My Thoughts on Reality Shifting 

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤ svdown.info/clip/0GLNhtTu7yI8rl6ZZGeezw
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!


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10 apr 2021



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Randomstreamer Btw
Randomstreamer Btw 38 sekunder sedan
3:04 no one gonna talk about kawaii Johnathan and kawaii Dio?
Jimi Dubber
Jimi Dubber 38 minuter sedan
Who would else is going to an anime
Rev 45 minuter sedan
*Outro 10 hour version:* svdown.info/post/video/iYOKdtJkm7Cbrb8.html
Shi Timme sedan
came here because I was listening to playlists on SVdown and when I ended up on some draco one and looked at the comments I had no idea everyone meant by shifting. I figured it was just lucid dreaming but they actually think they’re shifting reality 😭
ProbablyKuro Timme sedan
Okay so I believe in shifting, but i see it as a type of lucid dream rather than a multiple reality takeover. I’m kind of knew to it and I didn’t know people saw it that way. Also, why hogwarts...? I’m just tryna shift to me having a genuinely good day with my friends.
Andoni Ianush
Andoni Ianush 2 timmar sedan
Nobody: TheOdd1sOut's outro: *most violent stroke humanity has ever seen*
Edins 2 timmar sedan
so if you reality shift then memory is a fizik object in your brain and u lose it if u do that and at the end u just live hes live withot knowing that this isnt the orginal one
Taylor coles
Taylor coles 2 timmar sedan
So i guess I just won't see my seat belt
Miguel Teñoso✓
Miguel Teñoso✓ 2 timmar sedan
Wait I see a flaw with Reality Shifting. If Another reality is made every time a decision is made wouldn't it be impossible for magic or most mystical things of the sort exist? So you would only have realities that are different in some way like the Cold War escalated, the Beatles became famous gamers not famous musicians, William lost the battle of Hastings, and a reality were scientifically accurate dragons are being used in place of fighter jets. So this is an easy way to debunk reality shifting isn't it?
Ollie TG
Ollie TG 3 timmar sedan
Mr MasterMan
Mr MasterMan 3 timmar sedan
1:48 amongus
•little lion•
•little lion• 4 timmar sedan
"we're in the endgame now"
Ethan Cass
Ethan Cass 4 timmar sedan
you get me 😭
Margaux Conol
Margaux Conol 5 timmar sedan
also one thing: these shows were just people acting or just animated-
X marks the spot
X marks the spot 5 timmar sedan
Knocks realty shifting but I'm pretty sure dude is a furry.
X marks the spot
X marks the spot 5 timmar sedan
Obviously knock what the next person does on his/her time because it definitely won't offend anyone lol. But then again you are just some half baked SVdownr that draws pictures, you could always get a real job instead roasting people on the internet who don't even know who you are.
Ultimate Nintendo Ninja
4:07 Bruh you ain't even have to go there💀💀💀
christian vargas
christian vargas 5 timmar sedan
its real my sister did it
Gabby Myers
Gabby Myers 6 timmar sedan
Odd question but are you apart of the LGBT community? No hate if you are just curious 😅
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 2 timmar sedan
@Fllavelle i’m bisexual but i have a gf
Fllavelle 3 timmar sedan
He has a video talking about his girlfriend... do people have eyesight
Farah Ahmed
Farah Ahmed 6 timmar sedan
I mean who doesn't want to hang out with soft britsh boys
Don Duckworth
Don Duckworth 6 timmar sedan
Hey James, ya need to tell us something?
Ducliem Nguyen
Ducliem Nguyen 6 timmar sedan
Me thinking: what does vaccine one vaccine then walk yes it down fuck
Ducliem Nguyen
Ducliem Nguyen 6 timmar sedan
Me eat chips
Cody Champagne
Cody Champagne 7 timmar sedan
Aren't they just talking about Lucid Dreams
TheChowCult 7 timmar sedan
yo if u see coins in your room (that u didnt put there), put a camera up and you'll find the guy whos been living in your attic! my cousins house creep is named carter/carl! he is going to Australia next week with gf tho, and the baby who lives in my attic is named yUo, pronounced you. he is like 3 tho- and carter is either in his 20's or 300's. also on June 14 last year is the day i lost my last brain-cell! wish me a happy 1st no-more-brain-cell day! ok thanks!
Boba _Master
Boba _Master 7 timmar sedan
How can yall like bakugou- No hate but hes so musty to me 😫
blade files
blade files 7 timmar sedan
"For example theoretical physics, or how to make friends"
Fadumo Hassan
Fadumo Hassan 7 timmar sedan
Was my religion doesn’t tallow dogs about muslims
emilie w
emilie w 7 timmar sedan
eh, i think trying to shift is harmless. i don't believe in it but people are smart enough to stop believing in something, and if they're not, then they'll just keep lucid dreaming.
