The Future Of Reasoning 

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here: gatesnot.es/3t1u93B
my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants
The extended mind thesis: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_mind_thesis
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work: svdown.info/post/video/qYavoqydm6muuc0.html
Molecule animations from molcalc.org
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber: www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674237827
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8 svdown.info/post/video/mGSnmJt8poiEudE.html
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche: www.pnas.org/content/107/Supplement_2/8993#:~:text=In%20biology%2C%20a%20%E2%80%9Cniche%E2%80%9D,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_system#/media/File:ERP_-_optic_cabling.jpg
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28 apr 2021



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weaponized battle toaster
weaponized battle toaster 11 minuter sedan
hey Micheal! Vsauce here. ocd. you probably noticed my intro was different right? well thats ocd. end of video.
Isaac Velasquez
Isaac Velasquez 11 minuter sedan
Brouwer is relevant to this discussion. The entire philosophy of constructivism which states that math is a social languange connects heavily to the idea presented in this video. Indeed, using this philosophy has been highly beneficial to CS specifically for creating a math that is very good at being computable.
Anti Master
Anti Master 21 minut sedan
i love you
scoot 38 minuter sedan
14:15 ppl with alexithymia: michael, i don't think so.
James Caracciolo
James Caracciolo 42 minuter sedan
“In collaboration with Bill Gates and his team” is a real quick way to lose credibility when it comes to climate alarmism
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
Humanity progressed backwards a bit. Instead of living in a democracy, we live in a republic. I would love to live in a democracy, a society where we were all much more reasonable.
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
"What IF decisions were made not by politicians alone, but at least occasionally by groups of actual citizens representing differences in thought, who were brought together and paid for their time to learn from experts and then deliberate on an assigned issue until a conclusion was reached, or, at the least, a recommendation?"
Peon Me
Peon Me 2 timmar sedan
Great video, bad conclusion. A lottocracy seems like a terrible idea.
WolfGang 2 timmar sedan
D 3 timmar sedan
Michael! you just killed a man! *distant gasps* Vsauce: Or did i?
BOOSTER 3 timmar sedan
Best video you've done so far imho
Moza G Smith
Moza G Smith 3 timmar sedan
My friend and I agree.
ArguablyBlind 3 timmar sedan
“Human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World
Ibrahim 3 timmar sedan
So...some form of anarchy?
Half - Death
Half - Death 3 timmar sedan
Maybe elephants arent awesome and Michael isnt an elephant but micheal definitely is awesome
David Wells
David Wells 3 timmar sedan
Good news. No need to use reason or logic anymore. A progressive informed me and hundreds of thousands of other people that 'reason' and 'logic' are tools of oppression invented by the white man to force women and minorities to fight on their terms. Thus, anger and outrage are the best tools to use when making decisions and analyzing facts and information. Yeah. That really happened. Our world is in serious trouble.
swiperthefox777 4 timmar sedan
Funny how reasoning is dieing and liberalism is on the rise. Hmmmmmmm
Chris Shields
Chris Shields 4 timmar sedan
Where you been my guy? I've really been craving a good well thought out, well edited, and well wrote intellectual video that leaves you with more questions then it answers due to the unavoidable consequences of someone who is capable of free thinking and is extremely curious in a good and healthy way can produce. Ugh Thank You for the upload. Can you tell I actually needed some good old common sense in this world that seems to have all logic being slowly used up with no fit replacement anywhere in site. I'm only 30 but I am extremely concerned with the way were headed and for the first time in my life I am unable or unwilling to find the hope that has gotten me by in the past.
Archibald Tuttle
Archibald Tuttle 4 timmar sedan
I am blown away by how objective this video is. Great job, Michael!
Aidan D.
Aidan D. 4 timmar sedan
It would fucking blow my mind if you opened up a video with "Hey! Michael! Vsauce here!"
Satriyo Wibisono
Satriyo Wibisono 4 timmar sedan
This is bullshit!
Satriyo Wibisono
Satriyo Wibisono 4 timmar sedan
Roel 4 timmar sedan
... and what did Bill Gates have to do with this?
Lamb 5 timmar sedan
Can we just look at the fact that his sub count is holy 16.9 million subs
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 5 timmar sedan
Teaming up with bill gates SMH
David Levine
David Levine 6 timmar sedan
To whoever sees this 8 years from now: Yes, I thought it was an inactive channel too
Tim Robb
Tim Robb 6 timmar sedan
That is... One great mind.
Michael Elbert
Michael Elbert 6 timmar sedan
He's obviously talking about fox and trump
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 5 timmar sedan
Exactly what I thought!
