Press conference - Operation Trojan Shield/OTF Greenlight 

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A press conference will be held on Tuesday 8 June 2021 at 10:00 CEST to announce a major law enforcement action against some of the world’s foremost criminals. This operation is the most sophisticated effort to date in disrupting the activities of criminals operating from all four corners of the world.


•Europol: Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Deputy Director Operations
•United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): Calvin Shivers, Assistant Director from the Criminal Investigative Division
•Dutch National Police (Politie): Jannine van der Berg, Chief Commission of the National Police Unit
•Swedish Police Authority (Polisen): Linda Staaf, Head of Intelligence
•Australian Federal Police (AFP): Commander Jennifer Hurst, Manager Europe, Africa and Middle East

Material for media will be made available on Europol’s website on the day at 10:15 CEST.
Media inquiries can be addressed to Europol’s press office at

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8 jun 2021



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Andreii Andreii
Andreii Andreii Månad sedan
Сколько вашими крысами было украдено цветов за 5 лет с могилы сестры. На хлеб иногда не было. Мама цветы покупала то дешовые то дорогие раз два три и т д и все вы воровали. Мама звонила плакала.... Нечесть коррумпированая на страже порядка. Людей что мертвых что живых обижает годами безнаказанно. ЭТО Я О ВАС И ВСЕ НАПИСАНОЕ ПРАВДА!!!
GAIN 4 ALL NEWS Månad sedan
Hopefully they go 4 the biggest organization of CRIMINAL Gangsters. The thin blue lie gang BANGERS!
Stan Stan
Stan Stan Månad sedan
Just a drop in the bucket. Pick it up guys.
Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
i have warned for years, that our mobiles and technical stuff is like surveillance machines. once you go "hiding" your ip or whatever, its as if you raise a huge flag besides your name (and "social security number") that says "hi, im hiding something here and i dont want people to look at it, but be my guest anyways"
E38 BMW Månad sedan
Now catch: WHO, USA, RUSSIA
Londongradski Månad sedan
Great job EUROPOL!!! Be aware of information leaking from lithuanian police force. They don't wanna loose their income.
marvemarve75 Månad sedan
”Against violet crime and drag networks” 18:50
World Economic Forum Barbie
Europol or Interpol was a police force created for the more then 50k Natzis, Prescott Bush brought over into the U.S., PRIOR to ww2. The U.S. was already making plans with both Roosevelt and Churchill in the igniting of ww2. All the Monarchs U.S. Oligarchs had wanted this one world government where the Pope, would once more, be the ruler of Rome. Or the world. This collective of Oligarchs started in NY with the Rockefellars and Rothschilds. They brought in the Queens Privy Council, with her Freemasonic Lords. The Vatican of course indulged with the use of the different Sicilian mafias. Most of NY was nothing but a crooked group of elites, who, for the most part, never made their money honestly. Even the Borgias stold the Mars candy company from a family in Venice. Much like the Queen Victoria had her Indian slave give her all the recipes his father used in his own Apothecary in India, when Victoria promised him land etc. Dutch Monarchy called it Pfizer. Lol. Land the British stold with all India's wealth including that massive diamond and a 3 pound ruby. Don't forget how they told the Saudis thry could take as many Indie people as slaves. While Churchill denied all the food that caused the starvation of millions of Bangladesh. Just like the Crown did to all the Irish called tne Potato Famine. Now tryung to starve the rest of us with the farmland purchases in the US and abroad. This group of Oligarchs in N.Y. created a name for themselves called Zionists. Gods Chosen. They wanted to make Isreal the Capital of the world. As this was the home of the Crusades and The Chosen. Europol, if they were such a sophisticated group of law enforcement, wouldn't need the Monarchs and Oligarchs to tell them who was running all the drug rackets. They COULD have taken down the Dutrox network. But, gyod forbid, that would include the British Monarchy, Dutch Monarchy at the top, and add on Vatican. So. The drug sellers of the cocaine. Deserve more credit them Europol. This guy named the 5 eyes in this operation. The 5 eyes, help traffick our children, for the Monarchs and Oligarchs. Always have. Since the 1800s as far as I have found so far. GCHQ lives in the U.S. now. AUSTIN texas to be specific. Im thinking they started together with Vegas. Where Raytheon houses all their criminals and Prob ably, Most of of the hidden money. Too me. Europol. You are nothing. Especially the FBI. I called the FBI in 09 regarding a child trafficking network being worked by a Raytheon contractor and an Austin Texas lawyer. My ex BOUGHT a 12 year old Vietnamese girl. The Texas FBI, called me a jealous ex wife and hung up. A close friend who worked for NSA freaked out and told me to call ICE, and Interpol. Both refused to look into it. The Raytheon website was called Blue Dragon. Instead of listening to me, they took, my already abused daughter. I'm not the first person trying to live with JTRIG programs by GCHQ. there's many. So. Bite me europol. My ex has passed. But my daughter at age 21. Is still controlled due to the multi million dollar estate left to her. I haven't talked to her since 2009. But people who've been concerned through out the years, have updated me on the continued abuses. Pfft. All of these people. Fix the child trafficking networks Then i might be impressed. All i see is Joseph Goebels propaganda and Natzis