Party Boonyachai
Party Boonyachai 7 timmar sedan
pls includ me in your next vid
Big Joe
Big Joe 7 timmar sedan
I'm sure he will definitely do that
Autumn Creeley
Autumn Creeley 7 timmar sedan
Hear me out all right, would this anime be naruto?
Floofy Doggo
Floofy Doggo 7 timmar sedan
I think you’ve told all your stories as a child you’re running out of stuff!!
Floofy Doggo
Floofy Doggo 7 timmar sedan
This is been a long time since an update?
Thenamesmorgan Beans
Thenamesmorgan Beans 8 timmar sedan
J-James you were just a little uh “sus” in this vid per say
Johnic The Cronic
Johnic The Cronic 8 timmar sedan
It's kind of just sounds like self-inserts but with extra steps
Jayden Alvarado
Jayden Alvarado 8 timmar sedan
Uhhhhhh James are you canceling I just started watching you I hope you're not☹☹☹
Colin Farwell
Colin Farwell 8 timmar sedan
Ayyy balto and the great race shout out. I loved that book
Gacha God
Gacha God 8 timmar sedan
Oh f**k all y’all dislikes because it make sense
X marks the spot
X marks the spot 5 timmar sedan
Deal with it.
Mongolball 9 timmar sedan
Spreading false info online is illegal,atleast here in the country I live in
Mongolball 2 timmar sedan
@Dat Boi I know
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 2 timmar sedan
@Mongolball exactly, sorry i meant to respond to that other idiot
Mongolball 2 timmar sedan
@Dat Boi that's what I'm saying
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 2 timmar sedan
my dad is a surgeon so even before covid he’d have his mask on for hours upon hours at a time. if he can do that while working on someone’s heart, you can man up and wear it for a couple of hours and then take it off when you get home. There’s no proof of god being real
Mongolball 3 timmar sedan
@Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show also I'm not promoting any illegal activity plus it's your duty to wear the mask,it is ok to take it off when there was no one is around in 50 meters area and I wear a mask all the time in my school and I never felt any negative effects ,your literally trying to outsmart a 13 year old, being a kid doesn't make you a brainless zombie,plus I am more lucky than you because your closer to death than I am
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell 9 timmar sedan
Mind you I’m only 15, this generation makes me so concerned for the future that it gives me actual chest pain. I wish I was born in the 90’s. Times were simple. The other day my 8 year old cousin told me that minecraft sucked and it was to boring. At that point I was convinced that good parenting is a thing of the past. I really hope the older generation of gen z can bring back the simple times. Kids these days are constantly stimulated with entertainment. Mundane and things like working Are going to be impossible for some people.
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell 5 timmar sedan
@Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show wise words friend
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Like SVdown lacks intelligence
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Oh no ppl will still work. Slavery isnt ending just because the devil makes new generations dùmber. Lack of intelligence all around
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Who teaches the generations is who u should be more concerned about
soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇ
man reality shifting is confusing
Shindo life bugs 2
Shindo life bugs 2 9 timmar sedan
Finals a video
Ostrich the dog
Ostrich the dog 9 timmar sedan
XD I love the harry potter one!
Vulpix 9 timmar sedan
Fortnite kids be like: so I can go to the fortnite world Little do they know there’s a loop
Durpy Dilo
Durpy Dilo 9 timmar sedan
………….. Snap Back to Reality… Seriously though Don’t “Reality shift” When you learn the truth you will even more depressed that all you did was fiction So don’t become P O T A T O in your “fiction” Because when your not a Watermelon it will hurt even more when you Snap Back to Reality.. Nintendo GameCube Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 Boo I scared you didn’t I Why am I still typing Cubeoid Dilophosaurus I’m a Scatman Anyone watch the Garfield animated show as a kid? “Halo theme intensifies” If you have read this far, you get the “you read this far award” A D I O S Pancake Crab R e a p e r. L e v I a t h a n WORT WORT WORT Bow Chicka Bowt Bowt It’saa me M A R I O Hula-Hoop of death Insert something funny here S U S Say 10 things that Aren’t Cloaker M a k e W a y. F o r. T h e. DDDD OOOOO ZZZZ EEEE RRRRR
Jaythegay 9 timmar sedan
don’t write a comment that long. you’re obnoxious
ConNorth mess
ConNorth mess 9 timmar sedan
when you post a video after 4 months.
