The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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4 apr 2021



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Sir Jon Smith III
Sir Jon Smith III 32 minuter sedan
There is a debt crisis. It is called corps not paying their fair share due to loop holes and people like tRump.
Social Liability
Social Liability 34 minuter sedan
Shooting b-roll for ol' girl strolling down the street has got to be the most interesting 12-hour workday of boring take-after-take-after-cutbacktoone-after-cutbacktoone experience that I've ever had the pleasure of absolutely demolishing the craft tables during that shift. There, is that witty enough or do I need to show you and hold your hand, too? Insipid and vapid, that one was.
Rob Floyd
Rob Floyd Timme sedan
This is one of the most ridiculously ludicrous videos I have ever watched. Every week this show is a case study in one-sided argumentation. He consistently and completely ignores any fact that contradicts his secular progressive narratives. Laughable. And sadly not even funny anymore.
Richard Nunziata
Richard Nunziata 2 timmar sedan
The evangelical GOP are hypocrites and more interested in personal power then helping the American people. The religious right will rape this country and leave it broken and dying.
P 2 timmar sedan
First time that i find they have sold off. What's the lesson? More debt is good? Only the last 5' made some sense. Maybe it's time we stop burning piles on money on weapons.
Joe Brosnan
Joe Brosnan 3 timmar sedan
I clicked this thinking "Surely there is NO way this typical biased mouthpiece could make skyrocketing debt into "a GOOD thing". Was wrong. Is it too much to ask that some of these folks judge the negative/positive spin they're going to take, off of the actual topic, rather than which party is in office at the moment?
LoL LOL 4 timmar sedan
could they just skip the ,,funny" parts?! I always skip them, because they are sooo cringe. ,,Funny tv man talking about stuff" is actually better about talking stuff, than being funny...
sokin jon
sokin jon 5 timmar sedan
then just kinda pretended a bunch of people calling themselves economists knew how it worked.
Himanshu Parmar
Himanshu Parmar 5 timmar sedan
What is Ophisticated?
Danny Beane
Danny Beane 5 timmar sedan
Well I mean we did have Greece like riots, but that was because police and people thought it was ok to gun down and suffocate unarmed black people to death.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 5 timmar sedan
Fucking Republicans complaining about a debt like they weren’t the ones who raised it to its highest level in history not even 5 years ago
turnerdcentury 5 timmar sedan
I love this show
solid244 6 timmar sedan
The Impossible Mission Force is giving press conferences now?!
Dave Wright
Dave Wright 6 timmar sedan
If you are in debt and all you do is work to pay off the debt...which is what millions of Americans do...it sure sounds like at a minimum being in bondage. Hello!
Dimitris Gotsis
Dimitris Gotsis 6 timmar sedan
Hello from Greece. What has happened here is MUCH WORSE than just riots.
barca fan
barca fan 6 timmar sedan
Jon thought me a lesson about virtue🤣
Jay Chong
Jay Chong 6 timmar sedan
Oh, it would be so cool if China owned US
S K 6 timmar sedan
to qoute Billy Joel, ´´we didn´t start the fire!´´. this coming from a dutchy.
remy theroute
remy theroute 6 timmar sedan
Bring back Slavery,that free labor should help.
Olivia Codjie
Olivia Codjie 7 timmar sedan
Can we just take a moment to appreciate John Oliver's rhyming skills? I mean, he needs to write a poem book.
3ehahn 7 timmar sedan
Amazing, a comedian from England explains US debt economics more clearly than any news program, politician or professor in the U.S. Do we need honest pubic service announcements to educate voters? Or would that be propaganda?
ìFåГt Mägîç
ìFåГt Mägîç 8 timmar sedan
13:07 Considering making this my ring tone. Edit: 21:04 And my new background is...