Jehovah Hohenzollern
*U.S. ROYALTY: Safety precaution says U.S. Army to arrest all members of these FBI teams and close all offices there immediately upon further investigations.*
World Economic Forum Barbie
@angelacardinalsfan Bond. James Bond. I think he supposedly wrote some letter upon death bed confessing he had been part of the mk ultra programs. Mk was a creation of the Natzis. Prior to ww2, most of those top names, had been living here in the U.S.. There were about 13 Bundt Camps nationally . The most infamous was Camp Hero, at Montauk Point, where stranger things was created. Camp Hero was all blonde hair, blue eyed children. Hitler Youth. At the same time, There was a massive rally in Madison Square garden for the Nazis. You can find this on SVdown. Interesting note. Most dont let you hear everything the speaker is saying. The part i caught in only 1 video, was will kill off the Moscowitz. I thought Jews were from Isreal? No, wait. PRIOR to ww2, Jeruselum was already occupied by the first group of "Zionist" . These were...German Jews. There entire infrastructure, shopping, etc. Were set up by the German Zionists. Then Hitler, sent over 50k European Jews. These Jews were not your Hasidic Jews, these were the rich jews. Usually studying the Torah AND Talmud. The American group of Zionists, were the same. The wealthier families who proclaimed to be Zionists and wanted their OWN Country, in Isreal, as per what they saw as what God proclaimed. When Hitler initiated this war, every one assumed those guys wearing those short Crosses, were Catholic Germans. Nope. This is your Maltaese Brotherhood. The ISLAND owned by the Queen and Vatican Freemasons. And it wasn't about "all those damn jews". There is a good reason why China hated Japan. The infamous, Room 731. Named after the troop the Natzis gave the rights to do human experiments on live people. While the privately funded Brotherhood of Malta killed all the sick, handicapped, poor, the "useless eaters" and "non essential " workers. (I knew i had heard these terms before when Cuomo used them). The Natzi scientists had been living in the U.S. prior to this initial invasion, all in Manhattan. With their Queens Privy Council, Freemasonic brothers, and the now Jesuit controlled Vatican with their Mafia. I never got how Guggenheim museum and Mr. Frick had lived there prior to ww2. You can find a book on Otto Skornesy who told everything prior to his death in Ohio. The Natzi moved towards the Russian border in Poland. Most of the camps were established there. Auschwitz was the first. This was established by George Walker, the father in law of G. Bush Sr. Rockefellars built the railroad tracks. Ford built all the Natzi jeeps that could only take one type of oil. Ours. They wanted Russia, as Russia refused to join the League of Nations. Which caused the Czar Nicholas and his family to be executed. The Rothschilds contracted out the Bolsheviks, much like Antifa. They caused mass destruction. Stalin was part of this initial agreement in global domination with Churchill, Roosevelt, Monarchs, Oligarchy, and Vatican. Russia was then called the Soviet Union. The U.S. was part of this establishment. Who ran the Soviet? The Rothschilds. You can find a great video from the early 2000s on the fight of Vladimir Putin vs the Rothschilds. Putin, put them in jail. My last important note of historical importance all denied. Is prior to ww2, there is this story of Smedley Butler. Where Hitler was trying to take over the U.S. and Roosevelt was some hero. No. Smedley Butler who intervened, found out how Roosevelt had made agreements with the Queen to sell the U.S. out. That era of the depression, was the intentional cause of this group of globalist, just as they done with the Jesuits FAUCI, Obama, and Joe Biden. The continued shutdowns has allowed the bankers, the Chinese, the globalist, to buy out all middle class businesses and land. Like they did in England. Ask yourself. Why is GCHQ and the rest of the 5 eyes, now all working out of one building, in Austin Texas? The world's largest Army Intel Compund. And how about these bizarre new "Human Rights " laws? The United Nations was created by tne Rockefellars and Rothschilds with Vatican whose Maltese Cross Brotherhood funds most. They want to bring in all robots to police, to do all jobs, etc. They want all other work done at home, on your computer. They already created all these Smart Cities with surveillance grids. ALL THESE GRIDS are owned by PGE, AKA Rothschilds. No more cars allowed, no more shopping, just allotments, and worst of all, the rights of children, to "enjoy sex".