Ultima wolf
Ultima wolf 9 timmar sedan
Well i ship Bacugo and Duek
allie 9 timmar sedan
didnt change my mind 😚
Orneb 5 timmar sedan
@Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show You are kidding, right?
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Point is more than likely you have a unclean spirit swimming around in you
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Also demons can talk to you through electronics such as youtube comment section without being attached to a host or human.
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
Lesson 1. There are 1000s of demonically possessed ppl on social media. Lots of times demons will speak through them. Ever been to those meduims or ppl who claim they can know your deepest darkest fears secrets or they can tell you your name without ever having met you? Yeah those are demon possessed ppl
Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
You know how witchcraft sorcery works right. Unclean spirit's hitch a ride inside of your mind and they tweak this emotion tweak this thought implant that thought and the nightmares are wellll..nightmares
Icy Wolf
Icy Wolf 10 timmar sedan
The only reason I know the cat thing is bc of bgs (bunny girl senpai) or rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai
mitsubas_regrets 10 timmar sedan
Is that bill cypher on the video picture??!!!
Lillian's Corner
Lillian's Corner 10 timmar sedan
“Also back off Bakugo he’s mine.” That part had me dead 😂
Iron Fox
Iron Fox 10 timmar sedan
Happy early birthday james
SlipperySquid Games
SlipperySquid Games 10 timmar sedan
2:25 Dabbing Hogwarts guy
A Minicucci
A Minicucci 10 timmar sedan
Always remember... The worse your day is going, the better your parallel reality's day is going.
Yo Boy Deidara
Yo Boy Deidara 10 timmar sedan
Wait. Doesn't this mean there is a reality in which all reality shifting isn't real!
The LEGO Link
The LEGO Link 10 timmar sedan
Do you like baseball
Legion 10 timmar sedan
What do you call somebody who is exited or enjoys racing
ZuckerBubi 10 timmar sedan
Sergeant 11 timmar sedan
Mublic puggle school
Sarah Bella Charro
Sarah Bella Charro 11 timmar sedan
MHA Fandom where y'all at lmao
Buffyfluffy !
Buffyfluffy ! 11 timmar sedan
There’s a reality where everyone is a plunger 🪠
Arunkon Vass
Arunkon Vass 11 timmar sedan
cat do not have 9 live it is a mith
Trinity McKellar
Trinity McKellar 11 timmar sedan
Mrs. Frizzle has been out scienced oh my! Mrs. Frizzle: :| -_-
Jakob K
Jakob K 12 timmar sedan
And I'm against tik tok hate it
SuperSlurpuffFan 10 timmar sedan
True your right, good job
Jakob K
Jakob K 12 timmar sedan
I only have 23 subs and 3 vids and I dont know what to do I have no ideas
gib dotson
gib dotson 12 timmar sedan
I finally got your VURRY TOY
gib dotson
gib dotson 12 timmar sedan
I meant furry
Beaniebookingdom SLITHERIN
Kevin Nigins
Kevin Nigins 13 timmar sedan
Shouldn’t moving your hand alone create almost infinite realities.
Lay Nebula
Lay Nebula 13 timmar sedan
"Making fan fiction and writing themselves on a date with Bakugou." I DID NOT COME HER TO BE PERSONALLY ATTACKED 😭
Emily The Cool
Emily The Cool 5 timmar sedan
Sonya Kurisu
Sonya Kurisu 13 timmar sedan
5:52 this is literally what my room looks like
Sonya Kurisu
Sonya Kurisu 13 timmar sedan
james since when did you watch bnha?
