Why Do Electric Plugs Have Holes? Answered 

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Why do electric plugs have holes? You have seen them for years but what do they do? Stop believing the myths & learn what they do for yourself. After receiving multiple comments asking me to answer this question I hope you enjoy this video.
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Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 2 månader sedan
Thank you for watching please *LIKE & SUBSCRIBE* 👍 If you need more outlets with built in USB Ports: amzn.to/3oX0rdK shown in the video
Mark Weinfurter
Mark Weinfurter 19 dagar sedan
@longshot7601 yes we use the holes in the injection molding process. Small rods go into the holes to hold the blades in place.
Gary Grieve
Gary Grieve Månad sedan
@Richard Wolfe koi koi
Jessie Månad sedan
Its there to have a Tighter fit in the plug... if it wasnt there it would just slide out with ease!!! Thats why the holes are there.. Sounds Dumb, punching a hole through it bends the metal so it locks in the plug.
L.Pasteur 2 månader sedan
@Víðarr Kerr - From what I understood from the video, the holes themselves were a derivation of the small indentations from the original design by Hubbell. Other companies worked around Hubbell's design with the holes so they wouldn't have to pay Hubbell for his work. Both the small indents and the holes were there to secure the plug into the outlet so it wouldn't pull out easily. Modern day outlets, however, don't have any internal design that utilizes the holes in plugs to secure them in place. The holes are in fact obsolete or serve no purpose but we continue to use them because that's what people are conditioned to see. The prongs of plugs could be completely solid (no holes) and they would work just fine.
Víðarr Kerr
Víðarr Kerr 2 månader sedan
So, what were they for???????
MrBillCNW 5 timmar sedan
The purpose of the holes from talking to an electrician is to safeguard the plug from being plugged in and somebody working on the wires on the other end don’t get electrocuted so they slip a little padlock through the holes and lock it so it cannot be plugged in safeguarding electrician working on the circuit. Now that you understand it it makes total sense and it’s a good safety precaution
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 4 timmar sedan
Please watch the video, that's a common myth
pcfxr4u 6 timmar sedan
Sir, Please use the less archaic INDENTATION. Indention is not used any longer.
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 5 timmar sedan
I am still catching up
Cristian Medico
Cristian Medico 12 timmar sedan
So , those holes are like religions....they don't know why they do it, but they've being doing for thousands of years.
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders 18 timmar sedan
No holes on Australia plugs
Lukas Kammler
Lukas Kammler Dag sedan
Okay this wasnt really shocking, dont say its maybe shocking if its so incredibly not
Pale BlueDot
Pale BlueDot Dag sedan
If you do your own research after watching this video, just be aware, very aware. When you type in, what are these holes for, you're going to get an answer that, well depending on how depraved you are, might shock you, maybe.
baire702 2 dagar sedan
so, what are the holes used for?
BautistaVids 3 dagar sedan
Did you analyze any sockets that were 100 years old to confirm that those receptacles hand something to 'fill the hole' that would be removed towards our modern time rendering the holes useless & optional?
C Michaels
C Michaels 3 dagar sedan
So you pretty much made a video to explain why they have holes and landed up explaining nothing. Waste of 3:17 of my life
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 3 dagar sedan
The holes replaced the indentations that Hubell had originally used in early outlets to hold the plug in position 1:00 - what they became later is explained further in the video. Hope this is helpful.
D ,
D , 3 dagar sedan
I'm real good at this 0:52
D ,
D , 3 dagar sedan
smetlje sm
smetlje sm 3 dagar sedan
If some one made a decent socket the hole would be used fornits purpose... But lets save 1c and and have it fall out.
thinkof2morrow 3 dagar sedan
It's an appendix!
LeonG 4 dagar sedan
Australian plugs don't have holes or indents.( I have seen a few old plugs that did have the circle at the tip style indent. ) The main thing was that contact that would clip into a hole would also burn out its touching pad if it didn't clip into a hole.. so really its for compatibility with very old sockets maybe ? But because the old sockets eg made from bakelite, would be too old and frail by now,even if they hadnt burnt their contacts away, so better not use 70 year old sockets !!! 70 is retirement age
tshepp89 4 dagar sedan
That is the most unsatisfying answer I've ever heard. I love it!