Temmykun 6 timmar sedan
the way he pulled that book out of no where, so cool.
Andrew Pitman
Andrew Pitman 6 timmar sedan
Whelp, you convinced me! Jokes aside, I think this is the best Vsauce video to date, and I've likely seen all of them.
thenerdycuber 7 timmar sedan
You know you are high AF when vsauce makes sense
Hansel D'silva
Hansel D'silva 5 timmar sedan
L Eric Thurston
L Eric Thurston 7 timmar sedan
ACID BURN 7 timmar sedan
Please read my comment Vsause. Make a channel for short videos.It will be nice :)
InotSmarty 8 timmar sedan
"Hey Vsauce, Michael here!" 0:03
blue J; green T
blue J; green T 8 timmar sedan
14:48 ohhh took me a second to realize that this is ambiguously phrased. when he says "why do you think they're upset" he's saying "what is your reason for concluding that they're upset" and not "what, in your opinion, might have caused them to be upset"
razorbackblood06 8 timmar sedan
I find it difficult to trust a man who once was involved in the making of computer viruses which he developed fixes for after the fact (and charged a price for), and who is now involved in the manufacture of actual medical drugs.
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud 7 timmar sedan
I wish the book were free. I'd have fewer misgivings about any motives of his. But alas, he's a staunch defender of IP. Funny that he'd partner up with Vsauce against lone reasoners, yet his entire life has been the upholding of lone entrepreneurs, (i.e. intellectual property). First proprietary software, and now proprietary medicine.
ShadowXg0z 8 timmar sedan
what is this bill gates extension
Bill Simonet
Bill Simonet 8 timmar sedan
Loved this and watched every second.. Bravo! Literally had a conversation about this very topic with my wife who shares very different viewpoints than I. We then watched this together and had to fight the urge from both of our sides to say how your points strengthened or weakened our own. I will absolutely watch this again
Jacques Perez
Jacques Perez 8 timmar sedan
this is why I subscribe!
BIG TEX 9 timmar sedan
Total bullshit!
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 5 timmar sedan
Are you joking or are you serious? If it's the latter, care to elaborate
Hyoh 10 timmar sedan
Beautiful, Michael
Measly 10 timmar sedan
There's plenty of other people you could have chosen to work with that wasn't bill gates. Like, of all people you had to go for the kind of immoral greedy capitalist that continues to perpetuate the profit centered cause of our continued inaction in helping the climate. We can't just wait for a lottocracy to be tried out here and there so that our collective reasoning can finally lead to action, we need to get rid of the more tangible issue which is consumerism and infinite growth as a concept on a limited planet. Trying with futility to convince denialists that it IS happening certainly isn't getting us where we want to be so as to avoid climate disaster and the wealthy certainly don't need reasoning to get away with destroying our planet for profit.
Measly 9 timmar sedan
@BoogerWall The fact that you replied alone makes it obvious that i'm not just talking to no one here. People should voice their opinion where it's relevant. i did watch the whole video and i liked the insight on human behavior it provided, but the conclusions drawn and the somewhat simplistic solution doesn't address many of the issues we face with our mode of production in general and the threat it poses to our climate. I spend much of my time hearing the opinions of others on this and they usually only provide market oriented solutions and other inadequate measures, if they were convincing then i wouldn't be here implying we do something about capitalism as a whole. Many have made the points Gates makes and he doesn't need to be a mentioned source when what he says is in such contradiction to what he does as a billionaire.
BoogerWall 10 timmar sedan
I'm sorry who are you pitching this to? Because as far I am concerned, I'm the only one who read your comment. If you really want to voice your opinion, maybe you could watch the whole video. It talks about compromise, it talks about consensus and reaching an idea we can all agree to. So if you really want to express what you think is to quote from your own words "a kind of immoral greedy capitalist" maybe you should stay in school and get the kind of group friend who is ready to challenge your ideas. Besides, how do you know that his theory in execution won't work. The man didn't get to his high status for nothing. He pondered over a plan, researched, observed places where some sollutions worked and wrote it all down neatly in a comprehensible text at your disposal. Plus this was one part of the video, it wasn't even the main focus.
Luis Barajas
Luis Barajas 10 timmar sedan
id like to have a deliberation with the 7 thousand people who disliked this video and try to understand their reasoning.
BoogerWall 10 timmar sedan
you're funny, but to answer your question people really got mad at the part where he mentioned Bill Gates, calling him a capitalist that wants to make more money or something like that...