World Economic Forum Barbie
We brag about this trite stupid stuff. Yes, can't dare touch the Bezos, the Clintons, The Bush, or any person guilty of war crimes.
World Economic Forum Barbie
@angelacardinalsfan of course not. If people knew how long we've been trafficking children in the U.S., they'd be sick. Most of these so called Oligarchs, made more than average money for contributing to this. In fact, Rockefeller expanded the Railroads in order to help grow this underground industry. Just look up Railroad Orphans. Children have been sold out to be used in lab experiments, sex slaves, slaves, used in child porn, they've always been seen as expandable, much like today. We have this arrogance of indifference. This, its not my buisness, or non existent compassion. Growing up as a child hearing the endless "your just a pain" or the condescending mimicking when your crying. I am in dismay as they push transgender surgery. On children as young as 3. Thats when i agree with sterilization. Or taking out every single bureaucrat who allows these things to continue
World Economic Forum Barbie
Let me know when they stop the child trafficking network between the Monarchies, Vatican, and Oligarchs. Dutrox worked for them all.
Easy writer
Easy writer Månad sedan
No hiding place for the rats!
Wes Fortney
Wes Fortney Månad sedan
I am not inclined to cheer very loudly about this. The U.S.A. narcotics-market is +$300 Mil a day - this bust seized $53 Mil = 17% of one day The U.S.A. n-m has millions of criminals engaging in daily drug slaving = +1,200 arrests The operation was set up during the populist Constitutionalist surge in American political life, half a decade ago. For over five years the direct distribution of narcotics has been enjoying more and more success, even TODAY the ability to distribute drugs in America is improving. It comes across as more of a bid for legitimacy than a display of well administered resources; the lack of Rule of Law in America during 2020, and on, while this operation was active suggests that the agencies were not passing relevant intel to domestic administrators (whom had a vested public interest in being informed and actively engaging in Rule of Law operations) and were instead allowing and indeed facilitating criminal activity for the duration of 2020 events. I am inclined to speculate that this system, ANOM, was rather a tool crafted to ensure anti-American elements, in conspiracy, could securely communicate. While engaging in active treason against the U.S.A. This operation has been half a decade enabling the subterfuge of the Rule of Law and has resulted in a celebration of obviously incompetent administrative agents.
Philip Lucky
Philip Lucky Månad sedan
Good work to the teams globally
Gort Newton
Gort Newton Månad sedan
Just speeches about how good they are. EMPTY.
craycray kian
craycray kian Månad sedan
okay? empty of what? they just did quite possibly one of the largest busts in modern history. i'd say its a pretty good job. the point of the meeting is to give a public briefing on what happened and the plan going forward which they talked about
rebecca delbridge
rebecca delbridge Månad sedan
I cannot wait for the netflix series about this!
Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
i would rather throw that #diabolictelevision to hell, from where its most likely came
Daniel Moyano
Daniel Moyano Månad sedan
Si buena noticia, y el narco paraco Álvaro Uribe Vélez, descendiente colaborador de Pablo Escobar, este les quedo grande?
ironpluma Månad sedan
5:08 Participating Countries … shortly before you see the Guardia Civil (Spain!) during an arrest ?!
Jitender Mathur
Jitender Mathur Månad sedan
A great and valuable operation, for peaceful and for serving good people...
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Månad sedan
Thank goodness it was conceived and developed during a Republican presidency. Otherwise would never have happened.