Federico Jimbo Smithson
I thought it as something to do with the suction while pusing-in or pulling-out
Emily Cameron
Emily Cameron 5 dagar sedan
modern outlet, seriously.
Kantean Nightmare
Kantean Nightmare 5 dagar sedan
Nice lock on the "back massager"...
Gigi M
Gigi M 7 dagar sedan
Kid: why this plug has holes daddy ? Dad: because I say so 🤨
DisgustedLuigi 7 dagar sedan
The real answer is that outlet companies are lazy and aren’t providing the locking mechanism for the plugs.
Micah Schwartz
Micah Schwartz 7 dagar sedan
Silver Cymbal: The answer may shock you Me: figuratively and literally
John Murphy
John Murphy 7 dagar sedan
It's in case your female section of your extension cord is cut. My boss had it happen. He just wired the wires on the plug through the holes. 😂. Not safe.
The Black Baron
The Black Baron 8 dagar sedan
They have holes so it's easier to stick your fork into it :)
Samuel S.
Samuel S. 8 dagar sedan
Yea so actully me as an european doesn't even care about the holes because we dont have them
DaimyoD0 9 dagar sedan
Silver Cymbal: "The holes, like the indentations which came before, were added to give the outlet something to hold on to and better retain the plug. Modern outlets don't use the feature anymore." All of these comments: "Wow, so there's literally no reason!" Silver Cymbal: "Well there was one, but it's just not used anymore... like car cigarette lighters, phone jacks, milk crates, or rooftop TV antennas." Comments: "I've learned absolutely nothing! What a useless video!" **downvotes**
bmxnrock4life 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else see the lock on the plug in vibrator?
Dan G
Dan G 14 dagar sedan
in-den-TAY-shun - indentation, NOT INDENSHUN
tinman 14 dagar sedan
Sooooo, what’s the reason???
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 14 dagar sedan
The holes replaced the indentations that Hubell had originally used in early outlets to hold the plug in position 1:00 - what they became later is explained further in the video. Hope this is helpful.
Frederick Wan
Frederick Wan 14 dagar sedan
Only really really cheap goods have plugs without holes...
kibukun 15 dagar sedan
They do make it easier to test it with a multimeter.
Eathan Scala
Eathan Scala 15 dagar sedan
What holes?
Easy Going
Easy Going 16 dagar sedan
Hmmm. I guess I was looking at it wrong. I always wondered why the holes on an extension cord had metal tabs around them.
Nick Bentley
Nick Bentley 17 dagar sedan
2:04 why would you lock a hitachi wand 😂
yoshi saidit
yoshi saidit 20 dagar sedan
It cost more to punch the hole out than the scrap is worth. They do it because people hate change. Thats the reason the bible still hold value. There is zero evidence of a god, there is zero evidence of jesus, everything is the bible has been proven to be false or cannot be proven to be true, yet millions of people still believe in the fairytale.
yoshi saidit
yoshi saidit 4 dagar sedan
@Ken Jackson Evolution is fact, period. You take a bible, that everything in it is either proven to be false, or cannot be proven to be true, and you somehow hold it as factual. it is YOU that sticks your head in the sand and toss facts aside to continue to believe in a book that tells you the earth is flat, the earth is 6000y/o, humans just poofed into existence, and how much of a self centered cynical god you worship really is. You said it yourself, you have faith, that means you believe in things you cannot prove to be true, period. Your churches are nothing more than indoctrination camps used to control people and funnel money from the people that havent enough brain power to see what truth is.
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson 4 dagar sedan
I notice you didn't try to defend microbe-to-man evolution, @yoshi saidit. That's good. That's a start. *yoshi saidit:* _"..., there is not one shred of evidence for your god or jesus."_ You seem to have discounted the written accounts in the scriptures. I suppose you disregard the written accounts of secular historian Josephus too. There are lots of other historical accounts that mention him. But how much history is there that Julius Caesar actually existed? I think there's more evidence of the Lord than there is of Caesar. But it's easy to just stick your head in the sand and wave it all away.
yoshi saidit
yoshi saidit 4 dagar sedan
@Ken Jackson Bahahaha, There is evidence of actual beings. such as George Washington, and all the Caesars. However, there is not one shred of evidence for your god or jesus. If you think the bible is all the evidence you need, then StarWars is all the evidence you need of Dartth Vader. Vader you can actually see, he was recorded, therefor more real than your god. There is no blood line of a jesus, there is no birth from a virgin, and everything else you fools think up. You have nothing, never will. Faith in itself is the belief in something you cannot prove to be real or truthful.