Ezor 8 timmar sedan
This is actually a pretty good summary of what is wrong (or not) with debts. I'd like to emphasize some points - a state is public (call me captain Obvious) so we should not apply on it what we consider good for a private society or family. It's ok to have deficit and debts for a state so long that this money is used is real economy to make private actors richer/better and help them live in a better country - not a cents from taxes are used to fill the debts. Taxes are used to invest, and states deal with debts by making other loans. It could seem crap but it work pretty well since more than 50 years - what happen in Greece is just that investors didn't want to loan then money. But investors trust the USA so you'll not have the same problem. Actually investors WANT to loan money to the US cause it's one of the safest investments ever. - creating money doesn't not lead to inflation. Of a politician told you so, he is either a liar or a dumb economist (probably both)
stbagn 9 timmar sedan
Higher interest older debt got paid off with refinanced lower interest new debt so that payments got lower... people do this all the time with mortgages... this isn’t exactly rocket science. Now let’s hope interests keep going down and economic growth outpaces borrowed interests I suppose...
Angiki 9 timmar sedan
No one knows how the economy works because the only way an economy can work is by everyone agreeing to pretend that it makes sense.
Arno Remane
Arno Remane 10 timmar sedan
jeff bezos spends his free time looking at hbo's shopping history to guess the jokes in advance
Wulf Mountain Path
Wulf Mountain Path 11 timmar sedan
Calling Social Security with the blanket term 'entitlement'.. Really? I played my whole life for the tiny almost unlivable amount I now get back of it.. Less per month than I played every 2 months. So guess it will be a entitlement.. For those who live past 105 years old.. Point is.. Entitlement is their derogatory label.. Not accurate...
Fernando Navarro
Fernando Navarro 11 timmar sedan
I thought for a min that Oliver was advocating to reduce debt, but no, he just wants to increase debt on things he believes are good. Socialism at its finest.
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
20:47 Is that Elon Musk?
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
Ironically, it seems like the number one way to screw over future generations with national debt is to elect a Republican, either to the White House, Congress, or both...
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
17:44 Since I brought up Japan in my previous comment, that shows another pitfall in that Fox News segment from 2011: due to the fact that inflation has been meager in Japan since around the late '90s (and, as I said, Japan's economy has even grappled with deflation at points), Japan de facto had a zero interest rate policy on the part of the Bank of Japan (roughly Japan's equivalent to the Federal Reserve here in the United States) from 1999 to 2006. In fact, Japan had points in the 2000s where its interest rates were actually NEGATIVE. And for the record, while the BoJ did abolish the zero interest rate policy in 2006, it did basically return to it after the Great Recession... It should also be noted that Japan has the world's highest debt-to-GDP ratio as well, one even higher than that of Greece, which is why former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, after he took office in 2010, called it "urgent" (and of course, due to Japan's anemic economic growth, successive Japanese governments spent so much money trying to boost growth in the '90s and 2000s, particularly with public works programs such as erosion control and the building of tetrapods after Ryutaro Hashimoto took office in 1996). Of course, ever since Kan made that warning in 2010, Japan's national debt only exploded further soon afterward, as the triple disaster hit the country in early 2011 and spending had to be done for relief efforts.
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
16:49 In all honesty, as someone who is quite politically opinionated myself (and I'm a political science major at my college), I just don't understand economics and it was a subject I struggled with in high school. I think to me, one of the strangest things about economics (and often interest rates tie into this, see Paul Volcker's leadership as Chairman of the Federal Reserve when he raised them in the early '80s during Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, all to reduce it) is inflation. Japan, since the '90s (when the Lost Decade began for the country), has had numerous periods of very low inflation if not DEFLATION (meaning prices decrease, and the current economic fallout from the coronavirus has put Japan in another deflationary situation) all while its economy has been officially stagnant, yet Argentina had been struggling with economic problems even prior to COVID-19, starting around 2018, and what was key in making the previous Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, become Argentina's first-ever president in its democratic history be voted out in 2019 was the fact that Argentina has had mega-high inflation rates-sometimes topping 50%. (When Argentina was officially in a depression from 1998 to 2002, the inflation rates were even worse) Argentina's economic problems have also led to contractions in the country's gross domestic product, but I just find it so odd that Japan and Argentina have had simultaneous economic problems and yet their inflation rates are clear polar opposites (or, in Japan's case, arguably the lack thereof).
