Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video) 

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Listen to ‘deja vu’ out now: OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/dejavu​
Pre-order the debut album SOUR: OliviaRodrigo.lnk.to/preorder​
Co-starring - Talia Ryder
Shop the deja vu collection: smarturl.it/oliviarodrigoshop
Director - Allie Avital
Production Co. - SMUGGLER x north of now
Executive Producer - Elizabeth Doonan
Creative Producer - Daniel Yaro
Producer - Matisse Gaillard
Assistant Director - Lynna Baculo
Cinematography - Logan Triplett
Steadicam - Renard Cheren
Gaffer - Cole Pisano
Grip - Colin Stoye
Art Director - Jake Tremblay
Production Designer - Natalia Brito
Editor - Lindsey Nadolski
Colorist - Kaitlyn Battistelli
Follow Olivia Rodrigo:
Instagram: oliviarodrigo
Twitter: Olivia_Rodrigo
Facebook: OliviaRodrigoOfficial
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TikTok: tiktok.com/@livbedumb
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing deja vu. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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1 apr 2021



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Sof Uni
Sof Uni 4 timmar sedan
Is it just me or i legit thought that was sabrina carpenter at first i was like 😱😱 oh they friends now huh?
That one Hufflepuff
That one Hufflepuff 4 timmar sedan
This made me really hate my non existent ex boyfriend
Zuha Rehman
Zuha Rehman 4 timmar sedan
can we just talk about how beautifull that girl was
sunshinxe 5 timmar sedan
This was posted April the 1.........
geoxbnyg 5 timmar sedan
well taylor swift is not regretful to her kids(olivia and conan)!!! olivia as mini taylor or the next taylor swift!!!
Jodie 5 timmar sedan
Wait, I like this more than drivers license.
geoxbnyg 5 timmar sedan
after drivers license we got this song what the???, this song if so fcking beautiful that shes talking about a guy without actually talking about it like how??? olivia move onnn!! AHAHAHAHHAH y'all better understand the lyricsss!!!!
Nelson Obrero
Nelson Obrero 5 timmar sedan
Whooooo Cruel summer?
Evelyn Rafhisa
Evelyn Rafhisa 5 timmar sedan
mxviil _75
mxviil _75 5 timmar sedan
mxviil _75
mxviil _75 5 timmar sedan
2:50 is the best part.
andrei lance rizada
andrei lance rizada 5 timmar sedan
They both look so gorgeous
Shinta's Life
Shinta's Life 5 timmar sedan
Why this dramatic lyric match my life holy shit
shit happens
shit happens 5 timmar sedan
It is amazing how many people watching this at the same time because it was just 30 million views just yesterday and now I'm here yet again at 31 million views
Love Sound Firman
Love Sound Firman 5 timmar sedan
Good & beautiful
The Emerald Castle
The Emerald Castle 5 timmar sedan
I bet you even tell her how you love her, in between the chorus and the verse. (listen closely) she says "I love you" I CANT UNNOTICE IT NOW IT SO LOUD
Dayana Cerecero
Dayana Cerecero 5 timmar sedan
DESTINY OLIVERAS 5 timmar sedan
Melvinna 5 timmar sedan
dear Sabrina Carpenter, stay strong..
flame 5 timmar sedan
Juanita Gonzales
Juanita Gonzales 5 timmar sedan
I don’t know but I love her style
MyLife AsLacey
MyLife AsLacey 5 timmar sedan
I need to speak with the people who disliked this video, like NOW!!
Professor Malunk
Professor Malunk 5 timmar sedan
Endlich wieder echte Charts!
