Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 17 Funny Situations 

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Even prisons have their own laws and conditions of stay. Watch in our new video funny situations in a rich and broke jail.
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WooHoo WHOA 11 dagar sedan
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Doug Montz
Doug Montz 13 timmar sedan
Barbara Fernandes
Barbara Fernandes 15 timmar sedan
পাকের ঘর
পাকের ঘর 18 timmar sedan
@A life on drawing ককম
Dimitris Ntokas
Dimitris Ntokas 19 timmar sedan
Kamala Ghatan
Kamala Ghatan 21 timme sedan
I’m on
Hamdan Zahid
Hamdan Zahid 6 minuter sedan
Js skin so that s s and the skate so that djwm could get it done
W!nged_A!am!a _The Decept!con_
*Where did this come from in my recommend-*
Felek Kobani
Felek Kobani 54 minuter sedan
nikoloz tsibadze
nikoloz tsibadze Timme sedan
khaby lame joined the chat
Rafael Angelo Aguila
Admin Bhattarai
Admin Bhattarai 2 timmar sedan
corsant 3 timmar sedan
N 4 timmar sedan
we are in the last days![Matthew 24:3-14] "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" [Matthew 4:17] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" [John 3:16] Know that God desires "all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" [I Timothy 2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 timmar sedan
Shut up
Shobha Goswami
Shobha Goswami 5 timmar sedan
So yuvraj giri
TED HADDEN HERISON Moe 6 timmar sedan
What a wierd channel????
E.V. L.
E.V. L. 9 timmar sedan
Amber McDermott
Amber McDermott 9 timmar sedan
Im Alyssa
Im Alyssa 11 timmar sedan
Somebody pls tell me what's the whole purpose of this video....
Crinkle 12 timmar sedan
8:27 did you notice it’s a different guy?
Ashley McGuire
Ashley McGuire 13 timmar sedan
these r for kids
Ashley McGuire
Ashley McGuire 12 timmar sedan
Why isn't ur feet hurt 😔 u turned the tempacher
Ashley McGuire
Ashley McGuire 12 timmar sedan
Everyone can each it
Ashley McGuire
Ashley McGuire 12 timmar sedan
Joyce Davis
Joyce Davis 16 timmar sedan
She’s not acting funny funny funny
CKFreddy 17 timmar sedan
my recommened when i saw i video from cocomelon....
Jay Webster
Jay Webster 18 timmar sedan
Soya in this video this must be good
Gregg SancheZ
Gregg SancheZ 19 timmar sedan
Gregg SancheZ
Gregg SancheZ 19 timmar sedan
ABDUL QADIR shabdi 19 timmar sedan
What this is a lie goo not do SVdown please I don’t like your video anyone will roster you
hazelnut °^°
hazelnut °^° 21 timme sedan
I didn't know prisoners in jail got to be robbed too (Eng bad)
MYRA SANGHVI 21 timme sedan
Vip sells?
Tsetsegee Dugersuren
Tsetsegee Dugersuren 23 timmar sedan
Shut up
Gamedummy Dag sedan
After watching this, I think I have acquired brain damage
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 21 timme sedan
Fluffy has been behind bars for his whole life
Shelaling Dag sedan
pearl matorre
pearl matorre Dag sedan
Jake is sorry
chaithra h.s.
chaithra h.s. Dag sedan
chaithra h.s.
chaithra h.s. Dag sedan
vol with my bff fox
This is kinda like troom troom
halmi yusof
halmi yusof Dag sedan
PAULO & CHLOE Dag sedan
ryddo ertmire
ryddo ertmire Dag sedan
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Vecs Oryon
Vecs Oryon 6 timmar sedan
Isabelle Yagie
Isabelle Yagie Dag sedan
Based off my uncles experience they are all treated equally and they eat in a CAFETERIA not fed in the prison cells and they all get fed and dressed the same oh and they have these things called “cell mates”
Gilberto Vargas Rangel
i like broke cause he had to struggle
Bird gods
Bird gods Dag sedan
EWWWW why would you eat that that’s been on the floor! 🤢
SMToon - Россия
*Lakas dating*
Shantal lei
Shantal lei Dag sedan
not me watching this😭
Platinum Dag sedan
Fluffy has been behind bars for his whole life
Cedric Dorset
Cedric Dorset Dag sedan
I live in a beach mansion for real
يوسف صليبي
Evil killer
Evil killer Dag sedan
I liked 10 more
Sibitwane Akalalambili
Shayma Hussain
Shayma Hussain Dag sedan
Amit kadam
Amit kadam Dag sedan
If he is so rich why is he in jail I maen can't he pay to get out????
