridaSnippets 3 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: mark got lured away by the juicer so the Ulf could come later to kill and skin him and wear his legs and face because he was mad that he peed on his dead family’s ashes and pele was the one who hit josh
Narcisis 3 dagar sedan
Hereditary is one of the only horror movies covered in this channel that have truly terrified me
H Arsenault
H Arsenault 3 dagar sedan
With how endearing I found midsommar, I now know how susceptible I’d be to cult recruitments.
levi stanborough
levi stanborough 3 dagar sedan
Do more zombie
Eddie Rice
Eddie Rice 4 dagar sedan
looks like these cults. Jehovah's Witnesses/ mormons/ christianity/ plus others with "god or gods"
Sir Watzhizface
Sir Watzhizface 4 dagar sedan
Will Poulter's acting when they took the shrooms in the beginning will always make me laugh
Saief Ahmed
Saief Ahmed 4 dagar sedan
when they deep exhale it reminds me of my asthma pump 🥱
ssapli 4 dagar sedan
draw a picture its something beautiful to someone else but you think its not beautiful. it looks bad and awful. you hate it but someone else like it yea. you cant take it but its too much. you want something. you need it. you remember. you have some. you walk up to your drawer that it is in. you take it. you feel good? dont you? why dont you feel good? you feel scared? why. no its not. help you ask but no one is there. you are all alone. you are gonna
Cooper Elkins
Cooper Elkins 4 dagar sedan
I'm gonna be honest, overall I wasn't really a fan of this one, because we never really got any sort of hint as to what was going on, things were just happening. Sometimes that works like in Cube, but not here
Rodent in the woods
Rodent in the woods 4 dagar sedan
Look at me, just watched midsommar and now I’m watching the kill count
Epic Racoon
Epic Racoon 4 dagar sedan
When will I finally see an actual damn bear in the numbers James, WHEN??
Tyler Rapp
Tyler Rapp 4 dagar sedan
26:06 Fun fact, I believe that the town sign we saw in the beginning is the term for coming of age in this society. The actresses’ character was 15 further cementing James’ claim
Josh Caloviras
Josh Caloviras 4 dagar sedan
Ari aster is going to be one of the greats of our generation and I’m very excited to see what more he can come up with
Aidan Frost
Aidan Frost 4 dagar sedan
Little did we know Florence Pugh would become a main MCU character
Milkywaygaming Boy
Milkywaygaming Boy 4 dagar sedan
What if the whole midsommar movie was made by the illuminati? I realized it because the buliding that the men were being burned in was in the shape of the all seeing eye
jekegue 5 dagar sedan
The debonair monkey allegedly burn because decision firstly communicate since a fragile jelly. protective, silent attention
Thanos 5 dagar sedan
This is why you carry a concealed gun.
Thanos 5 dagar sedan
This is why you carry a 9 millimeter on you.
Peanut_Butter_Wizard 5 dagar sedan
It's always so weird for me to see Will Poulter in anything bc he looks like he could be a grown up version of one of my younger cousins
lala land
lala land 5 dagar sedan
Wait...that’s black widows sister from black widow.....(gasppp)
Armanleon Malm-johnsen
She from Black widow
10 18
10 18 5 dagar sedan
I honestly thought it was sweet that the women started grieving with dani
sean beanie
sean beanie 5 dagar sedan
Nice cosplay dude haha👍
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown 5 dagar sedan
14:55 favorite part
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 5 dagar sedan
I watched this with both my sisters and it was one of the weirdest movie viewings I’ve seen
J K 5 dagar sedan
I did NOT expect a movie that looks so colorful and bright to be that disturbing and messed up, what the hell
Qadreya T
Qadreya T 5 dagar sedan
I watched this movie a couple of days ago and been checking youtube comments since and I am SO surprised that so many people are supportive of the cult. They are abusers and murderers and incestuous sickos... wtf is wrong with people
Qadreya T
Qadreya T 5 dagar sedan
Whats interesting about this cult is that even the older leader ones kill themselves. For instance, many cults have their elders/leaders do all bossing around and commanding but never join the physical abuse or killing or suicide. So hey at least they are all crazy lol.
Tres 5 dagar sedan
Thor on standby, smite when ready
Shashwat Kadam
Shashwat Kadam 6 dagar sedan
Ari Aster, Robert Eggers, and Jordan Peele. Three deities redefining horror. 👏👏👏
Kae McSpadden
Kae McSpadden 6 dagar sedan
The production design and costume designs are so pretty, I wish it got nominated for those categories. I have seen many people dress up as Dani in the May queen outfit at cosplay conventions.
Emma H
Emma H 6 dagar sedan
The first time I watched this was in quarantine and I fr didn’t know how to act for a month after I watched it, it definitely changed me and my prospective on things
kxena 408
kxena 408 6 dagar sedan
jokes on you, I was absolutely not in the right headspace when I watched bo burnham’s inside
the goal scorer
the goal scorer 6 dagar sedan
Im from sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪
Wisy Wopitty
Wisy Wopitty 6 dagar sedan
When a horror movie is bright it implies that they don't need shadow, night or darkness to scare you. That simple fact made me feel stressed during the whole movie.
