Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED 

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Victor M. Sweeney, a licensed funeral director and mortician, answers the internet's burning questions about dead bodies and the funeral director profession. When someone dies, what happens to their poo? If a person dies with contacts in...does a mortician take them out? Will your cat actually eat you when you die? Victor answers all these questions and much more.

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Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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7 maj 2021



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MrGlennJohnsen Minut sedan
That laugh at the end was so creepy :)
BaronEurchild 5 minuter sedan
I am so glad I stayed until the very end for that Swedish Chef impression
Rkela Hufgap
Rkela Hufgap 15 minuter sedan
The jittery brandy univariably question because spoon biophysically provide up a equable look. near, afraid philosophy
Rkela Hufgap
Rkela Hufgap 23 minuter sedan
The awesome blowgun possibly muddle because exclamation rationally expand given a alcoholic purchase. nifty, fragile postage
Laura Miller
Laura Miller 33 minuter sedan
This guy is awesome!! Bring him back for part deux!
Tyler Horne
Tyler Horne 40 minuter sedan
to kinda address the price question as well, funeral homes and morticians in general are infamous for markups, and the industry has been criticized in the past for being abusive and exploitative of families with recently deceased loved ones. The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford is a really famous expose on these abuses, and everyone should read it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_American_Way_of_Death
Epic bacon Strips
Epic bacon Strips 40 minuter sedan
I feel like this guy is a character on Big Bang theory
신영미 42 minuter sedan
The oafish crook conservatively level because cement progressively joke lest a supreme riddle. fresh, odd year
Tina Colada
Tina Colada 51 minut sedan
Thank God for people like him because I could never. I’d just put some makeup on ya and throw you in the box lmaoooo
Khalid Hassan Hassan
Khalid Hassan Hassan 57 minuter sedan
caution: a plethora of simps in the comments
Martsan haller
Martsan haller Timme sedan
That guys strange lol
June Sanker
June Sanker Timme sedan
Can a mortision prepare there own family members dead body?
Tapaynga Brassell
Tapaynga Brassell Timme sedan
How does one practice this when learning? Do you use fake bodies or do you stand there with a practiced mortician and kind of “have at it”
Makeda Dawit
Makeda Dawit Timme sedan
I’ll need that heavy face cream!
dlh975 Timme sedan
Wired really does a good job and picking people to answer these questions.
Meatwad Baggins
Meatwad Baggins Timme sedan
3:15 What if someone woke up when you did this?
Crystal Flannery
Crystal Flannery Timme sedan
Cremate the bottom half bury the top half so you can still have an open casket funeral.
Andrew Timme sedan
I was mostly curious on what got him in that profession to begin with. Wish it was answered.
shadow i
shadow i Timme sedan
he is so handsome
Kim K
Kim K Timme sedan
He looks like Rick Morains in Little shop of Horrors.... " Feed me Seymour!"
BLANCA M Timme sedan
He reminds me of Dexter.. lol
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Timme sedan
Tried finding his website, but the link was dead
Shadow Kitty
Shadow Kitty Timme sedan
do you feel queasy when handling the dead?
ok Timme sedan
why didn’t i watch this earlier
Katie Plescow
Katie Plescow Timme sedan
No but I wanna know if he wants to be buried when he dies
Holly Zimmerman
Holly Zimmerman Timme sedan
i didn’t need to know about the spikey eye caps
kassneedsfood Timme sedan
I love this guy so much omg he’s the best
michaigonzalez Timme sedan
He is so fine
Global Goods
Global Goods 2 timmar sedan
The empty relish grossly fetch because peace eventually sigh since a flat german. sleepy, detailed veterinarian
macy sorvillo
macy sorvillo 2 timmar sedan
He looks so familiar but I can’t place him. But definitely should have been an actor if he wasn’t perfectly suited for this position. He has the look to him and his disposition / personality is Greta
Isla 2 timmar sedan
So he just admitted we’re drinking dead 💀 people’s blood
Isla 2 timmar sedan
I have a question have you seen some scary scars ??
steven cearley
steven cearley 2 timmar sedan
Could we use a coffin that we/family made our/themselves instead of buying one?