KawaiiKay 5 timmar sedan
*how can one human hold so much talent and beauty?* 🥺💖
Crystal Tibayan
Crystal Tibayan 5 timmar sedan
pov: you're the new girl
MyLife AsLacey
MyLife AsLacey 5 timmar sedan
Catherine Schimpf
Catherine Schimpf 5 timmar sedan
The director really outdid herself here. The metaphors are thicc
Ela BERK 5 timmar sedan
ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᵗʷᵉʳᵏᶦⁿᵍ ʸ'ᵃˡˡ
Grace O
Grace O 5 timmar sedan
These “twerking _____” comments are getting outta hand
riley dongre
riley dongre 5 timmar sedan
“so when you gonna tell her that we did that too she thinks it’s special but it’s all reused that was our place i found it first i made the jokes you tell to her when she’s with you... do you get deja vu when she’s with you” this part was the most meaningful i feel like
Eduardo Alejandro Marranzini De Los Santos
Am very proud of Olivia you are the best
The Pale Dreamer
The Pale Dreamer 5 timmar sedan
„Watching reruns of Glee” 🥰 Hey Gleeks are you here? ❤️🙋🏽‍♀️
Cathya Ramilison
Cathya Ramilison 5 timmar sedan
Her songs are produced kinda like Lorde's 😍
riley dongre
riley dongre 5 timmar sedan
claim your here before it’s a tiktok
milkywei 5 timmar sedan
this feels like a watered down version of the bridge of driver's license
Rizkyta Ramadhanty Savitri
Déjà vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. This is a French phrase that translates literally as "already seen". Although some interpret déjà vu in a paranormal context, mainstream scientific approaches reject the explanation of déjà vu as "precognition" or "prophecy".
Wanderson Soares
Wanderson Soares 5 timmar sedan
Raymond Louie Frilles
Raymond Louie Frilles 5 timmar sedan
I like how at 2:01 and 2:06 there is already foreshadowing that the new girl is stalking olivia back. Ugh, ✨detailing✨ is supreme.
Angel Kim
Angel Kim 5 timmar sedan
It's konatsu's song
SamanthaPMC 5 timmar sedan
new fav artist 🤪😚
Aanya Rai
Aanya Rai 5 timmar sedan
Olivia is Queen. Periodt.
itz lea
itz lea 5 timmar sedan
Why do people actually disliked this masterpiece.
cherrifiyah 5 timmar sedan
because some have opinions
Daichi Astray
Daichi Astray 5 timmar sedan
Jealous twerking
Ingrid Gonzalez
Ingrid Gonzalez 5 timmar sedan
new ship
Andreaあ 5 timmar sedan
I’m here to try and listen to the hidden “I love you”
It's Candy
It's Candy 5 timmar sedan
I have probably watched this video at least 30 times in the last 2 days
Aiden Nelson
Aiden Nelson 6 timmar sedan
Also listen to Rise up by the fat rat this song is amazing and you’ll get this if or when u have listened to it. You shall “rise up and claim your throne”
MelinaOMG 6 timmar sedan
Love your song
Alexia L.
Alexia L. 6 timmar sedan
me too
Saket Raj
Saket Raj 6 timmar sedan
Wth everyone is twerking
Alexia L.
Alexia L. 6 timmar sedan
I am hurting at how good this song is
MelinaOMG 6 timmar sedan
SapporoGhoule 6 timmar sedan
The fact this song got 30 million views in 2 weeks is insane
Saket Raj
Saket Raj 6 timmar sedan
Oh man She's broken
Dinah 6 timmar sedan
the girl looks like sabrina carpenter
Hayley Mae
Hayley Mae 6 timmar sedan
The Clap back took time but damn worth it. You really DID THAT.
elizabeth paras
elizabeth paras 6 timmar sedan
*sadly twerking*
RyRy 6 timmar sedan
Alexia L.
Alexia L. 6 timmar sedan
I know right
Juana luz Ramos salse
Juana luz Ramos salse 6 timmar sedan
i love you
Ilaria Cristiano
Ilaria Cristiano 6 timmar sedan
Help, I love this song! ❤️❤️
Ester Muhle
Ester Muhle 6 timmar sedan
bube udeh
bube udeh 6 timmar sedan
nah she acc is talented. like. she really isn't a one hit wonder. i'm floored.
Janela Casten
Janela Casten 6 timmar sedan
ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?