Tommy DiScorpio
Tommy DiScorpio Månad sedan
They might have arrested a couple of international drug lords, but the next ones are already waiting to step in. It’s like cutting off a head of the hydra, you will get 3 new heads as replacement. The war on drugs is lost. Period. Time to develop a new strategy. Portugal is at the forefront and it pays off!
GTBOARD.com Månad sedan
With drigaddicts everywhere on the atreets in the citycebter?
Leandro Rothgiesser
Leandro Rothgiesser Månad sedan
Criminals are sad today. Law abiding citizens are satisfied, for now. But this has to continue.
Steve Animatrix
Steve Animatrix Månad sedan
Actual press conference WITH audio starts here: svdown.info/post/video/m2ZtZNB5aaRlxJY.html
ulfric morningstar
ulfric morningstar Månad sedan
You don't hear about China doing stuff like this. I guess China is unable to get rid of their criminal organizations...
PassionOfLifee Månad sedan
China actually has much deeper penetration intov digital communications within its borders. They don't need this
Floppy Lc
Floppy Lc Månad sedan
have you seen how china deals with those people? they have a much more secure system for watching over the public, which also invades ones privacy
cosmiqueorg Månad sedan
r u really that stupid or just naive?
Rakhi Upadhyay
Rakhi Upadhyay Månad sedan
Thank You so much. This benefits us in so many ways.
Daan Daan
Daan Daan Månad sedan
Dit is pure propaganda om via excessen het recht te verwerven op een digitale dictatoriale totaaldictatuur. Je hoeft helemaal niet zulke dingen te doen om dit soort boeven te pakken. Maar nu is elke burger verdacht en staat onder volledige surveillance. Nu zullen er mensen zijn die zeggen " als je niks verkeerd doet heb je er geen last van" maar die zullen weldra gaan begrijpen dat ze hun vrijheid kwijt zijn. Ze komen daar pas achter als blijkt dat ze 14 uuur per dag moeten werken om voldoende punten te hebben voor een huis of toegang tot hun wallet.
ForOdinAndAsgard Månad sedan
@Daan Daan Ah je bent eindelijk uit je roes gekomen. Was het een beetje goede?
Daan Daan
Daan Daan Månad sedan
@ForOdinAndAsgard oohw..... is dat het. Ik vond het al een vaag verhaal. Thanks.
ForOdinAndAsgard Månad sedan
Van drugs gebruik wordt je paranoide.
Larrypint Månad sedan
Better late than never. But this should be a beginning of operations cause there is so much more importet organized crime in europe. They established themself in the millieu in the last decades.
feminist liberation
feminist liberation Månad sedan
No death penalty no peace
Emilio Georgiou
Emilio Georgiou Månad sedan
Today i was convinced to let law enforcement to spy on my phone, just dont leak my embarrassing messages or images
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
they will track and trace you with the excuse of a deadly virus
Manolis Damianakis.
Manolis Damianakis. Månad sedan
Force them to speak for leaks. Connections are more strong than them. Are a lot chairs. Next years they will do the same. Code multy pages. Information in encryptions. Manolis Damianakis
Elisabeth Philippi
Elisabeth Philippi Månad sedan
Brillant 👏👏👏 Great Work💪
Ylva Matrisse
Ylva Matrisse Månad sedan
@EUROPOL I really like what you did in the "Operation Trojan Shield/OTF Greenlight"! Sweden catches 155 criminells...! Sweden have very "tame (low penalties-Law)", we needed you Europol, FBI and APF (Australia/New Zeeland). THANKS A LOT, #EUROPOL!
Olbi Månad sedan
Gotta give it to the Yanks, they do know how to name operations to some cool shit. If you'd let the Swedes name the operations it would've been called Operation-Non Gender specific rainbow or some fruity shit.
Sunchild☀️👁 Månad sedan
Linda MacDonald
Linda MacDonald Månad sedan
Will you be investigating sexualized human trafficking too?
Poop E.pants
Poop E.pants Månad sedan
Glad that nations can work together on a common problem that is growing and is truly international.
Mi Månad sedan
It's driven by early medieval clan migrations from the third world.