D C 12 timmar sedan
Oliver is such a fool.
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
15:25 Since Fox News is obviously a right-wing "news" source it's no surprise they did that in 2011, after all, so much of conservatism relies on fear... That's honestly one reason I'm not conservative, I don't get the point of fear being in politics...
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
13:24 Any man who goes to Cancun while his state is having a power outage crisis can go fuck himself. We also shouldn't forget he and Josh Hawley basically have strongly defended the Capitol insurrectionists from January 6.
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
11:35 Sounds like when Republicans blame Barack Obama for a slow economic recovery, they should start looking inwards...
Rodney Milner
Rodney Milner 12 timmar sedan
8:07 Now I see where Nancy got "just say no" from...
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh 13 timmar sedan
dept trap is good for developing nation not for developed nation like america its very simple i watched that IMF guys video , oliver team alter that video
Kevin Zachary Walker
Kevin Zachary Walker 14 timmar sedan
The Government is very disappointed, because last time John Oliver made a video like that (called "Debt Buyers"), John Oliver paid people's debt off. However this time he didn't paid of the national debt. The old and the orange (President Trump and President Biden) are very disappointed of you....so disappointed.
いつのまにか 14 timmar sedan
Eliminate all branches of the military except for the national guard, stop funneling money to terrorist organizations and puppet dictatorships, fire 80% of the DoD, abolish the CIA. Easy.
James DeBall
James DeBall 14 timmar sedan
Our government really does spend far too much money. And so much of it is wasted or simply “disappears”. We will never hold the politicians accountable because we’re too divided amongst ourselves. The elites get wealthy and remain in power and the other 99% of us are arguing about our opinions on guns, abortions, and trans kids.
Renjie Cai
Renjie Cai 15 timmar sedan
Actually, US can borrow (or print) any much money as they want. The inflation is exported to all other countries of the world. Or more likely, the rest of the world is feeding United States of America. Greece failed because they don't have a global army, they can't use such force to "convince" other countries to feed them.
Greg RN
Greg RN 15 timmar sedan
John Oliver is an idiot... "being in debt isn't like being enslaved" ...... IT IS LITERALLY FINANCIAL ENSLAVEMENT
TheRegret 16 timmar sedan
man i thought i hated reagan for not switching to the metric system and "trickle down economy" but now i understand why i hate him more. also it feels like we're at a point where the people who own banks and the majority of money don't understand where their worth comes from, thus the reason of the lower interest rates because they dont know how to balance for assets. also also when do we get to post WWI germany where a loaf of bread requires a wheel barrel of money... or venezuela today.
Scriptease123 17 timmar sedan
Every one of those GOP creeps supported Trump's trillions in tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.
jjj 17 timmar sedan
Can’t we just print 28 trillion dollars to pay it off?
Rick Abboud
Rick Abboud 18 timmar sedan
Borrowing to build factories creates jobs, but our national debt just grows. Is it a fair comparison? John Oliver your just a fake pr man for someone... name he/her it. Also, you’re not funny
aylmer666 19 timmar sedan
wow - and I came into this expecting Oliver would have finally found a topic with a sensible take on. Wrong.
Sigma 19 timmar sedan
Idk why this came up on my feed. But don't be a debt slave to fiat currency. Buy silver #silversqueeze #EndTheFed
Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds 19 timmar sedan
it's because capitalism is fake
itsfairgame 20 timmar sedan
People talk about debt like its a moonrock or something from outer space. Theres a famous business self help book called Other people's money. In other words, debt. Thats how yiu grow a business. America is nothing if not business. So people need to get a grip. They need to be concerned with their personal debt situation. Thats debt that is using future dollars. The U S can always light up the creditors.
