[NEW] JURASSIC WORLD The Ride! New INDOMINUS REX! | Universal Studios Hollywood 2021! 

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[NEW] JURASSIC WORLD The Ride with New INDOMINUS REX! | Universal Studios Hollywood 2021!

Jurassic World - The Ride is officially back open at Universal Studios Hollywood! With a new refurbishment & brand new additions including two amazing Indomius Rex animatronics! Check it out!

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15 apr 2021



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Patrick Dougall
Patrick Dougall 2 månader sedan
UPDATE: I'm seeing a lot of comments about the "drop" being smaller. Nothing was changed to the ride path or the drop, it's all the same length and size. Only changes were surrounding the path.
Elhana Habtom
Elhana Habtom 2 dagar sedan
@Jolene Harrison ⁰
Emine Kumru
Emine Kumru 2 dagar sedan
Emine Kumru
Emine Kumru 2 dagar sedan
みずたユミ 3 dagar sedan
@Edward Cullen fh
Tesla Mckenzie
Tesla Mckenzie 3 dagar sedan
@I don’t know why I’m commenting this, but, B
G1 EXPERT 10 timmar sedan
Ya got a dino in the comments section
RODINO laser
RODINO laser 11 timmar sedan
I'm brasil
RODINO laser
RODINO laser 11 timmar sedan
Isso é muito legal, queria ir nesse parque
Abdul Muez
Abdul Muez 14 timmar sedan
Where is it 😍?
truckermaurice 14 timmar sedan
I'm from the netherlands and i did go to universal studios in 1997. The waterattractie was there already in 97 and it was awesome
Nunugom 14 timmar sedan
I don't know if i would love this or I'll get a panic attack, i love Jurassic park on screen, but the ride?😂
Michael Wapner
Michael Wapner 17 timmar sedan
do you feel the drop less if your in the very front.
Rapsta Nawab
Rapsta Nawab Dag sedan
Wow 😍
Christian Nasser
i wish i went there
Shrusti borde
Shrusti borde Dag sedan
Dude I think it's of imagica right..
Stephanie Garcia
I loved the old version .. can’t wait to try this new one out
Shellye Solomon
Shellye Solomon Dag sedan
Are Dinosaurs real in real life
La Fraise Au Bois Dormant
omg so nice !!!
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall Dag sedan
Soooo there's no splash??
Adonde es el lugar
Virosaa Dag sedan
the quality of this ride is unreal.
Real facts
Real facts Dag sedan
Interesting 😃
Dafulegend Dag sedan
I remember that drop being a LOT higher
그래서, 보통 가족
すずまろ Dag sedan
貴重な映像、ありがとうございました☺️ ハラハラ・ドキドキしながら楽しみました✨ 私も、乗ってみたいです〜🎠🎠🎠
Phan Tiến
Phan Tiến Dag sedan
Thật hay giải v
Htalli I
Htalli I 2 dagar sedan
They don’t have the pool thingy anymore? I didn’t see it when I went there July 2021
Neveah Pilone
Neveah Pilone 2 dagar sedan
Oh wow i got your like 360k
Floricel Martinez
Floricel Martinez 2 dagar sedan
I wasn’t ready for the drop😭😭I was so distracted by the trex
I think is toy
Kardoman Tumangger
Kardoman Tumangger 2 dagar sedan
What a breathtaking ride
RidesXL 2 dagar sedan
Awesome video
あんこだんご 2 dagar sedan
Mark Glenn
Mark Glenn 2 dagar sedan
Very cool. Thanks for sharing
CocoFloffo 2 dagar sedan
It changed so much and got better, still glad to see those little dinos fighting for the item 2:51, originally it was like a red popcorn bucket, I see they changed it for a hat, makes my heart melt of joy they still battle to this day. They also fixed the contrast of the attack scene so the Rex and other animatronics in the dark room would look much scarier and real instead of seen the entire body flying. XD
Annie L
Annie L 2 dagar sedan
G Major 4
Annie L
Annie L 2 dagar sedan
Electronic Sounds
Fabian Haase
Fabian Haase 2 dagar sedan
Which Park is it? Never See it . Beautiful
Hannah Banks Lyon
Hannah Banks Lyon 2 dagar sedan
Emy Jesden
Emy Jesden 2 dagar sedan
Wer will mit mir dort hin?😍
Samrudh Yadav Mohan
Samrudh Yadav Mohan 3 dagar sedan
That is real
spectrum 3 dagar sedan
wbspensfan28 3 dagar sedan
That looks unbelievable
Noni Jay
Noni Jay 3 dagar sedan
3:35 absolutely beautiful 😍 wow! It looks so freaking real
Amaury Moss
Amaury Moss 3 dagar sedan
Imagine the dinosaurs were real
Timothy Tarello
Timothy Tarello 3 dagar sedan
No one will experience the car dropping :(
Fernando Gaffud
Fernando Gaffud 3 dagar sedan
I’m going there tomorrow and I’m going on that first
ᄀᄌᄒ 3 dagar sedan
헐!! 재밌겠다..
Amy Ives
Amy Ives 3 dagar sedan
I have been on this ride
Michaela Schulz
Michaela Schulz 3 dagar sedan
Schau mal Juresicpark von den Dino Säufer von früher
Мадара Учиха
😊👍👍👍 Привет 🔥
zeenia khan
zeenia khan 3 dagar sedan
Blinkue Collins
Blinkue Collins 3 dagar sedan
I want to go there someday, but my anxiety said no
greg palma
greg palma 3 dagar sedan
This is scary i dont like thid but its cool i like all the dinosaurs
Wiki Wikj
Wiki Wikj 3 dagar sedan