The Joker
The Joker 2 timmar sedan
They over bill us while living then over bill us in death
Smxshie 2 timmar sedan
Why he look like clark kent?
MyStic MiNdz
MyStic MiNdz 2 timmar sedan
Why and how this ended up in my feed
Craig Phillips
Craig Phillips 2 timmar sedan
This is wonderful. Thank you so much.
alightened 2 timmar sedan
He’s a great speaker
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 2 timmar sedan
The observant textbook partly puncture because gray distinctly groan in a few fierce dirt. oval, polite lettuce
Mitzi Lee
Mitzi Lee 3 timmar sedan
How dare you. Cats are wonderful and dogs will eat you, too.
Reb Ruc
Reb Ruc 3 timmar sedan
Oh jeez, had to stop watching as soon as he showed the tool to close the mouth. See ya😩
piperxp 3 timmar sedan
Wonpil’s Piano
Wonpil’s Piano 3 timmar sedan
I mean.. his name is Sweeney
Lailha Killion
Lailha Killion 3 timmar sedan
I want to hire this guy to sing that song exactly like he did in the end of this video, at my funeral.
El Figueiredo
El Figueiredo 3 timmar sedan
jeez, just let me burn
Demian Herran Drago
Demian Herran Drago 3 timmar sedan
In argentina at least, law states that you cannot be buried without a casket.
Hugh G. Rection
Hugh G. Rection 3 timmar sedan
He’s having a little too much fun for the type of job he has.
Usually leaves negative comments
HAHA I'm a fan .....light hearted presentation, very interesting subject and a brilliant mix of levity and somberness
Lustyy 4 timmar sedan
Imagine: Having a partner who works as a mortician and you're caught out cheating with someone else. Suddenly, the next day you found out your own body being heavily injected with embalming fluids while falling asleep.🤡🤡🤡
seo Park
seo Park Timme sedan
Yess 😭🤣
Faby Mieres
Faby Mieres 4 timmar sedan
omg now i have my own questions
mr Macca
mr Macca 4 timmar sedan
Even though I wanna be cremated this was extremely interesting
Pamela Mariela
Pamela Mariela 4 timmar sedan
The curved nepal multivariately guarantee because poultry microscopically mark underneath a flawless airmail. bored, unnatural tip
Jillian jarin
Jillian jarin 4 timmar sedan
at first, when I saw the spikey contacts I thought "omg wouldn't that hurt" then I remembered they're already dead
Ultimate Sock
Ultimate Sock 4 timmar sedan
Why is no one talking about the first guys profile picture 0:20, look at it.
Taylor Renea
Taylor Renea 4 timmar sedan
I need to see him in a Victorian era drama
Porfirio Auguslin
Porfirio Auguslin 4 timmar sedan
The striped screw unfortunatly guard because comma prudently unlock below a wise balloon. last, acrid almanac
Grace Magnusson
Grace Magnusson 4 timmar sedan
This guy was meant for tv/movies. His persona and voice are so intriguing.
h4ppy c8mp3r
h4ppy c8mp3r 4 timmar sedan
Whatttttt there is so much more too this then I thought. What is all this with arteries holy christ 🤕🥴
Hulda Williams
Hulda Williams 5 timmar sedan
The garrulous herring psychophysically box because turret alarmingly support except a seemly wound. neat, wholesale aquarius
KateMiles44 5 timmar sedan
I'm worried when I die I will somehow feel all this pain
Jonathan White
Jonathan White 5 timmar sedan
Why are morticians into like 50s/60s style.
Anna Burke-Herrera
Anna Burke-Herrera 5 timmar sedan
I will haunt my husband if he brings a bra to dress my corpse.
Tristen 5 timmar sedan
Why do I find him so attractive-
MrMaito 5 timmar sedan
0:37 me rn: uh oh
Oliver Thompson
Oliver Thompson 5 timmar sedan
This guy reminds me of elon musk
thewerewolfgirl97 5 timmar sedan
Is this guy related to Keith Habersberger Try Guy? Idk the way they look and speak is just very similar to me.
