Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview 

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Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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5 apr 2021



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Julie Payne
Julie Payne 16 minuter sedan
Good interview. Meagan is a narcissist
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 19 minuter sedan
She didn’t even let’s her family come to the wedding how weird was that
Whiskey Tango
Whiskey Tango 19 minuter sedan
Ticket is whining about free speech and brings on Piers Morgan who is complaining about someone exercising their free speech.
Whiskey Tango
Whiskey Tango 21 minut sedan
But a judge has ruled Tucker Carlson's program is not news or journalism.
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 23 minuter sedan
So, he agrees that ITV are WOKE. Good
Natasha Shehu
Natasha Shehu 54 minuter sedan
I'm not sure if she is telling the truth or not. But besides that, Pierce or anyone else for that matter is in title to express his thoughts and to say if he believes she is telling the truth or not. What the hell is wrong with this world today?? You can not express what you think because you will be called all kinds of names. And you are not even offending anyone and are being polite but God forbit if you do not take their side cause hell will break lose. This is ridicules and should be stopped. Where the hell is the free speech and democracy?? This country is becoming like north Korea where people cant say crap. Leave people express their thoughts and debate it either is right or wrong but to fire every single one of them just because they say what they think???Shame and shame on these left liberal media and governments.
kraftzion Timme sedan
If he considers himself a journalist why did he take the job in the first place? It looked like the British version of "the view" to me. Not exactly a job requirement.
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy Timme sedan
Liberals only stick up for thereselves.
Roy Meynell
Roy Meynell Timme sedan
There interview was hypocrisy.
Roy Meynell
Roy Meynell Timme sedan
He not a racist ,and I agree hole heartily with him ,in democracy if one sees dishonestly in statement then you should be able to express your opinion ,
John Z
John Z 2 timmar sedan
Only you notice the dynamic, Tucker, the great entertainer you are. But Piers does make some good points. He probably loves the crown too much but he does have the right to question factual statements by anyone, even Merkel, even the queen. But Piers is or was an employee and sometimes you have to use common sense when on the job how nasty or negative you are when you give an opinion.
Steve M
Steve M 2 timmar sedan
Freedom to agree with an opinion you are fed.
CrazyTraffic 2 timmar sedan
the generally accepted victim's role is the most powerful tool of our leftist moral and pc-driven time. just push it enough and it will give you the moral integrity to demand whatever you want.
Wayne Gregg
Wayne Gregg 2 timmar sedan
matt115lamb 2 timmar sedan
Well I didn’t realise Oprah and Megan were the most powerful people in the world !
Ameya Amritwar
Ameya Amritwar 2 timmar sedan
Once in a blue moon .. you hear something that is actually rational and makes sense on Tuckers show!!
F. J.
F. J. 2 timmar sedan
Surrogate kids don't get royal titles.
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 2 timmar sedan
I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
Deborah Casey
Deborah Casey 2 timmar sedan
Julian Assange was the warning bell, the red flag, who defended him.
nivek nailgun
nivek nailgun 3 timmar sedan
Ultimately the left always eats their own. Just add time and watch it happen.
Anne Koteras
Anne Koteras 3 timmar sedan
First and last of all Meghan Markle is half black and half WHITE‼️
Liz Bradford
Liz Bradford 3 timmar sedan
Go on son she’s a muppet
Liz Bradford
Liz Bradford 3 timmar sedan
He’s spot on
Micromation 3 timmar sedan
Piers getting eaten by the very machine he fostered is some kind of poetic justice. At least had enough dignity left to not apologise...
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes 3 timmar sedan
Isn't she a countess and isn't he a jobless commoner.. !..knock it on the head Piers you muppet ...let it go..you can't beat them.
Keithanthony Taylor
Keithanthony Taylor 3 timmar sedan
I've been ordered to apologise many times by bosses that's when they lose their best asset and I head for the door until eventually, I learned managers were only just managing and so employment was not for me and I changed direction became a hypnotherapist with my own business and started helping people who appreciate me.