Elizabeth Coyle
Elizabeth Coyle 6 timmar sedan
This song is soooooo similar to this small artists song
Elizabeth Coyle
Elizabeth Coyle 6 timmar sedan
its called coffee mill
Michelle Obregón
Michelle Obregón 6 timmar sedan
Olivia eres arte😍
Sofea 6 timmar sedan
Woah okay so i had read a comment that said they confused which one is the ex and the gf, and i rewatching this, being confused myself...
Daniela Castellanos
Daniela Castellanos 6 timmar sedan
The beat is something unexpected and crazy! loveee it
Avani Sharma ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Most of y'all are just sleeping on how Olivia herself slipped an "I love you" in between the chorus and the verse-
Brooklynn Bartos
Brooklynn Bartos 6 timmar sedan
love this song girl and love you too i love all your songs
Nona Kecil
Nona Kecil 6 timmar sedan
abby longsine
abby longsine 6 timmar sedan
OMG OLIVIA i have listen to this song with my sisters and we all love it i listen to this on loop love it just love it
KTJD89 6 timmar sedan
To people who dislike :🖕
chantal davel
chantal davel 6 timmar sedan
This Fight is so petty, Olivia just move on already.
Reymond Corpuz
Reymond Corpuz 6 timmar sedan
Can someone please please please....tell me what is the story about.
Grecia Kamila
Grecia Kamila 6 timmar sedan
Do you get Deja Vu?💕
KTJD89 6 timmar sedan
This happend to my real life🥺😭
kayla gladis
kayla gladis 6 timmar sedan
t a y
t a y 6 timmar sedan
*storms downstairs to sneakily grab a half empty nutella jar and a spoon* *sneaks nutella jar and spoon* *storms back upstairs and opens my bedroom doors* *sees my bed and jumps onto it like as if it were a pool filled with marshmallows* *gets comfy on my bed, puts airpods in and opens the nutella jar* *takes a huge scoop of the nutella with my spoon and eats it like as if it were ice cream* *listens to deja vu over and over again whilst eating the rest of the half empty nutella jar* *starts craving for something savoury* *opens bedroom doors and storms downstairs* *grabs frozen water bottle and some chips* *storms upstairs as fast as i can and rushes into my room like as if i was getting chased by a zombie* *jumps onto bed, gets comfy and realises my water bottle isnt defrosted yet* *opens packet of chips and takes a bite of the salty, crunchy, baked not fried snack* *alternates with sweet nutella and savoury chips* *1 HOUR LATER* *reaches for defrosted water and takes a huge drink from it* *eats, drinks, music, eats, drinks, eats, listens, drinks, drinks, eats, listens......* *falls asleep* *2 HOURS PASS AND ITS 7 AM* *wakes up and looks around room to see that my doors were open* *sees dog and realises my dog came into my room* *thinks about how my dog has more IQ than me* *finds out why and this is because they have super powers* *sees chips scattered allover my bed and my spoon that i used for the nutella is on the floor* *feels salt from the chips on my blanket* *stands up and walks to bathroom* *finishes my bathroom duty and walks downstairs for more food* *grabs cereal, a bread loaf and makes a coffee* *walks upstairs thinking about how much exercise ive done by storming up the stairs* *walks into room and chucks everything but my coffee onto my bed* *turns laptop on and puts airpods in* *watches horror films all day* *finishes cereal and the whole bread loaf* *thinks about cleaning my room but doesnt do so as im lazy as fuck* *continues watching horror movies until 5 pm* *goes downstairs for dinner then goes back upstairs* *realises my room is still a mess so i clean it up a lil* *30 MINUTES PASS BY* *room is clean a bit and looks at clock* *sees that its been more than 30 minutes and its now 8 pm* *knows that i need energy to stay up all night* *grabs money and puts shoes on* *walks outside and tells parents that im walking to the shops* *10 MINUTES LATER* *sees shops and runs inside quickly* *runs to the energy drink aisle and storms to where the monster drinks are* *grabs 2 packs of 4 monster drinks* *runs to self checkout and pays for drinks* *walks out of shop and to home* *takes off shoes and walks inside* *sees parents look at me weirdly and wonders why* *realises i literally have 2 packs of 4 monster energy drinks in my hand* *says goodnight and storms upstairs whilst turning the light off* *runs into room and puts pjs on* *lays in bed and gets comfy, still feeling the salt from the chips on my blanket* *turns on laptop and watches yt and netflix for the whole night* *takes a sip of the delicious monster drink and before you know it im already in a bouncy mood ;)* *yt, netflix, netflix, yt, yt, tiktok, tiktok, sc, yt, yt, netflix, roblox, roblox......