Just Me
Just Me 10 timmar sedan
"Reason is, and only ought to be the slave of the passions" - David Hume
Vinyá 11 timmar sedan
Okey Vsauce, this is pretty cool. How about some space video next? Pretty sure we all would appreciate it.. very much :)
STM 11 timmar sedan
If you want to avoid a climate disaster abolish the capitalist system, infinite growth and inequality ruin everything. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of climate change, a billionaire flying around the world, using NFTs etc. has more impact than many normal people. workers of the world unite! Anarcho communism is the best system for working together and solving this.
STM 9 timmar sedan
@BoogerWall Public transport and local infrastructure is better than cars, workers still make things that matter like medicine, what sort of resources do you want? what do you know so far about anarchism?
BoogerWall 9 timmar sedan
hmmm... if only there was some solutions backed up by reasoning... hmmm... By the way if you're some know it all where are your sources. I want to ask you exactly how this would benefit us and I want you to tell me how by removing these we can still live. I'm sorry, but who the fuck is gonna make my pans now hmm? what about medicine? Tf is gonna run my car in the morning?
Archer Faith
Archer Faith 11 timmar sedan
He has returned
Jacob Lennon
Jacob Lennon 11 timmar sedan
Kelly Kelso
Kelly Kelso 12 timmar sedan
How elegantly rendered. Thank you.
Octavius Phoenix
Octavius Phoenix 12 timmar sedan
Lmao I have to consciously/manually reason about most people's emotions/moods. I'm autistic, and I don't have the same mood recognition software
Dallas Walker
Dallas Walker 7 timmar sedan
This was my same thought during that bit. "If you're not autistic that is..."
Nishanth Menon
Nishanth Menon 12 timmar sedan
I was just waiting for someone to research about the this topic. I completely failed to make someone understand that Covid19 is not a hoax. Hailing from India and seeing the pictures we see & hearing all the suffering, one would presume to acknowledge the disease. Instead, I repeatedly failed in making that person understand. I have a better idea now thanks to Micheal.
Jacob Werner
Jacob Werner 12 timmar sedan
I thought with jellybean jars everyone always underbid it
ᚺ 7
ᚺ 7 13 timmar sedan
yea who cares about logic let's just follow the twitter mob am i right?
burymeinpink 13 timmar sedan
If Bill Gates is so worried about society, he could start by not being a billionaire. Honestly, the fact that he's involved in this video makes it very hypocritical.
STM 9 timmar sedan
@BoogerWall sure here's multiple essays even longer than you wanted. svdown.info/post/video/oZeeZsuOc6GfsL8.html svdown.info/post/video/mGaRkqxmlWhpmdU.html svdown.info/post/video/iaesdNqIeKSrza8.html
BoogerWall 9 timmar sedan
How would this help? Give me a two page essay with 500-1000 words on why this would help in any kind of way. I'd like you to make a mention of capitalism, bill gates' portrait, how the book is meaningless and provide a sollution that would help improve the environment. If it's not to my liking I will shut down every point that you've made. If you think I'm not serious I very much am. Here's my business email: discordguytest@gmail.com. I give you till the 31st of January. After that, I assume you would have changed your mind and I will be right. This essay is ment to make you better understand the current political econimical situation. Don't wait up.
STM 10 timmar sedan
Exactly! capitalism is why we are in this mess.
Wolf Commando
Wolf Commando 13 timmar sedan
My mind is in my toes.
Kaiser 13 timmar sedan
Michael should do a reading list for his followers
Majapahit Sumatra
Majapahit Sumatra 13 timmar sedan
To all those who get this recommended after years, congratulations you're late but not never.
Mr.G 14 timmar sedan
Did..... did sauce just recommend we switch to anarchism....... MY MAN!!!!!! (actual anarchism, not what the guy you know in the dead Kennedys shirt thought it was)
BoogerWall 9 timmar sedan
shut up
K'apliel D
K'apliel D 14 timmar sedan
We naturally look for leaders. People and reasons to guide us in the shelter and safety of easy reasons to follow. Thinking about problems on your own is exhausting and deliberating them is even more exhausting. Probably why leaders were made in the first place, settling arguments and conflicts in reason. I adore the idea of lottocracy but there's immediate inherent problems. How would we then shift from leaders settling arguments into arguments settling arguments? What if differences in reason can't be settled? Would the problem reasoned about be abandoned or different random people selected? How many people? Would it be one group or many? How many groups and how many people? How many randomly selected people can we even properly educate and trust with morals and ethics before allowing them to decide on suggestions or solutions for societal problems.
Alpheus Madsen
Alpheus Madsen 14 timmar sedan
With regards to justifying choices we didn't even make, I am reminded of an observation made by one Robert Heinlein, who said "Humans aren't rational creatures -- they are rationalizing creatures."