Joe Smoke
Joe Smoke 3 timmar sedan
Who cares about tripling the audience for something that continues to dumb people down. 😴
Abid Amjad
Abid Amjad 3 timmar sedan
He was not forced off he quit. Why are you giving him air time. There are 2 right wing channels going be aired in Britain soon I'm sure we will have Pierce on one of them if not both.
Jason Stearns
Jason Stearns 3 timmar sedan
I haven’t heard the term “free country” in 20 years.
Kayl Somogyi
Kayl Somogyi 3 timmar sedan
Piers is gonna become conservative 🤣
Candyman2889 4 timmar sedan
Piers is dumb when it comes to guns and 2A but I find myself agreeing a lot with him
My Name
My Name 4 timmar sedan
Piers Morgan may not be a racist, but he is an absolute bellend!
Roddy Ohara
Roddy Ohara 4 timmar sedan
I hope Piers Morgan becomes Prime Minister everybody would vote for him and I'm just a second class working man supporting my family but also a royalist just like Piers Morgan Meghan Markle just want all the fame and all the glory there's no way on this earth that she will copy Princess Diana because the British public will not stand for it and we are glad at least to say she's out of this country I feel if she ever come back which is very doubtful she would not be welcome so sorry to say that Pierce had lost his job and I for one and I'm sure millions more it's sad to see Pierce not on the Good Morning Britain news and by the way God Save the Queen
Josef Novotny
Josef Novotny 4 timmar sedan
I am sorry but Piers just tasted his own medicine. Do you not remember his fierce fighting for all globalists perved goals and not allowing much discussion in his morning or other shows when the powers to be were questioned? All these presstitutes like Piers are in the end of the day expendable and their daddy satan drops them like garbage....
Roddy Ohara
Roddy Ohara 4 timmar sedan
So true!!!!!
Donald Schultz
Donald Schultz 4 timmar sedan
I agree Piers Morgan! Nothing is Free though there's always a price.
PAUL BATS 4 timmar sedan
He, wasn't forced off air. He walked out. Facts and Fox. Mutually exclusive.
robert avalon
robert avalon 4 timmar sedan
He didn't get forced off air.. He walked off.. I do miss him in the mornings though.
Alice Dickinson
Alice Dickinson 4 timmar sedan
I think the issue is that Piers talked and talked and talked about Meghan ALL the time. He was literally obsessed with her. It was weird. He was upset because after meeting Harry, she didn't speak to him again (they only met up ONCE). He wasn't fired because he didn't believe her...it was because he CONSTANTLY slated her on air and people were tired of it as it became bullying. You're allowed to have an opinion but when you start attacking someone over and over.... that becomes sinister
Stevie Bob
Stevie Bob 4 timmar sedan
like how piers bounces a bit after every phrase
Ghost 5 timmar sedan
Only the weak would ever believe anything the left spews. The devil party
RusskiyDzhigit 5 timmar sedan
Spineless people get what they deserve. This will go on until people wake the f up.
Pieter Van Heerden
Pieter Van Heerden 5 timmar sedan
God bless you Piers!
chris chris
chris chris 5 timmar sedan
morgan is a liar globalist nobody
Mary Matthews
Mary Matthews 5 timmar sedan
I agree, I think Meghan is a bit of a fibber and spoofer. And as for playing the race card - very weak response by a fibber.
Ruby Wingo
Ruby Wingo 5 timmar sedan
Good for him!! Stand up to these idiots!!
Deano14397 5 timmar sedan
Sad little mugs
Zenik Torres
Zenik Torres 5 timmar sedan
Well said. You nailed it Piers.