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson 5 dagar sedan
*Yoshi:* _"..., there is zero evidence of jesus, ..."_ In like manner, there is zero evidence of George Washington, Charlemagne or Caesar. *Yoshi:* _"There is zero evidence of a god, ..."_ If you think that, it probably indicates you have faith in microbe-to-man evolution. This is a fable from the 19th century that modern molecular biology has obsoleted. It's still widely believed by momentum, but any honest evaluation of the facts of science make it clear that it's preposterous.
yoshi saidit
yoshi saidit 20 dagar sedan
Multi trillion dollar a year scam by the churches.
Jim Vinson
Jim Vinson 21 dag sedan
Ok, so, you gave no answer as to why they're there🤷
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 21 dag sedan
The holes replaced the indentations that Hubell had originally used in early outlets to hold the plug in position 1:01 - what they became later is explained further in the video. Hope this is helpful.
Basil Topaz
Basil Topaz 21 dag sedan
I have a friend who knows everything. I'll ask him tomorrow. 😊
LewisAlcindor 22 dagar sedan
The last point is true for me. I'm so used to seeing the holes that I find plugs without the holes to be weird. Products that I buy in China, for example, often don't have the holes, so the plugs look odd to me. One use of the holes is the lock on my extension cord. It's pretty handy because it keeps the plug from pulling out.
dfast learner
dfast learner 22 dagar sedan
So what was the answer?
GH1618 15 dagar sedan
They are there for retention, if the receptacle is designed with bumps to engage them. Most modern receptacles don’t have the feature, but most plugs support it anyway.
James Ivy
James Ivy 22 dagar sedan
There good for wrapping some wire in for some janky contraption : ) lick at your own risk.
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
Conclusion: The holes are there for the same reason Buicks have holes.
Jonathan Quartly-Frair
Jonathan Quartly-Frair 24 dagar sedan
I've noticed that some manufacturers use them to secure a one time removable device to show when the device has been used.
Madi Lee
Madi Lee 25 dagar sedan
How about if someone don't have an outlet to plug it in or someone were in a area where they didn't have an outlet. However they have wires black and red. Well my friend, No outlet problem solved. Put each metal part of the wires in each hole one for positive and the other for negative then wrap it around tightly and connect your wires on a electrical pole 👉POWER on.👈 Yeah baby, it function properly 😁😁😁😁
Bubu Marimba
Bubu Marimba 25 dagar sedan
That hole is very symbolical! It means - zero chance (that America will ever be great again). You need to convert your gallons to liters, feet to cm, pounds to kg, and that miniscule 110V to the real 220V power first!
Terje Oseberg
Terje Oseberg 25 dagar sedan
I have seen plugs without the holes. They look strange.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 25 dagar sedan
I would have liked clarity as to how the original design and/or The knock-off with holes helped hold the plug in. It was stated but not shown.
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
The receptacle's spring contacts had matching bumps that snapped into the holes, making it harder to pull the plug out. Some power strips and receptacles still have this feature.
Kevin Bergen
Kevin Bergen 26 dagar sedan
Soooo.... it was not answered. Because you don't know why. Nice clickbait
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 26 dagar sedan
The holes replaced the indentations that Hubell had originally used in early outlets to hold the plug in position 1:00 - what they became later is explained further in the video. Hope this is helpful.
BarbLaw 26 dagar sedan
The jingle “The More You Know” kept running through my head.. Hey I have no problem admitting that you learn something new everyday.
One World One World
One World One World 26 dagar sedan
That is for fast cooling like bike disk brake have many holes in it.