Alpheus Madsen
Alpheus Madsen 14 timmar sedan
With regards to Mary, there are certain mathematicians, called "Constructionists", who would insist that, because we don't know if Mary is married or not, we *cannot* know whether a married person is looking at an unmarried one. Then again, there are certain mathematical results they have to abandon because of their strictness, that most other mathematicians are unwilling to give up, so only a *few* mathematicians are Constructionists. (I don't particularly like Constructionism, although I am amused by their ideas, but I like "Fictionalists" even less.)
DOGGO 14 timmar sedan
Sorry to rain in on the parade, but things are not going to improve. Looking at the past decade and how we've handled issues around the world, it's going to get worse. I lost all hope in 2020. There's no light at the end of the tunnel.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 5 timmar sedan
Thought there was, until anti maskers and mass shooters came crawling out of their holes.
Marlene Dinhof
Marlene Dinhof 14 timmar sedan
I'm still watching, so idk what comes next, but when you said "unintended consequences", it immediately made me think of Bostroms Vulnerable World Hypothesis. Wondering if you've read it.
MsJupiter 15 timmar sedan
So the internet has accelerated the human race's ability to reason out truths
dodokgp 15 timmar sedan
Ah...so Michael still remembers that he has an SVdown channel
Another benefit of having civilian deliberation groups would be that you lose the barrier to entry to political participation of having to have a comprehensive and fixed belief system/ideology. The problem with this is that very few if any people have actually researched and reasoned out positions on every political issue adequately, and as a result the vast majority fall back to a rigid, established ideologies to maintain credibility, in the process outsourcing their beliefs to a binary party system. With deliberation groups, people get the opportunity to get well informed about and form an independent argument for an individual issue, which is actually doable, instead of having to post hoc rationalize a stance of an ideology that they have subscribed to merely out of political necessity.
@Seymor Onion Well Michael just said that they would "learn from experts", but I guess there is a point to be made that no matter how you slice it you're getting information through a lense of bias as the experts will undoubtedly have their own opinions. Regardless, my point was more about the fact that individuals will be more free to have an belief system that is a actually unique to them and thus decisions will be made based on conclusions that ppl make on their own account rather than ones they just kinda were placed into.
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
Well informed by whom?
UNKNOWN 15 timmar sedan
Vsauce's videos are like ADHD, you start with a good video idea but end up talking about why cheese is ruining the economy of the world
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 5 timmar sedan
Lol something tells me you didn't even watch the whole video
CypyCup 15 timmar sedan
"Hi, v-sauce michael here! You're not an individual! Identity politics are more important than personal liberties!" I was wondering why. Then suddenly "Bill Gates". Yeah, no one can tell that megalomaniac that we're not ants and that he's just flesh and blood. Not our chosen savior. Our elite self-appointed gods have gone insane
Filbo Rake
Filbo Rake 16 timmar sedan
Aliens have been proven to be true...
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
@TheDeadOfNight37 Moo
TheDeadOfNight37 16 timmar sedan
Rishabh Purohit
Rishabh Purohit 16 timmar sedan
2:33 want a 1 hour version of this airport timelapse
Sina Madani
Sina Madani 16 timmar sedan
Very intelligent and timely video.
bluephreakr 16 timmar sedan
So right, if we want to advance humankind, the one thing that Mike here never mentioned is to use reasoning, to convince yourself _you're wrong._ Now this is a big idea with possibly a lot of detractors, so below is my reasoning behind that; A more pessimistic attitude where one assume everything they think is wrong compels as much, if not more research from oneself than trying to find reasons they're right. If you automatically assume what you believe is wrong, you then can research to confirm these findings, and on occasion, be pleasantly surprised when you find that you were not wrong, you only reached a conclusion that may not necessarily be popular, but is proven with factual evidence based on intuition, confirmed through research. To always assume you are right is to set yourself up for falling on your own petard. To assume you are wrong affords the opportunity to not skewer and roast oneself inadvertently, and instead observe from the perspective of detractors who themselves may be correct _in one aspect_ while foregoing everything else, which disallows others from reaching the same inference-based conclusions you might reach by accepting the _possibility_ of truth others elect to avoid. To keep an open mind, but to always assume everything your mind creates as incorrect is one of a few ways to keep yourself in check, and to test your own ideas against that of the zeitgeist juxtaposed against historical reference to reach a conclusion based solely on facts and evidence. In a sense, some worldly judicial systems - should it function as they was originally designed - follows this idea: Innocence before guilt affords the opportunity to be wrong, and release those who through evidence were proven to be correct in their assertion that no crime had been performed by them.
