Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid 1985) 

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Queen performing at Live Aid in front of 72,000 people in Wembley Stadium, London on the 13th July, 1985. The event was organised by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for the Ethiopian famine disaster. Broadcast across the world via one of the largest satellite link-ups of all time, the concerts were seen by around 40% of the global population.
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23 maj 2019



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Kevin A.
Kevin A. 6 timmar sedan
God had freddie born to prove angels exist
Joseph Solomon
Joseph Solomon 6 timmar sedan
Freddie Mercury is the greatest rock and roll singer Entertainer in the entire world man he was fuckingawesome I would have loved to see them in concert to mix rock and roll with Opera genius night at the Opera Queen album
Noob Pro
Noob Pro 11 timmar sedan
Continue the music word per word Mama.
MEGA NOOB 18 timmar sedan
Sitting inside my house in this pandemic and just wondering wow! Those crowds are so carefree. :)
Rafi Alif
Rafi Alif 20 timmar sedan
rip legend
itopfrag 22 timmar sedan
live aid will go down in history as one of, if not, the best musical events of all time. they just don’t make music the same nowadays
Thextra0 Cissna
Thextra0 Cissna Dag sedan
His confidence touches the sky, totally like a legendary
Sandy Martins
Sandy Martins Dag sedan
Sei que não é tua primeira vez aqui!
Aureliano Machado
O maior gênio que a musica conheceu 👏👏👏👏 Fred sempre será eterno 👏👏👏
nata m
nata m Dag sedan
Agnes Militello
Agnes Militello Dag sedan
A Legend Forever ♥️
Reidner Gonçalves da silva
Lendária essa super apresentação
диванный эксперт
храни тебе БОГ !!!!!!!покойся с МИРОМ !!!!!!!!!
mi mi
mi mi Dag sedan
ほんとに大好き 一生ファンでいます🤍😭
Принцесса Водички
98000000 просмотров, жесть😍🙌❤
Alan David Mancilla Guzman
The legend Freddy Mercury I love QUEEN
J M Dag sedan
Este chico es, ha sido, y será impresionante siempre.
sh2yqva Dag sedan
Drew Genesis Aguilar
Drew Genesis Aguilar 2 dagar sedan
Brian May's improvised guitar solo is the best
FrikkiOne 2 dagar sedan
This performance was truly an epic moment in our lifetime, for real🤘🏼
Joana Devid
Joana Devid 2 dagar sedan
Me sinto no paraiso
DB Cooper
DB Cooper 2 dagar sedan
Immense talent
naruto king naruto king
Lord Grivel
Lord Grivel 2 dagar sedan
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Мар'ян Ленів
Все ждали Queen на этом концерте!!!
Пластический хирург - Dr.Abramian
ALESSIA Ghirardi
ALESSIA Ghirardi 2 dagar sedan
Mark Dale Abique
Mark Dale Abique 2 dagar sedan
Road to a 100M views
AWITA D COCO 2 dagar sedan
Ира Брагина
Ира Брагина 3 dagar sedan
Легенда!!!!!! Он великолепен! Обожаю!!!!
Arif Syahmi
Arif Syahmi 3 dagar sedan
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 3 dagar sedan
Man Those seemingly insignificant Piano Notes just gives chills.
Cluti 3 dagar sedan
i love his entrance! it was so cool
Michael G
Michael G 3 dagar sedan
I'm curious what other performances that day Queen fans liked? I thought Sade's performance of "Your Love Is King" was fabulous, very smooth, seductive, and she had the crowd in the palm of her hands, differently to Queen however. But that's what made the day special, each performer brought something different.
Danny Palmer
Danny Palmer 3 dagar sedan
Freddie is bad azz Rip Legend
Константин Порядин
Это не человек, а человечище ан нет, просто бог
Daga8600 3 dagar sedan
Wirtuoz i artysta. Drugi taki jak Ty nigdy się nie urodzi ❤️
henry conner
henry conner 3 dagar sedan
Not only is it incredibly well written. But it's incredibly difficult to perform and Freddie does it with ease.
PREM PADAYACHEE 3 dagar sedan
This world has lost a icon
Cosmo Radio
Cosmo Radio 3 dagar sedan
Nakul Anand
Nakul Anand 3 dagar sedan
Hello people from future
daniel lacap
daniel lacap 3 dagar sedan
“For 20 minutes England was ruled by another queen” -random commenter
daniel lacap
daniel lacap 5 timmar sedan
@Kifter the commentor?
Kifter 11 timmar sedan
what his name pls
Marcelo 4 dagar sedan
Mto TOP!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Sergio Brunati
Sergio Brunati 4 dagar sedan
Great performance 👍 never gets old.
Yahir Sánchez
Yahir Sánchez 4 dagar sedan
Me encanta igual al real
454brianbat 4 dagar sedan
Just fucking awesome!!