Poop E.pants
Poop E.pants Månad sedan
@CNN News Salem Saberhagen And the Earth is flat right? smh
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
@Poop E.pants Antarctica is not a continent, the solar system is a Hollywood fantasy world, Antarctica is the ice rim
Poop E.pants
Poop E.pants Månad sedan
@CNN News Salem Saberhagen We have nations working together in common goals. Antarctica treaty is just like any other treaty. Interpol does it too. Im not a fan of globalism but like when nations can come together for a common good.
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
look up the antarcitc treaty, we have a world government
b7f6820dda1779cd Github boru
🤖🤳 #WSBT
Like Guts
Like Guts Månad sedan
GOOD JOB. Thank you very much. Good to know that our tax payer money is used well by our police departments.
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
tax payer money is used to harras corona critics, fuck the police!
bo ptah
bo ptah Månad sedan
More propaganda. This is all part of the 'Great reset'. They just want to centralise power. Yawn.
Victor Ray
Victor Ray Månad sedan
May be.
Felix Rabe
Felix Rabe Månad sedan
There's another transnational criminal organization worth investigating: the USA and NATO war machine. They are destroying the planet, killing millions and empoverishing billions.
John73 Månad sedan
Part off Lock step.
John73 Månad sedan
Wanne make a better world start in your own corrupt organisations. Like she said start at the top.🤪
John73 Månad sedan
Dus de fbi start samen met Australië deze operatie op in Europa? Vreemd? Politiestaat Europa onder leiding van de vs? (Betreffende Sweden Duitsland en Nederland vreemd verhaal) welk verband heeft dit gehad met operatie corona?
Felix Rabe
Felix Rabe Månad sedan
Absent: Asia, Africa, South America.
Poop E.pants
Poop E.pants Månad sedan
@Felix Rabe true
Felix Rabe
Felix Rabe Månad sedan
@Poop E.pants Part of Asia last time I checked. Basically the upper half of Asia.
Poop E.pants
Poop E.pants Månad sedan
and Russia
John73 Månad sedan
Its has only effect on normall people, crimimals find a other way to comunicate. Everything for Totall controle.
Dykam Månad sedan
@John73 There's plenty of stuff to be critical about, absolutely. But this isn't it, chief.
LaVidaLoca Månad sedan
@John73 no they are not. These cryptophones were sold to criminals. You only look at things through your “nwo” glasses. Everything you see is colored but it is not the real thing.
John73 Månad sedan
@Dykam noway all data they spying on.🤪
Dykam Månad sedan
For once this is an attack specifically focused on and only impacting criminals.
stefan hommel
stefan hommel Månad sedan
i ve no sound?
John73 Månad sedan
Even more stonger and destructieve? 25.35 Here we go like in China. Nwo at work
John73 Månad sedan
What did they do with data from lawers and people like that? 👎where only criminals🤪
Spiracy Girl
Spiracy Girl Månad sedan
Thank you so much! So brave, they're so dangerous. God bless you all!
Spiracy Girl
Spiracy Girl Månad sedan
It's terrible the agencies are being slandered because it's obvious you guys are really doing a great job. Can see it by all the arrests the last few years, so much has been taken down, please help Canada. So many good people come here for freedoms and find out it's not at all what they expected. Our parliament is kneecapped. All you have to do is look at the videos on the commons website of the parliamentary hearings to see we are desperate for international help.
Indo Germane
Indo Germane Månad sedan
Great operation ! Thanks for the police enforcement of the EU, USA and Australia !
Serjo777 Månad sedan
@CNN News Salem Saberhagen Bought comments quite obviously. No sane person would support this sort of cr**.
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
what is wrong with you?
John73 Månad sedan
Peopel wake up its not that they only spy on bad people they spy on everybody . Why you think they need 5g .😡🤪 they scan all calls and all data. But making normall movie is to hard for them😶
John73 Månad sedan
Hilarische en maar klagen over wit Rusland🤪
Spiracy Girl
Spiracy Girl Månad sedan
Canada has a real big problem with money laundering, drugs & human trafficking. Never mind the genocide that is ongoing to our First Nations dealing with the scourge of opium, fentanyl & everything that comes from it. The downtown east side of Vancouver is a crime scene! Montreal is starting to look the same way!
John73 Månad sedan
Same here in west and north off Europe.
