Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid 

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Former NYC discusses exactly what happened when his home was raided by federal law enforcement on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker
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29 apr 2021



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Denis O'Sullivan
Denis O'Sullivan 7 timmar sedan
Mr. Pierrepoint was also gentlemanly.
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis 12 timmar sedan
Let the reality that unfolds over the next year or so set the record straight.
Sinclair Henry
Sinclair Henry 14 timmar sedan
Lee Boriack
Lee Boriack 14 timmar sedan
If there is no evidence there is no case.
Martyn 1994
Martyn 1994 17 timmar sedan
Well if you spend your time watching this idiot you deserve the bulls!t he spouts. What a twat he really is. Only has questions but never has anyone of note to answer them. He is just a second rate moderator
Lufthansa Dag sedan
Kathy Allen
Kathy Allen Dag sedan
He’s a threat to their goals. God will put things in order when he is finished letting the evil politicians expose their corrupt ways.
Julian Dancingshadow
SINGING: "All we are is, "just another brick in, the wall."
BR REyes
BR REyes Dag sedan
You stupid face
Staying Informed
What I've learned form certain events in past world history. About the kind of leadership is in office says alot. The characteristics traits professionalisum appropriateness there discipline and self control. Usually often at times from my own personal experience and from research. Where accusation usually are coming from at times there you will find the problem. If the accuser is wanting something from someone the same should be done to accuser. The Golden rule makes all reciprocity accountable if anyone is actually concerned about getting to the truth.
Coco Nut
Coco Nut Dag sedan
At the end of the day... Biden's Family are going to HELL!!!
Ralph Stewart
Ralph Stewart 2 dagar sedan
The reason the FBI love the demonrats they give them and the CIA DOJ unlimited access to everybody’s personal information.
blake weaver
blake weaver 2 dagar sedan
They will call evil good and good evil
jarchitect 2 dagar sedan
Why does Tucker always look constipated?
shelly7902 3 dagar sedan
F### america land of the criminals home of the politicians.
Justice Justice
Justice Justice 3 dagar sedan
Fox News Network and Trump's lawyers are being SUED for DEFAMATION. Their argument was that their viewers are NOT SMART ENOUGH to know from OPINIONS AND FACTS? REALLY?
Rachel Mileski
Rachel Mileski 4 dagar sedan
Obviously that hard drive is worth less, FBI don't want it and giuliani just dangles it on a string
Kristin Whitaker
Kristin Whitaker 4 dagar sedan
Those hard drives could have belonged to Yogi bear lol 😂 😂😂 who knows. What a tool.
Kristin Whitaker
Kristin Whitaker 4 dagar sedan
Giuliano is f ing dumb he was being fed misinformation from Russia, he ate the $hit up then regurgitated it all over our election. He was either too stupid to know it was false or didn’t give a fuc$ how they won. He was willing to risk our democracy. Wake up
Pg G
Pg G 4 dagar sedan
maybe they are afraid kf gmhim running for ny governor again.
F.R, O.
F.R, O. 4 dagar sedan
Tucker you always look like stupid however, you are the biggest stupid ever by the way why he didn't submit these hard drives when Trump was in charged!!! very weird
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 4 dagar sedan
No plan. That's the problem
Gray 4 dagar sedan
crazy Rudy just said he had Putin’s hardware, print it!
HSUS Disaster Fraud Hurricane Michael
Our Admirals & Generals must stop the Corrupt Bidens
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour 4 dagar sedan
Biden administration is acting like a leader during world War 2
Exploring 4 dagar sedan
I love hearing Rudy speak, he has a very large vocabulary.
Micheal Lucas
Micheal Lucas 5 dagar sedan
Lock him up! Lock him up!