Frosty 26 dagar sedan
not impressed. the thumbnail clearly has a lock with a tsa logo on it that opens you up to low skill raking and brute force attacks. Not to mention the wide accessibility of tsa masterkeys. ~ LPL
Kitulous Gamedev Channel
my OnePlus phone's charger doesn't have them :)
flaming skull
flaming skull 26 dagar sedan
Answer may "shock" you
Roblox.Production 123456keean1
I already got the answer on the thumbnail, I didn't need to watch the whole video
Johnny 27 dagar sedan
Bro people are stealing your videos on tiktok, I can't report them cuz tiktok sucks, but you still can, or at least upload your own videos first
QRS365 27 dagar sedan
so basically, those holes are useless and serves no purpose? i think the guy who invented the plug had a reason why he made an indention but died without telling anyone
donkmeister 28 dagar sedan
1:40 Perhaps ANSI should start mandating knobbles in the socket to mate with the detent holes; whenever I've visited the states I've always come across at least one loose socket in the hotel or the office, and on one trip to Disney World, every socket in the hotel room was loose. I looked into it and there are devices you can buy to get a bit more life out of your loose sockets. If there were detents, then perhaps the sockets wouldn't wear out as quickly, or could wear just as quickly but still be able to retain a plug. It might be less of an issue in a private home where you don't plug and unplug things as frequently as a hotel room, but I've never come across that issue with another country's plugs and sockets.
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
The problem comes from poorly-chosen materials. Beryllium copper has the needed quality. Most brasses do not.
donkmeister 28 dagar sedan
0:35 Thomas Tayler Smith in 1882, you say? That was the first universal mains electrical plug and socket. Hubbell added divots to the pins to hold the plug into the socket, but he didn't invent the plug and socket.
Rabijohn Guzman
Rabijohn Guzman 28 dagar sedan
Just for fun
The Dead Air Conversion Project
As always, excellent video
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 28 dagar sedan
Glad you enjoyed it
randallracer 29 dagar sedan
Tldr "it saves material so y not?"
None None
None None 29 dagar sedan
Those are racing plugs those holes are for weight reduction
Driving Force
Driving Force Månad sedan
This is a most unsatisfying answer
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal Månad sedan
I am sorry but unlike so many myths, it is the only true answer. This video is also true and explains another question: svdown.info/post/video/mmh-opV_g6x9npY.html
Levi Malaras
Levi Malaras Månad sedan
Putting holes save metals that can be use to create another plugs
John Paul Rufo
John Paul Rufo Månad sedan
Others: for lock Silver Cymbal: Because it is Me: i thought it was use to hold wire in the holes
Steve Villa
Steve Villa Månad sedan
2:05 😆
Stricker sniper
Stricker sniper Månad sedan
The war effort could be due to ww1
Artanis1000 Månad sedan
The holes don't bother anyone. What is annoying is the polarity of one plug blade wider than the other. You almost always get it wrong the first time, especially in a dark or narrow space. Just like the USB connector, poorly engineered. Apple got it right, plug the charger in either way and you're done.
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
USB-C fixed that.
Denshi-Oji Månad sedan
Close.. Yes they were indeed used by older receptacles to hold the plug firmly. But in about the early 60's if I remember correctly cheaper designs began to appear that matches the use of the similar plug style in other countries such as Japan where the blades did not always have the holes, or the common split expanding blade design common in the USA. The revised cheaper design was compatible with both the US and Asian plugs. And provided a more universal fit. But this was also at the cost of typically reduced receptacle life during repeated plugging and unplugging cycles. The last time I checked, years ago... around mid to late 70's, the higher end more expensive industrial grade receptacles still did utilize the whole securing mechanism as well as the slightly modified side clamping design for better compatibility, omg with better higher specification materials to provide longer contact life.
Max Quigley
Max Quigley Månad sedan
It's because that's the way my great great grandfather made them.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Månad sedan
Well I guess I could try my safety lockouts and see if those work in the holes. Then they may not be a bad idea.
Andy Howlett
Andy Howlett Månad sedan
Three minutes to completely FAIL to give an answer.
jacplac97 Månad sedan
I'm more interested on why American electric plugs are so thin.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Månad sedan
Only up to 20 amps they're like that. 30 and 50amp sockets are a lot bigger.
Chiron Månad sedan
Most of my plugs no longer have these actually
Elektronik Yudicank
Elektronik Yudicank Månad sedan
very good and always follow
Starvin Marvin
Starvin Marvin Månad sedan
I've been an electrician since '75, and I never knew that receptacles lacked some sort of nub that engaged the holes. Thanks!
Лев Демидов
when you dont have outlet for example somewhere where you are still building you can put wires in it and they wont fall off
MrPLC999 Månad sedan
"Indention" is not used any more in modern English grammar...sort of like "fortnight" or "betwixt" or "peradventure." The accepted term is "indentation." And please tell us again why those holes are there?
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
They're there to befuddle us.