Michelle Celeste
Michelle Celeste 21 timme sedan
The end of this episode is pure gold.
Ben 21 timme sedan
I like listening to John Oliver at 1.5x speed. Then he actually sounds like the little weasel he is. Billionaires bother you, but trillion dollar debts dont?
Tech Master
Tech Master 21 timme sedan
Stop being funny already and just say the points, you are not funny dude! Just cringe! Or hire some better writers!seriously! I was such big fan of the show at once, now I cant stand it!
Steve Godenich
Steve Godenich 21 timme sedan
The same BS the UK public was given before their empire's collapse. Stiff upper lip for the poor while the well-heeled walked off scot-free with your tax dollars in tax havens. I don't buy this import. Pay your bills or be servants to your lender. Britain is the bellwether.
Mario 22 timmar sedan
10:39 Actually it is being a slave to someone. In my opinion. Just tell that to the poor who take out loans from the sharks. Maybe he's to rich to know that.
Allen Bowers
Allen Bowers 22 timmar sedan
The oppression in this country is real.... My family being low income is suffering from a great deal of oppression from the system in place that governs our people.... Laws are made against the poor to keep families of color oppressed and in some cases like ours it flows over to all of the poor not only those of color. As a family we feel the pain our country is suffering through as so much of our case relates. We are currently guilty until proven innocent. Being denied justice or safety because we aren't rich enough to afford a lawyer... By the way modest means... a program to help people retain a lawyer (and in this case we didnt even start any of the court proceedings) Can only lower the retainer to $1,500. (There is even a case we overheard the lawyer and judge discuss by name where a person suffering from mental illness has to defend herself in family court.) We have been battling against the loss of our children for the last 2 years.(they pulled a trump and spread misinformation and made a decade of false reports all unfounded and even brainwashed coached manipulated and mentally destroyed our children.) Recently we received a letter of recommendation from the therapist that states : To Whom it may concern, My name is ******** ********; I am a licensed marriage and family therapist at douglas CARES. I began working with the ***** and ******I family July 9th, 2020 for individual and family therapy due to diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder in many family members. During my time working with the family, they have made immense progress, they are beginning to stabilize however, visits with the kid’s grandparents cause behaviors and anxieties tend to escalate prior to and immediately following contact with their grandparents. There have been several behavioral concerns and stressors prior to and following visits with the children’s grandparents. The girls had been placed in relative foster care, with their maternal grandparents. This placement did not encourage a relationship with their mother and the girls were then moved into nonrelative care. While living with their grandparents the relationship between the girls and Douglas CARES has gone though many challenges. The grandparents would continuously get involved in their treatment and berate them into telling them about their sessions. The grandparents strongly discouraged any positive conversations regarding mom. For example, **** has reported that if she was to behave poorly in visits with her mother or Douglas CARES staff, she would be rewarded with bubble gum ice cream. When **** was ask how long this behavior had been going on with her grandparents, she reported “my whole life.” During **** and ****’s time in care, they have had an estranged relationship with their mother and stepfather; both have been working on reestablishing this relationship in therapy. Both girls are wishing to spend more time with their mother and stepfather at this point. Since the girls have been asking to visit and go back to live with their mother, they have been feeling as if their grandparents are treating them differently. **** has stated that she feels as if her grandparents are mad at her due to wishing to return home. When in sessions with Douglas CARES staff, if they attempted to identify strengths of their mothers or past positive memories, the girls would become agitated and not speak to therapist working with the girls the following visit. Due to these concerns, it is my recommendation that any visits between the **** and ****** family is conducted at the child welfare building. Weekly visits with the girl’s grandparents had become detrimental to the progress the girls are making in treatment. Visits with grandparents should be limited to once a month, supervised at DHS. Since starting visits with their grandparents, **** has begun to act out, including harming her sister, being defiant and having (bathroom) accidents both at night and during the day. I am concerned that these visits are causing a relapse of post trauma anxiety for the family. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. And the judge knowing all of this and more still is trying to force us to place our child in the care of people who have done so much to our children already. We as parents are absolutely mortified at the way everything has transposed. We have much more information please contact us by email: allenbowers802@gmail.com
Allen Bowers
Allen Bowers 19 timmar sedan
@Steve Godenich agreed. No one should have to deal with this.