Annjenesse Martinez
Annjenesse Martinez 6 dagar sedan
I loved it, definitely one of my favorites 💐🌸💮🏵🌹🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
happy accident
happy accident 6 dagar sedan
i hated this movie. i didn’t even finish it and i wouldn’t wanna rewatch it ever again
Stev da Wizard
Stev da Wizard 6 dagar sedan
This movie really blindsighted me, I knew what I was walking into but not how nuts it was
Jaydon Duett
Jaydon Duett 6 dagar sedan
I wanna be your friend
Aranel 6 dagar sedan
It was filmed in Hungary?? Wow, I’m hungarian, and I didn’t know that. It’s a cool fact
Anita Mikulak
Anita Mikulak 6 dagar sedan
Nat stakhom is Promant stokolm
Fennec Draws
Fennec Draws 7 dagar sedan
cany wait for disney to buy this film and put it on disney+!
Naru's Wifu
Naru's Wifu 7 dagar sedan
I saw some comments talking about how "some people" would see the movie as "yes queen, women empowerment" and so on. But tbh I've never seen anyone who thought like this about the movie ending I mean anyone in their right mind would be confused and disturbed by the end of the movie and would feel pity for the bf
Mike Lynge
Mike Lynge 7 dagar sedan
"Midsommar" and "Mother" is the most boring movies of all times
lola dakin
lola dakin 7 dagar sedan
Christian is borderline emotionally abusive tbh. He still didnt deserve everything that happened
Greg Ory
Greg Ory 7 dagar sedan
Half expected to see him pass out trying to imitate the breathing in the movie 😂
the man
the man 7 dagar sedan
Anyone else just think James looked cute in that flower crown?
Stacey Paquette
Stacey Paquette 7 dagar sedan
I like to think that her "smile" at the end was a sign that she descended into madness
Jaila Primm
Jaila Primm 7 dagar sedan
Kindred Fenrir
Kindred Fenrir 7 dagar sedan
This movie is unironically hard to watch at times.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 7 dagar sedan
Can u plz do the fear street movies on Netflix this was also my favourite kill count so far !!😍
Rata sata
Rata sata 7 dagar sedan
i love how james dresses up lol
Kyra Poppke
Kyra Poppke 7 dagar sedan
“treat it like that bo burnham special” plz-
SharkDad 7 dagar sedan
honestly this is just an amazing recap video
Poison_oak14 7 dagar sedan
Finger cheer stampede!!
Harry Takeover
Harry Takeover 8 dagar sedan
You can tell he uses Netflix because they only just added This movie and he didn’t do it before
Horror Review
Horror Review 8 dagar sedan
I might be alone on this, but James looks adorable with that flower crown on.
Okay Baeky Chogiwa
Okay Baeky Chogiwa 8 dagar sedan
I feel like I watched this month's ago
P A N D A 8 dagar sedan
For a movie I think it sucks. For some kind of a sick mfing kind of movie its decent
Cinephiler 8 dagar sedan
How the fuck did Christian gaslight anyone? Lmao I’m pretty sure that requires a level of malice that we never once saw a glimpse of from him.
the taxidermist
the taxidermist 8 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who watches these videos just to see if a horror movie is worth watching?
Zee Ro
Zee Ro 8 dagar sedan
It was one of the most disturbing movies I've every watched
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg 8 dagar sedan
will poulter in bandersnatch looks like tetta kisaki
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi 8 dagar sedan
Something I love and have no idea wether or not it was intentional is that they condemn Christian as an evil spirit and wrap him up in the bear carcass then burn him, the shot of him sitting there looks so similar to final shot of Dani. But while Christian’s was shot dark and violent, Dani’s is shot bright and beautiful her being surrounded by flowers a sign of life, making the shot seem positive. However while the flowers are a sign of life they have been picked from the ground and are dead, eventually wilting and decaying. Both Dani and Christian are wearing corpses, perfectly illustrating how hypocritical the cultists actually are. Again I have no clue if this was intentional or not it’s just the way I interpreted it. That being said if it was intentional it makes me love this movie even more.
space person
space person 8 dagar sedan
that's a messed-up movie.
Just Tings
Just Tings 8 dagar sedan
Idk for me movies like this just aren’t it, I like a creative monster or a creative concept. This one just feels too unsettling. I get why people enjoy it but it’s not for anyone. I do appreciate a horror movie that takes place during the day, it’s hard to make something scary during the day.
Lane Whitford
Lane Whitford 8 dagar sedan
The rape made the movie awful. Idc about everything else.
Mm9091 8 dagar sedan
Lol the cartoon bear for censorship is great.
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He Loves Pepper Spray!
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