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 5 dagar sedan
Idk Rudy very well but I like him, those who are seen as "bad people" to the news, are seemingly decent individual's in a world where decency is extremely rare
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 5 dagar sedan
I love you two!🤗💌
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 5 dagar sedan
Mister Mtz
Mister Mtz 5 dagar sedan
Rudy isn't talking as confident as he did while the orange turd was president. You can tell he's scared because he's been caught and doesn't know how to get out of this situation. I can't wait to see Trump say " I don't know Rudy, I might have heard of him but I don't know him " just like he did when he threw everyone else under the bus. Lmao 😂
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 5 dagar sedan
Michele Manuel
Michele Manuel 5 dagar sedan
Be afraid be very afraid, and Fox news you are FAKE NEWS.
Ten Minute Drum Solo
Ten Minute Drum Solo 5 dagar sedan
Really??? Is that Farting Rudy's best strategy for a defense...to say that Hunter Biden shouldn't be driving a car??? And, doesn't ANYBODY see that it's an absolutely incredible IMPOSSIBILITY of a coincidence that "Hunter Biden's hard drives" - the precise piece of evidence that Giuliani sought the world over - should mysteriously just fall into his hands? If they're so crucial to the defense of the Obscene Orange Magat and Giuliani himself then why on earth hasn't he shown them to the world? The answer is very simple: Like all of Giuliani's bombshell "evidence", THEY DON'T EXIST.
Deby Schenck
Deby Schenck 5 dagar sedan
This should TERRIFY every American citizen and if it doesn’t you are a COMPLETE idiot!!
JP Merrick
JP Merrick 5 dagar sedan
We all know its corrupt now what America?
JB Entertainment
JB Entertainment 5 dagar sedan
Hows it feel to get raided Rudy? We get raided all the time in da hood and THEY ARE NOT nice to us as they were to you!
Golden Eyes
Golden Eyes 5 dagar sedan
But Hunter wasn't an as hoc ambassador representing America!
MrsSpiffilicious 5 dagar sedan
Release bidens hard drives to the public!
FISH ON 5 dagar sedan
Would someone at Fox P L E A S E buy Tucker some glasses?
Guadalupe Evans
Guadalupe Evans 5 dagar sedan
Ha,ha,ha,about time Rudy "".,ha , ha ,..líes, líes
Ray Chapman
Ray Chapman 5 dagar sedan
Who do you think ordered this?
Free Press Insurgency
Free Press Insurgency 5 dagar sedan
Hopefully, Rudy Jules fhucks them up.
Susan Bell
Susan Bell 5 dagar sedan
The truth will come out. It cannot now because we are under a tyrannical evil administration. They will be thrown out.
Susan Bell
Susan Bell 5 dagar sedan
We support you Rudy all the way. I will never forget the years I was able to visit a beautiful, revitalized NYC and feel safe. They were great years. The corrupt Liberals have turned it back into a dangerous ghetto. They always do.
Edana Schmidt
Edana Schmidt 5 dagar sedan
I've never been a fan of "Creepy Uncle Joe's" .. and don't get me started on that "fart in a whirlwind" Harris .. she's freaking useless. BUT Rudy Giuliani has been an American Institution, not to mention a serious force of nature when it comes to protecting her (and us). Just ask ANYONE that's gotten caught in the "legal cross-hairs" the man has wielded with such precision over the many years. I understand how "Biden and company" are working on taking out anyone that's favorable to president Trump. I also understand the old saying (first heard from dems working on taking out a republican counterpart) "you throw enough crap at the wall and SOME of it's going to stick"! The FIRST time I heard that phrase was in the mid-60s. And aside from "selling controlling interest" in the Democratic party to the Clinton machine (a particularly stupid move IMHO), they STILL pull the same tired moves they have for decades! If I, nobody special, can see these BS stunts as just that .. BS .. how is it that all these people, with the educations (and the debt they have from GETTING it) .. can't see through the disgraceful way their "leaders" try to make them actually believe that our true heroes .. aren't?
Landon H
Landon H 5 dagar sedan
He's right about it all being about projection. The FBI raid is all it takes to make him look like the bad guy in the minds of a good percentage of the country, and paves the way for the MSM (the DNC propaganda network) to spread lies about the story.
Ken Amaro
Ken Amaro 5 dagar sedan
Good thing they didn't take Hunters drives....because no one would have ever seen them again. Rudy ..make public any and all info on Hunters hard drives, inquiring minds want to know.