Steve Godenich
Steve Godenich 21 timme sedan
It's not because of you, believe me, the system is screwed up.
Mario 22 timmar sedan
A factory that pollutes. Great Idea!
A Breathing Coffin
A Breathing Coffin 22 timmar sedan
It's always amusing when Conservative grifters pretend to care about the future of humanity. I swear to god, in any conversation I have with one about things like, you know; global warming, deforestation, over-population, the energy crisis, the response I get is almost universal across the board, "I don't care, I'll be dead". Good news grifters! There won't be a world to uphold us to our debt if the entire planet and 98% of the population is dead!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 22 timmar sedan
Interest rates are low because they are artificially set by Federal Reserve and other world governments. Whoever wrote this segment obviously didn’t research this topic at all.
Pak myth buster
Pak myth buster 22 timmar sedan
"I don't know I'm not an economist" That's why you are saying stupid things about debt. I really like you work on different issues. But you are toeing the line of democrats. Interest rate are historic low but they will rise along with high inflation.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
ah yes where did you get your econ degree from
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 22 timmar sedan
John: “blah, blah Republicans bad, blah blah leftist good.” They’re both corrupt, Mr. Oliver.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
then who is good
Pak myth buster
Pak myth buster 22 timmar sedan
stimulus that end up in international trade is not creating any economic value in USA.
Ron 22 timmar sedan
I was a fan of J Oliver at one time, but not anymore. He responds to the views of others with jokes and absent of any coherent counter arguments. There are economists that CAN explain the trends he mentioned.
Ron 19 timmar sedan
First of all, I want to thank you, Jonathan, for a civil conversation. It’s nice to have a peaceful exchange. That being said, we need to be cautious of the dichotomous constructs that only let us see things as right or left. I move within the continuum depending on this issue. I’m not a libertarian, but I do agree with their caution on economic matters. We can still invest in national concerns, but we need to temper our spending with prudent safeguards. Reckless spending will only jeopardize national programs and diminish any progress that we have made.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 21 timme sedan
@Ron the national debt is something that is used by the right and other operatives to defur progress. The us is too big to fail and if we do the world will suffer.
Ron 21 timme sedan
@Jonathan Schwartz They are not the only economists out there. Some are questioning our manipulation of interest rates and constant printing of currency to support many government programs (military and social). Many of our past economic troubles have resulted from these type of actions. I consider myself left of center and a proponent of many government social investments, but I am not blind to the dangers of careless spending and a lack of real monetary wealth. Just because you cannot explain why something happens does not mean you continue to do it.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
The head of the IMF is a pretty good economists. There are also children who can explain why the earth is round but adults that cannot
The WoodE
The WoodE 23 timmar sedan
The bill comes due in inflation. So great job running propaganda for inflating away the savings and income of the 99%
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
just eat the rich when we get hungry
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 23 timmar sedan
Dog having a blast during a riot about to chase down a tear gas grenade 15:15
Caleb Trantham
Caleb Trantham 23 timmar sedan
"About three pages of your notes app" is john oliver taking shots at logan paul???
Chatur Dag sedan
I mean if US is just spending someone else's money and is under so much debt.. Why is US still called the worlds number one.. If you are just spending someone else money you are not rich.. you ll have to pay it someday.
J underwood
J underwood Dag sedan
The only good news here is you idiots who believe this Bs he's spewing here are gonna get it good and hard when the dollar is worthless.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
ah yes borowing money make dollar worthless. What a genius take from you
Christopher Henderson
So Democrats aren't using a double standard when Obama said that our Debt is Un-American?