Elijah Avina
Elijah Avina 13 timmar sedan
I believe in infinite realities if there's infinite worlds there's infinite versions of other worlds like Hogwarts or Jurassic park the thought that other dimensions exist and could cross over into ours keeps me going the thought that one day if I'm lucky I might see a dimensional traveler me blink past me or might see someone vanish from our reality the thought i might get to meet that one SCP of that guy that just hops between realities like nothing everything i can think can will is and already has happened every version of me i can think of is thinking of me i any scenario that anyone has ever thought of can happen is happening will someday happen has already happened it keeps me happy knowing that my D&D character might cast the wrong spell and end up here it keeps me happy knowing that nothing is fiction i might one day make a deal with bill cipher in fact another version of me is most likely making a deal with bill cipher right now the world im in sucks the idea that infinite random craziness infinite random chaos is happening outside of the dimensional slum that is our dimension it keeps me happy
Liana Stuart
Liana Stuart 13 timmar sedan
Vaccines, you realize, are made of parts of a dead virus, and you inject that into your skin to build your immune response to that. But we also know things like the flu change in a season and vaccines are created on previous knowledge not the virus THIS season. Also, the covid vaccine specifically is different from any other vaccine. So even if vaccines can works with that 50% chance either way, that this certain shot is experimental. It may be harmless, other than the "usual" side effects, but we don't know that. SO I believe that you could possibly be fine, but also that we do not know enough about the vaccine to be giving it to everyone. Also, have you done research? Additionally, taking time to research takes time because you know that hotels and things like that pay google to be the first pop-up choice, that clearly can be the same for information. No, I'm not saying google is entirely bias, but it wouldn't hurt it to accept a payment to put these answers out there. Once you have done your research keep talking, but you do not know enough to be saying all these things. It is like an 8th grade project, research the opposing side and see what does make sense. DO you realize it is hard to find some info…i wonder why
Ej Dempsey
Ej Dempsey 13 timmar sedan
Also people are so stupid like why I hate humanity
Ej Dempsey
Ej Dempsey 13 timmar sedan
Proof that ticktok is the spawn of saten and is bad for everyone I like SVdown batter and ticktok is garbage oh yeah
Fllavelle 3 timmar sedan
Bad grammar aside I like your point
Emilia Łątkowska
Emilia Łątkowska 14 timmar sedan
What do you mean saying 'Ranger ' like... Ranger ranger? Or A ranger from Ranger's Apprentice?
Emilia Łątkowska
Emilia Łątkowska 14 timmar sedan
Read Felix, Net and Nika 10. World nr. 0. You 'll understand
crazy fire
crazy fire 14 timmar sedan
I think you are slowly going insane...
Kate Lorene
Kate Lorene 14 timmar sedan
the CIA is probably gonna smite james for this
FallingBird 14 timmar sedan
My question is how do we know this is the MAIN timeline?
Ejiro Kirishima
Ejiro Kirishima 14 timmar sedan
I only love this video for the people who believe in this stuff and that James added BOOM BOOM BOIII(a.k.a bakugo) to the video
Kevins World K.W
Kevins World K.W 14 timmar sedan
This sounds like a lucid dream but with extra steps
victoria Alvarado
victoria Alvarado 15 timmar sedan
anyone gonna talk about the girl with he Bakugo room
Ishi San
Ishi San 15 timmar sedan
i must disagree with "bakugou is mine" HES MINE
yaire zazueta
yaire zazueta 15 timmar sedan
Can I just say something this is totally unrelated but can you make the paranormal activities explanation video it’s just that you make everything so funny So I just wish for you to make a video of the paranormal activity
HarleyGarrow 15 timmar sedan
when he said be in a realationship with whoever the hell it is then said not me i was thinking that boy sus
Jodi Flynn
Jodi Flynn 15 timmar sedan
U do realize that people have been doing this for decades right? It’s not just a “new trend”
X marks the spot
X marks the spot 5 timmar sedan
It's called an imagination... Basically so I don't see what's bad about it.
Mason Bernheim
Mason Bernheim 8 timmar sedan
You do realize that that doesn’t mean it’s scientifically accurate right? It actually means it could be less accurate
Victor Pikeman
Victor Pikeman 15 timmar sedan
That was a great video, right Todoroki?
Carmel Apple
Carmel Apple 15 timmar sedan
5:54 The mineta on the shelf tho-
StarJaz 15 timmar sedan
"who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school to live in a castle with a bunch of soft british boys"
SoFiona and more!
SoFiona and more! 15 timmar sedan
all of my fellow community watchers remember THE DARKEST TIMELINE
chuck gaming Dude
chuck gaming Dude 15 timmar sedan
Funnymat is way better then ticktok
chuck gaming Dude
chuck gaming Dude 15 timmar sedan
My grandad is ded now
Mello Kid114
Mello Kid114 15 timmar sedan
Gaming Gang
Gaming Gang 15 timmar sedan
0:05 why is there a half-life logo on the book
HalfBeat 16 timmar sedan
reality shifting is lucid dreaming
Mello Kid114
Mello Kid114 16 timmar sedan
3:31 James sus ngl
Mello Kid114
Mello Kid114 16 timmar sedan
3:25 you’ve done it billy they finally love you
Mello Kid114
Mello Kid114 16 timmar sedan
You can go to the hunger games you can go to the lord of the rings you got to AMOGUS 2:52
Mello Kid114
Mello Kid114 16 timmar sedan
2:21 keep dreaming the dream James
Jojo Thiirah
Jojo Thiirah 16 timmar sedan
COVID didn’t start when someone ate a bat that’s a myth that was proved false
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