Jackie 5 timmar sedan
Well said 👌
El Millonario
El Millonario 5 timmar sedan
'I am oppressed by you so i'm going to cancel you'. Yes, it all makes sense to me now...smh
Jackie Price
Jackie Price 5 timmar sedan
I love watching your show tucker carlson . i really cant believe that the country my grandfathers and my uncles fought for back in the 40's . 50's and 60'a . then again as a veteran of operation iraqi freedom i have to say that, given the opportunity to fight and die for this country was a great pride for me but at least when our country was at war with a foreign enemy we the soldiers knew who our enemy was . i pity the future for our young brothers and sisters in the armed forces whom are dedicated to protecting a country that intentionally keeps letting us all down. May the old world r.i.p
8Cloud9 5 timmar sedan
A pathetic Piers Morgan , so obsessed with Meghan! He is no one if he dont mention Meghans name! LOL
Bet Lea
Bet Lea 6 timmar sedan
Think Piers and Daddy Markle need to join forces to defeat this witch! We've listened to the "victim" for far too long! Time to hear the other side. Her power is very scary! The fact that she can use our court system to prevent freedom of speech is very very disconcerting!
Dana Taylor
Dana Taylor 6 timmar sedan
Poor baby, is being bullied. WAAAH
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
haha! Exactly. I made a parody of this interview.
Beverly Campbell
Beverly Campbell 6 timmar sedan
Everyone gets offended today over the smallest things. People need to grow a spine and stop being so sensitive!!!!
Beverly Campbell
Beverly Campbell 6 timmar sedan
Right on Pierce!!!!!
halfmist34 6 timmar sedan
He is a hypocrite really he could accept someone speaking out against him like Alex Belstead did because they were on one team in gmb everyone is supposed to think like him what was that a bout ?seriously!!!
Sebastian 2213
Sebastian 2213 6 timmar sedan
He is racist though. It is what it is.....
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
True! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
Graham Cruickshank
Graham Cruickshank 7 timmar sedan
How is this guy still on TV... Holy smokes. These 2 birds of a feather should flock off together.
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
True! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
French Toast77
French Toast77 7 timmar sedan
Im glad he spoke up .No one should be silenced . He was a actually right it turned out .💯
Samuel Weaver
Samuel Weaver 7 timmar sedan
Fact check: He wasn’t cancelled. He left of his own accord.
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
Exactly! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
smokedm420 7 timmar sedan
I find it hilarious that he is a victim of something he helped foment.
MrBosephine 7 timmar sedan
Dude quit, he was not fired. Speak facts.
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
Exactly! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
beatvampire 8 timmar sedan
Ginger Judas and the Black Dahlia
John Montey
John Montey 8 timmar sedan
We are all part of the same world time to grow up
John Montey
John Montey 8 timmar sedan
Our royal family luring racist murders an that’s tht thy killed Diana now thy want to no couloir of baby Y
John Montey
John Montey 8 timmar sedan
Stop your cryin piers u are hated in our country see straight off to cry to FOX NO one in uk listens to FOX
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 6 timmar sedan
Haha! Exactly. I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
abimbola okegbile
abimbola okegbile 8 timmar sedan
Worst TV media ever.
The Reverend Joe
The Reverend Joe 8 timmar sedan
Piers makeup job is terrible looks like he's got the first layer of clown make up on and they didnt come back to finish the job.
Rupert SS
Rupert SS 7 timmar sedan
@The Reverend Joe I guess you would be an expert on Clowns...
aneesh89 9 timmar sedan
I'm happy that Piers didn't apologize, the woke brigade lost lol
rheailiaRome 9 timmar sedan
We are with you Piers! Since you left ITV is unwatchable some woke that makes one puke. Malarkey megham is a delusional idiot always complaining about people being racist to her but has anyone ever seen her with any member of her mother's family?? And her behaviour towards her father should be enough for anyone to see the kind of person she is. She left her month old baby in England to fly to America to watch Serena play a two hours tennis a game but she cannot visit her father who has never even met her husband. !
Emily An
Emily An 9 timmar sedan
Piers you need to start your own SVdown channel! Dont let them stop your views
ilene tyrrell
ilene tyrrell 9 timmar sedan
Oppressed MY ARSE!