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
did you watch the video. Republicans cause pointless debt
Marc M. Gilmore
Marc M. Gilmore Dag sedan
It's strange how people talk about all the profits,they've been making through trading of bitcoin,while am here not making any profit at all.Please can Someone put me through on the right path or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 21 timme sedan
@Jeremy Newton those cources are all lies and will not make you money forex in particular you need to know what your doing and the margins are not great.
Jonathan Kristin
Jonathan Kristin 21 timme sedan
the secret to being a successful trader is compound interest. Understanding how to use the power of compounding is crucial for any trader. He also goes over how much risk you should be taking on when you're trading forex
Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton 21 timme sedan
Cryptocurrency /forex trading is a big chance to make money nowadays, if you can't see that at this point is time you learn more about it
Williams Scott
Williams Scott 21 timme sedan
That's true most people today have been having a lot of failures in forex and crypto sector because of poor orientation and bad experts
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
dont thats stupid bitcoin is not a stable investment
Tyler Lopes
Tyler Lopes Dag sedan
“What is the reason for that!? Well... idk.” 🤣🤣🤣
Kate Kinard
Kate Kinard Dag sedan
What a stupid time to be alive.
F A Dag sedan
John Oliver is is a comedian, not an economist. If you want to learn about national debt go to Rothbard, Hayek, or Mises. Not Comedy Central
F A 23 timmar sedan
@j d I think the H is silent
j d
j d 23 timmar sedan
HBO dummy. Pay attention
Nightmare Dag sedan
Tax cuts for the rich, solving U.S. debt. Yeah that sounds right. Let’s have the richest top 5 to 1% NOT be forced to give money to the government in very large amounts. That will certainly give the government more money and allow them to repay debt or invest in more smart economic decisions like infrastructure and public schooling, and other things that could repay debt on its own through improvements in the economy. ! Oh and let’s tax the poorer people more. They can give the government all the money they need. What’s that? They haven’t gotten any richer since the 1950s, and only the rich have gained money since then? Nah everything’s fine. Let’s keep taxi the rich less and less. It’s bound to work SOME TIME.
Clockwork Lullaby
B...b..but commies in the 70s Baby eating hollywood elites! It can't be out fault It must be the commies fault we are in this downwards spiral It can't be because one party placed politics over country That can't have been it
Gruntslayer 35
Gruntslayer 35 Dag sedan
The TI-nspire should definitely be everyone’s favorite graphing calculator
Nicolle Salazar
Nicolle Salazar Dag sedan
Thank you so much for teaching me about this. The national debt seems like a vagary and politicians throw it around to fearmonger, of course. It's good to know I actually understand what this issue is. You're the best, John
rodrigo siqueira
rodrigo siqueira 18 timmar sedan
i really expect that you are ironic
mule gebre
mule gebre Dag sedan
"Sick flamethrower Bro"
john smith
john smith Dag sedan
So basically Republicans lie. And water is wet. More news at eleven!
rodrigo siqueira
rodrigo siqueira 18 timmar sedan
yes, public debt is a lie. America need to spend more and more
Madi Dag sedan
Also, as a 90s millennial, the older generations already fucked us over in so many other ways. Why is national debt the thing yall care about?
HeyMildred Dag sedan
Did Reagan really cut food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid though? As a conservative, I certainly wish that he did, but I'm not sure the data proves any of that out. Plus Democrats controlled Congress during the 80's and I don't recall them agreeing to any of Reagan's budget cuts. Entitlement spending rose significantly in the 80's - it wasn't until the 90's that we saw real entitlement reform with Clinton and Newt.
ainol 9 novo spark
want to laugh? My country's (Italy) debt is 133% of national GDP. I don't know how anyone can take us seriously.
Doctor Beanis
Doctor Beanis Dag sedan
What's your favorite kind of graphic calculator ?! Haha.
KK B Dag sedan
Can't imagine, John Oliver speak like a perpetual loan defaulter.