Mr.Vicky Vicky Baboo
Mr.Vicky Vicky Baboo
Holly Stafford-Smith
I like subscribe and ring the bell
Anumoyus Dag sedan
I. Like how they are having f7n in prison but u never have that fun in real life tho Why would u steal in prison
Anumoyus Dag sedan
If u go to prison u usually don’t have any money left ober
louise caton
louise caton Dag sedan
Bekende abi
Bekende abi Dag sedan
Wint Thadar Ko
Wint Thadar Ko Dag sedan
Prince Ahron G Maierhofer
I've lost my brain cells watching this
Mr Lettuce Head
Mr Lettuce Head Dag sedan
S1GH Dag sedan
this is one weird ass vid
Fire lord
Fire lord Dag sedan
Get robbed in prison wtf this is just stupid
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar Dag sedan
This makes no sense whatever like ??.
R Cube Gaming
R Cube Gaming Dag sedan
Why this is trending on Nepal???
Linnea Bergenholtz
Rima Brown
Rima Brown 2 dagar sedan
I’m totally freaked out because he’s rich
Reshma K
Reshma K 2 dagar sedan
Melanie Salim
Melanie Salim 2 dagar sedan
Retar Ded
Retar Ded 2 dagar sedan
Most cringy video in youtube I guess.
April Love Arizo
April Love Arizo 2 dagar sedan
Why they dont closed the cell door
Ainah Panondiongan
Ainah Panondiongan 2 dagar sedan
hhfhifnfjomkl giro the kwarto of the shield hero episode Jr has seen the film with a series of TV shows and has seen the film
Annamaria Gh
Annamaria Gh 2 dagar sedan
You guys copied chad wild clay they did this same thing 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠
Ainah Panondiongan
Ainah Panondiongan 2 dagar sedan
Andrej Toshevski
Andrej Toshevski 2 dagar sedan
Sarah Chat
Sarah Chat 2 dagar sedan
zaraa x
zaraa x 2 dagar sedan
Nghia Hoang
Nghia Hoang 2 dagar sedan
Nnvlcdoa J
diy simple crfts academy
svdown.info/post/video/g4CHaM-GqqyRnsk.html X vidio teen.
diy simple crfts academy
Idk Oof
Idk Oof 2 dagar sedan
wow thats the first rich prisoner ive ever seen even if there poor or rich they will be taken all of there money
Sharon Reginio
Sharon Reginio 2 dagar sedan
Hahahaha oo nga 😂😂🍫🍭
Melody—mel 5 timmar sedan
@Vecs Oryon what's funny about that ?🤨
Vecs Oryon
Vecs Oryon 6 timmar sedan
i like your funny words magic man
Melody—mel Dag sedan
Huyyy buti nga tagalog ka din
2 dagar sedan
Scarlett Makai
Scarlett Makai 2 dagar sedan
Mia World
Mia World 2 dagar sedan
محمد الحسن
محمد الحسن 2 dagar sedan
Edward I need a clan
Edward I need a clan 2 dagar sedan
When he went to get the sighn and got out why couldn’t he ecscape🥱👁👄👁😂
Yousv Zebari Yousv Zebari
Yousv Zebari Yousv Zebari
What are you doeng😂😁😀😂😁😀😂😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😉😐😇😐😐😇😐😯😇😐
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth Hill 2 dagar sedan
HackCreep16 2 dagar sedan
Why the fuck is this recommended to me
Danny Mills
Danny Mills 2 dagar sedan
why is everyone ignoring the fact that there is blood coming out of the sink?
Mica Cordero
Mica Cordero 2 dagar sedan
Rani Rani
Rani Rani 2 dagar sedan
Destiny Reyes
Destiny Reyes 2 dagar sedan
My daddy is super richer than ever he's a truck driver yay and I like his big truck
Luz Agos
Luz Agos Dag sedan
Now go make yourself useful
Luz Agos
Luz Agos Dag sedan
Aww shame for you that's a cheap job so don't show off ok sweetie
Destiny Reyes
Destiny Reyes 2 dagar sedan
My dad is just like the rich guy
Destiny Reyes
Destiny Reyes 2 dagar sedan
I watch other videos
Destiny Reyes
Destiny Reyes 2 dagar sedan
That man is rich even the part when the criminal gets out of prison
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Dag sedan
doggo doggo
doggo doggo 2 dagar sedan
Shitty vid just stop syoo
Gulmira Ergashboyeva
Gulmira Ergashboyeva 2 dagar sedan
Gulmira Ergashboyeva
Gulmira Ergashboyeva 2 dagar sedan
usha maharjan
usha maharjan 2 dagar sedan
That's not how it's supposed to work
Frimitive Strange
Frimitive Strange 2 dagar sedan
I really like your video
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