Tapejara 150
Tapejara 150 9 timmar sedan
People actually feel bad for a sobbing royal in TV. Boomers are so braindead.
ilene tyrrell
ilene tyrrell 9 timmar sedan
Will Oprah do another interview covering this time all the now proven LIES told during the first interview? Or will this be left with the blind following freely into falsehoods?
Leibstandarte Jager
Leibstandarte Jager 9 timmar sedan
Infinitely Dead 💀, living unhappy 🙁
Tapejara 150
Tapejara 150 9 timmar sedan
Piers is a weazel and I dont like him for that. But its good he didnt apologize and speaks up to this BS.
Deema Loyd
Deema Loyd 9 timmar sedan
I dont believe a word she says either
Angeline Mapungwana
Angeline Mapungwana 9 timmar sedan
He is a sore looser PM thats it!! Why him only bashing MM all the time??
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 5 timmar sedan
Exactly! Because she wouldn't go on a second date with him. I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
maria lurdes
maria lurdes 9 timmar sedan
I was very doubtful about Piers Morgan. After this interview, I decided that I like him. Piers' very courageus about defending his own truth. He still honours his own opinion, and that, unfortunately, it's become a rare quality. Thank you.
Rupert SS
Rupert SS 7 timmar sedan
Maria Lurdes Piers is not courageous he's a liar he walked out of the show in a move designed to create publicity for himself and his upcoming new position watch this space and please open your mind!
Bridget Tendoh
Bridget Tendoh 9 timmar sedan
“The fake duchess” ..... why is SVdown recommending Fake news Fox News 😶
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 5 timmar sedan
LOL! Exactly. I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
Poetry Box
Poetry Box 10 timmar sedan
Welcome to the current tyranny mate. Becoming more apparent to more humans by the hour.
ERIC BLACKWELL 10 timmar sedan
The first lie. Morgan quit he was not forced off. Quit like a big baby.
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 5 timmar sedan
LOL! Exactly. I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
Brisbane Fermanagh
Brisbane Fermanagh 10 timmar sedan
Great Irishman ..
simon adamson
simon adamson 10 timmar sedan
Sounds rattled about getting sacked....
simon adamson
simon adamson 5 timmar sedan
Good shout!
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson 5 timmar sedan
Exactly! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.
Adam 10 timmar sedan
Complex issue especially when you have a very large platform. I'm not sure if some of you are from the UK but the press did a pretty good hatchet job on Meghan. I've no idea what she's like as a person but I can bet a penny to a pound what's in the press isn't a fair presentation of her compared to say Kate.
SOIR Santini
SOIR Santini 10 timmar sedan
Piers is a total twonk!
THE Unknowncreator Creator
Don't believe piers .
Karla Parker
Karla Parker 10 timmar sedan
Thankyou Pierce for telling the absolute truth. Americans need to know.
THE Unknowncreator Creator
I don't believe you Piers you attacki Trump as well Mr fake news.
Vasco joseph luis Da gama
I love this guy. He is so right.
Sylvia Briggs
Sylvia Briggs 11 timmar sedan
Can’t stand him but he was right
jasben12 11 timmar sedan
Oregon grower
Oregon grower 12 timmar sedan
You don’t have freedom of speech unless it’s in America
the bobbs
the bobbs 12 timmar sedan
Who's the most odious, the preach or the leech?
Lorraine Sherwin
Lorraine Sherwin 12 timmar sedan
Self opinionated fool
Genaro Flores
Genaro Flores 12 timmar sedan
Cluster B whackjobs will always source the cheapest way to acquire attention and playing victim is the cheapest way !
Dave Dee
Dave Dee 12 timmar sedan
“This is your truth.” Madness.
Dave Dee
Dave Dee 12 timmar sedan
Megyn; thin skin
Dave Dee
Dave Dee 12 timmar sedan
Megyn is a self centered narcissistic user.
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