Joshua Bowen
Joshua Bowen Dag sedan
I think this is the only time I've seen a "nahhhhhh, its fine" episode from this show. How fitting.
wwiinnggnnuutt Dag sedan
Best commercial ever. You should put it on Tic Tok. 😂😂😂
Jonathan Dag sedan
For the government to spend money to "grow the economy" they have to take money out of the economy in the form of taxes. And I think the economy would probably know better when to do with it in order to grow itself. So the gist of the show is "rich people have plenty of money to take from and stop scaring people with the word debt". In 2020, the government send was $6-6.6Trillion. If you take all the rich people who are US citizens, line them up against the wall communist-style and take all their money away, you might be able to pay for the first 4-6 months of the year. What will you do after that?
I miss the studio audience 😔
wsrtwetr Dag sedan
That Ted Cruz poem is classic
Evelien Heerens
Evelien Heerens Dag sedan
Funny that the party that built the system that plummets every student into lifeling debt for getting an education that is worth less every year but that you can't get a job without, wants to talk about the debt that kids will have. Maybe we should feel that way about things like medical debt and a failing wellfare system instead.
João Nunes
João Nunes Dag sedan
Funny like when Trump was in office the USA debt look like a the space shuttle going up...and now they are complaining?
LightlySalted Calming Vlogs and ASMR
America is run like a very shitty business it goes into debt just to give some of it's executives (big company heads) a giant payday while laying off it's employees (having the majority of people in poverty)
Kevin Egan
Kevin Egan Dag sedan
ur the goat john i wrote a rap and used your name to reference cool things thanks my dude
Andrew Longhofer
re: Greece-there are three reasons that we didn’t have riots: 1) they weren’t rioting over interest rates-they were rioting over the social safety net cuts that were a condition of the loans and they received. we’d riot too if someone said “okay, sure, we’ll keep your economy alive-but you don’t get social security even though we’re not cutting your social security tax.” 2) the federal reserve-aka the US government-issues dollars, and borrows in dollars. the Greek government borrows in Euros, which are issued by the ECB. The Greek government doesn’t have the ability to issue new dollars to pay it off (not that it would be a good idea to do it all at once, but it’s, you know, possible) and thus the actual amount they owe relative to the purchasing power of a Euro is controlled by someone else. Our credit didn’t take a hit because...money machine can always go brrr. 3) the increased borrowing cost led to demand-side inflation, because the cost of doing business (and therefore buying things from businesses) also went up. Sure, there weren’t more Euros being printed (well, not many-debt arguably does create new money), but consumer prices went up locally in a way totally out of proportion to other Eurozone countries. would love a Modern Monetary Theory followup to this.
Dominic Ventre
Dominic Ventre Dag sedan
This troll of a human being is so misleading. He cherry picks information for his libtard audience
rodrigo siqueira
rodrigo siqueira 18 timmar sedan
@j d debt is gonna cause the next recession and then this video will age like milk
Dominic Ventre
Dominic Ventre 19 timmar sedan
@j d simple, look up the bussiness cycle. It explains all. Also you're wrong withbyour statement.
Dominic Ventre
Dominic Ventre 19 timmar sedan
@Jonathan Schwartz facts are facts. You must be one of his loyal watchers. Smfh. Sheep.
Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz 22 timmar sedan
Libtard audience you sound like a smart guy
j d
j d 23 timmar sedan
Dems have fixed every republicant recession. sorry, but thems the historical facts. prove me wrong
Aykhan Salmanov
Aykhan Salmanov Dag sedan
Misheru GP
Misheru GP Dag sedan
That poem sucked! 😂
David Smith
David Smith Dag sedan
Love John Oliver and he's totally right about the Republican hypocrisy and the need for the right kind of investment (especially post pandemic) but I'm afraid he's doing a massive disservice by downplaying the eventual impact of our country's wasteful, unsustainable and completely out of control spending.
Mjoy Yourself
Mjoy Yourself Dag sedan
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