Ls 6 dagar sedan
He's part of the mob
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes 6 dagar sedan
I hope he has several copies of everything.
Galen Ztwo
Galen Ztwo 6 dagar sedan
This is what aboutism..
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 dagar sedan
Hard to tell what the bastards are planting in his house or in his computers
Steve D
Steve D 6 dagar sedan
Rudy wants to help the Vlad and Donnie carve up some Ukraine Tucker, you are not missing anything Landslide 2020
Gregg 6 dagar sedan
This is the Government the founding fathers warned us about .
Thor Thorton
Thor Thorton 2 dagar sedan
Arleen Shamon
Arleen Shamon 6 dagar sedan
Hmmm. Like communism
Arleen Shamon
Arleen Shamon 6 dagar sedan
Unconstitutional so what else is new
M TP 6 dagar sedan
Bullies are always the weakest link in the world. They attacked when they are scared. They are scared of Trump, they are scared of his lawyer. What a shame!!
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 6 dagar sedan
Why don’t old rich men just retire. I don’t get it. Power thing? Like what’s the dam point. Made your millions. Have security and heads up info for life. Just retire.
Kelley y
Kelley y 6 dagar sedan
Sickening. They're so desperate to keep biden on top. They don't want the truth to come out.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 6 dagar sedan
it's political persecution, simple as that
Debra Robinson
Debra Robinson 6 dagar sedan
Why don't the military take over I don't understand this going on
Jonathan Velez
Jonathan Velez 6 dagar sedan
Why does Tucker always look so confused. Haha
Jeff Thornton
Jeff Thornton 6 dagar sedan
Ha Rudy called Tucker Hunter @ 5:00. He's obsessed with Hunter. Tucker's scrunched confused face. HAHA
Evangeline King
Evangeline King 6 dagar sedan
He called Tucker, Hunter. lol
Joyrobin 6 dagar sedan
Giuliani it's not the left. Bill Barr was the DOJ when this investigation started or can't YOU remember?😂🤣😂
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 6 dagar sedan
5:00 into the clip and Ghouliani calls Tucker, Hunter. 🤣😁😂. Even Hunter Carlson agrees its a crime. He is just wondering out loud why is Ghouliani the only one busted.🤣😂
gor kri
gor kri 6 dagar sedan
Rudy's going down. It's about time.
Leeroy Brown
Leeroy Brown 6 dagar sedan
Unconstitutional warrants like stop and frisk of black and brown people?
Darrell Terry
Darrell Terry 6 dagar sedan
They proved Hillary Clinton committed treason and she walked there's no justice anymore
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 6 dagar sedan
Our government is LAWLESS!
janie tyler
janie tyler 6 dagar sedan
Didn't want Hunters hard drives ,how suspicious is that ?
Frances Gregory
Frances Gregory 6 dagar sedan
General Krang
General Krang 6 dagar sedan
it's political persecution, simple as that
YeahNo101 ?
YeahNo101 ? 6 dagar sedan
Why don’t old rich men just retire. I don’t get it. Power thing? Like what’s the dam point. Made your millions. Have security and heads up info for life. Just retire.
123 456
123 456 6 dagar sedan
It's how trump turned a million dollars to billions of dollars, you or no one else reading this could do that. They aren't motivated enough nor as smart as trump. He was egotistical and a terrible speaker but one hell of a business man who did great things for lower income communities. More so than Obama, if your reading a comment on a far right youtube video you clearly could be doing something better. Start a business, watch a useful SVdown videos, gain skills that will help you and can lead to a higher paying job.
123 456
123 456 6 dagar sedan
Its a success thing, you can live perfectly fine without millions. If that's your goal you can live happily off the government through welfare. Highly motivated people are better off in life because they work 80 to 100 hours a week. That dosnt just stop at a certain age.