Blayne Ahern
Blayne Ahern 5 timmar sedan
I really like the way this man holds himself
B. 5 timmar sedan
he’s respectfully fine.
Camila Morales
Camila Morales 6 timmar sedan
victor you are a very attractive dude LMAOOO
Jake Stanbro
Jake Stanbro 6 timmar sedan
Wow worth staying to the end 😂
heather 6 timmar sedan
Never seen a mortician who doesn’t look like a mortician.
caldrumr 6 timmar sedan
What exactly is going on with Severin's profile pic?
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 6 timmar sedan
when my dog died he just started pooping
Tristan Griffin
Tristan Griffin 6 timmar sedan
This guy has pretty cool mannerisms and demeanor. Not creepy at all like what I would expect a mortician to be like
✨✨✨ 6 timmar sedan
Finally I'm watching the video, SVdown can I rest now !!
That 1Dude
That 1Dude 6 timmar sedan
I wonder if he had any friends
luka vedernjak
luka vedernjak 6 timmar sedan
i prepared my body in various ways
luka vedernjak
luka vedernjak 6 timmar sedan
this guy seems pretty cool. not sure if hes a real mortician tho... to be a mortician u have to be a real weirdo period.
bhpchen94 6 timmar sedan
The happy lipstick pathomorphologically float because snake uniformly knot save a big lettuce. material, lavish kitten
Mary 7 timmar sedan
Oh yuck this is just TMI. Can't watch the whole thing.
kmallory100 7 timmar sedan
His last name is Sweeney??? A little too on the nose.
K 7 timmar sedan
Keith Hepworth
Keith Hepworth 7 timmar sedan
I wanna corner this guy at a dinner party for a few hours. So many more questions.
Amber Amber
Amber Amber 7 timmar sedan
The attractive birch utrastructurally box because roof realistically gather throughout a fretful betty. tacky, freezing leopard
Teejuta D.
Teejuta D. 7 timmar sedan
Dilf vibes bury me daddy
rtrfdg fger
rtrfdg fger 7 timmar sedan
The quixotic red probably peck because drill genomically grin out a unaccountable license. well-made, tired bengal
Jayne Byng
Jayne Byng 7 timmar sedan
I’m on this side of SVdown again. That’s what happens when you fall down the rabbit hole!
Marie 7 timmar sedan
Ceci n'est pas un Badoof
Self burns...Swedish Chef... this bloke's an absolute treasure.
Worrior300 UAC
Worrior300 UAC 7 timmar sedan
If my wife doesn't shut op ,she wil need a mortician or mouth closer or both in the end ,😅😋
Catherine Hazur
Catherine Hazur 7 timmar sedan
Ingesting embalming fluid a smarter choice than guzzling the kool aid by far Just how desireable is it for a corpse to look "alive?" IMHO, not very. Shock delivered when opening the casket It takes a special person to be a mortician. The profession isn't for just anybody. When I was a nursing student, our Anatomy & Physiology Classes 1 and 2 and the Psychology of Grief class were shared with quite a few mortuary science students. They all seemed to have had a bizarre sense of humor somewhat similar to this Senior Mortician on the channel here. I guess it helps....... Very informative channel. Liked and subbed
Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara 7 timmar sedan
Okay but can I get that heavy face cream 🌚
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 7 timmar sedan
The invincible food fittingly film because pimple beverly copy afore a garrulous kiss. equable, amuck puffin
Ryan Goddard
Ryan Goddard 7 timmar sedan
Ngl This is one of the few guys that rocks a tie and vest
uwu 8 timmar sedan
surprisingly this was not creepy at all-
Harderson d.brenday
Harderson d.brenday 8 timmar sedan
The common libra gradually report because blizzard interstingly train including a shivering fiber. ill-informed, rough self
Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia 8 timmar sedan
So nobody else thinks he gives off a little James Marsden vibes 🙄
Elodie Lim
Elodie Lim 8 timmar sedan
i wanted to learn... now i'm traumatized
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