* *6 HOURS PASS AND ITS 10 AM* *starts falling asleep* *1 HOUR LATER* *is full of energy and runs around the outside of my house like a maniac* *runs out of energy and goes back into room* *actually cleans up room properly this time* *sees how much ive cleaned and feels proud* *lays on clean not crusty bed blanket* *falls asleep and sleeps till 9 pm* END OF STORY :)))
Rylebolivar Robles
Rylebolivar Robles 6 timmar sedan
Filipina ✨✨
Colin O'Donnell
Colin O'Donnell 6 timmar sedan
Fine I'll join *confused twerking*
sienna Lynch
sienna Lynch 7 timmar sedan
This is a tiktok trenddddd
Elias Luhana
Elias Luhana 7 timmar sedan
The part of the song where she says "I know you get déjà vu". Clearly reminded me of Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift on the part where she said "I love you", ain't that the worst thing you ever heard? Love that 💕
Miracle Possibility
Miracle Possibility 7 timmar sedan
Aaah twerking
im telling the fuccin truth
whenever I hear this song, I remember those asymmetrical face on tiktok (including mine ofc)
PinkSmurfs !
PinkSmurfs ! 7 timmar sedan
Sooo its not Sabrina Carpenter...SO WHO IS THAT GURRLL????
- EN-finity -
- EN-finity - 7 timmar sedan
Now I can't unhear the I love you part
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 7 timmar sedan
Came for the meme, stayed for the song.
Esther Decaluwe
Esther Decaluwe 7 timmar sedan
Her songs keep on getting better!ily queen,your beautiful
cloud 7 timmar sedan
*aggressively twerking
randomlyrics1626 7 timmar sedan
My theory : The boy is making it look like he's still dating/with her by doing/using the thing they used to do And that what's like to be a wattpad writer and reader
Nakk13 7 timmar sedan
she makes her driver license worth
Mariah Abby Aquino
Mariah Abby Aquino 7 timmar sedan
When the fans and haters are busy trying to connect this to the drama, while me busy listening and reading those assumptions and laughing out loud.
Pearly Ann Jacob
Pearly Ann Jacob 7 timmar sedan
I went through so many comments, and nobody is talking about how the bridge in this song is kinda similar to the bridge in 'Cruel Summer' by Taylor Swift.
tian 7 timmar sedan
Eden Rebello
Eden Rebello 7 timmar sedan
Hey Olivia, your new song is awesome. You keep getting better and better. You deserve all the love your getting.
Khuong Di (Cornie) Pham
baby girl
baby girl 7 timmar sedan
she sounds more and more. like Billie and Lorde, I can't unhear it 😭
Haylie C
Haylie C 7 timmar sedan
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis 7 timmar sedan
*Happy twerking*
Aeiyhaa 7 timmar sedan
Hope olivia next song is about selflove.
Saynara Fernandes
Saynara Fernandes 7 timmar sedan
Bem vibes tvz 2014
mira masyira
mira masyira 7 timmar sedan
i'm sorry if this is about an ex talk to his new gf, i'm not gonna lie this is hurting me especially when it says 'do you get deja vu?'. But if his ex say stuff like this i'll say "then take him. take him if he wanna be with you. If this isn't working between you two than please don't brag his new gf, telling her you were there for him, you found the place, laughing cause she think if it's special, we did that too n stuff" like please.. so what? you really hurting somebody singing this. I like the song but sorry not the lyrics.
Nouran Elnaggar
Nouran Elnaggar 7 timmar sedan
I heard the I love you If anyone's wondering its in between the chorus and the verse
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