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 6 dagar sedan
Now that Biden in the whitehouse anerica is not safe and the Biden border crisis ia a big mess Biden ruin americaand the world knows this and Biden still lies to america this clown has to go and impeach them Biden there not that powerfull
Trump 🤮💩👎🤮💩👎🤮💩👎 Brings sham to our nation
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 6 dagar sedan
Hunter Biden so special because he's a Biden those clown are full of bs and nogood for ameri a Biden Joe hunter
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 6 dagar sedan
Biden full of bs
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 6 dagar sedan
Biden should let hunterbiden go to jail the drug addict
Lee Young jr
Lee Young jr 6 dagar sedan
stop talking rudy please LoL
Lee Young jr
Lee Young jr 6 dagar sedan
if rudy did nothing wrong he shouldn't care what they investigating
Lee Young jr
Lee Young jr 6 dagar sedan
rudy said they called to see what he was being investigated about LoL who does that LoL
BLACK BELT 6 dagar sedan
Look at the lawyer lie
koch 6 dagar sedan
The reason why they didn’t want to take the hard drives of Hunter Biden is because that would be public record and they can’t have that getting out how can they
janice osborne
janice osborne 6 dagar sedan
Our government is LAWLESS!
Brad Crystal
Brad Crystal 6 dagar sedan
Does seem odd the FBI wouldn’t have taken all of Rudy’s hard drives. Something tells me Rudy isn’t telling the whole story of what happened during the raid.
The Earth History Was Confusing.
Slow news day!.
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 6 dagar sedan
J Licht
J Licht 6 dagar sedan
Sounds like a bad dream. Where are we as a country? FBI are gangsters thugs. Sue them!!!!!!
uk Ghost
uk Ghost 6 dagar sedan
Don't worry about Biden's son we talkin about you the s*** you did
uk Ghost
uk Ghost 6 dagar sedan
Bs lies
uk Ghost
uk Ghost 6 dagar sedan
Lock him up
Jason Morris
Jason Morris 6 dagar sedan
Let the record show - America loves Mayor Giuliani and the Biden’s love Ukraine! America 1st 🇺🇸
V B 6 dagar sedan
Take down Hunter sir please
This is all distraction from the Arizona audit.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 6 dagar sedan
The FBI didn't take Hunter's stuff so they can deny it's existence. "If it was there, we'd have it." If they take it they have to acknowledge the crimes on it.
TuMadre Puta
TuMadre Puta 6 dagar sedan
Guiliani and Fox should be worry about that billion dollars diminion defamation lawsuits! Lol
catistrolling 6 dagar sedan
Rudy said it - fbi gets to your iCloud! Don’t trust it ! They have access to texts email and phone
catistrolling 6 dagar sedan
This is a way for the fbi to try to get Rudy’s doc against trump
catistrolling 6 dagar sedan
Let’s start a petition to get rid of fbi and cia - they have shown their true side
bssni touir
bssni touir 6 dagar sedan
Full Blown Idiots must have REALLY been desperate to get their hands on evidence that needs to be lost.
catistrolling 6 dagar sedan
I don’t understand Rudy - I wouldn’t have kept that stuff at my house - I would have been like Hillary and had it all gone ! Out of my house! Yup they don’t want hunters hard drive !
Can am FOR LIFE 6 dagar sedan
Oh he got first class treatment from the fbi eh ??? Poor old guy lol what a joke the system is.
Rido M
Rido M 6 dagar sedan
You’re going to jail Rudy, get ready to be someone’s chick
Micheal Owens
Micheal Owens 7 dagar sedan
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IReactToo 2 dagar sedan
i love you how you yall know each other or this is the same person spamming his name 😂😂😂😂
DàtaDàsh 6 dagar sedan
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Andrew Jason
Andrew Jason 6 dagar sedan
I lost about $4,000 to a scammer before I was linked to Mr Clinton and believe me he helped me recover the $4,000 and made an extra of $7,000 in the space of a week and 4 days
Moon Lámbo.
Moon Lámbo. 6 dagar sedan
After a successful payout and compounding interest from generating hyrule on my trade which took me five months to hit a million on my trading account.
Maxwell David
Maxwell David 6 dagar sedan
Access to good information is what we investors need to progress financially and generally in life. here is a good one and am grateful.
Chad on Mars - SNL
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