Héctor Ruvalcaba
Héctor Ruvalcaba Månad sedan
I see what you did there “answer may shock you”
ItsAdamHere Månad sedan
Nice pun on the thumbnail!
Haste And Fury
Haste And Fury Månad sedan
Hahaha okay.
Mike Maroda
Mike Maroda Månad sedan
What? Is Heat Sinks?
yarmud Månad sedan
mine has no holes
Weekend Home Projects
I just messed my pants. Information overload. Underwear. Overload.
Thomas Mobley
Thomas Mobley Månad sedan
Putting the holes in costs money, it's another step in the process which takes time, it takes machinery which has to be run and maintained, you cannot add a step in any process which does not have a cost. Now if you have the process already built it may not save enough money to take that portion of the process out and it may actually cost more to do so than to leave it in place, but I doubt very much that any manufacturer is putting a meaningless and cost producing process in place simply because "people expect it". I've never known anyone who said "I won't buy an appliance unless it has holes in the plug". The guys at The Straight Dope don't have an answer either...According to them: "An expert at Underwriters Laboratories says the holes are a by-product of the manufacturing process: they’re needed to hold the prongs in place while the plastic part of the plug is molded around them. A guy from General Electric, however, says the purpose of the holes is to dissipate the heat generated by the flow of electricity. The UL guy says the GE guy is nuts". Both however seem to think they serve a purpose other than "people expect them to be there"
Mick Enzie
Mick Enzie Månad sedan
I have some extension cords with a lever lock on the female plug that works by grabbing onto those holes.
Eric Johansen
Eric Johansen Månad sedan
One, entirely speculative explanation on my part, for the modern existence of the holes would be to aid in perfect location positioning inside the plastic plug injection mold. Each blade would have a wire crimped to it and the blades with wires will be enclosed in a mold and have plastic injected around the wire and part of the blades. One way to ensure the blades are perfectly positioned end-wise would be to insert them in the mold then pass a pin through the holes in the blades before clamping the mold shut and injecting.
Alex Dmitriev
Alex Dmitriev Månad sedan
SVdown's algorithm at its best at 1am
WCGwkf Månad sedan
I got this plug that doesn't have the holes. Looks so abnormal like something is wrong with it
L C Månad sedan
3 minutes later, I still don't know
InfoShow World
InfoShow World Månad sedan
What is the reason for this? Video: *I don't know either*
Tanya Garcia
Tanya Garcia Månad sedan
It's like the bras being the same design for the last hundred years and never changed
동철원 Månad sedan
The cumbersome music booly face because wood potentially look failing a romantic quit. lackadaisical, hulking drink
Stephen Arling
Stephen Arling 23 dagar sedan
Posting machine-generated gibberish is inane. Please stop.
cype man
cype man Månad sedan
So we didn’t get an answer as promised.
BobbyJ Månad sedan
“Convention“ is possibly the correct answer, but with decades in manufacturing, I can assure you there are companies who would reduce cost by not making the holes. It’s an extra operation that carries with it equipment depreciation, tooling cost and scrap. And no one has ever changed their mind about a purchase because the plug blade didn’t have a hole. Besides, you can’t even see the plug in retail packaging.
frank215m Månad sedan
i'll bet it has something to do with the manufacturing process. probably used to hold the prongs in the proper orientation when the plastic shell in molded into place.
RRW Månad sedan
Did anyone else click this just because of the pun in the thumbnail?
Iasciate Ogni Speranza
So that the Electrician can hide his boogers !
Ari Jr Alvarez
Ari Jr Alvarez Månad sedan
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
Gordon Deitz
Gordon Deitz Månad sedan
Way back in the early days of homes with electricity only the wealthy had it and it was a novelty. The wiring was bare and ran from ceramic insulators along the top of the walls so people didn't get shocked. Switches were large lumpy to use and dangerous. Early "plugs" were just the ends of two wires bent over and you hung them on the bare wires. This was improved to wooden blocks with the ends of the wires sticking out and you shoved the wires into another block with two holes that let the wires touch. This setup is the earliest I've ever seen.from that to the two prong plug wasn't to big a jump. Strange but true
TheBozzler Månad sedan
It's probably a location to hold the metal strip during a coating process.
Sea Wavy
Sea Wavy Månad sedan
How Machine Language Works
Allt för att impa på er...