Josh Rinlee
Josh Rinlee 16 timmar sedan
That weird music kicks in you know shits getting real
space sheep 1017
space sheep 1017 16 timmar sedan
Johnny Schmegma
Johnny Schmegma 17 timmar sedan
I'll give this one a 4/10 by Vsauce standards. 9/10 by youtube standards
jull1234 17 timmar sedan
This episode was VSauseome
tao davidson
tao davidson 17 timmar sedan
Holy shit put this vid on repeat in public places all the time
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 17 timmar sedan
Let's appreciate that you can hear footsteps at the begining which makes you expect for him to walk into the frame rather than just appear in the chair
Micheal Westfall
Micheal Westfall 17 timmar sedan
I wonder would happen if he went on Tucker Carlson's show.
TheDeadOfNight37 16 timmar sedan
I mean political talkshows are a whole lot of "I'm right aand everyone else is wrong" while being heavily opinionated and biased.
Among Us Boi
Among Us Boi 17 timmar sedan
This made me uneasy for some reason. Come at me mumbo
MrRainKane 17 timmar sedan
bluephreakr 18 timmar sedan
Yikes. Bill Gates. Don't tell this guy he was at one point affiliated with Jeffery Epstine lol
Levi Baldwin
Levi Baldwin 18 timmar sedan
Someone’s been watching too much of the talking turtle @exurb1a
Rawkwilder 18 timmar sedan
a recent studie conducted in 2020 actually concluded that elephants are, indeed, awesome. the studie was named "I was drunk and watched elephant videos on SVdown." the question , this studie asked was "are elephants awesome?" conclusion was :" yea... cause nose-hand on face and baby elephants playing football" therefore the statement : " all elephants are awesome" is in fact: true.
Adam Blackman
Adam Blackman 18 timmar sedan
Is V-sauce somehow Cody from Some News’s more sane brother?
Pravinkumar Kore
Pravinkumar Kore 19 timmar sedan
Video on How high a tsunami can get.? And What it will take to cause such giga tsunami..? That would be intresting to see in vsauce style.
Nic de Vera
Nic de Vera 19 timmar sedan
nice! mercier and sperber's The Enigma of Reason is a great book that deserves more attention
amiracle 19 timmar sedan
I thought I was the new age Jesus preaching this shit nice to hear someone with an influence bring this thing up that’s been driving me crazy. REMOVE THE DAMS, MAKE SOLOR PANELS, STOP WASTING GAS AND PLASTIC
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
@TheDeadOfNight37 Dam, son
TheDeadOfNight37 16 timmar sedan
Why remove dams?
Le Mac
Le Mac 19 timmar sedan
the best file. ever :)
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 timmar sedan
Hey vsuace Michael here how fast can you run
charliefasurf1000 19 timmar sedan
clickbait title. what a waste of time until it broke into climate change gibberish. thumb down.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 5 timmar sedan
If you think talking about climate change and reasoning then your just.....idk......one of those I guess. Probably didn't understand half of what he said cuz the words were too big that's why it's "gibberish", huh ?
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
@TheDeadOfNight37 How sure are you about your judgement?
TheDeadOfNight37 16 timmar sedan
😂😂 and here is an example of someone who is openly refusing to use reasoning
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 20 timmar sedan
Bill is getting divorced.
Chris Hammock
Chris Hammock 20 timmar sedan
All hail the lottocracy. I have searched all my life for a way that humans might govern humans... I think this is it!
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
How do you prevent it from being rigged?
Ben Smart
Ben Smart 20 timmar sedan
I should have watched this high
SleezDeez 20 timmar sedan
dare i say narrowminded categorization
Visperad 20 timmar sedan
After Virtue
Dustin Zornig
Dustin Zornig 20 timmar sedan
I have a question: if one attempt to elevate our reasoning is open debate and maybe even choosing people at random to make our decisions, where does that leave experts that studied specific subjects and objectively know much more about some things than we do? Should their opinion be treated as every other's is or should they have a privilege when talking about certain subjects?
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 5 timmar sedan
Experts are humans too
Spiny Cokie
Spiny Cokie 21 timme sedan
Moon Men starts at 5:47
Thabi Bokete
Thabi Bokete 21 timme sedan
I literally watched the firs 1min and 40 seconds and I was like F Yeahhh another great video bing as I eat.
Frederico Flósculo
Frederico Flósculo 21 timme sedan
That Table Is Too High For You Michael?
Proximity99 21 timme sedan
This is absolutely one of the best videos they've produced.
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