H9pyxl 4 dagar sedan
Unfortunately the mosa is played from a screen
Raffi Ramadhan
Raffi Ramadhan 4 dagar sedan
Disisi ada orang Indonesia kah?
Mary Wilcox
Mary Wilcox 4 dagar sedan
sharon cariño
sharon cariño 4 dagar sedan
Wow Anderson favorite wow ID no estar
Loy6lties 4 dagar sedan
This looks a lot like the very first T. rex water ride they had, and that was fun too!!!
佐藤あやか 4 dagar sedan
Is this really crowded?I want to feel this technology!
Ross Fabian
Ross Fabian 4 dagar sedan
It's just mind blowing the type of money Americans have and spend.......gotta love the US
melophilesmedia 4 dagar sedan
김용석 5 dagar sedan
Art Robles Aranda
Art Robles Aranda 5 dagar sedan
It was a dope ride
Christine Kwan
Christine Kwan 5 dagar sedan
叱蟠。八時才智。 人
Christine Kwan
Christine Kwan 5 dagar sedan
Umar-Aziz Faris
Umar-Aziz Faris 5 dagar sedan
I rude this before and i am a kid so i freaked out when the ride droped i also ride it in japan
no hetero
no hetero 5 dagar sedan
i’ve never been to universal but it looks like so much fun. i wanna go so bad 😭
isaacdfwu gutierrez
isaacdfwu gutierrez 9 timmar sedan
@no hetero the rides at universal are all above 80 minutes regardless however at Disneyland there are fast passes and the ride times fluctuate where for universal it always stays the same with 8 rides
no hetero
no hetero 9 timmar sedan
@isaacdfwu gutierrez it doesn’t seem as much fun. looks like there’s too many kids. it’s overpriced and overcrowded imo
isaacdfwu gutierrez
I recommend Disneyland tbh unless you don’t mind just about 7 rides for the day
It’s really fun. And there’s not many rides so you can go on all of them in one day
Loe Raisso
Loe Raisso 5 dagar sedan
Great 😎👊🏻!
Joe Santana
Joe Santana 5 dagar sedan
The old version was more scary & they should make a better splash at the end
saritha badavath
saritha badavath 5 dagar sedan
That megaladon was scary
dani istiqomah
dani istiqomah 5 dagar sedan
I was so anxious the whole time. The machine moves too slow for my liking. Feels like nope imma out from here. Lemme walk swim anything 😹😹😹
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 5 dagar sedan
how bad is the drop. do you get that, tickle feeling in your torso?
Corneliazonebox. 5 dagar sedan
This is not real cause Many dinosaurs did not EXIST in the real life and Many dinosaurs had fearthers
ParsleyPalace 5 dagar sedan
Thanks for posting! That was cool.
40colby 5 dagar sedan
Um.... predator cove had like no predators.... very disappointing.
Asia Ayyub
Asia Ayyub 6 dagar sedan
Wow superb
i’m a sussy baka XD
Dilobar Sadikova
Dilobar Sadikova 6 dagar sedan
I went to that Universal studios
Scarlett Bechard
Scarlett Bechard 6 dagar sedan
I been on this ride before in Florida it looks so real
MsAnu26 6 dagar sedan
I saw this ar night!!
prameela chinni
prameela chinni 6 dagar sedan
Yekkada ee place 😍it's really unnayi, nenu reallga choodali so cheppara meeru pls yekkado, ye place ani🥺
Fisher Fisher
Fisher Fisher 6 dagar sedan
The shivering bracket molecularly wrap because sycamore ultrasonically taste alongside a lackadaisical farmer. adventurous, malicious timbale
Shadow Wolverines
Shadow Wolverines 7 dagar sedan
Oml the Mosasaurus :p ❤️
༆ᴍғᴘ,ധീരൻ YT
These 3d visuals are superb
みるきーみみ 7 dagar sedan
Deepika Jain
Deepika Jain 7 dagar sedan
It is a real ride
sseuka sseuka
sseuka sseuka 7 dagar sedan
I would've shet myself if I was on that ride ngl.
ajju mudiraj chidraboina
Are these real dinosaurs
Richard mide
Richard mide 7 dagar sedan
So cool i watched the movie
Aurora Alex
Aurora Alex 7 dagar sedan
Please anyone tell me Where is this place?
RódryWTF 8 dagar sedan
I loved all of universal studios!!!! Unfortunately couldn’t got to play in all of the games but I hope to come back… Soon!
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 8 dagar sedan
Is it exists now wow 😀❤️
z0z 8 dagar sedan
Anthony Palermo
Anthony Palermo 8 dagar sedan
Beautiful. I like how video tours like these are free of bimbo yapping which is so annoying.
Francesca Rizzo
Francesca Rizzo 8 dagar sedan
can we talk about the rainbow reflection on the camera when the chorus plays?! so perfect
Evelyn 8 dagar sedan
Omgosh at 5:00 to 5:18 that looks so cool
Soul on Fire
Soul on Fire 8 dagar sedan
Kids will love this
Jelly_Gacha 8 dagar sedan
Holy crap, that looks awesome!
Patt 8 dagar sedan
Tbh I prefer the original at universal studios but this is really cool
Renton Wilson
Renton Wilson 8 dagar sedan
My wife and i cant wait to ride! The old one as a kid i rode it over and over the one time we went.
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"What does this say?"
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