Chacale Ouchen
Chacale Ouchen 4 dagar sedan
Rest in peace bro
Linda Melbye
Linda Melbye 4 dagar sedan
As we say in Norway: No one over and no one beside. He will always be king of queens. =)
Craig Ward
Craig Ward 4 dagar sedan
Don't look at me. Listen 🙂
Lisa 4 dagar sedan
Слушать не переслушать. Какой голос!
Emma Gaes
Emma Gaes 4 dagar sedan
Freddie you had fun no regrets born in beautiful Zanzibar RIP❤️
Marinos Gavalas
Marinos Gavalas 4 dagar sedan
Oτι και να πεις για την εκτέλεση για το τραγούδι του αιώνα είναι λίγο. Αιώνια του η μνήμη!
Abigor 4 dagar sedan
Это гениальный певец хоть и гей
Just Lisa
Just Lisa 4 dagar sedan
Как талан и голос связан с ориентацией?
Thenuka Pullaperuma
Thenuka Pullaperuma 4 dagar sedan
Animated Studio
Animated Studio 4 dagar sedan
Whos here in july 2021
Triple A73
Triple A73 4 dagar sedan
this is my neighbor’s new favorite song. whether he likes it or not.
stharawberry 4 dagar sedan
History 🥰 the most awesome song in the world. I wish freddy still alive 🙁
Michele Ramundo
Michele Ramundo 4 dagar sedan
Unico..nella storia della musica mondiale...Freddy inimitabile...Rp
torama tainment
torama tainment 4 dagar sedan
Noel Kennedy
Noel Kennedy 5 dagar sedan
The greatest musical moment of all time
ElvisBrasileiro 5 dagar sedan
02:27 Car@10 v14d0 e esse charutão ali na calça?
Павел Цветков
5 Pepsi, 2 beers and 1 random cup on his piano... Sounds like recipe of all my life...
Lewis Berry
Lewis Berry 5 dagar sedan
Man so good he gives the camera goosebumps
alessandro mucelli
alessandro mucelli 5 dagar sedan
S LT 5 dagar sedan
Maurizio Vitali
Maurizio Vitali 5 dagar sedan
Артем Новосибирский
The one of group that don't be BLM
bad teeth but can play and sing a good song✌️✌️👍👍👍🥳🥳🥳
Simo Harjane
Simo Harjane 5 dagar sedan
4021 and still the best song of all time
Jofinsky 5 dagar sedan
They couldn't clean the empty cups off the piano before Freddie Mercury came out???
T G 5 dagar sedan
This is why time machines should be invented.
T G 5 dagar sedan
Freddie is so hard to emulate. His timing and the way he changes tones while singing is so irregular. Truly a unique artist…
Sumeet Agrawal
Sumeet Agrawal 6 dagar sedan
SVdown is timemachine....thank you SVdown...may you become bigger than God...
Merfee Hampandan
Merfee Hampandan 6 dagar sedan
LOVE you ❤️🤗
Geeta Ramlochan
Geeta Ramlochan 6 dagar sedan
This is one crazy dude
Жека Юрич
Жека Юрич 6 dagar sedan
пересмотрел миллион видео и понял что российские исполнители полный хлам
Brandon Miranda
Brandon Miranda 6 dagar sedan
The best, of evry times
Kristjan Feldman
Kristjan Feldman 6 dagar sedan
I think I'll never get over the feeling that I can't go to a Queen concert, it honestly males me so sad
Gianluca Verde
Gianluca Verde 6 dagar sedan
Freddy a music genius!!!
Oxfords Finest Explorer
Goosebumps watching this ❤️❤️
Nay Thway
Nay Thway 6 dagar sedan
I still love you, Mr. Freddie.
Andi Surinto
Andi Surinto 6 dagar sedan
Wong Banyumas 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩.. hadir
Cerita kata channel
Cerita kata channel 6 dagar sedan
Rarisa Rani
Rarisa Rani 6 dagar sedan
From Indonesian 💛
berak Tak cebok
berak Tak cebok 6 dagar sedan
Nhu Huynh
Nhu Huynh 6 dagar sedan
i got goosebumps
Yuvraj Mishra
Yuvraj Mishra 7 dagar sedan
This is what the internet is for.
Guiiizin XL
Guiiizin XL 7 dagar sedan
Queen 💞 Love You!
FEZES 7 dagar sedan
Awesome 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
piotr krajewski
piotr krajewski 7 dagar sedan
Piękna piosenka
Navjeet Singh
Navjeet Singh 7 dagar sedan
80s was the most magical decade in the human history, video games were just invented, we had all these amazing musicians, Such a wonderful time to live in If only time machine existed.
Alessandro Fattorini
Alessandro Fattorini 7 dagar sedan
Unico e mitico
William Walela
William Walela 7 dagar sedan
still listening in 2021
Jamaimah Kerikeri
Jamaimah Kerikeri 8 dagar sedan
l will not regret even if i pay another hundred dollars for this performance, superb!
Esther Morales
Esther Morales 8 dagar sedan
Fucking voice ever!!! 💓
Detonatory Toppy
Detonatory Toppy 8 dagar sedan
The greatest singer ever lived ❤️
Queen - Love of My Life