John73 Månad sedan
Communisme niks meer niks minder is dit. Heel de bevolking bespioneren🤢🤮 en waar dat niet lukt zelf maar telefoons op de markt brengen om die ook te kunnen bespioneren. Kan n China en de Russen nog wat van leren. Mensen wordt toch wakker!! Al onze rechten en zelfs grondrechten worden zo beetje bij beetje afgenomen. Iedereen advocaat, doktors ,politici iedereen niet alleen criminelen wordt afgeluisterd en bekeken . Zeer kwalijke zaak.
dellaian Månad sedan
Als je het niet begrijpt, mag je gewoon vragen voordat je overhaaste conclusies trekt. Deze Telefoon/App is met hoge waarschijnlijkheid verkocht aan de hoogste bazen van 1 of misschien 2 criminele organisaties door middel van een mol in die organisatie. Deze App kon alleen verspreid en/of gedownload worden door middel van een uitnodiging. De kans dat hier normale burgers tussen zaten is daarmee nihil. Ikzelf neem aan dat deze overheids instanties alleen maar met geverifieerde accounts data kunnen ontsluiten. Dit zal bevestigd moeten worden door mensen in het veld of door middel van GPS locatie informatie, anders hebben ze alleen maar vage straatnamen van die personen. Als je denkt dat de advocaten van dit gespuis dit over hun kant laten gaan zonder de ins and outs te komen weten, dan heb je het mis. Ik zou gewoon de rechtszaken afwachten alvorens je in je conspiracy boom klimt.
John73 Månad sedan
@Dheeradj Soekhoe gaat om het idee dat zonder tussenkomst van een rechter mensen al afgetapt worden. Sterker nog ze harken gewoon alle data binnen. Ik heb niks te verbergen maar dit gaat wel heel dicht naar Communistische praktijken. Alles is uitgedacht draaiboek wat 'ze nu volgen. Slaap maar lekker verder.
Dheeradj Soekhoe
Dheeradj Soekhoe Månad sedan
Communisme? Dat is een interesante definitie..
extra solar
extra solar Månad sedan
good. and exactly the type of paid interest that the public desires especially in america, instead of corrupt obama agency abuses stealing from democracy framing americans based on political realities democrat criminal cowards resent or harassing americans behind expensive excuses which serve zero interest to justice the law and accountability.
Douglas Klang
Douglas Klang Månad sedan
Starts at 14:30
Pamela Wise
Pamela Wise Månad sedan
Thank You
Brandon Harwell
Brandon Harwell Månad sedan
Thank you
algamush Månad sedan
Krehlmar Månad sedan
As a jurist working with EU-law I have to say this is some 4D-chess levels of plotting and execution. I can't say I'm 100% comfortable with letting FBI look at private conversations, but in this day and age I can't deny this was a prodigiously brilliant idea and performance.
PassionOfLifee Månad sedan
@Krehlmar proxy? You're too old man
World Economic Forum Barbie
Olbi Månad sedan
well, yeah. Considering R Factortame V SOS Transport shows how Schizo EU law really is, i'm surprised they could agree on anything at all.
Krehlmar Månad sedan
@Jaana Juusola Nah I use comp+proxy+encryption whenever I need to discuss confidentials. Plus alter-ego's since it's impossible to prove it's "Me" posting something.
Jaana Juusola
Jaana Juusola Månad sedan
U all type from smart phones, u all are under the eye lol
MakeDredd2 Månad sedan
Will these sting operations hold in court? Since different countries have different views on this issue. 🐝
John73 Månad sedan
See here nwo at work. Communisme
Jonas Andersson
Jonas Andersson Månad sedan
There is quite a bit of legal discussion about this in Sweden, as out law explicitly forbid this kind of monitoring, but atm it holds as evidence if another country's law enforcement is responsible for the data collection (but we'll need to see if this holds in higher court, a big trial based on Encro-chat is undetway)
Krehlmar Månad sedan
Very few countries outside of the common-law system (USA- UK) have laws about "evidence quality". As in proof obtained illegally is not allowed in court. Since such laws don't exist in most EU countries I'd wager this aught to hold up (mostly) fine.
Klaus Saager
Klaus Saager Månad sedan
Is it without sound?
Max Fax
Max Fax Månad sedan
Polis ska inte provocera fram brott.
MakeDredd2 Månad sedan
@UNPROFOR1994 Thanks!
UNPROFOR1994 Månad sedan
Press conference starts at 15:00.